Ten of SOHO's 12 scientific instruments were turned off, [Leonid storm] to minimise the risk that any instrument hit by a particle would be severely damaged by the combination of incandescent debris from the impact.

UPDATE: LASCO images now back online

EMAIL, 11/16/99 3:24:48 PM Pacific Standard Time: Ruth, I guess I should retract what I said earlier. After thinking about it a little bit and running it past ray ward, another m-core member. We have seen "showers" like this, but usually they are from the sun and not usually on the C3 pics. I am particularly concerned with some of the streaks int he background, where they seem to curve upward. The majority look to be in the foreground with the ones that are darker and curving to the left in the background. They are definately not coming from the sun. So now I am leaning more toward LINEAR J3 tail material. The leonids shouldn't be out that far. But then again... Remember this is out one million miles from the earth. We need to keep checking to see if it continues and if the concentration of dark and light streaks move from domination or aroundin the pic. Let me know if you get anymore of these. If I come up with anymore ideas, I'll let you know! Gary Goodwin

The Leonids, Live!

Pace of Leonid meteors expected to increase



A police officer in Seymour, Indiana, captured some video of the slow-moving light in the sky. People who saw it in-person described it as a greenish streak.


UFOs Buzz Edwards AFB

Suspected Meteor Damage And Fire In Whitehouse, Tennessee

FIREBALL REPORT LOG (please give time, location, specifics) Pics:


Subj: Cairo intervenes in crash probe
Date: 11/18/99 5:51:39 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: Rubie2zDay
To: Phikent

Check this out! I put it up last night...bottom of page.

Cairo intervenes in crash probe

"Whatever conclusions that the investigators may draw from the black box, it's unlikely that they will convince everyone. The Islamist-oriented Al Shaab reported that the Americans retrieved the black boxes days after the crash, reprogrammed them, and threw them back in the water."

"Two theories predominate in the Egyptian press, both state-owned and opposition. One is that the Americans are covering up for Boeing. The other is that the American military shot the plane down, either accidentally or deliberately to get rid of 33 Egyptian air force officers who were returning home from training in the United States. Samir Ragab, editor of the semi-official Al Gomhuriya, has suggested either a missile launched from a robotic defense base or "destructive laser weaponry aimed at the aircraft by one of the quarreling US security services..."
Cairo Times Main Page


This was received by me, Norio Hayakawa, from an Air Force officer (name withheld) at a major Air Force base (name withheld) in Nevada:

Norio- To let you know- The military reports about the plane state that EgyptAir 990 vanished in thin air, not over a period of time. If the plane went down in a rapid descent such as the media wants you to believe. Hint... If that was true, there would be emergency communications sent, or at least a distress signal.


October 31st odd radar


The U.S. government has a close working relationship with alien beings, three unnamed witnesses told a California  radio station in a program aired in June. The four-hour program, produced and broadcast by KPFA-FM  in Berkeley, Calif., ranged widely over the UFO topic, but the most explosive segments were the testimony of a construction contractor who said he saw aliens at Edwards Air Force Base and at the China Lake Naval Weapons facility in California.

NEWSHAWK, 11/21/99 9:10:10 AM Pacific Standard Time: Yes folks, it's 3 weeks and counting now regarding the Fl. 990 crash, and what do we have? NO BODIES, and NO ANSWERS! What else is there to say? How 'bout this.... We have NOTHING BUT LIES!!!

At this point, the craftiest, most surreptitious of the government's spin-meisters are busily at work carefully sowing the seeds of still another wild, wacked-out tale; a yet-deeper level of official, disinformative Nazi-style "Big Lie", which attempts to explain the torrent of hopelessly pathetic and obvious lies issued by the feds continually since the crash of Fl. 990 as a coverup implemented by feds to cover for the fact that Boeing's 767s suffer from a catastrophic design flaw, which could result in untold billions of dollars in ruinous lawsuits being directed against the vitally important giant American aircraft manufacturer and defense contractor.

For one thing, this new fable shows precisely how DESPERATE feds have become regarding the massive uproar the Fl. 990 crash has incurred worldwide; that feds are actually willing to take a full body HIT on running a full-on coverup on the air disaster; AND that they are willing to let Boeing get saddled with the worst, most negative global public image one could ever imagine. Tough luck, Boeing. Of course, this "rumor"-intelligence" fable will almost certainly never get to point where it gets mouthed publicly in unmistakable terms by any prominent government figure(head)s like Jim Hall or Klinton... because if it DOES, Boeing is likely to file the biggest lawsuit in the history of Western civilization. BUT, the tall tale WILL be allowed to simmer and bubble around the fringes of international political circles and "polite society" as long as possible, to further muddy the waters swirling around the causes of the Fl. 990 crash.

That the feds would be willing to cause such severe harm to Boeing and to even admit to running a coverup indeed shows to what incredible lengths these government factions are going to prevent the REAL TRUTH from ever seeing the light of full public disclosure.

The real truth is that covert, fascistic factions of the U.S. government--which for all practical purposes can most easily be described as "PRO-New World Order"--were directly responsible for causing Fl. 990 to crash. NewsHawk, as we've noted, does not have definitive information on WHY the jet was brought down.

This latest tall tale is a pretty serious effort, spooks. Except for one thing--it's complete hogwash of the most serious kind, and the Boeing 767 is one the finest commercial aircraft around.

Oh yeah... and by the way; WHERE ARE THE 217 BODIES?????

More Lies and Disinformation About Fl. 990

As we predicted, the U.S. government has dropped their recent, ndeviously-promulgated fable that off-duty co-pilot Gameel el Batoutty deliberately crashed Fl. 990. The taped evidence which supported this scenario--a stupendously egregious contradiction of factual reality--is now said to have been "misinterpreted/mis-translated." Right... Gotcha...

What's interesting to see now is that some of the covert government's intelligence agents are busy sowing the latest level of disinformation and lies about the crash.

Here's how it goes. At this point, it's obvious to many people all over the world that the U.S. government is covering HARD and HEAVY on Fl. 990: what's more, the government has been completely unable to pull an even remotely plausible cover story (LIE) which has even a tenuous connection to the few known facts. These cover artists have been all of the playing field on this from day one. So... we now have the unpleasant specter of a SERIOUSLY upset Egyptian government and an increasingly dubious (at best) Arab community regarding what our government has been claiming about Fl. 990.

So... These official rumor mongers go to work: whispering into the ears of Egyptian government officials, media people, and other selected targets the latest double-twisted disinformation about the crash and subsequent investigation.

Since so many, certainly many Egyptian leaders and officials, now know the government has been caught in an incredible number of lies about Fl 990, the shifty spooks are cranking the big spin-machine into overdrive and letting loose with this truly genius-level new piece of disinformation. They whisper: "Yes, the U.S. government is lying about the causes) for the crash of Fl. 990, and that really sucks." Then they continue: "But you know what? The reason the NTSB and other government officials HAVE been lying is because... well... THEY'RE COVERING UP FOR BOEING, and for the fact that there's a serious design flaw in the 767-300," (which is BALONEY)."

WOW. This crafty, devious lie is playing upon the fact that so many now realize the feds have been lying through their teeth about Fl. 990; yetb it uses that very fact to twist things into a total cock-and-bull story: making it seem the feds lied to keep Boeing out of trouble and NOT to cover up the DIRECT INVOLVEMENT of U.S. government factions in causing the massive air disaster.

There is NO serious design flaw whatever in the Boeing 767-300.

Don't buy this latest pack of lies, America. Don't buy it, Eygpt.

Don't buy the lies!

EMAIL, 11/21/99 10:08:00 AM Pacific Standard Time: I meant to tell you, too.....tonight on tv news FL990.....they showed a metal casket being brought off a navy ship onto the dock and then into a hearse. Was supposedly related to the news item on the flight, but there were a string of quick pictures, too quick to get any real view of anything in detail.

ENTERPRISE MISSION: The REAL Mystery of Egypt Air Flight 990

11/22/1999 09:51:00 ET: Dense smog chokes Cairo again

EMAIL, 11/22/99 2:21:36 AM Pacific Standard Time: they showed a metal casket being brought off a navy ship onto the dock and then into a hearse. Was supposedly related to the news item on the flight, but there were a string of quick pictures, too quick to get any real view of anything in detail. If I remember right, wasn't JFK's body supposedly lost at sea in a metal casket? Or maybe it was JFK Jr? What do you remember about this? And what do you think it has to do with Flight 990? SLEUTHS?


Area 51 of the Far North?  Bluie West Eight base

Regarding the rumors circulating [last year] about the discovery of a new waterlogged chamber and sarcophagus down the well shaft beneath Khafra's Causeway. The sarcophagus found will hold a warrior in suspended animation. His "Blue Star" [craft] which was under the great vault [pyramid] has long since been spirited off to a facility north east of Holsteinsborg, Greenland. (Informant, January, 1999)  Bizarre BLUIE Photos from the 50s

11/16/99: Unusual magnetomer. Are we seeing the activation of an earth shield?

 . . . . . . .    

EDITOR'S NOTE:  This is the first time I have seen these wild warped-type images from the LASCO C3 and C2 within the same time-frame.  What causes these distortions?  Equipment adjustments?  Proximity of mysterious objects? Powerful electromagnetic fields? Ripples in space-time? SLEUTHS needed.
11/23/99 6:02:26 AM Pacific Standard Time

When we entered the safe mode before the Leonids arrived, we closed the protective doors at the front of the telescopes. Before re-opening these doors for normal observing, we took some calibration images through a small window in each of the doors. These are the "strange" images that you see. We usually take images of this type whenever our doors are closed. They help us to understand and monitor the performance of the telescope and camera systems.

Simon Plunkett, LASCO Operations Scientist.


Today (11/22/99) was an important day for news. The mainstream will glaze over most of it, so I would look at the 11/22 issue. Also, There might be a clue about the radar rings in the second article: "How China got jump on laser weapons"! -Chuck West






WHAT DIDN'T THEY WANT US TO SEE THIS TIME ??? A 1,500-mile flight of the doomed

What's Going on in our Skies? Rusty's Radar Anomalies Open Forum Talk Radio - Chuck West, Host



Streak over Area 51 11/13/99 21:30Z


11/21/99 Streaks off East Coast

Time, Space, Obsolete in New View of Universe