People who live there don't understand why the news is saying nothing crashed!

Unannounced meteor shower? Light In Sky Triggers Concern 2   **Reader local report**  More eyewitnesses  Local News Station  Flaming streak flashes in sky Another meteorite landed in OVID, NY! NUFORC - Three New Reports Of UFO Events On July 23, 2001  Close up Recon



Another day, another weird light in the sky that disappears without warning.

CARTERET, N.J., July 17 — Something dazzled the people of New Jersey this weekend. Something bright, high in the sky.

On July 19th, near 11:00 PM (PST), a large ship flew in from the South over the Gilliland Ranch in Trout Lake Washington, expanding into a brilliant yellow-orange light, then dimmed out as it left the area. more

Date: 7/23/01 8:13:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: The local TV station is now running a newscast (11PM EST). Apparently the meteor landed in Jersey Shore, PA. If you are looking at a map, find Williamsport, then go 12 miles north. It's a small town in the middle of nowhere, in the mountains.  However here's what they did say. There has been property damage, (wouldn't specify), apparently some roads are blocked off, they think it landed in a cornfield.



SLEUTH: could we blast stuff to smithereens out in deep space?

Air Force Turns 747 Into Holster for Giant Laser




AFTER THE FACT, have we heard this before, eh, EH?: Russian Rockets And Fireballs Over The East Coast

PLAYING THE IDIOT GAME AGAIN Often the role of Shadow Government disinfo goon squads: they try to make what we see translate as nothing happened, but when they play this silly game it usually alerts us that something really important DID in fact take place. NASA: A fireball that dazzled Americans on July 23rd was a piece of a comet or an asteroid, scientists say. Contrary to reports, however, it probably didn't scorch any cornfields.

BARDSQUILL: any more on meteor? Guess the Shadow Goons, PEAC geeks [Physical Evidence Acquisition and Containment] mopped it all up

FRIEND IN PA: what does contrary to reports mean anyway- someone needs to make them look like idiots; the local firemen on the news said something hit, burned down a large portion of the field and was buried deep in the ground

FRIEND IN PA: police were not all over the area with road blocks for no reason???

FRIEND IN PA: there are some spots along the highway I saw where the ground was smashed in and the trees and grass - every plant around it was dead

FRIEND IN PA: trees look like mud spattered all over them

Date: 7/24/01 4:51:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: Something troubles me about last night's event. Then I remembered that the shuttle did not land last night due to Weather 2. Back tracking the original estimated landing time, the shuttle should have been over the East Coast about 6pm last night. I tried to confirm this, but can no longer access the ground tracks on the web that allow the user to adjust the time frame...

Anyway, maybe sleuths can come up with ground track...

Ever wonder if Space Command (seen their new logo?) flys CAP over the shuttle? Even if this is not the case, this would have put incoming uncomfortable close to shuttle...

Bet NORAD lit up like XMAS tree? Eye witness reports of track of incoming indicate it would have looked like sub based missile reentry. Rainbow color of trail indicates varied chemical makeup which burn at differing colors.

Early reports sure sound more like man made than meteorite.

EDITOR: is not coming up. Sleuth: NASA TV

Date: 7/24/01 9:13:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Charlie Plyler)

Concerning the whereabouts of the shuttle during the so called meteor event on the 23rd. Looks like it was in the area however about an hour later [see linked chart here].


Date: 7/25/01 12:17:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: I have been collecting eyewitness reports from the web for the last 36 hours. Attached is a map that shows the sightings in red, reported impacts in Pennsylvania and New York State in Purple and report of load sonic boom and long rumblings in Green. Based on the sighting locations it appears that there were two objects, possibly the New York impactor split off from the Pennsylvania impactor. I have extrapolated a likely trajectory for the Pennsylvania fireball based on the location and statements of eyewitnesses and the lack of reports from the Philadelphia area. It would appear that the fireball would have generated enough friction to become visible just Southwest of Wilkes Barre and Northwest of Allentown. At this point air friction has not slowed it down enough to make it a long duration visible item for those two cities, but as it headed for the Williamsport area, increased friction slowed it down and made it more visible.


Space shuttle's rare night landing causes alarm in Central America, Mexico

SHUTTLE LANDS [wonder if there were any...encounters?]

 Space Alive

Remember the NASA Tethered Satellite experiment that seemed to really freak the Shuttle crew? If we are avidly serious about UFO evidence, seeking clues, this NASA data should be in our grasp for ongoing meticulous examination. After viewing footage I am convinced that the secrets of some unidentified (object or entity) phenomena lies in a more evolved understanding of plasma physics which may include the signature of an ethereal intelligence. Why do I sense that I am not seeing ET spacecraft, but instead, free winging souls.--Kent



From NASA's own Space Shuttle video feed comes startling evidence that we are not alone. In thousands of hours of video taped off of secret shuttle transmissions, a Canadian cable TV operator discovered hundreds of spheres, rods and colored lights that scientists are unable--or unwilling--to explain. Are they merely ice crystals and space debris as NASA claims? Or could they be alien spacecraft, alien communications or even alien lifeforms? Decide for yourself as you observe and listen in to dozens of NASA shuttle transmissions where these incredible phenomena are ignored or explained away. Essential viewing for anyone interested in extraterrestrial contacts. 90 min.



Date: 7/21/01 10:04:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent...Hartsville was hit again Wed. Reload/refresh

Date: 7/15/01 10:59:03 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Brief synopsis: Radio station knocked out by EMP/HAARP style blast...birds in mid-flight killed through severe burns, no power lines around; Abandoned nuclear plant controlled by TVA nearby... Will try and dig up more info for you.


U.S. Air Force Linked to Electronic Warfare Attack in Tennessee  US Patent  #5,675,103

Air Force Turns 747 Into Holster for Giant Laser

FLASH RADAR  TESLA SHIELD  Dead Birds in 99  More Archives

Update On Radio Station Zapping And Electro-Fried Birds

Date: Wed, Aug 1, 2001, 5:40pm X-Priority: 3

Why do they want to downplay it? Rather than downplay or embellish is it not far more important to get the the truth of the mater. Nashville lost power to half of downtown yesterday due to an unexplained surge downtown.

A transformer blew up and caught fire.  They say it was not overload from over use! They will not say what caused it.

We had seismic activity in Franklin Tn the day after the jolt we took.  Why are some of these folks so interested in calling it a gag?  None of them have been here none have even heard the interviews.

The op manager at the newspaper says on tape a flash of light went through the building when the power was off! What the hell was that!  She is emphatic about it!

Birds were scattered for a distance of over a mile! My son David age 21 took the bird pictures at my request I asked him to shoot the birds close to the building and I ordered him to be carefull as to not to touch them. He used newspaper! I don't know how many he shot but it was probably about two or three.

The bird hopping around singed with no wings is not the same bird in the rest of the photo's...

I pointed out that I had an e-mail from a guy who claims that he knows someone at a phone company that installed a big phone switch that was paid for by the air force!

I mentioned that to a radio guy and he put out on some web page that the USAF was responsible and there was concrete evidence of a check...First we must determine if this was man made or a natural occurance...