In a wounded world perhaps we yet witness the winging of the Wondrous.

Michael Bonnickson



[Page references, Urantia Book, Presented by a Melchizedek acting by request of the Chief of the Seraphic Hosts of Nebadon]

Your conventional idea of angels has been derived in the following way: During moments just prior to physical death a reflective phenomenon sometimes occurs in the human mind, and this dimming consciousness seems to visualize something of the form of the attending angel, and this is immediately translated into terms of the habitual concept of angels held in that individual's mind.

P438:5, 39:5.12 The erroneous idea that angels possess wings is not wholly due to olden notions that they must have wings to fly through the air. Human beings have sometimes been permitted to observe seraphim that were being prepared for transport service, and the traditions of these experiences have largely determined the Urantian concept of angels. In observing a transport seraphim being made ready to receive a passenger for interplanetary transit, there may be seen what are apparently double sets of wings extending from the head to the foot of the angel. In reality these wings are energy insulators -- friction shields.

P438:6, 39:5.13 When celestial beings are to be enseraphimed for transfer from one world to another, they are brought to the headquarters of the sphere and, after due registry, are inducted into the transit sleep. Meantime, the transport seraphim moves into a horizontal position immediately above the universe energy pole of the planet. While the energy shields are wide open, the sleeping personality is skillfully deposited, by the officiating seraphic assistants, directly on top of the transport angel.Then both the upper and lower pairs of shields are carefully closed and

P438:7, 39:5.14 And now, under the influence of the transformers and the transmitters, a strange metamorphosis begins as the seraphim is made ready to swing into the energy currents of the universe circuits. To outward appearance the seraphim grows pointed at both extremities and becomes so enshrouded in a queer light of amber hue that very soon it is impossible to distinguish the enseraphimed personality. When all is in readiness for departure, the chief of transport makes the proper inspection of the carriage of life, carries out the routine tests to ascertain whether or not the angel is properly encircuited, and then announces that the traveler is properly enseraphimed, that the energies are adjusted, that the angel is insulated, and that everything is in readiness for the departing flash. The mechanical controllers, two of them, next take their positions. By this time the transport seraphim has become an almost transparent, vibrating, torpedo-shaped outline of glistening luminosity. Now the transport dispatcher of the realm summons the auxiliary batteries of the living energy transmitters, usually one thousand in number; as he announces the destination of the transport, he reaches out and touches the near point of the seraphic carriage, which shoots forward with lightning like speed,leaving a trail of celestial luminosity as far as the planetary atmospheric investment extends. In less than ten minutes the marvelous spectacle will be lost even to reinforced seraphic vision.

P439:1, 39:5.15 While planetary space reports are received at noon at the meridian of the designated spiritual headquarters, the transporters are dispatched from this same place at midnight. That is the most favorable time for departure and is the standard hour when not otherwise specified.

The Transporters. The fifth group of supervisor seraphim operate as personality transporters, carrying beings to and from the headquarters of the constellations. Such transport seraphim, while in flight from one sphere to another, are fully conscious of their velocity, direction, and astronomic whereabouts. They are not traversing space as would an inanimate projectile.They may pass near one another during space flight without the least danger of collision. They are fully able to vary speed of progression and to alter direction of flight, even to change destinations if their directors should so instruct them at any space junction of the universe intelligence circuits.

P433:3, 39:3.9 These transit personalities are so organized that they can simultaneously utilize all three of the universally distributed lines of energy, each having a clear space velocity of 186,280 miles per second. These transporters are thus able to superimpose velocity of energy upon velocity of power until they attain an average speed on their long journeys varying anywhere from 555,000 to almost 559,000 of your miles per second of your time. The velocity is affected by the mass and proximity of neighboring matter and by the strength and direction of the near-by main circuits of universe power. There are numerous types of beings, similar to the seraphim, who are able to traverse space, and who also are able to transport other beings who have been properly prepared.

The Transporters. These are the transport seraphim who function in the local systems. In Satania, your system, they carry passengers back and forth from Jerusem and otherwise serve as interplanetary transporters. Seldom does a day pass in which a transport seraphim of Satania does not deposit some student visitor or some other traveler of spirit or semi spirit nature on the shores of Urantia. These very space traversers will sometime carry you to and from the various worlds of the system headquarters group, and when you have finished the Jerusem assignment, they will carry you forward to Edentia. But under no circumstances will they carry you backward to the world of human origin. A mortal never returns to his native planet during the dispensation of his temporal existence, and if he should return during a subsequent dispensation, he would be escorted by a transport seraphim of the universe headquarters group.



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EMAIL MICHAEL: Kent's web bandwidth limitations forbid really high resolution data here, but Michael of course has his originals--staggering!




Thank You very much for your extremely informative message. My wife & I have been students of The Urantia Book since 1977. Your help has given me a new perspective on what I have been encountering with my digital cameras. Your message to me has in the last hour caused me to introduce a young friend to The Urantia Book for the first time. The animations now have a much greater significance to me thanks to you.


EDITOR: Atmospheric effects, cloaked transporters, Beings from the Urantia essays, unsure, but I have a strong hunch that we might approach the answers to this rod phenomenon as we develope further our theories concerning plasma physics. Perhaps the concept, "plasma entity" might also be considered in our investigations.


EDITOR: The ability to frame the question is so key toward an effective hypothesis. Great job!

Date: 2/9/01 7:27:56 AM Pacific Standard Time

Here are some questions these pictures raise in my head:

How big are they?

How close to the camera?

What are they composed of? Matter? Something else?

Have they always been around and just never observed, or are they new here?

What are they doing? Why are they doing it?

Are they "alive"? If so what's their natural history (lifecycle, feeding habits, reproduction, etc.)?

What's their intelligence level?

If not, are they probes? Controlled by whom? Composed of what? How are they powered? What controls their movements? What mechanism enables them to fly?


2/7/01 00:54 LASCO C2 we see these anomalies all the time


 Space Alive

SECRET NASA TRANSMISSIONS  Remember the NASA Tethered Satellite experiment that seemed to really freak the Shuttle crew? If we are avidly serious about UFO evidence, seeking clues, this NASA data should be in our grasp for ongoing meticulous examination. After viewing footage I am convinced that the secrets of some unidentified (object or entity) phenomena lies in a more evolved understanding of plasma physics which may include the signature of an ethereal intelligence. Why do I sense that I am not seeing ET spacecraft, but instead, free winging souls.--Kent

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