.the enchanted Lands lived a great lady of brave sparkle. Her hair was the glow of autumn amber; her skin was the pale of the snowy swan; her eyes pooled emeralds.

Mastering the light-winds from the sun she absorbed the rays into her soul; thus commanding all the powers of her world.

For the magical creatures she reigned radiant Queen of the forest; even the shy and most fragile were unafraid.

Her cottage was a place of gathering. On a hill cresting a flowery meadow and ringed by deep woods she held her daily court. They would all come: the animals, the elves, gnomes, fairfolk and especially the little halfling children who waited in the realm preparing for births on denser worlds. The most exalted duty of the Queen was to nurture these halfling pre-borns schooling them to fly the deep journeys. She seldom felt sorrow when they left for their new homes beyond the veils.

Halflings would not die, but simply transcend to their mortal worlds carrying with them the seed of her love, a spark that would glimmer eternally and never cease to be.

Occasionally in the long spiral of time, rarely and always unexpectedly, one of the halfling brood would return.



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