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I saved a copy of this offline. It may disappear. The russians have always had a big advantage over our scientists in that they have always been more open minded. This is probably because their government has been pressuring them for years to disprove western religious dogma. As a result they spend a lot of time investigating ancient civilisations, UFOs, ESP, etc, in order to reinforce their position.
Well, I think they may have found it:

- THE NEW ENERGY SOURCE was discovered. The materials (entire environment) having the magnetic charge are the
      new energy source. Radiating the magnetic flux, they create the electromotive force in conductors, to be more precise
       – in the conductive circuit. Such materials together with those circuits make up the new physical current source. We
        called that current source contrary to the chemically received current source. The power of the physical current is
       replenished owing to the power of the natural force fields of the Earth. Therefore, the source does not require the
       traditional hydrocarbon, nuclear energy carriers or the power of the Sun, wind and the like. It can work under any
        climate conditions. Such a source can be manufactured in the form of the autonomous device of the household or
                              industrial purpose, producing free electric power.

This appears to be what Bedini has harnessed.
But think about this, If this describes a scalar field, and if scalar fields cause biological effects, could this field be drawing its energy from US? Is it using our life force for a power source?
Ever read The Tommyknockers by Steven King?
On another subject, did you catch Steven Greer on Art Bell last nite? He told a story about Werner Von Braun on his death bed warning about a fake alien invasion that would be orchestrated in order to justify putting weapons in space. He said that we already had propulsion and weapon systems comparable to UFOs operational since the 1970s, and these would be used to fake an invasion. Dr. Greer also said that he talked to a 'congressman' who told him that our government was just window dressing, that there was another goverment that really controlled things.
It was interesting show, anyway, at least until I fell asleep. 
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We are so close to destroying ourselves, yet I think we are just on the
brink of great discoveries. I've struggled to piece this puzzle together,
and I'm beginning to realize that the answer lies beyond our conscious mind
and more in the area of faith.

I've always intuited that faith could be a potentialy measured force, maybe a
kind of voltage.  here's something you might check out:

Pravda Releases More Info On Sensational Energy Source Discovery
This was theoretically forecasted by several scientists earlier – in 1931. It
was believed it could be a magnetic monopole - some magnetic particle with a


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    Hi, Kent,

  I hope all is well, and your recent troubles have
passed. Ironic- I was in Santa Cruz at the same time
you were, attending a wedding. And, the Boheimians
were frolicking under the redwoods that weekend.

  Your time adventure in Berkeley struck a chord in
I had a recent episode where my co-workers seemed
vaguely disoriented to me. I had to shepherd them
around a little. I felt odd, too, but still aware.
Throughout that day, EVERYONE seemed to be vaguely
disoriented. It was very disconcerting to me, to say
the least. I've yet to observe the same phenomenon
since then. Could it be that they had the frequency up
a little too high that day? ELF, microwave, GWEN,
HAARP, whatever the hell it is, it's ON. I'm sure of
it now. I'm beginning to think it's too late to worry
about what or where it is, but, rather, how to
counter-act its effects.

  I thoroughly enjoyed We need all the
laughs we can get these days. I though Darth Vader was
the mayor of San Francisco.
Are you sure you wouldn't like to put this up on the
Nemo page? Our friend Dr. Greer was back on Art Bell
again the other night, spouting about
reverse-engineered ufo's and what not. I wish Faction
2 would expose him for one and all to see.