My stay in Nim, my many duties, brought a strange polarity to my consciousness. On the one hand I felt a collapse into a deeper density swarmed with earthly emotions. Otherwise under the tutelage of Nimru I was able to maintain contact with the ethereal realm.

To build a new culture transplanted from one world to another required both.

Nimru constructed an elevated pyramid-mound to house and to work the energies of the Form-Maker. To do so he used the codes within the device itself. I learned that this mysterious crystal had many applications.

Nimru systematically released more knowledge. I was given simple exercises. Within the inner sanctum of the mound I would practice with smaller crystals. Nimru would place a crystal in my hand. "If you look around with unfocused eyes you will see that the gems broadcast a pattern like a many-faceted shield. This effort takes some adjustment in seeing. The human element, the life-strand, is part of the mechanism. These seer-stones would not function without the Seer."

Soon with a little refinement of focus I could see the geometry of light. By rotating the crystal in my hand I could revolve this projected lattice of light to examine the facets and the nodes. I had witnessed these patterns in my flights through the space between worlds. I suggested to Nimru that worlds themselves must be like crystals.

"A significant leap in understanding," he said, "This presence of a universal lattice is in itself a key to the master codes."

A doorway to new realization began to open.

Nimru introduced an new device he called the Lion-Whisker, a golden stemmed rod with an amethyst point. With the whisker Nimru would probe the Form-Maker touching here and there. "This wand allows the crystals to talk to us."

With the Lion-Whisker Nimru could also transfer code from one crystal to another.

One evening we took such a charged smaller crystal up to a rim of the canyon overlooking the city. Nimru declared we would perform an experiment involving the lattice of Terra. "The Form-Maker needs to record the energies surrounding this world. This will allow us to blend the stored codes with the codes of Terra. Thereon we can perform experiments with a more localized energy and with an increased effectiveness. Because you have the Terran strands within you, you will manipulate the crystal as I direct you."

Under instructions of Nimru I walked out on a ledge of the canyon crystal in hand. Nimru declared I must tune the device and he directed me to point the crystal first to the north, the east, the south the west. He then had me touch the crystal to the ground.

"Now hold the crystal vertically," said Nimru. "Brace yourself for a shock."

At the moment of sunset I held the crystal up to the stars and an immediate tingling sensation came down my arm. My whole body began to pulsate with increasing intensity until I was enveloped in a pale and luminous field of force.

From the the core of the crystal, light-webs emanated outwards perhaps reaching to infinity.

At that moment centered in this mandala of light I felt a direct touch with the Absolute--a grasp with the hand of Everything.