Subj: Synthetic Aperture Radar: yeah that's interesting all right.
Date: 7/28/01 9:45:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Synthetic Aperature Radar... Hmm... Here's a few sites I found.  I never searched for those words before.  You may have run across these in your SAR search:
What does SAR look like on a U-2R plane?
Who specializes in SAR?  Here's one:
What if I wanted to 'telnet' to SAR info?
Who do I ask about SAR?  Lots, like these folks:
What if I want BUNCHES of acronyms for similar SAR technologies?
Is the Dept. of Defense related to this?  (duh! search here for SAIP)
HEY! I wanna see the guts of the SAR equipment!  Here you go, boy! (Hardware section)
...and here:
Anything else? SAR in secret projects perhaps?  Try the SR-71 model 955!
What if I wanna take a real course on SAR?  It'll cost ya $1090:
What if I want a real course on ISAR?  Try this:
Odd word search in try this:
Is there any clearance above final top secret?