LIZ EDWARDS Investigates The Mexican UFO Video.

What's really behind that UFO?






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Mexico City UFO Video: Real Or Hoaxed?

A puzzling discovery by Liz Edwards



What is this? This picture almost speaks for itself. During theprocess of computer enhancement, a very visible double-pixelation on the side of the Mexico City UFO appeared. It is in such a position that it might actually be blocking or covering something underneath it.

If you look closely at my earlier 'Starburst' enhancement of a frame from the video you can identify this exact same blocking pattern! It is outlined by a perimeter of reddish pixels which 'frame' the area in question which appears blue. In this newest treatment, I have highlighted the 'blocked' area of the UFO in yellow for easier visual indentification. continue

I remember so well the dark side of the ../moon . . .

Welcome to Sightings On The Radio

Chat Room

*Live* with Jeff Rense

You are invited to join Jeff Rense in a special edition of the SIGHTINGS On The Radio chatroom!

Date: Tuesday, November 11, 1997

Time: 6:30 pm Pacific Standard Time

Address: http://cyberspaceorbit.com/sightingschat.html

Jeff's guests will be famous UFO Researchers, Lee & Brit Elders, renowned for their years of research, analysis, and documentation of hundreds of the Mexico City UFO sightings which began with the solar eclipse in 1991. The Elders have now acquired over 5,000 individual videotapes of these craft taken mostly by Mexicans in and near Mexico City. They have also consulted and worked on many other videos, films, and still photographs of UFOs from around the world.

The main topic of the Tuesday, 11-11, Sightings program (7-10 pm Pacific) will be the spectacular August 6, 1997, daylight video of a UFO above Mexico City. Not only are stills from the video now posted on the internet (www.sightings.com) but the approximately 30 seconds of video itself is avaialble for downloading and viewing at: orbit1a.html

The video, and frames from it, remain under intense scrutiny and analysis not only by the Elders and Jim Dilettoso of Village Labs, but by Liz Edwards and other independent researchers as well.

Both Liz Edwards' enhanced pictures and preliminary report, and a recent status update from Brit Elders, are posted on Jeff's website at: www.sightings.com

Edwards enhancement and research has fueled speculation that the video might have been hoaxed. The Elders' update has refuted that contention and sought to allay the controversy.

If you have any further questions about the chat room please contact: Phikent@../AOL.com

Further remarks and comments on the Mexico City UFO Video may be addressed to:

Jeff Rense: eotl@west.net

Liz Edwards: IWonder414@../AOL.com

Brit and Lee Elders: genesis@genesis-3.com

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you at the chat room on 11-11-97!

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