The year 1999, seventh month,

A great King of terror will come from the sky:

To resurrect the great King of Angoumois,

Mars to reign fortunately before and after.

Nostradamus Century X, Quatrain 72

(Comet Lee visible again)





On the 11th of August, 1999 in Egypt, The organization called the "illuminati" will be invoking a ceremony called THE DARK MOTHER . . .

David Icke




We may be tracking an incoming object. Will keep close watch on the doppler shift and try to calculate the distance. Charlie



Hi Charlie: Here's the latest and greatest from what was captured on 8/5/99! That sure is one heck of a capture if I say so... Look at the bell shaped response curve of it! Frank

 ELFRAD SIGNAL UPDATE 8/6/99 2:56:24 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Yes the many questions certainly deserve answers. Will work on this one and get back to you later. The signal peak has moved very little but I am keeping watch on the data. As soon as anything develops I will let you know.  A lot of interest is being generated as I have been flooded with email. I sent you a note which I am sending to all inquiries until further developments.  READ HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

 8/9/99 6:52:11 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Here is some more on the coming eclipse and the monitoring opportunities. Charlie


EMAIL, 10:19 PM 8/5/99 -0500: Could any of the asteroids in the Near Earth Object Map account for the frequency anomaly you are picking up? Specifically 1999JM6, 1999NB5 or 1999NW2 as shown in the link "Relative Positions of Asteroids Near Earth". Could there be smaller companions of these asteroids that cannot be detected by conventional means? Is there a way to establish the size of an asteroid using your equipment?

EMAIL, 03:05 AM 8/6/99 -0700: Okay, question for you: Aren't there an overabundance of objects -- asteroids, planets, comets -- orbiting the sun that routinely approach earth from greater distances, though are not in collision course? Also, what about the Cassini orbiter? Isn't it supposed to do a near-earth fly-by on August 18th, with the purpose of building speed before going to Saturn? It is approaching us as we speak. I don't believe, unless something goes tragically wrong, that it will come any closer than 700 miles from the earth. It isn't supposed to, anyway. It has caused some upset because it has 72 pounds of plutonium dioxide on board. Several decades back, a similar orbiter performed a fly-by, and accidentally re-entered the atmosphere, burning up as it fell to earth. It disbursed all of its 2.1 pounds of plutonium dioxide into the upper atmosphere. Anyway, NASA states the odds on something going wrong and Cassini falling to earth being about 1 in a million or so. But, scientists have argued that something as simple as a 45-second lapse in their ability to remote control the craft at key points during the fly-by are enough to cause it to re-enter. And the odds on something like that happening, they say, are greater than 1 in a million.

EMAIL, 8/7/99 2:09:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Re this "incoming" business....Maybe you ought to have a read of my two pages on "dark star" and comet clusters

EMAIL, 8/7/99 9:08:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Hi Guys...I know you don't know me (!) but I am a computer technician with a keen interest in almost everything... And the signal recorded remembers me greatly of some kind of DIGITAL transmission...

I don't have a sound manipulation tool anymore (damned Windows! Switched to Linux last week!) but I'll try to fund the tools I need to decipher this message.. We might have stumbled on something REALLY big...

Coarsely, I can identify what sounds like a frame synchronization signal at the beginning which lasts maybe half a second, but what is peculiar is the following characteristics... Remember that I learned digital transmissions on myself, so I might not use the proper words, and for that I am really sorry... Here's what we hear:

Frame sync signal lasting half a second (I suppose it is some kind of framed transmission, where the data is not sent in a continuous bit stream but rather packed in frames so that you are not f* up if you loose the signal while receiving)

Low rate alternating LOW and HIGH pitch tones not constant in length can be heard AFTER the *sync* signal (from ear it sounds like 110011101010100110011 or something like that... pretty eery!)

Medium rate digital signal varying in length comprised of alternating high pitch and low pitch chirps which comprise a...

High rate digital signal comprised from low and high pitch chirps

Now this is really scary... IF this is a digital broadcast, THEN the signal's complexity is really heavy... Simultaneous broadcast of low rate and high rate data using the same carrier is a bit touchy... Multiplexing in space! My god...

This remembers me of Independence Day, at the beginning when they ear that rumbling noise... Really sends shivers down my spine!!!

I'll try to begin making sense out of this... In the meantime if you have something of greater quality to work with, I'll be happy to work on it...

Something tells me I won't sleep tonight!!!-- Rémy Villeneuve

EMAIL, 8/10/99 5:44:10 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Subj: [Fwd: signals that may be alein life contact]: I think it is time to make this more public. Perhaps in the news., to gain more public support. People like myself who have had encounters and seen sights know the truth, yet none of us ever have the physical evidence to prove alien life exist. Keep working on it, it makes sense to me .

At Fort Campbell about 1980 or 1981 in the summer the 101st airborne division was training at Ft. Campbell KY. about 60,000 troops most of us saw 5 objects that appeared to be craft, triangular in shape, red and green mostly green in color flew quietly and did not make a sound!!! They levitated then one at a time they would fly faster than anything I've ever seen and stop on a dime. Our company commander told us to split into 2 single columns and observe. We were ordered not to signal the craft and do not point our weapons at the craft. Our commander at the time called the division who said they had no clue what or who the craft were and gave us strict orders to be quiet don't signal and observe and mark our time before and after the event . We lost an hour of time and my medical aide bag as I was a senior medic was on the ground with the items neatly on the ground next to my bag. Some of the men about 3 out of the 80 or so soldiers in my company were hysterical the rest of us were just nervous. The next morning the army asked us what our guess was and all sources of authority said it was not of this planet. The animal nature in humans comes out sometimes. By that I mean I sensed danger or something was not normal about those craft. I still feel the uneasiness of that night even to this day. Let me know how I can help as it is important to me.

New Minor Planets

EMAIL, 8/5/99 8:48:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Long story short. The Solar Eclipse in Europe on August 11 should reveal two very large and bright comets and two lesser comets. If these comets do not appear, then my prediction is probably wrong. In that case, I will reduce my predictions activity and get a real paying job. continue






The Eclipse, Crop Circles & The Kundalini

NASA Science News for August 5, 1999: There goes the Sun - On the verge of solar maximum, the August 11, 1999, solar eclipse promises to dazzle millions in the path of totality.

 Eclipse scientists in the swing

 1999 Total Solar Eclipse and Time Zones


EDITOR'S NOTE: Because of a stir on a popular radio show I recently requested sleuths for a story that has come from various sources:


Latest word from White Mountain area in Arizona: 2 weeks ago approx 1500 residents rec’d mailing from the Dept of Interior / US Forest Service, US BLM (?), and US Postal Service giving NOTICE that they were subject to a possible future “20 minute notice of evacuation”. Instructions were brief: they are to take only identifying documents (passports, licenses, birth records, etc.), any cash on hand, no mention of personal items or clothing.  continued

Notes  .. DEFCON: Colorado Springs .  White Mountain Apache Tribe . . Map . .Fire in the Sky ..

Map of alleged underground bases 2. 3


Email Response

EMAIL, 7/30/99 12:56:45 PM: I found the article. It is The Observer out of Springerville, Az. Date: Thursday, June 10, 1999. Headlines: Local Resident Has Fascinating Ranch Problems-By Kevin Birnbaum. It is very lengthy but interesting reading. Here is one particular paragraph.

Death threats have come to Rains from local residents who keep referring to underground caverns at Aster Ranch, which supposedly contain priceless crystals, gold, an enormous treasure trove of Indian artifacts, and technologies that the Federal Government knows of, and has been protecting for many years.
Rains has been told by those who have threatened him as well as those with highly attuned sensory perceptions, that there are three spacecraft buried on his property.  These craft have been there for hundreds of years and that's what the enormous stones blocking the entrance to the cave are protecting in addition to the possible riches of the Hopi.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  I have a somewhat complete xeroxed copy of the above article and have written the OBSERVER to request release of the full story on the Internet. Perhaps other ORBIT visitors should likewise request. I have a strong feeling that such information might provide a key to the mysteries at White Mountain. Mail to Editor, The Observer: Local resident has fascinating ranch problems by Kevin Bimbaum. The caretaker of the crucial site, "Aster Ranch," is I think a Native American, Ed Rains. The ranch is roughly 15 miles northeast of Show Low, and allegedly encompasses one of the most secret, sacred and sought after places in the world. SEE nearby ruins


Subj: RE: link to article?

Date: 8/11/99 4:00:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (GRANT)



Due to the delay in you emailing me, that story and issue have already been filed in ZIP format into our 'morgue' so I have no way of emailing you a copy of the article.

We have a more costly way of reading the article, by sending a request and check to our offices at P.O. BOX 1428, SPRINGERVILLE, AZ. 85938-1428, we can U.S. Mail you a copy of the paper for that issue. The cost is $23.

Grant Harrington

Managing Editor

REPLY: 8/11/99 5:25:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Thanks, for your quick reply

Still wondering how to get the content made available to my readers at ORBIT who are chomping at the bit to see? What are your guidelines? I have 4,000 site hits/day. Wouldn't this bring good traffic to your domain if you could unzip and republish? Awesome interest here!

If I sent you the $23.00, then what would I do, scan and repost on my site? Alas, my scanner is busted, more delay--seems a link to you would be of greater benefit to all parties.

Kent Steadman


EMAIL, 8/2/99 4:51:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Last Friday on the Art Bell program, Hilly Rose had call-ins for the first hour and later interviewed -----? Bean. I did not hear it all, but Dan called from Idaho Falls and evidently said that we had been in a war with the Galactic Federation and had lost. We (Clinton/U.S. Gov.) had been ordered to surrender by Oct. 18. 355 of our space vehicles involved in this clash are parked (evidently by the Federation) at Baker Lake in Canada. He said that it is an automatic death sentence to get in a war with another planet.

EMAIL, 8/5/99 6:50:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time: The story of the rancher in Arizona brings to my mind Victorio Peak, New Mexico. The government swallowed that little treasure trove by extending White Sands Missile Range to include it. Ever heard of Victorio? There are some who believe it to be the legendary Eldorado.

EMAIL, 8/7/99 6:01:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Kent, I have a friend who lives in Virginia. She came to visit yesterday and she told me that Quantico was on "Alert" and that it was in the newspaper where she lives. Alert for what? Also she has no idea of anything that is going on at all. The conversation came up about the usaf being on military alert and that is when she told me about quantico.Theresa


EMAIL, 8/3/99 3:35:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time: UNDERGROUND EMPIRE


More on Phoenix Evacuation

SLEUTHS: seeking additional confirmation.



And now we have the (alleged) infamous Billy Cooper's poetic version to add to the stack:

In a message dated 8/9/99 2:03:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hey RUMOR MONGER and disinformation specialist... I understand the above RUMORS are coming from you. I live in the White Mountains and the only thing that is happening here is everyone is having a damn good time.

NO military activity of any kind.

NO Russian Troops of any kind.

NO Black uniformed anyone of any kind.

NO Evacuation or planned evacuation of any kind.

Now get your head out of your as* and stop spreading lies.

William Cooper

And yes I am "THE" William Cooper


Online with Norio Hayakawa 8/9/99 4:19 PDT:

GroomWatch: there is no doubt in my mind that there is some truths to what is taking place in Arizona.........those pamphlets that the residents received are Real....

GroomWatch: a friend of mine just talked on the phone (about 5 minutes ago) to a Ranger in Arizona......

GroomWatch: he confirmed that those pamphlets were sent out

Phikent: going out to all residents, or just the Native Americans?

GroomWatch: apparently just the Native Americans

GroomWatch: the Native Americans seem to be well aware of the coming Eclipse and its symbolic significance


hysterical bullshit artist rumor mongers

Date: 8/9/99 8:06:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (William Cooper)

There is absolutely NO truth to any of the RUMORs being spread by the RUMOR MONGERS like you about the White Mountains. There were NO phamplets circulated stating anything like what you are circulating. I live here. I know everyone here. I know what is going on everywhere here.

There was a phamplet put out by the electric company with a list of things to do in case of emergency. Like all that have ever gone before it anywhere in the US ever since I can remember it stated as the last sentence...

If worse comes to worse be prepared to evacuate to a safer area if such proceedures are recommeded by competent authority, or words to that effect. Every Civil Defense phamplet in the 50's said the same thing. I have a copy. It was put out by the Navopache Electric Cooperative to ease Peoples fears about Y2K... and by the way Navopache is Y2K compliant.

All you hysterical bullshit artist rumor mongers take your disinformation fear mongering and stick it where the sun don't shine.

I think I will have to do a broadcast just on you jerks that think the sky is falling.


Thanks for your input. I will post accordingly.

Kent Steadman


Subj: Re: hysterical bullshit artist rumor mongers

Date: 8/9/99 11:03:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (William Cooper)



On second thought we just looked at your totally insane BS misinformation lie website... reminds us of Art the Fart Bell. You will get no further publicity from us. We will very HAPPILY NOT do a series of broadcasts on you and your lies. We don't want to call attention to your fantasy world beyond your own feeble efforts.

Remove this address from your mailing list immediately.

P.S. Cooper emailed ORBIT, not the other way around.

ADDITIONAL MAIL, OTHER SOURCES, 8/9/99 9:47:12 PM Pacific Daylight Time: This story is bogus. You have been presented with the proof that it is, but the evacuation information. I called the American Red Cross. It was an answering machine (it did say it was the Red Cross) but if there was a threat, I'm certain someone would be manning the phones.

I called the Navajo Sherriff's Department. The officer I spoke with said the department received phone calls in regards to the posting on the internet, but had no records that anything was happening.

And finally, I called the White Mountains Lake Fire Department. The telephone number had been disconnected. Not likely to be a valid source for confirmation, if you ask me. I hope they don't get too many fires.

It's unfortunate that such an impressive site is presented with such misleading information.

MEANWHILE the Internet goes wild over White Mountains


Subj: Evacuation at White Mtn, Az: USCMike1 Discovers Truth - Documented

Date: 8/11/99 7:47:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: USCMike1

Dear Citizens, Patriots, Veterans, Volunteers, et al:

The posts flying around the internet for the past two weeks about the  alleged evacuation, and then switched to the evacuation preparation, in  northeastern Arizona in the White Mountain region have caused quite a stir,  including adamant reassertion that it did, or will happen, amongst opposite claims that the whole situation is false and/or a hoax.

I have just completed my own independent research into the situation and  can now present you with the truth to set everyone at ease.

First I did an AOL members name search for the roughly ten  cities/towns/communities in the White Mountain region and sent out Urgent  requests for information and confirmation or denial to 39 residents in those  areas. I will be forwarding their input and responses to my request for  information in a separate post.

Then, I started contacting the government and other agencies which had  their phone numbers listed to see what they had to say.

Here are my findings:

Since I have been a volunteer with the American Red Cross for the past  33-1/2 years and am a currently trained and certified Instructor-Trainer  (teach and certifiy instructors) in their (emergency) Health and Safety  division, I contacted the American Red Cross as their phone number was listed  in the original post claiming the evacuation was imminent.

At the Red Cross, I spoke with the Chapter Director, Mrs, Judy Marini, who  got me in touch with the Director of Health and Safety Services, Mr. Keith  Pundt, and the Director of Disaster Services, Mr. Paul Jafter.

I spoke at length with each of these representatives and have the details of what is happening in the White Mountain, Az area.

Here is the bottom line: There was a multi-agency program last June,  encompassing all the city, regional, county, state, and federal agencies to  prepare the residents for a possible future emergency that might involve an  evacuation should it be necessary.

Since, the American Red Cross is the voluntary agency that has the  responsibility to care for the victims involved in a disaster they are the  ones who would have the most detailed information of all the agencies listed. In fact they would probably be the only agency that would truly care about the actual welfare of the victims of a disaster (my own opinion).

As it turns out, ARC Disaster Services Director, Mr. Paul Jafter, said  he, personally, is the person who created the Evacuation Route flyer on behalf of all the involved agencies.

Jafter says they printed 18,000 flyers and stuffed many of them into the  utility bills of all the residents in the areas and handed out flyers to  individuals in preparation of that area's FIRE SEASON.

Turns out they did the right thing because just two weeks after  distributing the Evacuation instructions, they had a huge fire in the area that burned nearly 5,000 acres of forest and they had to help evacuate 800

families from the White River community.

Certainly, the American Red Cross would need to be warned in advance of  any impending maneuvers by whomever or whichever agency was in charge and the Red Cross knows of no plans, foreign troop movements, or impending evacuation orders.

However, Jafter did say that all agencies and personnel are being continually trained for the situation of future potential strikes by (international) and/or domestic terrorists, including NBC - Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare and weapons of mass destruction.

My travels take me to all the Pacific and Western states and I volunteer my Disaster and Health and Safety services for the American Red Cross and have made preliminary plans to help them teach in the White Mountain area beginning in the next couple of weeks.

If any of my readers are in these states: California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado and would like to learn more about the emergency, disaster, rescue, health, and safety programs provided by the American Red Cross and its volunteers please feel free to contact me and I can get you in touch with the nearest Red Cross facility in your area.

You, also, can become a trained and certified Red Cross volunteer rescuer.

Thanks for being patient while all of us concerned citizens dug into the matter to determine the truth in this situation. I feel that you can rely on what the American Red Cross says as they are NOT government funded and derive all their operational funds from donations from the general public such as you and me and over 99% of their staff is totally volunteers just like you and me. You can trust them with what they say and with what they teach you . . . because they ARE you.

Sincerely, USCMike1

EDITOR'S NOTE (ABOVE): My question is, here we have an account, almost a promotional byte from an insider with the Red Cross. Although I accept the above information as a genuine interpretation from a Red Cross worker, do we automatically trust the INSTITUTION, Red Cross, and its inter-agency ties? Some don't. The sleuth continues with field investigations ongoing in the White Mountains, specifically, the Aster Ranch.

EMAIL, 8/10/99 8:45:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Maybe Mr. Rains would welcome a visit from somebody who would take him seriously. I'll go out there as soon as I can arrange to do so. I have a 24/7 "job" (volunteer - I get room and board but nothing else) taking care of an elderly gentleman, so have to make arrangements for his care to go anywhere.

On the other end of things, I am still waiting for a snail mail copy of the notice. My original contact is now in WA and was waiting for a snail mail copy from AZ. Long way around, eh? But it looks like you have some solid info coming out of that area even without the original notice.


Phikent: Okay, I give, how was it you were called to alert before the tornados when they were not expected?

INFORMANT: Ain't technology great

Phikent: yeah-but, everybody saying the early-warning doodads failed, don't get it, somebody must have a crystal ball

INFORMANT: We don't really have early warning systems down here...they were uninstalled  when the civil defence sirens were decommissioned at the formation of FEMA and the Emergency Broadcast Network

INFORMANT: you don't have to wonder if something will happen if you create it!!

Phikent: I was afraid you were going to say that

The 9D Nibiruan Council's Perspective on August 11-17 Dimensional Shift

Tuesday, August 10, 1999; 8:30 p.m. EDT: Man Believed Dead Awakens in Egypt

8/7/99 M-CLASS FLARES (2)

8/6/99 M7-CLASS FLARES (2)

8/5/99 M7-CLASS FLARES (2)



Anomaly: larger

Xray Flux  Proton Flux Electron Flux..Magnetometer .Kp Index

ANOTHER ANOMALY FROM 8/8 7:26 UT  8/10/99









EMAIL: 98-04-19 09:22:13 EDT: Remember the ship we lost about 2 years ago, as it arrived in Mars orbit it just disappeared? was a nuke. It exploded 1500 feet above was supposed to remove the face and pyramids.



(Last three ACTUAL frames prior to impact, plus an extra for the sake of poetry)



7/24/99 6:12:12 AM: I have been tracking this frequency for about a week now. (.01 to .05 hz) I am looking to see if the frequency shifts and if so, we may be reading signal bursts from something in orbit or close to the sun. The strength is lower during nighttime hours so it is possibly attenuated somewhat by the rotation of the earth. Keep a close watch please and see if you see any frequency shift towards higher frequencies. Charlie Plyler, ELFRAD



Posit this for a moment: The signal is extraterrestrial. The senders wish to autograph their work by applying a sort of "genetic" signature, signifying that the signal is from an non-human biological life form.


Commentary by Bienski


When the eclipse of the Sun occurs,

The monster will be seen in broad daylight ...

Nostradamus: Century III, Quatrain 34


Estimated Magnitude Greater than NASA Predicted!

By gary d. goodwin




The Electromagnetic Connection Between The Sun And Comets