Anomalous object found on second to last SOHO C2 before the system went down


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Tue, Dec 22, 1998 11:15 PM

From: daydisk2@valhalla.webtv.net

Telephone gossip at Johns Hopkins is that the first pix of Eros show artificial mining machinery, terraced craters, a broken dome at one end, and at least two holes all the way through the brick-shaped asteroid. No release of original pix expected. A team of photo interpreters from NPIC is to work all night for a sanitized boring set to release late on Christmas Eve.  KEEP AN EYE ON NEAR

98-12-24 20:36:21 EST: Phobos, by the way, every since the 1970's Viking missions, has amply displayed sights of artificiality. But NASA would rather have you look at the more recent and heavily touted images of Jupiter's moons and discuss concepts of primitive life, not the evidence of a tool-wielding kind. NASA learned from the Viking images that it cannot reveal too much about some bodies in space. Evidently, we now can add Eros to the list. (And it goes without saying that the Eros pictures eventually released probably will not be exactly what was imaged--but we know that game already, don't we?) HH



The heater frequency is at 6.77 MHz. The experiments at EISCAT are dated as 1992. Would this create almost instantaneous shifting that is seen in the radar imaging within the ORBIT website?

That model looks like/explains the radar imaging posted from ELFRAD. The  model shows Out-Flowing Deflected Ions; Magnetic Perturbation flowing  outward. At the exact middle of the circle is an area labeled "Wake". The surface of the circular plane is called "Boom Tip Radius". And, within the  Boom Tip Radius is the "Ionization Pair" and "Plasma/EM Waves." Pressing inward is "Suprathermal Electrons" and "Ionospheric Thermal Electrons".  KASTEN



We're a little concerned and more so with the noticeable increase in military aircraft nearby, including some big transports and (day before Thanksgiving) a flight of 4 helicopters directly overhead going South.

The signal is very strong. Concerning the FFT photo you can see a peak frequency around .025 which corresponds to a wavelength of 7,450,072 miles. I checked the Global Seismic situation and there were no events during this time period to account for the unusual peak. The small peak around 3 hz indicates the signal bursts which are shown (Added: ICQ Conversation during intense Electromagnetic pulse detected 02:37:51.4 UTC 12/07/98)

Everyone is welcome to join us in these investigations.