In defense of myself I was young and my discrimination yet to be tempered in that manner that we all become forged, by mistakes, by fire. Also I was in my state oblivious to what others read in me as a certain power, threatening to those in worship of power.

Myself, most untethered to earth, I saw all beings as essentially wispy, and in the faces in the throngs that gathered around me I failed to notice the nuances of dark intention.

Uncle Eman knew trouble looming. Unable or unwilling to control my antics he escaped deeper into the wilderness leaving me alone to endure the events I had set in motion.

The Emperor had passed strict laws against philosophers and Sages, in fact laws directed against those like myself. I was taken hostage by a Roman legion and transported from the mountains of Portugal to the city center of Rome. Although certain influential people spoke on my behalf  I was tried before the Senate and imprisoned, not that it mattered much as I was not enmeshed in the physical. My cell in Rome seemed no different than my grove of cedars.  

I was kept in solitary away from the other prisoners with no assigned labors, but in fact the isolation seemed greatly to enhance my visions. I underwent journeys almost as powerful as my initial expedition to the Jade World.

Something deep inside me inspired a search for Nimru. He had flown to earth in the Blue Star but where did he settle? In the dark of night in my earthly prison I would allow that element within me forever unshackled to take wing in search. Around Terra I traveled like a phantom moth exploring distant lands.

In these explorations and to my great surprise I found other Blue Star craft usually deeply buried and marked by great temples. Around these temples were many active and flourishing civilizations, wondrous cultures never spoken of in Rome.

Eventually I found Nimru nestled in a canyon in a northern continent called by the inhabitants, Atzlan. Nimru had shaped a small city to mimic his memory of life on the Jade World.