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Thank you for your reply. I shall try to answer some paragraphs from Mr. James of Hall of Records News-group, and also what I believe is within the context of your "quest". You are modest, so please be consoled that we are all doing it "raggedly", but we are doing it. No-one can do it in any other way, for we are forging real bodies, and that is always an individual feeling out, and must be, or we are only carbon copies - not allowed. (British spelling, but if it detracts from concentration, click for American.)

We have become aware of something, and we have denominated it the Morphogenetic Grid and known as the science of Morphic Energy that, however, seems to make it more distant for our grasping what it is in our own reality. We know that it somehow is connected to our DNA or genes. continued

EDITOR'S NOTE: when I was a kid I used to take two pieces of door screen, and look at the patterns--then I'd turn the screens in another way and the threads would vanish.

Bands, Streaks: the web unravels?

The reeds in a BASKET?


Last one to leave holodeck earth, please turn off the lights.

SEE: The Morphogenetic Grid - The Builder of Planetary Destiny

EMAIL, 09/01/1999 8:56:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time: What if our creation myths are really reversed and being disguised from us. What if it is from the lizard/dragon part of our heritage where the " light side" of our nature comes. The human part of our heritage comes from our "creator gods" (aka Annuki) who genetically re-engineered us. Many speculate that the Annuki altered DNA in an already extant intelligent being on earth at the time. What if the Annuki, who looked human, are really from where "the dark side" of our creation comes? Perhaps they altered a more dragon looking ancestor of us to look like them. After all, it was a snake bidding us to take a bite of the fruit of the tree of knowledge, not a human looking "creator god". continued

09/03/1999 10:35:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Interesting, in that in Mayan/Plieadean system the "asteroid belt"  also called "Hammered Braclet" other part of Tiamat (Earth) is related to the mayan solar glyphs of "CHICCAN" and "IX". The CHICCAN glyph is the SERPENT glyph. So we see the serpent (snake) coming up again here. The CHICCAN glyph is the female glyph for the asteriod belt planet and  carries the power of sex (life force). We see this issue of procreation coming up in the Annukati and Stichen's books. We also see the issue of sex repression in the church in a variety of ways. According to the Mayan/Plieadean stories the asteriod belt planet was indeed inhabited by a race of Dragons/Serpents.

Here is a list of the planets and their Mayan solar glyphs the mayan name for the glyph appears in all CAPITOL LETTERS with an (english name) in parentheses and the "energy/power" of the glyph in quotes.


Pluto AHAU (sun) CAUAC (storm)

"Enlightenment" "Self-generation"

Neptune IMIX (dragon) EZTNAB (mirror)

"Birth" "Endlessness"

Uranus IK (wind) CABAN (earth)

"Spirit" "Navigation"

Saturn AKBAL (night) CIB (warrior)

"Abundance" "Intelligence"

Jupiter KAN (seed) MEN (eagle)

"Flowering" "Vision"

Asteriod Belt CHICCAN (serpent) IX (wizard)

"Sexual Life Force" "Timelessness"

Mars CIMI (world-bridger) BEN (skywalker)

"Death" "Prophecy"

Earth MAN'IK (hand) EB (human)

"Accomplishment" "Free Will"

Venus LAMAT (star) CHUEN (monkey)

"Art" "Magic"

Mercury MULUC (moon) OC (dog)

"Purification" "Heart"

Notice if you draw a line thru the center of our solar system it would be between Asteriod belt and Jupiter. Thus if this line formed a balancing point then the planets would be paired as follows:

Pluto Mercury

Neptune Venus


Saturn Mars

Jupiter Asteriod belt

Here are some interesting relations in these planet pairings:

If I recall correctly in Zacheriah Stichens books on the Annukati "Anu"  was related to planet Ur-anu-s which we see paired with Earth. The Uranus  mayan glyph CABAN is also called "earth". Notice if you draw another balancing point on each side of the Jupiter/Asteriod balance then those balance points would be at Earth and Uranus.

In Babylon, Marduk was related to Jupiter then later switched to Nibiru. The  Asteriod belt was the other half of Tiamat. And here we see an interesting pairing of Jupiter + Asteriod belt in the center of our solar system. Why?

We see Mercury (Thoth/Hermes) having the energies of Purity & Heart that pair with Pluto's (Ga.Ga) energies of Enlightenment & Self-generation.

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--+-- Mark

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EMAIL, 09/03/1999 3:09:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Thought I might share what just came to me this morning. Have you seen the movie "Total Recall"--much of it is about Mars in future. At the end--the handprint of the ancient alien race on Mars sure looks like a serpent/lizard-like hand to me. Perhaps our ancestors on Mars were highly evolved serpents, that then inhabited Tiamet prior to (and even after?) it splitting into earth and asteroid belt. As the Illuminati control Hollywood, much of what is in movies is actually Illuminati depictions of a reality that is stranger than fiction as yet to me anyway. I would also guess the Illuminati know full well the truth of  Mars, and their depiction of the "alien" presence in "Total Recall" was quite accurate--the wise serpent "alien" is us that we have lost touch with, via the genetic "assistance" of the Annukaki. Just a wild thought. Chris

REPLY EDITOR: Somewhere did a find on that, dragon spoor, concerning Cydonia East methinks, looking...loooking... aha found: phikent/orbit/april/detailz.html


08/31/1999 7:34:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent...I just got a phone call from my friend over east that has been having visitations from Osiris. He appeared to her tonight, and told her that they who we have some idea of, are taking the dna from the body parts and using it to alter structure of the hybrids (inserted into abducted fetuses, underground), to make a super warrior human hybrid, to fight the battle which lies ahead. Osiris is rather upset at this occurrence. He said we must fight to retain our right to be human.

This basically was explained as one of two scenarios can occur. If they awaken him before the correct universal timing, he will make sure everything is destroyed on Earth, for it will be for wrong intent. If we fight to retain our humanity (as opposed to altered hybrid race), and he is not awakened, he will return at correct timing to reset Time.

My question was...what can we do about this? I was told that we are doing what we should be..keep trying to make people aware of what is going on. It is those who are not aware who will decide the fate by not being aware.

The picture was shown of the gold cap on pyramid at Giza at year end. I now question, again, if the gold cap is put on and the pyramid, then closed to the public (which Hawass wants to do), is Osiris going to be brought back into the pyramid to make things happen ahead of time, for the power mongers to try and use?

The awakening they are trying to force on Osiris is because they know he has the info for technology they need, for whatever purpose. He is the beginning (along with Isis)(according to what he said) of the human race in Egypt. As such, the Greys etc do not have the full information, but he does.

I questioned...if the 'gods' genetically altered humanity anyway to start with (which I believe they did), then what has changed here if we are altering the genetics that the 'gods' altered in the first place? Answer was that these new genetic alterations are not to reverse the original alterations (which put up the veils to knowledge), but are to increase the strength of the veils, creating a race that has no knowledge at all, and can therefore fight the battle without moral (etc) remorse. The new race will not be immortal, but born of fire and completely mortal with no afterlife (therefore expendable). (smacks of that satan

Thought you should know! (might explain who is going to fight those angels being seen across our moon!) Love.........Julie


CNN: Forget Y2K: Prepare for the solar maximum

9/2/99 sol-planetary

08/29/1999 12:32:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time


I have just seen the update to ORBIT and learned there was an X class flare Saturday at approx. 18:00 GMT (I think I have the time right).

Now, I live in Southwest Virginia atop the Appalachian Mountains, which is in the Eastern time zone (GMT - 5 hrs). About the same time as the flare (give or take 30 min) I caught a picture of the sunset just as it was disappearing behind a mountain. I have taken pictures of the sunset for a while now because of the recent "activity" concerning the sun.

When I took this shot, I noticed a strange light in the sky which looked like the sun would (behind light cloud cover) if it were earlier in the day. I don't know if it is glare or a reflection from the clouds, but it sure looks strange huh? The photo was taken with a digital camera and I am attaching it below for your speculation.

What's your opinion? Maybe related to this X flare?

Tim Edwards

Solar Activity Chart

A large and active sunspot complex may be gearing up to produce possible major solar flares over the next several days. NOAA active Regions 8673 and 8674 are the most impressive sunspot groups currently visible on the Sun. They are located just southwest of the central solar meridian and consist together of  86 sunspots.

Xray Flux    Proton Flux .. Electron Flux... Magnetometer .. Kp Index


 8/28/99 X-CLASS FLARE



 8/28/99 M-CLASS FLARE

 8/27/99 M-CLASS FLARE (3)

EMAIL, 08/29/1999 3:47:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Note the anomaly below the sun. This exact shape is in you archives as having previously appeared near the sun. When yo enlarge the picture, you can plainly see that the pixelation is different. It appears someone is trying to cover up something else.

EMAIL, 08/31/1999 1:45:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Don't know if you subscribe to NASA's news reports and already viewing the following. Attached is an interesting advisory, make sure you watch the animation. After it loads and starts to run, you will notice a few light specs in the bottom left corner area, then you will see similar specs in the upper right area. There are two specs curving up and around. Interesting! Can you determine what this may be?


Won't you please help to keep access to keep our tax-payer provided radar images? A Navy agreement with a commercial entity has restricted our access to our images. This is not acceptable. Who is this commercial entity? What is the exact reason we were shut out?

What's New At NAVLANTMETOCCEN Mon Aug 30 00:01:50 UTC 1999

Radar Imagery: Due to an agreement change with our commercial  provider, we will have to restrict all radar imagery access to a "password only" basis. This change will take effect at 12:00 noon, August 30th (this Monday).

Some NLMOC fused data products and radars will not be updated. Current JMV thumbnails available on SIPRNET or on FNMOC's page.

Trouble shooting in progress.

REPLY FROM NAVY 08/31/1999 8:22:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Distribution of NEXRAD images is a bit complicated. Any weather station can distribute its own local area image without difficulty. However, images from other sites presents some problems. The only way we (Navy) has access to other NEXRAD sites, composite radar, or otherwise enhanced radar imagery is from a NEETS provider. There are six of these commercial firms (NEETS Providers) that collect the radar data from all sites, process it, and offer this service at a fee according to the number of users. Therefore we must restrict distribution of this data. Other sites such as Intellicast nia/Norfolk/BaseReflectivity/ ) provide this data to the public, but it is delayed 15 to 30 minutes.

Dick Thayer

Commander USN

Operations Officer