There is the metered time as seen in the dripping water from the branch of a tree. There is the time of the heart that gushes quickly propelled by love and oozes so slowly when retarded by sadness. Away I soared until my homeworld became a pebble before me. I watched Terra, Venus and tiny Mercury circle in their orbits to retreat behind Sol, reappear and retreat again. From within this greater acceleration I could perceive a condensed time--a time within time.

Space is not silent. Like the breezes vibrate the great Wind Harps on the hills above Athens, the Cosmos also vibrates as the sun blows gales through lattices of geometric strings. Such vibration signifies the time of space.

When the arc of Mars intersected the arc of my winging I fell into its pull and flew a path in parallel.

From behind Mars appeared a bleak moon, a decimated egg.

Alongside the moon hovered a titanic spear; my curiosity drew me in. Time stopped, all fell dim and silent, I shuddered and quickly repelled away.

I had flown too closely to an abomination.