Total Eclipse as seen from Normandy, France: here a contribution from me concerning the "Eclipse seen objects" affair. GeReOn



EMAIL, 9/9/99 12:33:14 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Why Do you hide Images within your images, I've noticed this for quite some time but put it off as a childish "christian" effort to provide subliminal imagery to help seduce and/or influence your visitors. The more recent one, at the top of your current page is quite clearly the christian depiction of the anti christ on their cross, you or some other creative individual washed/blended this image with a paint/graphic arts software to create some bizarre image intended for what purpose.

EDITOR'S REPLY, 9/9/99: The photo is the Total Eclipse as seen from Normandy, France. Better go outside and shout at the skies to find out who's pulling off these stunts. Kent

Subj: NASA Eclipse Footage UFO

The following image files sequentially detail the appearance of a disc shaped UFO during NASA's shipboard coverage of the eclipse from the Black Sea on August 11, 1999. Some have confused this particular anomaly with Venus, however, the stepped image enhancement process which was utilized on the accompanying ram files, clearly shows that this is not the case.

NOSTRADAMUS, Century II - 41

La grand' estoille par sept iours bruslera,

Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir:

Le gros mastin toute nuit hurlera,

Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.

1. The great star will burn for seven days,

2. The cloud will make the sun appear double:

3. The large mastiff will howl all night

4. When the great pontiff changes his abode.

1. Seven days for the changeover to a new sun,

(companion sun, Cassiopaeans)

2. Comet Lee nickel-plates the brown sun, attracted

by its cobalt Cassiopaeans)

3. The barrier of time will be broken (see Thoth, the

Atlantean - "hounds" ),

4. The fused Entity leaves this system of universes.

(DNA The Hard Truth, & Thoth)

Great = gross = many.

Terroir = terror/abode = new Anti+matter for a (6th)

height of Buddhic humanity.


SENT 7/9/’99.


List ye, O man, to the depth of my wisdom. Speak I of knowledge hidden from  man. Far have I been on my journey through SPACE-TIME, even to the end of the space of this cycle. Found I there the great barrier, holding man from leaving this cycle. Aye, glimpsed the HOUNDS of the Barrier, lying in wait for he who would pass them. In that space where time exists not, faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles. Move they only through angles. Free are they not of the curved dimensions. THOTH

Comet Lee and the Nostradamus Prophecies

During the month of September, Comet Lee will pass over the northern skies of Earth. It will come closest to the Earth at this point, but still be at such a distance that you will not be able to see it with the naked eye.

From the moment of its first sighting, Comet Lee has always had a tail, which points away from the Sun. After passing behind the opposite side of our Sun it also picked up an anti-tail, which points towards the Sun. Furthermore, both the tail and the anti-tail arc towards each other, to the Sunward side.

To understand why this presents a danger to us, let's use a good old-fashioned strand of Christmas tree lights to illustrate our point, step-by-step.


KENT --CAUGHT THIS ---FLASHdp  . .   larger  

NOTE TO FLASH: You may be on to something. I have been trying to ID these pulses for quite sometime now. These were evenly spaced during the time period you mentioned. Interesting. Please keep me posted and try to get an exact time for these anomalies if at any way possible. Am enclosing a .gif shot showing the signals. ELFRAD

EDITOR'S NOTE: infra-red, heat, swooooosh: look at above trajectory--crazy thought: NORAD? Sleuths?

EATIN CROW: Good sleuth feedback tends to show that the white streak is probably cool, not hot, and NORAD would be further south.

INTERNET MESSAGE: White spot on visible-light-spectrum sat, prior but near time of FLASH alert above. larger

INTERNET MESSAGE: look at all the little black dots, they have never been there before that I have noticed.

09/03/1999 9:31:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I have put some GOES 10 images together, which show the development of the white spot over the Colorado:

I'm no meteorologist, but it looks like a very heavy thunderstorm. But, what are these concentric cloud-rings around it after 14:00?

Where does this GOES west image came from with the white streak parallel to the equator? On the pictures I got from, there is at this position data missing on the transmission from 13:00!

[The image was from: 1315Z 2 Sept 99, caught in time and sent to me by: (flash)]

Click on the 13:00 pic on my page to see it!

So it would be interesting to get one mosaic-image from which this big picture is created.

Holger Isenberg

9/3/99 3:16:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time: The first streak on 12:30 GM yesterday, was over the northern part of California, this one is over the southern border:, [see, FLASH]

However, it could be an error during composing the image from smaller ones. But then, why didn't this happened before?

Holger Isenberg,,

EMAIL: 9/3/99 7:14:16 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Several of the UNISYS GOES Sat pictures that you have linked on you current main page show a very bright white circular formation. Looks like a large perfectly circular cloud that is massive and brighter that any of the cloud formations nearby.

I accidentally found this:

Very interesting

EMAIL, 09/02/1999 6:04:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I just called a friend in Colorado, at the same time it was hailing in Fort Collins it was hailing and raining where they live. While driving from one town to the other she said it was raining so hard it sounded like it was denting the car and she said they saw something else neither of them had seen before. She said it was like tiny lightening flashes inside the rain drops as they fell, it could have been mixed in with hail which would still not made it seem like that. They live across the mountains from Fort Collins quite a distance away, so it appears whatever type storm it was covered a large area of the state. I asked if they had seen any objects in the sky around the first of second and she said it has been to cloudy, if they see anything they will let me know. Take care.

9/4/99 8:17:08 AM Pacific Daylight Time: KENT CHECK OUT THE SAT ZAPS -----FLASHdp

EMAIL, 9/3/99 3:30:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Excellent work ,however,you may be interested in a christian astrologers viewpoint,not just et channelers or whatever they are,last months grand cross on the 18th had at each corner the beasts of revelation,next week over Jerusulem there is on the 11-12th a star configuration of revelations 12.1,not seen for 26000 years and not to be seen again for a similar period,if God does speak in the heavens as Luke elucidated this could be interesting for that day in Jerusulem is the jewish feast of trumpets ,all about judgment,atonement the coming of the lord yada,yada,we christians are looking up also,in conclusion I would say however beware of ET's bearing gifts.

EMAIL. 9/7/99 12:28:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Looks like NASA are doing their best to keep us all groundhogs. Hopefully the X-Prize will give us an alternative. For the story, see the web page :

Stuff From Space, EQ/Solar Connection, Weird Weather, Otis, NewZealand Weather, Chemtrails: From Holly and


With only a few days out it is probably best to post Greg Killians existing work,this site explains pretty much as I see it regards Rob, N.B.  I feel this is a part of a series leading up to the 5/5/00 event commonly called The Star of Bethlehem

EMAIL, 9/6/99 8:14:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I am not one to jump off on any strange theories, but last night i saw something strange(Cincinnati Ohio,outer suburb Mount Healthy). It may just be a case of wanting Jesus to Return real soon but i saw something weird!!!! It was about 9 pm and i was driving down the street and noticed to the northeast portion of the sky it was lighting up.The whole sky was flashing. It was not heat lightning because it was a continuous flashing.The area that was lighting up was huge.It was an awesome sight to behold. It disappeared after maybe 20 seconds.What could it of been?

EMAIL, 9/6/99 11:59:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Please, please, please, what is happening? The air is so thick with expectancy I can hardly breathe. There is a stillness in the wind. Something is moving in waves across my mind and I can't read it. Is it mere proton/electron fluxes or ULF that I am sensing, or is it SOMETHING looming? I have been searching and ORBIT comes closest to touching the heart of this query/quarry, but there is more. I feel we are being herded to the brink of a precipice from which we will either plummet or soar.

EMAIL, 9/8/99 2:55:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Hello, Kent! We are sending you this, which was forwarded to us by Spiritweb a few days ago, as an offering for your readers to consider. This may be a valuable response to the e-mail that you received and posted on your site, dated 9/6/99 at 11:59:28, re something looming....query/quarry ...plummet or soar. Please take the time to read this, as we feel that you will be gratified that it came your way. continued

EMAIL, 9/6/99 10:58:51 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Hiya Kent, I read this just after I sent you that last E-mail. Incoming indeed!

EMAIL, 9/8/99 12:45:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Kent:: While talking to my retired military father in Sierra Vista, Arizona, it was casually mentioned that the Post Office has ordered all mailbox drop slots in the multi-user rural mail delivery boxes sealed against use. Apparently the Post Office has issue an edict in Arizona that all slots in these boxes will be disabled for receipt of out-going mail in anticipation of a terrorist plot, according to Dad. My Dad's neighbor has confirmed these slots have been sealed by the Post Office in their neighborhood since last Saturday - September 4 but could not determine a reason for the sealing. Upon further questioning, my dad revealed that the manner in which this directive handled was most unusual in that the Post Office first disabled the slot and them issued the directive. My Dad has confirmed this with his letter carrier. I am trying to get Dad to find a written policy on this matter. It does not seem to far-fetched that the Federal Government may be testing the response of Arizonans to federal directives given the evacuation notices circulating in the Rim Country communities. Be advised that Sierra Vista is located near Ft. Huachuca which was most likely the "epicenter" of the latest Radar Ring in Southern AZ.


9/8/99 11:31:12 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Just like the images of the goes infrared from Sept 2, here is a set of images from 9/08/99, 1815 Zulu. Note a that the line shows up on both the GOES EAST and GOES WEST Sat captures for 1815 Zulu. It shows up in both IR and Visible.

The File marked GOES_NC_IR_990908_1815Z is the National Composite of both GOES EAST & WEST infrared for 1815 Zulu. THE LINE IS NOT THERE.

This line looks like it is digitally drawn over the digital pictures, as if someone wants to cover something. File sat_ir_enh_west_990908_1815Z is the enhanced ir pict for 1815 Zulu. Note the false color on the line. This means that the line was there in the transmitted data or drawn into the data before computer enhancement.

Last note... is it me or does the line end near White Mountain region of New Mexico.

Is A Near Earth 'Asteroid' A Returning Spacecraft?

Just after 2:04:00 in the Real Audio archive of that broadcast, Sgt. Stone dropped a bombshell. He shared with Jeff and his audience that the government has been aware of an orbiting object which is "known" by the military to be an alien probe.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Could be wrong but it looks like the object Stone [above] is referring to is one of the Shoemaker-Levy objects, perhaps akin to, P/1991 V1 Shoemaker-Levy 6. See note below:

EMAIL, 09/02/1999 12:30:12 PM Pacific Daylight Time: If you go to the Cometary Orbit Viewer in the AstroArts Page

and copy and paste the orbital parameters from the article at the link below,  and set the date to Aug. 11, 1999, the day of the eclipse, it appears that the  object was to the right of the sun. It is a small object but I wonder if it could possibly have been visible during the eclipse. Several objects were seen in video images and also Nostradamus predicted that something new would be seen in the skies at this time.

EDITOR: AHA, more conspir-antsy, always had a bad feeling that Shoemaker met an untimely death out there driving around Oz outback (near Pine Gap?)--kind of like the French team recently biting the dust in the Alps (they were known for their near-object research.)

see: Shoemaker  French team Specifically


After-effect: TENNESSEE



MDI LOG, Sat, 28 Aug 1999 17:48:36 GMT, MDI puzzle: New (?) noise appearing in magnetograms: I did an afternoon health check on the instrument and found that this  morning's magnetograms have some diagonal stripes overlaid on them. They look sort of like incoherent readout noise (a la TRACE). I grabbed a screenshot of the latest 4 images off the web and put it (with some commentary) in a JPEG file at



ASTRONOMERS admitted yesterday that they are unable to explain a strange phenomenon which appeared in the sky just before and after the total eclipse.

Long, dark streaks across the sky baffled watchers, including people on the Channel Island of Alderney. BBC Radio Guernsey was inundated with calls yesterday morning from those who had witnessed them. One caller said she had taken a video recording, but when she watched the tape later, the streaks had vanished.



08/26/1999 3:30:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I just arrived back in town and am going over the past few days of data. I wished to manually take a look at the signal we have been tracking rather than depend on remote control techniques. It seems that the signal not only has slowed down, but gradually got weaker and our sensors haven't detected the anomaly since August 25th. The wavelength at the time of last detection was approx. the distance to the moon or 390,000 miles. If the signal resumes and indicates a change in wavelength, I will let you know immediately. (Charlie Plyler) ELFRAD

09/02/1999 11:37:38 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Charlie: Here are the most recent charts including the analysis of the anomalous signal burst on 09/02/99.That one seemed to have lasted for over one hour duration!

EMAIL, 08/28/1999 11:03:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I have been a reader for a year or so. Keep up the great effort that I know that you do. No one else has anything like you do on the web, and I believe that it will be your website that ultimately is credited with breaking the ongoing/upcoming events that seem to be occurring.

Anyway, I write to mention the very unusual coloration of the sun today here in the Puget Sound area. Everything had a slightly dark/yellowish cast. It seemed to start yesterday, the 27th, with the unusual dusky, yellowish, shadowed color, and continued on thru late afternoon today the 28th. It reminded me of the moments just before the eclipse as the moon begins to shadow the sun locally along the path of the eclipse. It certainly was not the normal bright, white light we receive.

For the sleuths:

How large an object and located at what distance between the Sun and the Earth would it take to result in slight darkening of the ENTIRE planetary solar light illumination, similar to that which exists just before the eclipse begins to make itself obvious?

Re: the commentary of one of your sleuths dealing with 'inside sources' who made reference to what, where and when was coming at us. Assuming that what was observed in the Turkish live broadcasts was what we all seem to think it is. Then if one uses the dates that he gave as the potential impact date, then the object will travel 1 AU in 87 days or about 44,540 mile per hour. This is an appropriate velocity for an interplanetary object, and commonly seen.

My question is: What mountaintop are you picking as the most likely place to be a good place to watch without getting TOO wet????

Keep up the fine job you have.

EMAIL, 08/29/1999 8:50:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time: All of the wild fires in N. California have generated a great amount of smoke the past few days. The sunsets have been tinged red, and the full moon was entirely obscured. From what I know, the smoke has been blowing to the north, but I didn't think it could effect the Seattle area all that much.

Anyway, I write to mention the very unusual coloration of the sun today here in the Puget Sound area. Everything had a slightly dark/yellowish cast. It seemed to start yesterday, the 27th, with the unusual dusky, yellowish, shadowed color, and continued on thru late afternoon today the 28th. It reminded me of the moments just before the eclipse as the moon begins to shadow the sun locally along the path of the eclipse. It certainly was not the normal bright, white light we receive.


A man who witnessed this strange phenomenon was Bilgin Turkyildri, a sales executive, who was still awake when the big tremor struck. "I looked out of my window and saw the big fireballs coming up out of the sea, as if they had been spat out," he said.

"Then the sea started to vanish, as if it was being sucked out of the harbour below me. I saw ships hitting the bottom, even a few large naval ships. They just sank down suddenly as the water went away. A few seconds later, I saw the great wave coming straight in at a great speed. I would estimate it was at least 16 metres high, and it smashed right across everything, boats, road, walls, buildings, and ran right up the main street.

"I could not believe what I saw. I felt as if I was dreaming it. But when I went out into the street with my family we could not recognise the town we had both been born in. The buildings had just fallen down. continued

August 31 5:37 AM ET

Strong Tremor Shakes Northwest Turkey

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - An strong earth tremor measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale shook northwest Turkey Tuesday, Anatolian news agency said.

There were no immediate reports of damage from the tremor which struck at 11:11 a.m. with its epicenter near the city of Izmit. A devastating quake measuring 7.4 on the Richter scale hit the same region on August 17, killing at least 14,000 people.

Is Cassini a Kamikaze Deep Space Probe?

EMAIL, 09/01/1999 5:23:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I have done 15 years of research into the anomalies in the Solar system...The Cassini probe has 72 pounds of Plutonium to run 3 RTG's (Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators) that need 11 pounds of fuel each max...Ever think of this possibility...

Nikola Tesla claims (In his book the "Fantastic Inventions Of Nikola Tesla") to have sent 2 men to Mars in 1938, landed them and returned them safely in 8 days with his financed by J.P. Morgan, Electron Wind Disk ...If that IS truth...then why not a base on one of Saturn's moons...And one in need of some extra fuel to run
ITS RTGs...What better way to supply a secret outer base looking for Nibiru's return with much needed fuel for sustenance...

Sumer text indicates that Anu (current leader of the Anunnaki race) watches over Mankinds (descendants of the Adamu) progress by monitoring plutonium...This is what raised my interest in why Cassini has so much fuel...

Cometary Showers, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?


Cosmonauts Touched by Angels?

Angels in Space They--now get this--were, "a group of 7 angels flying together," in the NGC-3532, (CARINA) three-billion-year-old star cluster.   The Vatican Message

Know we the flesh is fleeting. The things men count great are nothing to us. The things we seek are not of the body but are only the perfected state of the soul. Long, long ago, I cast off my body. Wandered I free through the vastness of ether, circled the angles that hold man in bondage. Know ye, O man, ye are only a spirit. The body is nothing. The Soul is the All. Let not your body be a fetter. Cast off the darkness and travel in Light. Cast off your body, O man, and be free, truly a Light that is ONE with the Light. . THOTH

Or Something out of Spiritus Mundi?

Incoming  Incoming 2

OR HOW ABOUT THIS: Human race 'is descended from alien sewage'

Dr Andrei Arkhipov, of the Institute of Radio Astronomy in Kharkiv in the Ukraine, claims that the ultimate origin of life on Earth began with microbes, which had come through the atmosphere as lumps of alien waste. It is hardly the sort of explanation one normally associates with the scientific community. Yet Dr Arkhipov's ideas have been deemed sufficiently cogent to appear in the latest issue of The Observatory, a respected astronomical research journal.


EMAIL: 08/31/1999 10:23:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I found this on a moon-view last evening. I was not sure what I was looking at, and held off sending it to you until this am.  It is has me baffled, as to what could be on the moon, that is that bright and shows a tail. YOU can probably tell me if that belongs there or not.  Another gif will follow this one. I am probably all "wet", but have not seen it there before.



3 State Particle Beam Experiment

EMAIL, 08/31/1999 12:17:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I wonder what the biological and ecological consequences to this might be? I wouldn't appreciate being in the path of this experiment and I don't necessarily believe that "the beamline will have as little effect on people as the flood of neutrinos that comes from the sun". This is a concentrated beam. Would you please forward this on to anyone who might be interested?



Making progress on equipment upgrades and great help from ORBIT reader with procuring a new domain. Coffers exhausted with new computer costs. BROKE AGAIN! Any forthcoming patronage appreciated.  I'm gearing up for data transfer from old gizmo to new, so I'm kind of slow in my works here, especially my typical one-liner email responses, but thanks to all for your sleuth work and help of all kinds. A strong rumor abides that NASA is about to cut loose of withheld information by staging a series of bumbling data releases, which they will undoubtedly deny thereafter.  Keep an eye on solar, planetary probes, asteroid rendezvous and Hubble--MANY EYES!  Kent

"O Man, look into the mind and its mysteries, for therein lie the secrets of immortality." Hermes

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