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Animation (anomaly above)




We may be tracking an incoming object. Will keep close watch on the doppler shift and try to calculate the distance. Charlie



Hi Charlie: Here's the latest and greatest from what was captured on 8/5/99! That sure is one heck of a capture if I say so... Look at the bell shaped response curve of it! Frank


AUGUST 18, 03:54 EDT

Astronomers Baffled by Space Light


LOS ANGELES (AP) — An arsenal of analytic tools used to figure out the makeup and distance of stars and galaxies has failed to unlock the secrets of a mysterious celestial light detected three years ago.

``It's fairly uncommon to stumble on something you don't have a clue about,'' astronomer S. George Djorgovski said Tuesday. ``It certainly hasn't happened to me, and I've been doing this for many years.''

Djorgovski was part of the team at Caltech's Palomar Observatory that detected the object, a pinpoint of light, during a digital survey of the northern sky.

It remains one of the biggest mysteries uncovered by the Digital Palomar Sky Survey. The survey, which has collected information on more than 50 million galaxies and about 2 billion stars, is about two-thirds complete.

Some astronomers believe the object may be a new class of quasar, sources of energy found in the center of galaxies and believed to be powered by matter falling into massive black holes.

``This sort of looks a little like them, but not quite. The similarity may be superficial,'' Djorgovski said. ``That's the closest thing we have found in all the astronomical literature.''

Usually, astronomers are able to determine an object's composition and distance by breaking down and analyzing its light. But the mystery object's spectrum does not fit any of the known patterns, Djorgovski said.

Light also usually holds clues about an object's distance. But because graphs derived from the light do not match anything known, researchers aren't sure whether it is inside or outside the Milky Way galaxy.

Repeated photographs revealed no changes in its appearance, ruling out the possibility that it's an exploding star or supernova.

Djorgovski challenged fellow astronomers to help explain his discovery at the June meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Chicago. So far, nobody has produced an adequate explanation.

``We probably have looked at the spectra of several thousand quasars, and this just doesn't seem to fit,'' said David Crampton, an astronomer with the National Research Council of Canada. ``It didn't ring any bells.''

The next step will be to analyze the object's infrared spectrum, something Djorgovski hopes to do next month at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii.

Researchers also hope that the Hubble Space Telescope might someday be pointed at the object, which is located in the constellation Serpens.

``But it's very competitive to get time on the Hubble, and they don't like fishing expeditions,'' he said.


99/08/17 00:01:38 40.64N 29.83E 10.0 7.8Ms A TURKEY

08/17/1999 5:40:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Something very unusual has happened. At 00:01:38 08/17/99 UTC, a major earthquake measuring M7.8 occurred near Turkey. This event coincided with a very large electrical detection of ULF waves through the earth. This in itself is not unusual. However during or just  before this period very intense magnetic disturbances were detected along with intense x-rays and photon bursts. I am enclosing an unfiltered graph of the period beginning 1 hour before and ending 3 hours after the event. The peak frequency was very low around .002 hertz. Frank, what do you have for this time span? Still looking at the date of August 23rd, plus or minus 24 hours. Charlie

08/17/1999 6:18:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Hey guys, Take a look at the frequencies from 2.9 to 3.1 hertz. Very definite precursor for almost one hour prior to the event. Charlie

08/17/1999 7:13:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Hi Charlie: Yes, there is most definitely a frequency component at 0.002 Hz in the output of the Pre-Filter at the time of the earthquake. Frank

5.0 99/08/17 18:06:18 37.91N 122.69W 6.9 0 mi SSW of BOLINAS MAPS


Upon investigating Albright further, Smith found the man to be a computer programer for NASA. In his vehicle, a late model Saturn, he found 16 weapons with ammunition, camping gear, dried food, blankets, clothing and 200 pounds of wheat. "I spoke with his wife and she said he was concerned about the meteor shower. She said he wanted the rest of the family to join him.


Albright said the meteor strike, from fragments of Comet Lee, could occur any time within nine years.

EMAIL, 08/19/1999 3:31:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Actually, it's nothing to laugh about. I've been looking into Lee since May and the good programmer isn't unduly paranoid. I think he may have chosen last Wednesday as a tip to Nostradamus' foretold "King of Terror" incident which was due to appear during the eclipse.  Lee was visible during the eclipse, heading straight for us. If you didn't get a web-cast you'd have missed the Very Brief 'screw-up' wherein the ESA camera pulled-back and showed Lee, et. al at the 8 o'clock position [interesting SOHO C3 link] during the a.m. viewing, i.e., exactly where it should have been. The programmer may have jumped-the-gun but the man is definitely onto something. continued

SLEUTHS NEEDED: Can anyone confirm a possible NASA information lockdown:

NASA initiated an information lock-down two weeks ago. All info., including responses to Congressional inquiries, must be submitted to the Office of the Director before employees are permitted to respond to outside information requests.

Astronomers baffled by dark streaks across sky

ASTRONOMERS admitted yesterday that they are unable to explain a strange phenomenon which appeared in the sky just before and after the total eclipse.

Long, dark streaks across the sky baffled watchers, including people on the Channel Island of Alderney. BBC Radio Guernsey was inundated with calls yesterday morning from those who had witnessed them. One caller said she had taken a video recording, but when she watched the tape later, the streaks had vanished.

EMAIL, 08/16/1999 6:20:41 PM Pacific Daylight Time: The picture off the Discovery Channel is a big rock, much closer than we think. The dark streaks across sky are due to the light having to take multiple paths around that object and setting up the cancelling pattern here on Earth.

The two dark streaks are bands of light cancelling each other around that object. In other words, when the sun's brightness was diminished it forced limited sun rays to travel around the object. As we engineers know, the bands of lights are setup due to the Wave Functions of Light itself, adding and subtracting with each other after taking alternate paths around the object.

You got my attention... Donus


The California psychic, Charles Jeron Criswell King, popularly known simply as "Criswell," says " that, time and time again, he has dreamed of a day when people will speak to one another, and when they talk about tomorrow, nothing will come out of their mouths."

That same day, Criswell predicts, what he calls a "black rainbow" will encircle the earth, and will slowly suck away most of the air in the atmosphere. Men everywhere will die in the streets. But the disaster will last only a short while, with survivors coming back afterward to rebuild the earth." Criswell says this day will be August 18, 1999.

Criswell knew nothing of astrology and it's anyone's guess as to where he came up with this date, as he made his prediction sometime in the 1950's.

EMAIL, 8/13/99 9:09:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time: A big meteorite, whose size has not yet been calculated technically, has fallen last night in the countryside of Nardo' (Lecce), some km. away from the main road to Gallipoli. (the meteorite) has broken in pieces hitting the ground. Dozens of people said to have witnessed the phenomenon: everybody talk of a 'great ball of fire' that has crossed the sky and was divided in two pieces before crashing in the ground. In the landing place, the meteorite has caused a fire of the bushes, that has been extinguished some hours after by the fire guards. continued


A total speed of 46,000 miles per hour,  just a quick question here: at what speed and temperature does fusion of plutonium occur?

EMAIL, 08/17/1999 3:55:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Here is a good link on cassini probe, but just a little confused.


Notice it says the probe has already passed earth at 8:28 PDT on tuesday.  Well it is only 3:47 PDT. Seems to me they are just a little to early in reporting this.

EDITOR'S NOTE: above article seems to have been removed.  Here it is, or was:

Tuesday, 17 August 1999 22:06 (GMT)

(UPI Spotlight)

Cassini passes Earth on way to Saturn

PASADENA, Calif., Aug. 17 (UPI) - NASA's Cassini spacecraft flew by Earth (Tuesday), using the planet's gravity to pick up a boost of speed that placed the probe on target for a rendezvous with Saturn in 2004. Scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., managers of the international robotic mission to the ringed planet, confirmed that the probe whisked by Earth on schedule at 8:28 p.m. PDT. The six-ton Cassini spacecraft was launched from Cape Canaveral, Fla., in October 1997 and was returning from two flybys of Venus when it passed within 725 miles of Earth.

United Press International


Anomaly C2: 8/16/99 05:30 UT

8/17/99 EIT

EMAIL, 08/16/1999 12:00:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time: HISTORY OF OUR NEW SUN

On Jan 12th, 1962, the SUN went "half-life" (equal helium/hydrogen) and also lost its' Polarity as well. (Suspected) Almost immediately, A Newly formed NASA contracted Martin Marietta to make a "quickee" SKYLAB out of some Missile parts. It had many problems but each was solved in its own time by clever Engineers in the program, (ME included). The "happening" was held "TOP SECRET" for nearly 30 years thence. continue


Here is a recent image from the SOHO LASCO imager. It shows a massive second part of a double CME that started a couple of hours earlier...

Color  Larger subsequent image

Anomaly, perhaps solar prominence, but detached and moving out toward space, very unusual


EMAIL, 8/11/99 6:51:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Thought I'd send you this image taken at NASA. It shows Venus in the lower left-hand quadrant of the image frame during the eclipse. Hopefully, it will save you some time with some of the debunkers.

Eclipse images 1 2 3 4 

MILLENNIUM GROUP: Solar Eclipse as Seen From Turkey

There's a Surprise You won't Believe!

August 11, 1999

QUESTION: What were your dreams and experiences during the eclipse?

EMAIL, 8/11/99 9:42:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I experienced a few dreams after I fell asleep after viewing the eclipse online.First, I saw people and experienced living these people's lives as they searched for magic. The magic could be found in material objects and ironically one of the things was a ring with a glowing diamond levitating in the center. (Similar to the eclipse's diamond ring.) Perhaps a symbol of a new era?

Then, I was searching with other people for food, rummaging through stores, old boxes etc. Food was scarce. Next dream was of two leaders holding weapons at each other which manifested as broken staffs. They fought with these poles until a truce came about where they held back their weapons and struck no more.

And last but not least, I saw my family come together to live in one house. This was my extended family... parents, siblings, my own children. I could only take this to mean that families will be reunited, perhaps a spiritual reunion or where there are mass migrations of humans to their homelands to 'get back to' their roots.

In Light, Life, and Love - Terina

EMAIL, 8/11/99 8:18:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I felt an amplification of love and joy.

SlEUTHS: check around web for various filters and magnifications applied to images.  See if anything anomalous was visible in the corona.  Try to find a wide angle shot.

EMAIL, 8/11/99 8:21:53 AM Pacific Daylight Time: From: "Glen Deen" <glen@wans.net>

Did anyone watch the eclipse live on the Discovery Channel? Western European sites were clouded out. The English Hercules airplane showed a symmetrical corona but did not show a wide-angle shot.

I note that Iraq and Iran, which had clear skies, are countries that prohibit their population from having access to the Internet. Is that also true for Romania?

I saw one wide-angle shot I think from Bucharest, Romania. We were not getting an audio feed from the source, and the British commentators were complaining because the Sun was near the top of the screen and the image was small, indicating a wide angle shot.

Then the camera focused on what looked to me like a huge comet, about the size of Hyakutake at its peak, with the huge tail sort of curved and pointing away from the Sun.

The commentators had expressed the wish that the cameraman would tighten up the solar eclipse shot. Then one asked what the arc of light in the center of the screen was. It looked a little like third contact, except something was not right. No growth in the arc over time. The other commentator expressed the opinion that the arc of light was a lens flare, refraction or reflection or some sort of spurious image. Then the video feed was switched to a tight shot of the Sun, which was showing the true third contact.

Did anyone else see that video sequence?



Note: The star shape is the eclipse, the anomaly is the large white sword-shape

EMAIL, 8/12/99 6:32:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time: On the Discovery channel's coverage of the eclipse there was some live footage from Bucharest that showed a scimitar-shaped streak of light below the eclipse. I have not yet found any explanation for this. Nor have I found any stills of it on the Net.

So my husband took a photo of the footage on our TV screen (I taped the broadcast) on his digital camera and turned it into a jpeg which I am trying to attach to this post. Hopefully, it will work.

NOTE: The red spot is NOT part of the original footage, it is the reflection of the camera 'ready' light on the TV screen. The vertical whitish streaks to either side of the eclipse and the anomaly are NOT part of the original footage, they are reflections of background light on the TV screen.

Anyone want to make any guesses as to what this scimitar-shaped anomaly is? Wendy

EMAIL, 08/14/1999 11:59:51 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Have you noticed that no one is interested in the object that appeared to be coming from under the sun during the eclipse. You'd think the tabloids or the Nostradamus people would be screaming this news in their headlines or websites, but they're not.  This bothers me more than if they were. Hmmm.

REPLY: even got folks complaining to me that it didn't all, that is everything, END.  Been scouring for pics of Comet Lee since it reappeared, zilch, again odd. Kent

EMAIL, 8/11/99 2:43:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Kent, Attached JPEG was snagged from the CNN Web site. Shows your anomaly. Ken Robb, Wahiawa, Oahu, Hawaii  turkey_large.jpg

EMAIL, 8/11/99 10:51:04 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Here in S. Scotland we got around 80% coverage. Even so, we experienced a definite drop in temperature and the light around us was like nothing I have seen before. The nearest I can get to it is an orange twilight. Amazing stuff! K. Duff.

EMAIL, 8/11/99 3:40:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I saw that video sequence from start to finish. I saw the object but was not sure what it was. Looked closer to the camera than the Sun did. It seemed to me the commentators were a little puzzled by it too.

EMAIL, 8/11/99 3:13:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I taped it, and checked the tape. During the feed you mentioned from Bucharest, it showed a long shot of the eclipse, then the 'diamond ring' effect began. The anomaly you mentioned came from black to appear below and to the right of the eclipse. The anomaly was shaped like an Arabian sword hanging point down. What would have been the sharp edge of the sword was the more solid white area, with a filmy, almost transparent whiteness to what would be the thick curving area of the blade. As I watched (and I rewound several times to verify this) the eclipse faded to black (cloud moved in front of it?). The anomaly moved left across the screen, and the eclipse reappeared above and to the RIGHT of the anomaly. Earlier, before the eclipse faded from view it was above and to the LEFT of the anomaly.

EMAIL, 8/11/99 2:51:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time: T'was only me, Comet Lee, just trying out my new golden wings and hoping to re-connect the LASCO telescope to watch the re-birthing process taking place NOW in our beloved universe!

EMAIL, 8/11/99 2:35:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I watched the entire thing, as well as watched the NASA site that had a live feed. I did see something, but to say it was a comet is hard to tell. With the thousands of astronomers who have taped and examined this special  event, and the millions who also attempted to get something, I bet we will be flooded with pictures on the net. If there was something out there it will get posted. Let's hope that some of the pics that get posted will be real!

EMAIL, 8/11/99 6:18:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I'd like to add to the running commentary on the eclipse. Specifically the questionable object on the screen during the Romanian shots. I watched the Discovery Channels presentation and this was definitely lens flare, nothing more.

..Tornado strikes Salt Lake City

One reported killed; more than 100 are injured SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 11 — A rare and sudden tornado hit downtown Salt Lake City on Wednesday, killing at least one person and injuring more than 100. "It was over in 15 or 20 seconds but it seemed like a lot longer," said eyewitness David Gross.

Salt Lake City Tornado Photo Gallery


EMAIL, 8/12/99 8:53:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Okay, Kent - here 'ya go! This page makes a connection between some of the stuff on the floor of the Denver International Airport being connected to the Navajos - White Mountain is mentioned TWICE in the floor there! hmmm...makes one wonder, eh? Ruth

Archives: Denver International Airport   More on White Mountain investigation

Densities, Dimensions and Abduction, etc. Knowledge Protects. EMAIL, 8/12/99 3:25:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Kent, Re: Denver Airport. We received rather disturbing info regarding same back in 1994 before the place was even finished. In 1997, one of our group went out there and photographed the murals. The photos will be up within a few hours. Laura

 Chamber of Commerce re Evacuation, 08/14/1999 3:47:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time: This is "normal" and we rec'd something like this up here in Strawberry back in April or May. The notice I was told about came from the Dept of Interior/USFS, BLM (my source was not sure about this one), and the USPS (!). This is NOT normal as there is rarely a joint agency mailing. Also, there was a detail which was strange - the directive to go to a common point where the evacuees would be met by white vans.





NEW VRML OF VILLA/GOLDMINE (Cosmo player required)

WASHINGTON (August 10, 1999 11:28 p.m. EDT http://www.nandotimes.com) - Peering down through stormy Martian skies, a NASA spacecraft has found tree-like shapes dotting the red planet's south pole. But what appears to be rolling hills covered with vegetation may be sand dunes topped with melting frost, scientists said Tuesday.