Subj: McVeigh
Date: 6/12/01 8:55:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time
To: (kent steadman)

Look no further than Elohim City (aka hideout of the Aryan Republican Army), where former devotee turned federal informer Carol Howe and prime suspect Andy Strassmeir (son of a former German Secretary of State) hung out for answers to these questions.
There's plenty of proof that McVeigh was not a lone "gunman":
Brigadier General Benton K. Partin (USAF, ret.), former director of the Air Force Armament Technology Laboratory and one of the world's premier explosives and ordnance authorities, has convincingly demonstrated that the Murrah Building was not destroyed by McVeigh's car/truck bomb. For details, check this site:
Then there are witness/survivor Jane Graham's efforts to halt McVeigh's execution. Her testimony that multiple explosions destroyed the Murrah Building was, for some strange reason, prevented from being presented to the court. For details. check this site:
Obviously, McVeigh was the fall-guy for whoever did this crime. The masterninds are still loose.
There is no closure for the victims/survivor of the Oklahoma City bombing, just as there is no closure for the families of the 100,000 mostly unarmed Iraqi troops who were butchered like pigs in mud at the end of the Gulf War while they fled in desperation to Baghdad.
While George Dubya signed a death warrant that takes his career kill tally to well over what McVeigh was alleged to have done on April 19, 1995, his father still has the record.
Killing people is what the Bush family does best.
The following links to Elohim City and Andy Strassmeir were found in a five-minute Google search:

Subj: Mc Veigh decoy hearse

Date: 6/13/01 8:14:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Howdy Kent, Hope you are well. After McVeigh execution, on Foxnews, the feds admitted that they sent a decoy hearse(black), and instead spirited the" supposed" body of McVeigh in a white, unmarked van to an undisclosed location.One of the media witnesses noticed him breathing AFTER he was pronounced dead.Strange indeed! For more strangeness, go to this site to fill in the blanks: Click on message board.

There is a total media blackout on Mcviegh now.

The big bad wolf is dead! Or is he...