C2 8/8/00 20:55

C2 8/8/00 23:06 detail sized, enhanced


Stars descending to earth? INTERESTING CROP CIRCLE

EDITOR: As the information and research piles up I must fold things back.  Be sure to browse through to see recent research. Follow the arrows, page bottom.

Yegods, what tirade of Titanic tidbits will tease us next?



8/11/00 Bizarre proton blast, never seen such an abrupt signature.

Note: live chart keeps going down. Please go to SEC. Big event underway, 8/12/00!

Date: 8/12/00 2:40:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time

All the NOAA satellite graphs are inoperative. Maybe a server crashed, maybe there's something going on they don't want us to know about. http://www.maj.com/sun/noaa.html

Xray Flux   Proton Flux ..Electron Flux.. Magnetometer ..Kp Index


Perhaps 8/11-12 magstorm might have been triggered by a ruptured filament in Region 9122, 8/9/00. Now on 8/12/00 I am totally unsure. The violence of the current magstorm seems unpredicted. Are we indeed moving into a galactic field of higher energy? See FIREBALLS AND STRANGE VIBES. Left: 8/10/00 1442 C3: watch for more evidence of extra-solar shear, weird angles on outgassing patterns, or pinwheel shapes.

Massive Solar Anomaly

Solar filament takes off



NSA RELEASED: UFO Documents (NSA site: hit at your own risk, unsure whether monitored)

Some more expansive comment on recent earth changes

Date: 8/10/00 5:02:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, Was looking at the real-time brookhaven stuff and it looks pretty intense right now, is it typically like that on a Thursday? It was clear in on the east coast, a beautiful day..the time on the radar starts at 21:58Z and ends at 23:46Z. thanks for the great site.


   Scientist Plans to Zap Tornadoes with Microwaves

LONDON (Reuters) - Ben Eastlund [HAARPmeister] is not a comic-book superhero but he does believe he can emulate Superman by stopping tornadoes in their tracks, using microwave radiation. Eastlund, an expert on electromagnetism who headed nuclear fusion research for the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission in the early 1970s, told the New Scientist magazine he was inspired by 1980s plans for a Star Wars-style missile shield.

IMPORTANT SIGHTINGS INTERVIEW: August 10 From Australia Harry Mason In Oz

Date: 8/10/00 10:51:05 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I live just south of Fort Campbell KY. Last night about 11:00 my husband and I were outside and we noticed strange lightning in the sky. They were quick pulses of light covering all the sky, instantly, except where the moon-glow was brightest. There was no sound. There didn't appear to be a pattern, though they were fairly constant. My husband grew up in Florida and we both have seen heat lightening many times and this didn't resemble it. The flashes weren't localized in one part of the sky and they were too fast. My daughter was outside at 4:00 AM and said she saw it then, too. Any ideas?

Date: 8/10/00 3:53:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I live in Denmark. About 2 weeks ago my son and I were driving home in the evening, and we noticed the same strange lightning in the sky; we stopped the car, there was no sound at all, just these big flashes in the sky. We haven't figured it out yet.

Date: 8/10/00 7:00:07 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, It is the 11th and I am still here! No black hole as yet. Don't feel badly about it, but I had to mention it!

BTW, Regarding those sky flashes being reported in the US and Denmark. I have seen that effect in the sky on three occasions last year, here in the UK. In one incident, the flash happened in a dark and clear sky, with the sole exception of a clump of Cumulus cloud in my direct view. After the flash occurred, a small ball of light shot away from the cloud horizontally to my left, and at great speed. My suggestion is an aerial conflict in progress now. I wonder whom are involved in it?

Date: 8/10/00 11:00:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I had just finished emailing my father to describe the unusual lightning I saw here in NE Arkansas this evening (approx. 9:30 until 10:30 pm, central time). I described it as instant replays of pink explosions, in a stationary location. Then I went to my favorite haunt, CyberspaceORBIT and nearly fell off the couch when I saw the other messages about strange lightning!

8/11/00 6:30 PST, Internet Message

Just had to give my 2cents - in Atlanta last night - starting at approx. midnight - we got a heavy rain - very little thunder - but I noticed unusual "omnidirectional" lightning - as the others, I almost fell out of my chair this morning upon reading CYBERSPACEORBIT

8/11/00 6:45 PST, Internet Message, Australia

Those stories of lightning... I can relate to it... each time I see it I am left thinking if its just me :) I remember the last time it happened I thought there was a storm coming, looked for clouds, not one in sight. In my case the pulse-burst appeared to come from the north. Imagine a roomed filled with mist.. actually no, imagine your outside and there is a fairly good fog around you about err..50mt away someone with a flash camera takes a pick pointing it upwards. This is the type of light that you see, it is literally as if someone high in the atmosphere fires a huge flash light but it 'illuminates' the air--split second... no sound... maybe if earths frequency is increasing, the high altitudes/space do not share the same frequency and earth builds up a charge that gets discharged?! No idea. also like a thunderstorm moving away, the way it lights up the sky when you look at it from a distance.

Date: 8/11/00 8:19:45 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I live in Chattanooga and work in Cleveland TN. About a week or so ago we had some strange lightning. There was a thunderstorm going on, but the lightning was weird. It was like a strobe light in the sky and flashed repeatedly for anywhere from about 7 to 12 times when it occurred. There were no bolts, just the strobing effect. Then, last night (Aug 10) as I was driving home from Cleveland at about 6:30 eastern time, we were having another thunderstorm. The lightning bolts were pink, and they bounced around the sky like a pinball in a pinball machine bouncing off the bumpers. Also many of the bolts did not discharge from earth to sky, but from cloud to cloud. Any ideas what is with the strange color and activity?

Date: 8/11/00 11:08:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Namaste Kent, Hi from Ft Worth! Just read today's information on ORBIT re the unusual flash lightning being observed around the country with amazement. Do you remember the March 28, 2000 tornado which went through the heart of downtown Ft Worth, causing tremendous destruction & several deaths? Well, I posted several observations re this event during that time period on Yahoo Chemtrail Tracking Club USA. more

SLEUTHS: Remember the guest on Art Bell that photographed a UFO near a tornado? Trying to find. Recently: Disappearing aircraft 2 3 4 5 6

8/11/00 9:35:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent:, Several of your sleuths are reporting unusual flashes of light high in the atmosphere. Could this be in any way be connected to the unusual saw-tooth spikes we are currently seeing in the GOES Electron Flux and Hp readings? It would be interesting to see if there is any correlation between the times of these reported flashes and these spikes which are occurring approximately 2-3 hours apart. Might this be related to HAARP or other atmospheric or defensive tests? Or could it possibly due to changes in the earth's magnetic field(s) or just simply some interesting solar activity? Image

ANALYSIS: Notice on the satellite plots, there is sort of a pulsing or "stair stepped" effect to the activity during the past 12 hours. It is especially noticeable on the GOES electron readings:
http://www.sec.noaa.gov/rt_plots/satenv.cgi According to the SEC, this activity is not [yet] related to the observed CME on 8.9.00

Date: 8/11/00 1:51:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: No similar saw-tooth spike patterns appear on the ACE Solar Wind readouts aboard the SOHO satellite which is deeper out in space, and closer to the sun. As such, this may be an indication this phenomenon is earth-based and not a solar phenomenon. Although the GOES Hp readout is an indicator of the compression of the Earth's magnetosphere, (not measurable from SOHO's position) I would think there would be a corresponding spike pattern to the sun's solar wind, electron, proton or x-ray output to cause this "ringing" of Earth's shielding. See: http://sec.noaa.gov/ace/ACErtsw_home.html Incidentally the bow shock from the first of the approaching minor CMEs has reached both SOHO and GOES which illustrates the slight transit delay of the sun's output between the two satellites when compared.

Date: 8/11/00 2:45:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time

My husband and I moved to Nebraska some time ago. About 3 or 4 times in the last 12 months we have experienced very bizarre lightning. We have also had normal thunderstorm activity with lightning which did not seem remarkable. The strange lightning seemed to be silent, non-stop for extended periods of time (consistent repeated cloud-to-cloud flashing without pause - sometimes for hours) and always appeared to completely surround our home as if the lightning were coming from all four directions at once. It was very weird and we have both had the odd impression that it's not "normal" or perhaps "artificially" generated in some way.

Date: 8/11/00 3:27:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Been looking at all the traffic 'bout lights. Got me to remembering some interesting Weather Channel stuff that happened right around the time of the unusual tornados this past winter. They kept running a loop of an East Coast satellite movie, and there was a quite remarkable "flash", which appeared to illuminate most of the Southeast. Since the flash remained for more than one "frame" of the loop, and diminished in intensity in the following frames, it didn't seem to be an artifact. Does anybody remember this?

Date: 8/12/00 12:48:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Have I seen lightening? Hell yes I've seen lightening!! Especially Tuesday and Wednesday night. Tuesday, there were several locally severe thunderstorms in my area (Galax, VA). That night there was much rain/thunder and (very frequent) lightening. Nothing really out of the ordinary for a severe TS. Some local flooding also.

Wednesday was a different story...Around 10:00 p.m. or so, it started lightening very frequently all over the sky, from horizon to horizon (but there was no thunder!). There were several small thunderstorms which occurred simultaneously but no accompanying rain and thunder like Tuesday's storms. This lightening DID however strike the ground in numerous locations around my house (again, with no sound!) This "silent lightening" persisted at the same intensity and frequency all throughout the night into pre-dawn hours of Thursday morning. I do think that sometimes space weather has a bearing on the electrical properties of the atmosphere, and at other times I do think that HAARP contributes to this anomaly (not to mention the various atom smashers, particle accelerators, and your average run-of-the-mill "black hole machines". One thing for sure, it was really fascinating to watch!!

btw: Remember to unplug EVERYTHING electrical during one of these storms. I have lost a brand new answering machine, an overhead light, and several lamps to these storms in the past week. A first for the lights. Very WEIRD!

Date: 8/12/00 2:12:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I've been reading of the strange flashes on your site. Between July 27(or 28)-30, 1998, here in Coos Bay, Oregon, every night we were having flashes like that. Not a cloud anywhere. On the last night, however, the flashes started as usual, followed by clouds that had moved up from the south.With it came the worst thunderstorm I've ever seen. It had been going on for at least 6 hours before it got here. We watched it for at least that long, and it continued for ANOTHER 6-10 hours afterward, as it moved north.There were multiple strikes coming down, almost constantly. The area where the flashes were, on the previous nights, is one that very often has some REALLY interesting lights in the sky (things flying that are not planes). And I saw that someone from this area was mentioning jet sounds from unseen jets. I've been experiencing that too a couple of times lately. Also last summer, around this time, I saw a B-52 fly over. It had not only the normal engine configuration, but 2 other canister-shaped objects on each wing. I guess they thought they could fly through unnoticed, because the air-show people were coming to town. Only thing is our airport can't handle anything bigger than a medium sized jet (such as value-jet sized). Just thought it was odd. Can't quite recall if they were spraying, but it seems like they were.

Date: 8/12/00 7:32:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time

After reading your site today my family and I thought it best to add our little bits to your research. We too have seen the odd lightning in the piedmont of  North Carolina. It was NOT the aurora borealis. also we live nowhere near any military bases, yet at 2.00am eastern time, two very large and very loud military helicopters flew right over our house! They were so low we could have seen inside if it were daylight. Another anomaly seen in the west a few weeks back we saw an angel type thing. the sun was beginning to set (apx. 7:30pm eastern time). This angel type thingie was made of clouds. It was gray and stood from the very bottom of the horizon all the way up to where the sun was behind his head. It was symmetrically perfect. each 'wing' was the same size as the other, and his 'clothes' looked perfectly like 'robes'. We've never really been much for harps and angels and stuff of that sort...but it was quite recognizable for what one would consider an angel clothed in clouds. I also want to tell you about the strange hailstorm: clear blue sky...then suddenly supercells formed in the southwest. Boom! The ground was covered in hail the size of quarters. It looked like snow! it had to be over 4 inches deep. In all of my 40 years I haven't seen things like this happen. Neither have any of my neighbors who are well into their 70's.

Date: 8/13/00 9:32:05 AM Pacific Daylight Time

You are probably sick by now of hearing these stories, but..... I live in Western North Carolina (Appalachian Mts.) Sitting outside Wed.night, Aug 9, having a little after-dinner sip on the porch, I noticed gray swirling clouds which appeared to be pushed up from the bottom, forming a dome on top, or looking somewhat like the astrological symbol for Libra. As the sky darkened, I kept watching towards the north where these cloud formations were. Well, that lightning started, I went and got me another nip, and sat there till 1:30 am, because I never did see quite a show as that! There were strobe flashes, with even pulsing at about 2-3 per second. Never heard any thunder and I kept waiting for the storm which I thought was over in Tennessee, heading our way eastward. Went to bed, and at 4:00, she came roaring thru with tremendous winds and small amts. of rain. I attributed it to the cold front swooping in from the Ohio valley, but after reading these other accounts, I just don't know. Sure felt different that night!

Date: 8/13/00 7:00:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, Just wanted to let you know I am about 10 miles from BNL (Port Jefferson, NY) and on Wednesday 3:00AM I also saw this intense omni directional strobe lightning without thunder. It was followed by a intense front line with traditional strong cloud to ground lightning with heavy downpours and winds. I remember having a very odd feeling about this lightning and my wife waking up very afraid also. The only other time I saw lightning of this type was in early spring 2000. Oddly enough I asked around and most people slept right thru it without knowing what was going on. Strange times indeed!

Internet Message 8/13/00, Cincinatti

We had some big storms here last week. electric was off for awhile. one of the weird things with it was some kind of cloud. apparently people were calling the tv stations and asking what the heck the cloud was...one of the meteorologists said it was a shell cloud. people said it was huge and reminded them of the ship in ID4

Date: 8/13/00 8:28:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time

More of the same tonight, Pendleton OR had a zap 5 minutes before last night's, 02:56Z..SF CA 02:28Z, 1 minute before last night, at this rate, I would expect Seattle Washington to do a zap within the next 30 minutes. Please let me know if this is normal when there is no weather in an area, as I am clueless. :-)

Date: 8/14/00 9:02:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hey, dude. :) Very interesting stuff with all the free light shows going on these days, eh? Just read the post from the Cincinnati viewer, we're about an hour and a half north of there, and let me tell you, the storm we had here must have seriously damaged a third of the tree population in our little town or more, no exaggeration. Our 3-story+ walnut tree out back lost a few branches, but fortunately, we didn't experience any serious damage, just several hours without electricity. Most people I've heard discussing it, from us younger folks (I'm 31) to the elders, agree that it was the worst windstorm they've ever seen in this area. I also heard a Dayton TV meteorologist mention those clouds, he said the WHIO phone was ringing off the hook, with frightened people asking about the very scary-looking clouds in the sky. He didn't go into detail, and to my dismay, they didn't show a picture of these clouds, or an example. I didn't personally see the clouds in question, but I recall the weatherman calling them "mammatus" (sp?) clouds, and saying that he could talk about them for half an hour, but they were no cause for alarm, just an effect of the severe storm that had passed thru. He also implied that these are pretty unusual, but not unheard of in the area. I'll see if I can find a picture of these mammatus formations...'til next time, compadre...:)

Date: 8/14/00 8:43:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: Following the thread re stange lightning, clouds etc. I'm a pilot and I watch the sky as second nature. This year I have seen more Cumulus Mammatus than in all of my life put together. (I'm 45) Mammatus is typically associated with thunderstorms and is a sign of some serious up and down drafts. Can often be a harbinger of kick-ass weather. Not uncommon to be seen with the menacing "green sky". Mammatus look like upsidedown cumulus, smooth and compact lumps, hence the term. Go to the attached NOAA link for a good photo.

Date: 8/14/00 9:30:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time

kent, well i went out to look at the sky and had a thought...i was watching the beautiful full moon, which is hardly blood red tonight - more like brilliant white - and i caught a flicker in my peripheral vision. turns out it was the light from the television in our bedroom, diffusing thru the window shades. it was just like a strobe. every few seconds, just a diffuse flash with a slightly different hue. alot like the quiet lightning so many have been reporting, just localized to my bedroom. so here's the stretch...maybe the lightning, if it is man-made, is just that. big time tv...with all the trappings...and the sky as the screen.  i all of the sudden find it amazing that all tv shows are umbrella'd by the term 'programming'. so maybe our lightning is more mk stuff. well, i wonder what tonight's 'programming' will be...??? and who's controlling the feed. or maybe it's just mother nature showing her colors a little bit. hope so...


Aurora 8/12/00

EDITOR IN DISCRIMINATION: At the moment , 8/12/00, we may be seeing some aurora, but this would not account for other earlier anomalous lightning phenomena when the solar influence was low, low, low. At the moment we should however discriminate as we have a violent ongoing magnetic storm.

The Extraordinary Geomagnetic Perseid Meteor Shower

A geomagnetic storm triggered dazzling aurora during the peak of the 2000 Perseid meteor shower.

Date: 8/12/00 3:47:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Was out watching Perseid meteor shower 3:30 a.m central time. Observed Arora Borealis, faint and flashing rapidly at times. Might explain some of these stories?

Date: 8/12/00 6:19:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, living in Minnesota, I've seen my share of "Northern Lights" displays over the years. At 4:15am, Central time, August 12, I went outside to catch some Perseid meteor-shower shooting stars with my son. My five-year-old boy had heard me mention them and insisted that we get up so he could see his first shooting stars.

Right away, in addition to the expected meteorites, I saw what appeared to be very faint pulses of light flowing across the sky, originating from the north and racing south. In the next 20 minutes, those pulses became brighter and more pronounced, continuously pulsing and shooting across the sky above us. They were green and pink hued and occurred roughly every two seconds (though not at a firm and regular frequency) and lasted up to a second as they shot across the sky. Sorry to report that I had to get the boy back to bed, so I can't say how long this highly unusual light show continued.

As I said, I've seen Northern Lights before, and my experience is that they normally illuminate the northern sky and fairly gracefully dance and shift colors within a general area above the horizon. These light pulses shooting and racing overhead were a first for me! Looking at your site this morning I supposed that I would find a report of some unusual solar activity and it appears that my experience was indeed a result of a magnetic storm. But it still puzzles me how these pulses of bright, colorful light could shoot from north to south overhead. Anyone else see this last night?

Date: 8/13/00 12:01:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Well, I can't say I am contradicting anyone listed on Orbit, because I wasn't where they are and don't know exactly what others have seen or experienced over time, but last night I most certainly did see the aurora borealis, for the second time in my life, both times here in Montana, about 20 years apart. The first time it was literally stripes all the way across the sky like a dome and they glowed neon green and pulsed with life. It covered every portion of the sky. This time it was green and streaky from the north and then stretched south and criss crossed and throbbed and waved, and with the meteor show to boot it was just AWESOME! But I can't say anything out of the ordinary occurred. But, if we want to talk prophecy, we've had fires, meteors, and aurora, and it reminded me of revelations and the "1/3 of the grass and trees will burn" and the "1/3 of the stars will fall from the heavens" and the "signs and wonders in the heavens" or to that effect, anyway. Very interesting, with all the fires, our moon has been very orange. VERY orange. Peace and Strength to all!




SLEUTHS: Anomalous sounds

The facts:
1. Location – Southwest Houston Texas (Ft Bend County)
2. Time of Day 5:35pm CDT
3. Duration of event :46 seconds
4. Date of event – July 31, August 1, August 2, August 3, August 4, August 5, August 7, August 8, August 9, August 11, 2000. All times are plus/minus 15 minutes from above, except Saturday August 5 when it arrived at approximately 3:00pm CDT.
5. Description of event: Loud jet engine sounds seeming passing overhead at low altitude.

Date: 8/11/00 10:41:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I have heard the same "jet" sounds many times. I first heard the sound in California years ago and it was as if the whole sky was roaring! The last time was here on the Oregon coast. The roar was amazing! Everyone at the market stopped in the parking lot and looked up! Perfectly clear sky NOT ONE THING VISIBLE! as usual. This was in early summer.

Date: 8/11/00 11:59:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Exactly! That's what I've been hearing too-- NE Arkansas -- I will start logging dates, times, etc.

Date: 8/12/00 3:38:58 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I have a booth at a flea market next to Ohare Airport in Chicago. On Sunday 8-6-00 all the air traffic overhead was in landing pattern ,therefore not very noisy. For the first time ever, I heard noise similar to what the other fellow heard. At first, I thought it was me but I noticed several flea market patrons looking to see what made this strange noise. It sounded like a very loud jet, only very fast and somehow different. It happened several times that day,and no aircraft nearby each time.

Date: 8/12/00 3:44:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent- We went out at 3 a.m. to watch the meteor shower and my son excitedly pointed out what he thought was a northern lights display. When we got back home I checked the NOAA POES satellite site and it does look like central Iowa is in a position to see them tonight.

Date: 8/12/00 7:29:21 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent: I live on the coast of New Jersey, and for the past several weeks I have heard the same thing. It is just as though a jet is flying very low, but there is nothing in the sky at all. I thought i was just missing the plane. Thanks, at least I know I am not going crazy and someone else has experienced it.

Date: 8/12/00 3:20:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi! I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and we have been experiencing the loud jet like noise that is very loud and fast but nothing every appears. We have heard it for the last few days on and off. It is very strange, you think a low fast jet is coming and as it comes closer it is suddenly gone. We have a military base a few miles from where we live and it seems to come from that direction.

Date: 8/12/00 3:55:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, Never e-mailed a website before but here goes. Been reading your site for about a year now and love every bit of it. Learned more from you than when I was in school. Anyway, I work in Dallas, Texas and our building is situated between Love Field and DFW, so planes are around all the time. One day I went out for a cigarette, and was standing under a canape of trees when I heard this very loud and fast jet sound. I came out from under the trees to look for what I thought would be a jet in trouble, but there were no jets in the area at that time. When I went back to my desk, I had the radio on and heard of a plane crash however, this was just moments after I heard the noise and found it to be the crash in France. I asked a co-worker if she heard the noise and she said everyone did and they all thought it was a low flying jet cuz it shook the building. Regarding the light pulses, I've been seeing them in the night sky over the past year. Thought I needed my eyes checked, and did have my contacts changed, but occasionally still see these "pulses". I never saw anything on the news or your site, til just this week, so I guess I'm not the only one. Regarding the contrail/chemtrails. They've been everywhere here in Richardson/Dallas everywhere since 1996. The first time I noticed them was in 1996, coming home from work, about 3pm. Driving off the service road on U.S. 75/Central Expressway in 1996 I saw three to four Vertical (what i thought were Contrails) and wondered what kind of plane could have caused them. There were no aircraft in sight at the time and these things looked to start just above ground level to several hundred feet high with a Spiral to them. I mentioned that to my son when I got home, but he just shook his head. Since then our skies have been loaded with what I now call Chemtrails. Don't mean to make this any longer but just another 2cents worth. While trying to catch a glimpse of a meteor shower in 1997, in November I believe, I was sitting in my backyard and out of the corner of my eye saw what I thought was a darker-than-the-night, shadow, flying/banking in the sky. I was able to see the shape of a "V", but there were no lights or sound to this. It wasn't a bat or bird because it was very big. The trees in my yard blocked any further view and I went in, not having seen one meteor. A short time later, I was telling my daughter that I was trying to see the meteor shower but it had gotten too cold and came in to warm up. I started to tell her what I thought I saw and stepped out the back door for one last look at the sky. Right over my home, I mean directly overhead, was this dark "V" shape craft with what I could see were some circular bumps on the bottom. It reminded me of the Insignia, please don't laugh, of the StarTrek crew, the one on their shirts. By the time I had chance to yell for my daughter to come and look, it disappeared! I never heard any noise and as there were no lights on it the only way I was able to see the outline clearly were the illumination of the street lights from below. Since we're not that far from Fort Worth and any military airports I thought it must be one of their Aurora? aircraft. Thanks for letting me spew.

Date: 8/12/00 4:24:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, Just wanted to drop a line and say a hearty thank you for your site. That said, I wanted to comment on the strange jet noises. I'm out in northern Los Angeles county, near the Angeles Crest Mountains. The nearest base is Edwards. Recently (going on for about four weeks now) every night we've been hearing 1-3 low flying jets that start out of nowhere and then stop. I grew up close to airforce bases and have never heard anything like it. We live in a residential area and there are no flight paths authorized due to that. Just thought I'd mention it. The other oddity that has been occurring is the weather. I'm sure you are aware of the heat wave that is gripping Southern California at this time. We're expecting temperatures in the hundreds, which is extremely odd for this time of year in this area. Just thought I'd mention it. Keep up the great work.

Date: 8/12/00 5:43:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, has anyone considered the fact that August 11th is a very important date concerning The Philadelphia Experiment. This is one of the days when "resonance" occurs. They have until 2003 to "fix" things. With all the high magnetics flying around from the Sun, has no one has ever thought to look at earth for some of these high magnetic fields? They need to keep certain people alive who hold the "living magnetic key codes" in order to do the "repair".

Date: 8/12/00 10:49:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time

A friend of mine thought that I should email you and tell you of some aircraft that were dropping what looked to be high altitude flare on the night of the 10th. We live in northern Ar. The "flares" were yellowish in color and very bright. I at first thought I was about to witness a plane crash but after dropping slowly for a few moments the "flares" went out. It happened three times in a row. And an aircraft that sounded like a heavy jet could be heard overhead at high altitude. Also a prop driven aircraft could be heard at a lower altitude.

Date: 8/13/00 4:32:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Here's another report of loud jet noises...we live in Conyers GA about 15 miles from the Atlanta/Hartsfild airport. We very rarely hear jet traffic although we occasionally notice planes circling as they approach Hartsfield airport. For 3 days last week we heard continuous low flying, very loud jet aircraft passing overhead from west to east about every 3-5 minutes. It began early one morning (last Tuesday or so?) and was so loud it woke everyone up early with the impression a 747 was landing in the back yard. I ignored it for a few hours and just assumed something was up with Hartsfield's air routes, until I started trying to find the planes as they passed overhead and couldn't see them! It was so weird. I kept looking at the sky all day when I heard them passing over, but could never find the planes!

Anyway, several people mentioned it in our local country store, and I eventually did see a jet so high up it was barely visible but had vapor trails behind it. I was glad to read about other people's experiences, and realize that I'm not nuts for hearing really loud planes that seem to be invisible!

Date: 8/15/00 11:39:46 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, I had pretty much given up on ever hearing about this weird phantom roaring sound from anyone else. It was 1996 when I heard it. I was living in the San Fernando Valley, Southern California at the time. I was standing in the livingroom of my house when the roaring started. It was SO LOUD that I *immediately* ran outside half-expecting to see a low flying jet about to crash into a nearby hill. The sound continued for a few seconds while I was outside looking around but *nothing* was present in the area, either in the sky or on the ground, and then the roaring stopped as abruptly as it had started.

Date: 8/12/00 10:33:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent - I'm surprised you haven't posted a reference to the Little Pebble's press release of July 22 in regards to all of the strange lightning stories...I mean, come on now - sounds right on target to me, how about you? Ruth

The three phases are clear:

1.. Late August - early September to mid-September: a bubble-like air pocket of energy propelled forward to Earth from outer space, caused by a dust cloud resulting from an impact on Mars and it's moon, Phobos. This will create an electrical ignited storm on a global field creating huge hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes and electrical storms in our atmosphere.

2.. Then possibly around mid-September to the end of October, the dust cloud will contain small pebble-like meteorites which will bombard the Earth creating many fires.

3.. And lastly, three large chunks of boulders, possibly half a kilometer, or smaller, will hit the Planet: one in the United States - on land; one in France - on land, and the other in the Pacific Ocean, near Christmas Island. The land ones are not as serious as the ocean one.

Date: 8/13/00 1:31:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, I know of a common thread that ties most of all the happenings, of, should I say environmental wise, in the world today. If I remember correctly this was also in William Coopers book, and I think Dr. Len Horowitz had it in his. But with all this EMF, who knows about the memory, right? Anyway it is basically about a group, that plans on using the environment to bring about change. And that they will possibly have to do things to cause purposeful destruction. So of course along with the continual education in the media. Coupled with the planned events to show the well trained public, that we need this drastic change or else. Yes simply put the whole environment topic is not a problem, but a well orchestrated agenda. And the contrails and all the other strange things, such as the lightning, and the radar rings and weather control. Is all to cause ruination on the earth, to support the things we are continually being taught. Hasn't anyone thought it funny, that we have always heard in the media, how horrible it is that some farmers are burning the rain forests in south america. But here in the US they desire to let forest fires burn. And what about those protected endangered species? How come it is ok to let a forest fire burn them up. But don't dare log it. I have to laugh at total confusion put forth. Not sure if you are like the Man that has the Flash Radar site. And believe in God. There is a passage in the Bible that says, "Mislead if possible the elect" so if they can with possibility be mislead, what about the rest of humanity? The whole of the environmentalism is control and nothing more. Airlines will always get to dump thousands of pounds a day of raw jet fuel before landing. And also as a test of the dump valves after takeoff. The nuke plants will continue to generate the most hazardous waste there is.
Dump some of that where the Exxon Valdese had it's mishap and see what happens. And area 51 will always be exempt from all environmental laws. Hmmm so who will be affected? Has anyone put 2 and 2 together yet? This new lighting, is it starting the forest fires? As you can see by news clips, they use flame throwers to light up the forests. Isn't it funny, that the forest survived and so did all the fish and other species when bulldozers roamed the woods. But now that they are close to banned. Everything is disappearing. Has anyone ever asked, what does fire retardant do to fish? I say most all the fires now are being lit, by artificial lightning, and flame throwers. In the Bible it says, Do not be mislead. This whole world lies in the power of the wicked one.



That last paper was used to establish what today is called Super Potential Theory and very few people work in it but it's known. The first paper was completely ignored and it gave you the ability... to create energy at a distance. It does not flow through space as normal EM [electro magnetic] Waves. It's not ELF [extremely low frequency]. It's not like your normal radio broadcasting system at all. It's really like a DC voltage that doesn't have anything going on on the surface but down underneath it has pressure waves, and the pressure waves bang into the system on the other end and create real electromagnetic energy on that end. Putting it simply... there's no such thing as a shield for it.





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