Lakota Withdraw Treaties Signed With U.S. 150 Years Ago 2 3 4 

EL  angEL, ELohim, ELement, ELemental, ELectron, ELectricity


Alignment 2 3  Comments 2 3  

Third Temple Built and Re-aligned…. Time for D.N.A. Cross Over By James Michael Wilkie

Space geeks in cosmic debate 2 3  Still Growing  now twice the diameter of our sun  Comet Holmes photographed on 1892 November 10 by E. E. Barnard  Dazzling Comet Has Hint of Invisible Tail   The BLOG of THE MILLENNIUM GROUP  Comet Holmes Colour Analysis and other unknown object  Comet Holmes - Would the REAL Comet Holmes please stand up! 2 Comet Holmes and large UFO space objects  CfA Press Release  McCanney  Gallery

ORBIT: MEGA-EL-BURST [Check out this image]


Awesome Movie 17P is almost 3x the size of the Sun now.

Comet 17P/Holmes has been expanding relentlessly since it exploded in late October and it now spans an angle nearly 1o wide in the night sky. "The comet is so large that we hardly fit it in a single CCD frame," says Apostolos Christou and David Asher of the Armagh Observatory who made this 2-frame movie of the comet moving among the stars on Nov. 22nd.

REPORTS: Bright light approaching position of Comet Holmes  ALLEGEDLY: Atlas 5 NROL-24 Launch

 Comet Holmes Is Not Alone  

Puzzling image from Paul Klauninger of Near Carp, Ontario, Canada  Japan
Comet 8P/tuttle is coming  Large image, Larger with sat, Larger  Another  Observation Report: 19/11/2007 1:15:42 AM 2  Comet 8P/Tuttle is coming and it is bringing a meteor shower, Ursid,   with it. "We could be in for a Merry surprise on Dec. 22nd when Earth passes through a trail of comet dust

Italian scientist discovers a new comet  Rome, Italy - The first confirmation of its existence comes from astrophiles of Remanzacco


Jan 25 2007 Event Baffling Cosmic Explosion Comes Out of Nowhere

Space probe targets third comet after second vanishes

Mankind 'shortening the universe's life' - Telegraph  The Appearance of the Blue Sun in our Solar System  Nibiru

Venus has frequent bursts of lightning

The lightning is cloud-to-cloud and about 35 miles above the surface, said University of California, Los Angeles geophysics professor C.T. Russell, lead author of a paper on the Venusian fireworks. It is being published in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature. Bursts of electrical energy from lightning are something that scientists have long theorized could provide the spark of life in primordial ooze. But not on Venus. "If life was ever something serious to talk about on Venus, it would be early in its history, not in its current state," said Sean Solomon of the Carnegie Institution of Washington, who was not part of the research team. "It's a very unforgiving atmosphere."

Asteroid May Soon Slam into Mars 2


Once Mars has a higher gravity, comets could be redirected to impact the planet to provide needed gases for a thicker atmosphere and water for oceans. Eventually the atmosphere would be thick enough to completely disintegrate comets and asteroids without crashing onto the surface, so humans could start relocating to the planet at this time.

A probable active glacier has been identified for the first time on Mars


Our new, white, clouds... storms on Mars right now, and check-out weather reports...  Strange object found on Mars  Hale Crater  More

Flying saucers’ around Saturn explained The formation of strange flying-saucer-shaped moons embedded in Saturn's rings have baffled scientists. New findings suggest they're born largely from clumps of icy particles in the rings themselves, an insight that could shed light on how Earth and other planets coalesced from the disk of matter that once surrounded our newborn sun.

Unidentified Object Near Saturn 2 3 4

World's biggest telescope to hunt for exoplanets

Vatican Astronomer Likens Creationism to Superstition

Voyager 2 finds solar system's shape is 'dented'  Space Station Plans an Inspection Spacewalk

The first stars to form in the universe may not have shone like those today, but instead may have been invisible "dark stars" powered by the annihilation of dark matter, a new study finds.  Has first evidence of another universe been seen?  Large Hadron Collider Ready To Go  Theoretical physics geometry is all A shape could describe the cosmos and all it contains

HAPPY SOLSTICE: morning, Dec. 22nd at 6:08 am UT, the sun reached its lowest declination of the year: -23.5 degrees. Astronomers call this the winter solstice; it marks the first day of winter and the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere.

SUNSPOT 978 2 3

Sunspot 978 continues to grow: movie. It now covers an expanse of Sun about as wide as the planet Jupiter

Thar she blows, being called a C-class flare.  Looks MUCH bigger. Latest Events Comments

Moon recording: The first image of the probe "Chang'e 1" 2

Scientist of the Year: David Charbonneau His research heats up the search for alien life—and finds some amazing planets along the way.

12/15/2007 8:36:17 A.M. Pacific Standard Time

Kent, What are they hiding this time?


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her eyes pooled emeralds.

Mastering the light-winds from the sun she absorbed the rays into her soul;
thus commanding all the powers of her world. For the magical creatures she reigned 
radiant Queen of the forest; even the shy and most fragile were unafraid.


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Military Evangelism Deeper, Wider Than First Thought  Wanta

What Will Israel Do?  Castro Hints He May Step Down   new orleans protest 2


Ron Paul and Internet Politics  

Paul Raises $6 Million in 24-Hour Effort  

A Conservative on Halliburton scandal and support for Obama

Tens of thousands demand Cheney Impeachment  Explosion, Jacksonville, Fla
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Giant garbage patch floating in Pacific 2  An enormous island of trash twice the size of Texas is floating in the Pacific Ocean somewhere between San Francisco and Hawaii  Comments

6.6 2007/12/20 07:55:19 -38.842 177.930 35.6 NORTH ISLAND OF NEW ZEALAND

NEW ZEALAND Quake damage extensive as massive clean-up begins

6.7 2007/12/16 08:09:21 -22.555 -69.984 54.8 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE  Severe Weather


Bob Boyce System Replications Reporting 40-60% mpg Increases The first closely replicated Bob Boyce Style Electrolyzers are beginning to report results in the Watercar, Hydroxy, and Workingwatercar  yahoo egroups. Plans

Lawton Replication, Flash Steam, and S1r9 Research

Water car technology from 1950 resurrected

The rich, famous and influential prepare to hear the secret to climate-safe energy  breakthrough in micro-technology, and that British scientists who have tested it are convinced that it will work.  A discovery that could give the world access to vast quantities of energy with minimal damage to the climate will be shown off for the first time at a glittering gathering of the famous, rich and influential next Friday night.

Established inventor validates Orbo   75-mph car runs on AA batteries  Light Source Lasts 12 Years - No Electricity Needed  Man invents cancer machine  Ceramic engine 2

12/5/2007 2:58:35 A.M. Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent, This just appeared on the website: Suppression of Self Powered Battery  Comments

Toshiba has engineered a battery advancement, called the Super Ion Battery

François Isaac de Rivaz (Paris, December 19, 1752 – Sion, July 30, 1828) was an inventor from Switzerland. He is credited with the construction of the first internal combustion engine during 1806 and a rudimentary automobile powered by it in 1807. Gasoline was not used for internal combustion engines until 1870. The fuel used was actually Hydrogen extracted from water. He also experimented with steam-powered vehicles in the late 18th century.

Frank Pringle has found a way to squeeze oil and gas from just about anything

Acoustic Levitation Chamber  Ultrasonic Levitation


U.S. Streets Soon to be Patrolled with Futuristic Pain Beam  Audio spotlight to put voices, ads in your head  Man's skin turns dark blue

Sunken City in Lake Fuxian in Yunan Province

Big Machines Parked In Orbit - Black Ops, Star Wars Or ET? Or All Of The Above?  Mystery Space Machines Above - Pt 2

12/15/2007 3:20:37 A.M. Pacific Standard Time

Kent, have just been looking at JLW’s machines parked in orbit. Could it be possible these images are very elaborate holographic images?  Just a thought from down under.

Britain set to release secret UFO files  Japan's Top Government Spokesman: UFOs 'Definitely' Exist   Defense Minister Ishiba Considers Japan's Options in UFO Attack
Original NASA STS-114 UFO 

Is there a Black Budget Space Program?

At 90, Arthur C. Clarke has three wishes


Famed NASA Astronaut confirms Extraterrestrials are here  William Henry: Stargates and Ascension  UFO: Uncovering A National Secret  The Ufo lecture by Philip Schneider  UFO over Cincinnati  DRONE - STRANGE CRAFT musicvideo  CNN Ufo Disclosure National Press Club Stephen Bassett  David Adair Interview - Rocket Scientist  What is that thing?  The Rockefeller Initiative 1993-1996 2

Mummified Dinosaur May Have Outrun T Rex  Scientists find fossil of enormous bug  Jenna Bush - Reptile Daughter  Lizards  Bloodlines  Alien Speech Found in NASA's Saturn Radio Signal  Congo River

Ancient stone circle found in Skåne  Eighth wonder of the world? The stunning temples secretly carved out below ground by 'paranormal' eccentric  Video  Deep in the Forest 2 3

Irish Origins Part 4 - The Druids, Culdeans, Gaels & The Creation of Christianity  Partially mummified dinosaur revealed

Thinking of Edgar Cayce


The Rainbow Warriors

WORLD NEWS 2006 The truth is rarely pure and never simple  

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