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NEW ORLEANS IS SINKING  BY JIM WILSON  Published on: September 11, 2001

WEIRD ARCHIVED NOTE, DATE: 8/7/2005 10:00 pm EDT

FEMA Sent out a Memo to All Field Agents - URGENT SOMETHING IS GOING DOWN

Just recently received several memos in email, as well as a typed letter that is sealed "not to be opened" until August 26th. It has the seal of the Department of Homeland Security, and the DOD. It was an envelope with instructions about NOT to open the letter until the 26th.

The memos floating around work and with my co-workers (I work for FEMA) is that we need to start assembling our teams for some major event about to happen. Everyone I work with (all field agents) have gotten this letter.

I am dying to find out but they said if this gets leaked they will terminate employment if they track it back down to you.

I´m so dying to open it up. But one of my co-workers is a female named shall we say "Donna" and she said she´s going to open it ahead of time.

She´s nuts!

All I know so far is that my boss said to get my gear "packed" for status red. Meaning I´m going to be away from home for a long time. I wonder where the hell I´m going.

Anyone got any info on something big happening soon?


INVESTIGATOR CR:  I am completely convinced that Katrina was a engineered storm.  Possibly a part of the "re-wilding" you have mentioned on your site.  I just heard that when people will be allowed back, that it will be under Martial Law, your ID will be checked by the National Guard when you enter, and if you leave again, you will be stopped and once again checked out.  Sound familiar?   We've been expecting this for awhile, but I must admit, they are molding the public's opinion so well that we might already be in too deep...

INVESTIGATOR CR:  This storm started in the Bahamas a week before it hit (unlike most hurricanes) and it just happens to be the most expensive hurricane ever?  Its being fed energy from an unnatural source.  We have some serious times coming ahead.  Keep safe Kent


INVESTIGATOR CR:  this picture especially points out what's up:

INVESTIGATOR CR:  I'm still here
INVESTIGATOR CR returned at 3:53 AM
BARDSQUILL:  I'm posting your theory, let's try to really develop this
BARDSQUILL:  looking at these links now
INVESTIGATOR CR:  well, I must admit, I am just adding this storm to what I've already researched.  It seems to be lining up perfectly with the plans made for Agenda 21..
BARDSQUILL:  Did you save any of the sats during formation of Katrina, Trop storm 12?
BARDSQUILL:  Man, I'd like to see those
INVESTIGATOR CR:  no, I was watching it all on tv honestly.  I have dial up, so it is almost too slow for real-time imagery.  But, if you look at the formation, it just seems to be re-energized after it hits land almost.  Which, obviously, is not something that happens.

INVESTIGATOR CR:  This could be disputed of course, and I am sure it will be..
INVESTIGATOR CR:  What do you think?

BARDSQUILL:  I think this is really important and want to research
INVESTIGATOR CR:  Understandable.  I know for a fact though, if we put the ideas out there, we will get a response.
BARDSQUILL:  To start with I'll post your original message anonymously and request help and any files
INVESTIGATOR CR:  Thanks, this will definitely be bringing forth some revelations.
BARDSQUILL:  Then I'll get a hold of a weatherman, who watches this closely
BARDSQUILL:  I want to really probe this. I THINK YOUR HUNCH IS RIGHT ON!
BARDSQUILL:  Could use your eye on this too, let's jump in, track around and see what we can find
INVESTIGATOR CR:  Great.  Its hard to express these ideas without getting some sort of backlash, so i really appreciate your support, and your site has been an information warehouse for me.
INVESTIGATOR CR:  That sounds good.  I'll start jotting down ideas and making notes of anything I notice.
BARDSQUILL:  Well, it's okay to initiate a query and I think we'll get some help as well as criticism, but it all adds up and is okay
INVESTIGATOR CR:  I'll be getting you more stuff soon.  Have a good day!
BARDSQUILL:  Please stay in touch on this
INVESTIGATOR CR:  definitely.
INVESTIGATOR CR is away at 8/30/2005 4:04 AM


Scalar Weather Wars: Hurricane Katrina and the Rape of New Orleans

The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics

Artificial Ionospheric Mirrors Point-to-Point Communications

Crossed-Beam Approach for Generating an Artificial Ionospheric Mirror


This is weird, remember this

"Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025"

click on the original link, established in 1999

at: AOL/phikent/orbit/orbitback20.html


then click on the only link on the page that pops up-- you get a 404 with a tiny link below: [Tue 30 Aug 2005 11:54:04 AM CDT ]
[Welcome to historic Maxwell-Gunter AFB, the Home of Air University and the 42nd Air Base Wing, Alabama]]

Maxwell-Gunter AFB is currently under HURCON IV

Commander's Information: Hurricane Katrina

HURCON IV :Issued 72 hours in advance of the earliest possible arrival of 50-knot (58 mph) winds. (AFI 10-206)

Additional Information from Maxwell Support Division Weather Center:

Katrina Weather Update

8/30/2005 4:59:39 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

I was wondering the same thing when it came out of the Caribbean and picked up intensity overland? And then I remember them saying the gulf waters were at a record temperatures (90+) . But this article says that even though it's 3-5 degrees warmer, it should help STOP hurricanes?

Then my mind went to the dead fish and 'dead zone' stories from last week? A synchro? Or now should we 'follow the fish' too?

Dead Zone Hurting Fishing (Aug. 21)

State Blamed for Dead Zone (Aug. 23)

Oh, oh, also dead zone off Oregon? (Aug. 21)

Posted: Tue Aug 30, 2005 10:11 am Post subject: Local Coverage

Good morning. Just heard from my husband who has made it back to Mandeville. New Orleans is under Marshall Law.

Homeland security is keeping the media from filming or reporting how bad it really is. (there are literally bodies floating in the street in New Orleans) They are trying to control the panic and pandemonium that would occur if broadcast to the nation. I think Mandeville and parts north fared well. Unfortunately, it does not sound like the same can be said for Slidell.

Not sure when I will be returning. My husband will start adjusting claims as soon as they begin to come in. Of course, people are not reporting damage because they don´t know what damage to claim. At least we know the insurance companies are on the ball.

8/31/2005 at 7:04 AM

There is a total blackout in the mainstream news media that other Countries want to help the victims of the hurricane. It is my suspicion that Big Brother news media want Americans only to recognize their picked groups "to get the donations to". You know such groups like The Red Cross, The Salvation Army and The United Way, etc. But not one mention of other Countries offering to help them. Even Venezuela wants to help. It proves we cannot trust those tv channels.

Notice that the cable channels have pre-empted all news to cover Hurricane aftermath? Meanwhile, articles appearing:

Scalar Weather Wars: Hurricane Katrina and the Rape of New Orleans Major typhoons wasting Japan and Taiwan

Brace for More Katrinas, Say Experts

The Atlantis oil field is the third largest oil field in the Gulf of Mexico, estimated at about 600 million barrels. The British oil company BP owns the field, which is expected to produce about 200,000 barrels a day beginning in late 2006. The oil field was discovered in 1998 by the Ocean America semi-submersible, mobile drilling rig operating in a water depth of 1870 meters. 20 oil rigs missing in Gulf of Mexico  No Gas in the SouthEast US

8/31/2005 12:09:21 PM Pacific Standard Time

New Orleans has been my home for 23 years and I just need to express this.

It's all been too ominous, this hurricane. Seemingly formed out of know where. I've heard to weather guys on TV say just that. From the moment of inception I've known that this is a totally orchestrated event.(You know, once the veil is lifted the obvious manipulation is so apparent.) Bush declaring an unprecedented state of emergency and disaster area two days prior to landfall. What? That alone should clue you in that something is not kosher here.The media seemed to already be there( N.O.) and set up before the strike. So many gov't. agency officials in town that Mayor Nagen is totally frustrated by the lack of action. his words, "too many chiefs and not enough indians." and " too many cooks in the kitchen". Press conference after press conference. Looks like grandstanding by various agency chiefs. and still the breach in the 17th street canal is not resolved. The Mayor is furious and Gov. Blanco overwhelmed and have publicly expressed their disappointment in various govt. agency /military response to their immediate needs. I'm sure the powers will get them in line and they will be performing like puppets soon. I'm already sensing something different in the media presentations today.

Was FEMA ready? FEMA was more than ready. FEMA / homeland security are now able to implement all of their various scenarios. New Orleans, the most unique city in the us, is reduced to a no mans land ( ever see the movie 'escape from new york' ? )

I have no doubt that this event was created to distract public attention from other events and political hot potatoes and secondly, to allow full implementation of control as maniacally planned since 9/11 with the added benefit of oil production snafus resulting in higher per barrel prices. This strategically planed event will effect us all.  Micheal Brown FEMA Dir-Worthless!!!

IM 8/31/95 6:40 PM there??? gallon of gas in we speak 5.57 $$$

Nagin declares Martial Law to crack down on looters  At Least Ten U.S. Airports Face Closure Due to Jet Fuel Shortages  Gas station in Decatur, GA now charging $7.00 a gallon! The Gouging Marches Unabated  

U.S. declines offer of Russian rescue plane for hurricane hit areas Forum

8/31/2005 7:08 am EDT

...can anyone link information regarding soviet energetics and if weather manipulation with non-local scalar longitudinal EM waves (using a local heat sink and a local heat pump linked with transverse waves through a non-local medium)

Wild as it seems, best to cover all possibilities

Sheik Gilani states that he had nothing to do with Pearl's kidnapping. He also said that the real problem was "The JINN".

Sheik Gilani talked about what he sees as the most serious threat to the world, why bad things happen in America, including acts of terrorism. These bad things, he says, are caused by invisible forces.

Have a neighbor, a Kurd Elder, Sufi. He says that we cowpokes don't know whom we are messing with and the wizards in Baghdad still have the Anunnaki tech--Kent