Subj: [Elfrad-Group] HAARP Was On For 12 Hours Monday @ Full Power
Date: 8/29/01 11:13:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From:   (Steve Wingate)



     (1) HAARP was operating on its UPPER frequency of 6.965 MHz at FULL
power for almost 12 hours all during the daytime on Monday 08/27/01. Multiple
ionosphereric worldwide skip during the daytime on 80 meters is "rather rare"
if not impossible, so it must be an extremely powerful groundwave
     (2) There was a massive X5-Class solar flare this last weekend which hit
earth this morning and may have produced radio blackouts or other strange
phenomnena but,
     (3) HAARP began the multiple skip worldwide transmissions this morning
at 8:50 am PDT -- and according to NOAA and the solar blast
hit the earth about 12:52am, or 4 hours later -- so the solar particle blast
was not the cause of the strange powerful HAARP propagation.     

I monitored HAARP all during the 12 hours of transmission and since I was
receiving a very strong ground wave there was no change in the received
signal strength about the time the solar proton blast hit the Earth. The
transmissions on the upper frequency were of military 6.25 second pulses with
DTMF type pre-tones and a "growling" rising sound on each pulse. The spaces
between the pulses were both 15 and 30 seconds long meaning it was a Navy
boat-type communication test. The Navy program on the upper frequency, was
probably timed with the impact this morning of the expected solar blast to
determine the effect of solar particle disruption on HAARP's ULF deep ocean
submarine communications.     

I reported the solar Coronal Mass Ejection on BroJon Gazette last Friday and
the almost immediate arrival of powerful solar rays 8 seconds later which
caused a radio blackout over much of Europe and Africa on the sunlit side of
the Earth. The arrival of the solar particle blast was easily predicted to
arrive 3 days later and did so Monday at 12:52 pm. The boys at HAARP were
well aware of the solar eruption and exactly when the massive particle blast
would arrive at Earth. They began their transmissions almost exactly 4 hours
before the blast disrupted the magnetosphere and then continued transmissions
for another 8 hours.     

It seems this was not really a "submarine communication" test, even though
the transmissions were spaced as if they were sending "sub codes." The varing
signal strengths and extreme high power would indicate the transmissions were
setting up Air Force space warfare type "vertical anti-missile radiation
curtains" in various directions, as was done last February 18-21. The test
was to ensure that the anti-missile defense system would still operate during
solar magnetospheric disruptions. If not, then the U.S. would be defenseless
during times of strong solar eruptions. I am sure the Russians and Chinese
would like to know about that too.     

Marshall Smith

Editor, Brojon Gazette