EDITOR: I realize that everybody and their dog can argue the enhancement, the actual nature of the bogie on the WTC pic, on and on, but what gets me most here, as an artist trained to visualize, is the uncanny correspondence of this very specific image of Globalhawk: damn thing fits so perfectly, almost makes me wonder if somebody is trying to tell us something? *However, we might look at other possibilities.  SLEUTHS?

Q-3A DarkStar Tier III Minus  RQ-1A Global Hawk (Tier II+ HAE UAV)

Global Hawk is being deployed in Afghanistan

Pentagon unleashes hi-tech armoury to find Bin Laden

NEW: Eyewitnesss Say 'US Military Helicopter' Seen Circling WTC On 911

WTC - Global Hawk - Military Helicopter, etc.


Date: 11/18/01 5:24:31 AM Pacific Standard Time

Might interest you. Got from CNN news site on day of/after. Note second  of sequence. Definite bogie in the background.


11/2/01 12:10:27 AM Pacific Standard Time

Well you cannot expect standard Commercial Airline Pilots to know about (CLASSIFIED). OPS BLACKSTAR is Highly Compartmented, Secret Fire-Command & Control Platform System that flies out of Holloman AFB NM./FT. Huachuca, AZ (BLACKBAG OPS). Combine BLACKSTAR (Pilotless) and Thiokol's Corps. Portal Transport Systems (illegally downloaded by Wen Ho Lee, at Los Alamos), and You can control ANY AIRCRAFT THAT IS FBW.  Remember that OPS BLACKSTAR has broadcast dissemination capabilities to 100 Aircraft at one time (AWACS, ASARS, JSTARS, TENCAP, TROJAN SPIRIT, GUARDRAIL-CS, UAV's, SIGINT, TEAMMATE, TRACKWOLF, REMBASS, HUMINT, CI IMINT, MASINT, TECHINT, JTF, ARF-OR,  ACE, JIC, ACT) for an effective INTELLIGENCE BOS.  I have personally SEEN, OPS BLACKSTAR in operation.

How Did United Flight 93 Crash? November 19th - The Mysterious White Jet

UAVs and Satellites Critical To Terminating al-Qaeda

Electronic Warfare Plane Crashes


Date: 11/18/01 11:33:12 AM Pacific Standard Time New Ultrasound Machine 'Melts' Fat Away Without Surgery Or Dieting Can it melt buildings, too?

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20. The obvious pursuit of an oil deal in the war on Afghanistan, and the initial provocation of that war by staged attacks on 9/11, and the long-standing foreign policy of the US which actually encourages hatred of the US--these factors force us to look at the United States itself and its government's direction.

SLEUTHS: we need solid reports and analysis of the WTC debris.  Getting rumors here that there might be damage down to the molecular, such as disintegrated-powdered concrete blocks, indicating far more than mere impact-collapse damage.



Bearden as much as predicted WTC:  "So that is one simple but powerful weapon using a simple 'jerk' in local flow of time. It is accomplished by creating a burst of time-polarized EM waves in that area. IMAGINE WHAT SUCH A WEAPON WOULD DO TO THE GREATER NEW YORK CITY COMPLEX, E.G., IN A LARGER VERSION."

"Eerily, every electrical circuit and every electrical load is - and has always been - powered by EM energy extracted directly from the vacuum......."Broken symmetry in the fierce exchange between the active vacuum and the system powers every system they build. And not a single professor or university teaches that, nor does it appear in a single textbook......"All the coal, oil, natural gas, etc. ever burned, and all the nuclear fuel rods ever used, and all the hydroelectric dams ever built, have directly added  not one single watt to the power line. Not one!"--Bearden


A particle of matter is a trapped scalar resonance

Fundamental theory under question Physicists may have found a flaw in the theory that for the last 30 years has successfully explained the behaviour of the fundamental building blocks of matter.

EDITOR: : talked in person to a career mil. Skepticism about the Afghan war is rampant in the military ranks, the oil pipeline issue well-known, and the bigger concern: now that Afghanistan is destabilized politically there is going to be hell to pay over there--the surrounding Muslem countries are angry at us. Additional military to be certainly deployed soon are keen to the great danger and unhappy with policy.  CIA covert Ops would be translated into many conventional military casualties; thus, conventional military mistrusts the CIA.

Source also confirmed the use of EMP weapons and other weapons 2 that disturb weather, create topographical damage and mind-control, even mentioned that we should immediately turn to non-petroleum-based technologies which as indicated are not speculative at all because the military uses now such tech to power their equipment.


Date: 11/21/01 12:51:43 PM Pacific Standard Time

That was not a Global Hawk, it was definitely a helicopter. I was standing a mile away, on the Jersey-side, and had an unobstructed view from the first attack until both Towers fell. I also went on-site and participated in the rescue efforts.

There were at least 6 traffic and/or police copters on station when that second jet hit.

Your imagination is definitely getting the best of most of you out-of-towners. There was at least 500,000 to 1 million eyewitnesses to this event!! Don't you think someone would have seen this odd aircraft? Especially with everyone's eyes peeled expecting for another plane to strike?

I am including the other "conspiracy" of the so-called "black missile" footage (Everyone would have seen that too!!). I have been around Ground Zero and I found no evidence of any damage following the trajectory of this "missile".

I have also spoken to quite a few people who would have been on the trajectory path, and they witnessed nothing.

EDITOR: With all this security activated and present then how did the second jet just amble on in? Of course there are remaining questions, will be for years to come. I'll post your note.


Date: 9/19/01 2:30:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hello I took these shots from CNN right off the tape they were running on TV. I noticed how the plane kept changing shape, how the front of the plane looked different in the air all around the plane are glowing balls of light; spheres on the buildings also after the plane enters the building waiting on the other side of the building is this object hovering in the sky. It is not a helicopter! REAL VIDEO

Date: 11/24/01 7:26:52 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hi againJust read this from link on your site...,3604,604295,00.html

"The firepower now being deployed in the south includes US special forces on horseback and unmanned Predator surveillance drones armed with hellfire missiles."

If predator, which originally was a recon vehicle, is being used as a missile platform, then Global Hawk could be a missile platform also.

EDITOR: Recon evolves to jamming which might have evolved to a more exotic offensive weapon. These control jamming experiments seem to have produced unexpected results. Got info that they RECENTLY transmitted a wave down a wave guide (radar jamming experiment) and got a spike, a transient phenomena, so powerful that "nobody should have been near the lab." All a matter of tuning to the precise resonant pulse-cadence. Pulsed radar transmissions can be more than... radar transmissions. I wish they attempt to send out beneficial frequencies-in cadence such as the sine wave latent in the Fibonacci sequence, the Golden Ratio--or maybe they indeed have! GIF ANIMO POOLEY SPIRALS ON RADAR JULIE KING SPIRAL FROM YORE

Wizardly clue: examine the cadence (sine wave) hidden within Fibonacci Series

Date: 11/21/01 4:58:44 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, I found this pic that could explain the object seen on your WTC images, it seems there was a news chopper in the air about the same time the photos were taken, I sent the pic with this email

EDITOR: Thanks, posted your letter and pic. Be interesting to contact the pilot. Any ideas?



How things are disintegrated and depleted uranium


EDITOR: 11/24/01, Thanks for the input.  A visual match: CNN bogie with Global Hawk? The Channel 4 helicopter? Eyewitnesss Say 'US Military Helicopter' Seen Circling WTC On 911? Maybe off on a dogleg, here is where I think we should sleuth now:

A. THE ENEMY IS INSIDE THE GATES Another pilot warned that "we had better consider whether electro-magnetic pulse or radio frequency weapons were used from a command and control platform hovering over the Eastern Seaboard... I'm talkin' AWACS."

B. Weapon Platforms

C. Destroyed Building in question The C.I.A.'s undercover New York station was in the 47-story building at 7 World Trade Center, one of the smaller office towers destroyed in the  aftermath of the collapse of the twin towers that morning. more

C. Passenger Lists That Do Not Add Up * SHERLOCK BILL SLEUTH

D. Analysis of Debris  History is laying claim to tons of WTC artifacts

Date: 2/6/02 5:19:07 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent, although I think you originally had links to these articles, they may have been lost when eionews was hit. I just found 'em.

They are excellent wrap-ups and link Controlled Demolition, Israel, Silverstein, and New Mexico Tech to the whole business. Ya might want to think about adding links to your analysis_wtc.html page.

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