Date: 6/23/01 4:31:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time


Jim Keith's Last Fall

If you're an investigative journalist who's lately
publicly addressed some
fairly "warm" recent conspiracies, we would STRONGLY
advise that you be
EXTREMELY careful NOT to have a relatively minor fall
which might result in a
bruise serious enough for you to desire medical

If you DO incur such a bruise (or any other condition
needing medical
attention), we would STRONGLY advise seeking care from
practitioner ONLY.

You wouldn't want a "blood clot" from the impacted
area to go to your lungs
and kill you instantly, a one-in-a-trillion
possibility (if that), which
mysteriously and MOST UNFORTUNATELY purportedly
occurred in the case of the
late Jim Keith.

Within the past few weeks the well-known and
well-respected Keith, via the
Internet's "Nitro News" organization, had published
articles which showed how
the airplane "crash" which took the lives of JFK Jr.,
wife and sister-in-law
last July was in fact caused by sabotage by means of
an explosive device; and
also that the similarly "engineered", scripted
"accident" which took the life
of Princess Diana 2 years ago was implemented at that
time because Diana was

Not long after these articles were published, Jim
Keith incurred a minor leg
injury for which he sought medical attention at a
nearby hospital.

This medical attention resulted in Jim Keith's death.

During this same period of time the Nitro News website
inexplicably went down
for several days. To our knowledge no credible
explanation has yet been put
forth for this.

This all seems, to say the least, suspicious.

John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.

  And now, Quinn himself is in trouble. Fighting the
New World Order is, indeed, a lousy business to be in.