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Blueskeyes, 4/17/2003, 6:29 pm EDT

Remember the meteor that exploded over Chicago on March 27, 2003? Many homes and cars damaged by it and hundreds were out picking up stones of various sizes and shapes for mementos. If it weren´t for that event, I wouldn´t be as concerned about V1 Debris. When it exploded over the Chicago Suburb, it lit up the nights sky like daylight.

Image gallery from that event from ABC/Chicago News. Click to view slide show of pics.


More images


Freak weather wreaks havoc in China, destroying thousands of homes

Is the Earth preparing to flip? It is not just the plot for a far-fetched science-fiction disaster movie. Something unexplained really is happening to the Earth's magnetic field.

FORUM: 4/8/03 Massive Pulses of Light shot out of the ground this morning by NORAD


In an Infinite Cosmos all Dreams are True

Welcome to the Orbit Cover. Here you will see the mythstream of events, discoveries and news under current investigation. Inside you will find a more extensive current workshop, and beyond to a thousand pages representing other queries back four years in time. This page will continue to evolve as we investigate current issues, so keep coming back, never static. For additional recent research follow the arrows page-bottom like you would leaf through a book. Be sure to click several pages back for current as info is coming in hot and heavy. Keep coming back here to watch the immediate investigations unravel. Also check out the search engine below. This online laboratory is dedicated to the quest of the wondrous. Beware, future shock!

NASA: SUBJECT: GRB 030329 [GRB.jpg 2]: Optical afterglow candidate

We identify a source that is not present on archival images at approximate coordinates:

RA: 10:44:49.5 Dec: +21:31:23 (J2000)  Forum

4/17/03 This was taken last night [ look lower right, enhanced here left] in my school's observatory. As you can see, something strange is appearing where "Planet X" is supposed to be. NOTE: unsubstantiated, and now removed from internet.   Forum

More: North Carolina Photo   Hawaii Photo from 39,000 ft up  Washington [Forum]

ETA CARINAE, THE LIGHT IS HERE The galactic core  It's A Nova, It's A Supernova, No It's A Hypernova

IS ETA CARINA GOD  LOOKING TOWARD ETA CARINA  Lasers in Eta Carinae  Archive  Parallel Universes

4/17/03 MAGSTORM (although flares are low, strange) Aurora

   UNIVERSAL POLITICS [Pin a tail on the donkey]

EDITOR: From what I can see politicians serve neither right or left. They serve themselves and wear whatever hat is most fashionable at the time. They also wear flak-jockey-shorts to protect their backsides. No surprise to me that pretend conservatives seem ready to trash the Constitution, and that liberals are pretending to defend it.

Liberal/conservative: give me another choice please!

Nothing wrong with white men, except that they elect the worst of their kind to run the show C. W. Moulton

There's more technological chivalry in a dandelion than there is in the aircraft carrier Nimitz C. W. Moulton

The gov at it's very most poignant best  CNN Prefab obits? [or most news is in the can long before it happens]

The Eridu Genesis

Free to Protest, Iraqis Complain About the U.S.  But individual protest has almost reached a fever pitch, as scores of Iraqis around the city asked reporters if it was true that Mr. Hussein was now in the United States 2 3 (the evidence: that Baghdad fell so quickly, a deal must have been struck).

The Sacking Of Iraq´s Museums - US Wages War Against Culture And History 
US accused of PLANS TO LOOT Iraqi antiques Experts:Looters Had Keys to 
Iraqi Vaults CNN Paraphrase Chicago Oriental Inst.: There was a tank 
guarding the Iraq museum but then it disappeared. FORUM

Former counsel to the Metropolitan, Ashton Hawkins, is rallying support to 
challenge legislation intended to limit the trade in antiquities
Trustees of the Dia Center threatened to withhold donations unless longtime 
chairman Ashton Hawkins, who is also vice president and counsel to the 
trustees for the Metropolitan, agreed to step down

Ashton Hawkins represents at least five institutions (he has also represented
the Neue Galerie, New York’s new museum for early 20th-century German
and Austrian art) and a growing number of private clients who are concerned
about the legal risks in owning anything from paintings to Greek
Hawkins & Lord Rothschild at Elite Bash honoring World Bank Group 
president James Wolfensohn.  The organization attracts a preponderance of 
philanthropists and very rich individuals, many of whom are great collectors 
of art of all kinds.

Pillaging 7000 Years Of Iraq History No Accident An entire library of clay tablets had not yet been deciphered or researched, in part because of the US-backed sanctions that restricted travel to Iraq.

WILLIAM HENRY: Saddam controls an asset infinitely more important and powerful than oil or even nuclear weapons. He controls access to the temples that housed the history of humanity's origins and potentially the secrets of stargates. LATEST FROM WILLIAM HENRY ON LOOTING OF ANTIQUITIES

Ishtar/Easter weekend 2003. Sun changes, Neat, planet X, death & resurrection, Babylon

SLEUTHS: try to find out what was on the plundered cuneiform tablets yet to be decode, Research thus far:

LOST: cuneiform tablets that include stories such as the law tablets of Hammurabi, the Epic of Gilgamesh and the exodus of Abraham

Library of King Ashurbanipal: A collection of 20,000 to 30,000 cuneiform tablets containing approximately 1,200 distinct texts remains for scholars to study today. Ashurbanipal's collection even held what could be called classified government materials. The findings of spies and secret affairs of state were held secure from access in deep recesses of the palace much like a modern government archive. [Difficult to determine what was in Baghdad and what in the British Museum]

Robert Fisk: Ministry of Oil and Ministry of Interior protected from looting 

COMMENTARY: Here's the big picture now, we  are now hanging in the wind.  Everybody seams to all ready have forgotten that on the first day of war, China gave us an ultimatum to "cease all hostile activity against Iraq". Right now we have 2/3 of our military in one area in easy striking range for China (don't forget it was their support in Vietnam and Korea that kicked our butts).  They have the strongest ground forces already trained in the world.

Operation Garden Plot and FM 100-19 US Military Domestic Support Plans What follows is a discussion of Operation Garden Plot, the Federal Government's plan for Civil Disturbance Control using the military.

NESTING HABITS OF WASHINGTON'S WAR BIRDS The War Party has captured the heights of the Washington bureaucracy – and now they're after the U.S. 'Institute of Peace'!

Deadly Clash Raises Tensions In North Thousands protest coalition in Baghdad

EDITOR: Media shenanigans: does it seem like when things start going bad with the war we get inundated with Peterson-Laci news stories, Elizabeth Smart and the actor with the parrot? "The essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely, so vitally, that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never escape from it." - Goebbels  Turns out those Russian intel updates were real

NEWS OF HUGE ANTI-US PROTESTS IN IRAQ BEING CENSORED BY USA  Yesterday’s anti-American protests in Baghdad involving thousands of people demonstrate the urgent need for a road map in Iraq that ensures the rapid removal of US and British troops.


Daily Show Does Bush

The Anti-war Speech That Earned Eugene Debs 10 Years in Prison


'Oldest religious icon in Americas'

PYRAMIDS  at the bottom of Rock Lake,Winconsin

Mysterious New Photograph

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More Moons Around Earth? It’s Not So Loony

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650 megs of orbit archives, took me three weeks to compile. Takes all morning to copy/produce ten or more here on my CD burner, add insert, package. I do treat the project like a Printmaker's craft, sign, edition each item. CD DEMO Page.  I have already lost around 100 megs of Internet files because of an old retired server beyond my control--many missing images--however preserved on CD. I might have to intentionally remove more data on my main server to make room for new. There is also the looming possibility of Internet sectors collapse or hack.

Materials and postage about $4.00 my cost.

I've sent them out free to many supporters and folks that are broke, other donations range from about $10.00 to more (general Orbit support).

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It´s only frustrating to some who want conclusions (which means several things).

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