When the eclipse of the Sun occurs,

The monster will be seen in broad daylight ...

Nostradamus: Century III, Quatrain 34


Date: 9/19/99 7:17:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time


Musings of a star gazer

A few nights ago, unable to sleep, I decided to wander out under the night sky and gaze at the stars. I was quite taken with a star I had never noticed before. Its size dwarfed its brothers and sisters in the sky, and it seemed to winking at me...So I went in the house determined to find this night visitors name. As I scanned the star charts my effort was finally rewarded. From this point on the story this celestial light seemed to be trying to tell me fell smoothly and effortlessly into place....


As I stared at the star chart, and read its name "Algols," it tweaked my memory of something I had read in one of Nostradamus's Quatrains, Angolmois....

In 1999 and seven months From the sky will descend a great terrifying King Who will resuscitate the great King ANGOLMOIS. Before and after, Mars reigns happily.

Though not an exact spelling I figured I'd follow my intuition and move on..."In 1999 and seven months," now the seventh month to us is July but look at this.....

September -- the seventh month

Middle English septembre

Latin September

Latin septem "seven" + -ber (adj. suffix)

Latin september mensis "seventh month"


So if you accept it, the first part of the riddle is solved. On to the next part of the riddle...

"From the sky will descend a great terrifying King "

As I continued my research on the Star Algol, I came across this interesting "coincidence".. it seems that Comet Lee will be crossing the celestial heavens in the third week of September.... the seventh month......just north of the constellation Perseus, where the mighty King Algol resides.

So could Comet Lee be the terrifying king to descend from the sky and awaken, or resuscitate the great King Angolmois or Algol?

Here is the most recent picture of Comet Lee and you can see to its southeast or actually west, as everything is reversed in photos, The King Algol.

So is there to be some great celestial happening in the third week of September as Comet Lee traverses the heavens and approaches the great star Algol.???.....We will have to wait and see as the heavens seem to protect their secrets quite well but maybe this is the event Nostradamus was trying to clue us into...... YOU DECIDE........

EMAIL, 9/19/99 3:41:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Algol is the Medusa's Head in the constellation Perseus. This fixed star was considered by the Ancients as "the most evil star in the heavens."

The Hebrews named Algol "Rosh ha Sitan" Satan's Head. The Chinese named it "Tseih She" the Piled-up Corpses. The Ancient Arabian astrologers gave it names such as the Demon, The Demon's Head, and the Blinking Demon (due to Algol's binary eclipse every 68+ hours). Was Nostradamus saying: "King of the Demons?"

The evil "influences" of Algol back in Nostodamus' time included: misfortune, violence, decapitation, hanging, electrocution and mob violence. Another (more recent) observation involving Algol: "Events effecting large number's of people, especially those events caused by major meteorological phenomena." (Noonan)

MAIL, 9/21/99 9:28:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I don't know whether you were aware of it, but back in 1997 when Comet Hale-Bopp made it's glorious tour of our neighborhood, at one point it occulted (covered) the demon star Algol... and many an astrologer were discussing it at the time. Algol represents the "third eye" in the head of Medusa, and was considered a very bad influence star by the Arab/Chaldean astrologers.

EMAIL, 9/22/99 4:23:22 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Bout 1:30AM on 9-22-99 I decided to draw a bead on that Algol star and see fer m'self what all the commotion was about. Now, oh it was about a piece 'bout the space of two of my fingers west'a this here Perseus feller, I'll be danged, if'n I didn't see some fallin' stars. The durnd'st thing from this little patch'a hev'n; it was shootin' out them fallin' stars more then usu'l. And ta beat all, they was going ev'r which-way (south ta' north, north ta' south, east ta' west and west ta' east- Ain't that sumthin'!! Now, I reckin' I watch'd 'em 'til 'bout 4:30 in the AM. All toll'd, thar was 'bout 8 of 'em. If'n ya can see that Polaris star and them Pleiades, jes' draw a 'maginary line 'tween 'em. Divy that line inta 3. 2/3 the way from that Polaris to them Pleiades is that Perseus feller. Jes' west'a him is this here star cannon or sumthin' where all these fallin' stars is comin' from. I had some binoclars, but I couldn't see that Lee star, or the terrible sight, but I guess it don't mean it couldn't be thar, or that this here star cannon ain't gonna crank up the nuuumbers. I think a'm gonna take apeek at it tomorrow nite,same time same place. I all'ys did like layin' on my back star-lookin'. An' if'n my maker sees fit ta' take me, so be it. Bless ya' all from Montana. And some very good people out here talk just-like-that.

To comprehend Circe we must dare the very heresy that whispers from memories lurking deeply within the human cell.




Floyd was just the scout-ahead, NorEasterners BEWARE

INTERNET MESSAGE: 9/20/99: My aunt and uncle who unbeknowing to us all were in NC when the hurricane hit land just arrived home yesterday. My aunt said that she has never seen such chaos in her life.  It took them almost 4 days to get home--what normally would be a 12 hour trip. She said it was horrendous--there was no food or water to be had anywhere. She said that people were fightin with cops because they would not allow them to return to their homes. No matter where they stopped along their trip no one would help them. They were told that they did not have food or water either. She said it is was the most terrifying thing she has witnessed in her entire life and she is 76. I had no idea the road systems were that messed up... She said that they really could not move forward at any rate until they reached Delaware. Much of the interstate system still flooded--up the whole coast.




EMAIL, 9/19/99 3:43:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time:  Thought you would like to hear what Dan has to say this time.  He called at the beginning of the Art Bell/Hilly Rose program, Sept. 19, 1999.

He repeated that 355 of our Government UFO's were seized and parked at Baker Lake. Our Government has been able to retrieve them and bring them back to the U.S.

Our sun may blow off a 1000 mile thick layer due to a fission and fusion explosion in which ball lightning in small magnetic processes gather into fractal congregations - on Oct. 3 or 4 of this year.

Our President has been ordered to surrender by ???  Dan/Galactic Federation due to our aggression against them. Nuclear weapons are prohibited. If he does surrender the extraterrestrials will mitigate the nova situation using arsenic.

Those interested in a more accurate description of the situation should download the actual conversation via the Art Bell Real Audio site.

Palmiro Campagna, who works for the Department of Defense in Ottawa has acted as the Canadian representative to NATO in the area of electromagnetic military aircraft. He mentions in his new book (UFO Files) that in 1930 a trapper named Joe Labelle reported a UFO sighting and that a tribe of Angikuni Indians were reported to have disappeared from Lake Angikuni. This is 500 miles N NW of Port Churchill, Manitoba.

This is fairly close to Baker Lake. Reach your own conclusions.

EMAIL, Canada, 9/20/99 9:18:50 AM Pacific Daylight Time: yesterday night Saturday, September 18,1999. my Father called me to the door and showed me this object in the sky, I'm sure that object was not a star. I caught it on tape. The object was moving southwest and it every approximately 10 minutes it opened up like batman's cape like if it was spreading fire around it.