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EMAIL, 9/9/99 8:55:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time:  . . .you'd think that all of a sudden it's raining Russian rocket parts! The object that impacted in Gallipoli Italy (third one there) a few weeks back... you sure never heard any follow up on that one. It's like the media has been told to put a kabash on the stories regarding fireballs.





EDITOR'S NOTE: It all started with oddities seen at the eclipse (2, 3) and signals-incoming as reported by ELFRAD.  Please browse the menu at the bottom of the page and surf  three or four layers back to see the sequence that leads us now to emphasize your reports and feedback.  Is something significant happening now in earthspace?  It would seem so.

Still more odd GOES Images. So far all e-mails to UNISYS regarding what they may be go unanswered.

9/9/99 12:45 PM CDT


EMAIL. 9/12/99 7:59:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Unisys Weather: Latest IR Satellite and Radar Loop [frame]. Here we go again....what IS this white line? Why is it going to El Paso area? You have my permission to print this with my name. Debra in Texas

EMAIL, 9/14/99 1:35:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I didn't read the recent postings on strange lights in Turkey, and hope this isn't a duplication.

Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 04:29:59 -0400

Hello everyone,

Since Red mentioned about the strange lights seen in South Oregon, I also would like to give you some info about what's going on here in Turkey. Well, ever since the earthquake, some very strange lights are clearly seen all over Western Turkey. They are incredibly clear, circular or triangular in shape, white, yellow, red and blue colored, remain visible in the sky for 5 to 20 minutes, following a materializing-dematerializing pattern. The funny thing is it became a routine thing as they have been showing up twice or three times a week recently. They became an inevitable component of the TV news and media.

Furthermore, just before the quake, the bottom of the sea in Izmit went red and the sea temperature went up to 40-45 degrees C. However, there are no underwater volcanos in the Sea of Marmara!!! Starting two days before the quake, hundreds of fish, crabs and other sea life forms died and not naturally! Somehow, they were burned!!!!! The fish nets of the fishermen were burned and we have several rock and stone samples from the sea, which went black in color. TUVPO (Turkish UFO and Paranormal Organization) is co-operating with the Smithsonian Institute and a few universities in the U.S..We already sent them some rock and burned fishnet samples, upon their request. Folks at TUVPO will hopefully run a spectrum analysis on the video tapes. Some fishermen are also saying that they witnessed an explosion under the sea. And then guess what. Fireballs, strange lights, sightings never ended in Turkey. At the same time more quakes with smaller scales are still ongoing in a wide range of area. As you know Greece was hit by a 5.9 quake a couple of days ago. Hundreds of other quakes vary from 3.5 to 5.2 in Turkey. They can't be the aftershock quakes because they occur on totally different fault lines.

The following are the possibilities that are discussed here as regards to those lights:

1. UFOs

2. Anomalous Lumnious Phenomena (Earth Lights or Earthquake Lights)

3. Sudden release of methane gas from the surface of the Earth as a result of a major quake. (Not likely though)

4. Unknown underwater volcanic activity

Well, no one knows what is going on here but I will appreciate your TECHNICAL comments, if you have any. Sorry, I know this has nothing to do with Nosty but I would also be glad if you could provide some info on that so-called Tesla and Plasma Weapon Prototypes.

EMAIL, 9/15/99 5:17:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I found this sight a few weeks ago and it is now just about the only stop I make on the web.

The Wednesday night prior to the (Thursday) early morning sightings I noticed what I thought was an odd celestial formation bearing ~238 degrees magnetic at ~37 degree inclination. When viewed through 8x binoculars it appeared like a solid white 'star' approximately 1/2 of an inch (visually) above another 'star' that was cycling through color changes.

As far as Mac Dill AFB is concerned I have noticed an increase in F-16 traffic at the base (Mac Dill no longer has an F-16 wing attached to it and has not for quite some time.) Also on Friday 10SEP99 I spotted a CH-53 flying from towards Mac Dill. The major users of this particular helicopter that I know of is Special Operations (To my knowledge J.S.O.C. Head Quarters is still at Mac Dill) but I can not recall ever seeing one over this area.

EMAIL, 9/12/99 8:52:55 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Dear Kent and crew, Just another words of encouragement for your continuing efforts to highlight those facts which never make their way to the light of day. Just a note and reminder......the data bases currently identified by Near Earth Asteroid Tracking are probably invalid at this juncture in time....the trajectory altering forces of both solar CME's and  interstellar energies will require an index effort that will drive a super computer crazy......if for example, the recent arrival of energy in a grazing blow from a star 100,000 light yrs away can "rip" the electrons apart from their atoms......their just may be sufficient force to nudge trajectories and speeds of NEO's .0001 degrees or more. I surely am not wanting to be an alarmist....but no where along the way have I encountered any such considerations (in the public sector). I would hope the resources endeavoring to discover these objects, will also discover the relationship and relativity associated among the factors involved. Talk about a bad hair day!!!! That is of course not even thinking about dark matter which permeates the solar system. Thanks again for your efforts and dedication. Good luck!

EDITOR'S REPLY:Thanks so much for your comments. At times I flounder a bit in my own thinking. As an artist my cultural assignment is to bird-dog around "out there" and fetch back stuff for others to inspect--not that everything I dump at the door has significance.

I usually try to present without direct comment; however, I have a growing philosophy, based on the *creative model, ie, the Muses (not necessarily subject to the scientific method), and what I'm beginning to frame is awesome to myself.

1. We are enshrouded within an infinite environment which might forever defy description (dark matter for instance).

2. This environment to be INTELLIGENT, subject to whim, etc. The fundamental universal laws might be at the very basis in flux, CHANGING!

I most appreciate any science input--certainly need the restraint and balance.


MORE ECLIPSE ANOMALIES: Total Eclipse as seen from Normandy, France








At approximately 11:18 p.m., the heavens were suddenly and brilliantly illuminated as if an unseen hand had turned up the stage lights. For a period of almost 5 seconds, clouds incandesced, the black night sky turned blue, and it was momentarily bright enough to read a newspaper outdoors. The strange celestial effect was reported from as far north as Colorado and Wyoming and as far south as west Texas.  (right, meteor captured, Sandia, 8/17/99)


What's Going on in our Skies?

Radar Rings, HAARP, Fireballs and UFO's

EMAIL: Subj: RING IN TENN, Date: 9/12/99 9:55:59 AM Pacific Daylight Time

EMAIL, 9/12/99 11:23:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time take a look at this: http://elwe.ceri.memphis.edu/~seisadm/heli/welcome.html Check MO and TN. Be sure to reload.

EMAIL, 9/13/99 2:21:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time: This terrifies me. I live in West Virginia!


Awesome clouds over San Diego

'ETs'? & Ground Traces In Montreal, Quebec

SLEUTHS: Alert: we need videos of recent fireballs!

EMAIL. 9/11/99 7:12:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time: We saw something strange here last Saturday about 3PM PST. We were driving S towards Portland and we noticed what appeared to be normal jet contrail. What struck us as odd was the flight path. It was a near vertical ascent. Also instead of the normal smear of the four engines, their were two broad smoke trails at about a 1 degree angle. When I put the binoc's on it the body was black. The shape was between a rocket and a fighter, but too far away to get any detail. By the time we looked it had already passed the high horse-tail clouds which must have been 30-50K feet. It was ascending that fast. Any Ideas?

EMAIL, 9/11/99 4:57:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time: fireball here today on 21:20 local time (Greece)

EMAIL, 9/11/99 12:46:42 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I am an Oregon resident and on Friday, very early in the morning, my husband and I got up to get our first grader off to school. When the sun comes up over the mountains, we were watching it as usual. But we saw the weirdest thing this time. There was a really long sort of orange light trail that was catching the sun or something. My husband said it didn't look like a glinting cloud because it was getting longer. We talked about what it couldn't be, and then we looked at each other. He used to be in the army and he knows a lot about aircraft. His wonder caught me off guard. I happen to be the kind of person who gets really excited about stuff like ufo's, but it usually turns out to be nothing and then I feel like a fool. So I said "I dunno" and we went inside and went about our day. It seemed to bother my hubby for a little while. But we never heard anything about it. Well, my mother sent me your link today and after reading your emails on the orbit site, i truly wonder. What a freaky thing to think the one that got away this time might have been a real one!!!!!!!

EMAIL, 9/8/99 5:55:02 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Hi Kent, I live in the Tampa Bay area of west central Florida. Yesterday morning (9.06.99) at around 5:00 am local time, many witnesses in the area reported a fiery object slowly moving across the skies over Tampa Bay from east to west. Incidentally, MacDill AFB is also located on Tampa Bay. I did not see the event, but the descriptions I heard on the radio were such that the people calling into the authorities were very concerned, and believed that a large airplane was on fire and in the process of crashing.

There was a follow up story on the local radio news this morning, and they said that local authorities had officially stated that the "fireball" object was either a meteor, or some debris from a Russian rocket re-entering the atmosphere.




EMAIL, 9/9/99 2:11:12 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I just read an article on the Sightings site.On 9-7-99, there were several UFO sightings.One in particular, in Florida was explained away as a Russian booster rocket.That's at least three, now.Does anyone see a pattern developing.I'm so happy to know they finally have figured out how to stop the evil swamp gas. I believe the new story so much more, don't you?

EMAIL, 9/9/99 4:49:22 AM Pacific Daylight Time


But I don't buy this explanation ; (

Do you?

Seems like these "booster" rockets are a convenient cover story. It used to be meteors, temperature inversions, or the planet Venus, now it's Russian boosters. If this is true, why aren't our local civil defense authorities concerned about warning people in populated areas on falling booster tonnage? And why are "Russian" boosters all of a sudden falling across US territory?? That last "booster" (item # 25761) which fell over the Western part of the country wasn't even in NORADS catalog! See: http://www.ufomind.com/ufo/media/mailing/archive/skywatch/msg06842.shtml

I think these "official" mainstream newspaper stories and quick explanations about "booster catalog parts" and are obviously nothing more than disinformation to dissuade the general public from getting too concerned about something which the government wants to keep a lid on for whatever reason. We deserve to know what the he_ l is going on! HEADS UP!!

EMAIL, 9/9/99 8:55:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time:  . . .you'd think that all of a sudden it's raining Russian rocket parts! The object that impacted in Gallipoli Italy (third one there) a few weeks back... you sure never heard any follow up on that one. It's like the media has been told to put a kabash on the stories regarding fireballs, UFOs, etc.

Email, 9/9/99 9:13:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I did a little snooping on this one, I’ll start with the "Official" word on these sightings….

From Florida……

It was a spent SL12 Russian rocket body," said Army Maj. Mike Birmingham, spokesman for the Space Command. "It was launched (Monday) from a place called Tyrataum in Kazakhstan. It re-entered the atmosphere over the Gulf of Mexico, about 17 hours earlier than expected."

From http://www.sptimes.com/News/90899/TampaBay/Mystery_lights_turn_o.shtml

And from UPI about the sightings in the west………

A large burning piece of a Russian rocket launched Feb. 28 re-entered the atmosphere over Oregon last night, lighting up the northwest sky - and the switchboards at United States Space Command in Colorado with calls from concerned citizens. Maj. Perry Nouis, spokesman for the Space Command, said (Thursday) the rocket piece was part of a Russian-built SL-12 and had been tracked so it's entry was predicted down to the time and place. Nouis said Space Command continually tracks more than 9,000 pieces of space debris as small as 6 inches long.

O.K. now tell me why a "spent SL12 Russian rocket body" rocket launched in Feb. would take until Sept. to reenter the atmosphere, but another "spent SL12 Russian rocket body" launched on Monday would re-enter in 3 days?

AND, they can track the one that has been floating around in space for 6 months down to the exact time and place re-entry would occur, BUT the one launched Mon. came back "17 hours earlier than expected"???????

Here is a Yahoo story about the rocket launched on Mon. form Kazakhstan. http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/19990906/sc/space_russia_21.html

They are calling the rocket a "Proton-K" in the official launch news on Mon.

I find no "SL12" anywhere. sounds real official though huh? "Russian SL-12 rocket body"

Curiouser and curiouser!!!!!

EMAIL, 9/8/99 7:23:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I have read with great interest some of the postings on your site. here in north carolina we are also experiencing these chemtrails...and the resulting sicknesses. we have recently been seeing numerous fireballs heading from south to north. some make a loud crackling noise others are silent. there has been a great increase in air traffic... especially military aircraft. we live hundreds of miles from any military bases. recently (last week) we were bombarded with military helicopters that many here seem to think are apache and comanche types...these were armed! they were flying so low that we could actually see the pilots. a very scary thing happened during all of this... only a very few people at a large gas station where my daughter was getting gas actually seemed to notice these things! she says that scares her more than the actual aircraft. have we been invaded by a foreign power? what is happening? i hope you keep your site going because i think we need to know this.

RESPONSE TO ABOVE, 9/11/99 7:10:25 PM Pacific Daylight Time

This hit me like a ton of bricks.... the email from a woman whose daughter was perplexed because so few people near her noticed low-flying military helicopters. The ambivalence of people around the daughter scared her more than the presence of aircraft!

I've been wracking my brain trying to understand WHY Americans have become immune or in denial of political, moral, social, and cosmic issues. At the risk of sounding anti-social, more and more it seems there must be "others" among us. "Something" inhuman must be pervading our human consiousness. If true, we'll eventually have to fight the ultimate battle, not just for physical survival, but more importantly - for survival of the spirit, our very souls.

EMAIL, 9/5/99 12:47:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I was thinking there could be a connection between the sightings of the "seven or eight orange/red glowing objects" that were seen flying from Wa. to Ut. and the "7 orange glowing beings/angels" seen in space by the Russian cosmonauts. Maybe they wanted to come in for a closer look??? I'd love to hear anyone else's thoughts on this possibility, the similar number and color has me intrigued. Keep up the good work.

EMAIL, 9/5/99 8:55:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I too was feeling that there might be a connection with the sightings of the 7-8 red-orange glowing objects out west and the "angels" seen by the cosmonauts. I am hoping that their intent is benevolent toward us - I am now thinking of the Vatican message also on your site. These are interesting times indeed. Thank you, Kent, for your willingness to provide a site to collect all of this information, and for all the work to do, it is a very good service. Blessings.

ARCHIVES: SEATTLE FIREBALLS, (similar fireballs happened before, Nov. 1997, same ol' official excuses, but look at the weird trajectory.

INTERNET MESSAGE 9/2/99 9:40 EDT: been outside watching the sky, figure first hand is best,  I just saw the most incredible thing. Watched this white light come from the north got huge and really bright. Couldn't tell if it was coming towards me or growing. Then all of a sudden it shrank to a pin point and I watched it change directions-- headed due east. But when it was huge, it was the most beautiful thing i ever saw.  Like a star close up, little points coming out of it and all. Was as big as 50 cent piece at largest point. Wasn't moving fast either.  Actually hovered before it changed direction.

EMAIL, 09/03/1999 2:55:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time: about 18:00 GMT last night I was walking down my front garden to collect the mail and a brilliant light caught my eye in the southern sky. It was like a star, the brightest star you have ever seen, burning in the clear blue daylight sky. As I watched it shrank to a point and blinked out. I stood and scoured the sky for about 10 mins trying to see if it was a reflection of a plane or anything but the sky was empty. Weird.

EMAIL, 09/02/1999 8:04:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time: At approx. 4:30 PM today, NJ, I observed a large, bright object at the 9 O'Clock position to the Sun. Is this Comet Lee?

EMAIL: 09/03/1999 6:43:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I have seen those bright lights, during the day mind you, around here. I didn't think they were normal, as I have lived around Wright-Patterson AFB most of my life, but my husband and daughter insist they are just jet planes. I don't believe that because there are no plane noises. Also, there are many strange objects that suddenly appear then disappear in a clear blue sky. Not to mention all the chemtrails. There has been much sky activity around here, but lately it has increased quite a bit.


09/02/1999 12:40:18 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Heads Up Everyone!!!

There has been a massive sighting, made by multiple individuals, of 7 or 8 Unidentified Flying Objects in the Western US. More specifically, Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada.

This report was announced by Art Bell on "Coast to Coast" around 9:30 pm pacific time (1:30 am eastern). He received multiple faxes and e-mails about the event.

He had Peter Gersten on and interrupted the second hour of the show to bring on Peter Davenport of the UFO Reporting Center. Davenport had several "Live" excerpts from callers who reported this sighting.

Below are several eyewitness descriptions of this anomaly (anomalies).

7 or 8 "flaming" UFOs heading "in formation" from Northwest to Southeast at a low altitude and at a surprisingly low speed. It took the objects 1 1/2 to 2 minutes for the objects to traverse from horizon to horizon.

8 UFOs "with flaming tails" traveling "in formation" from west to east. 1 1/2 minutes to cross the sky.

7 or 8 "flaming" objects "in a straight line" traveling in formation" from Northwest to Southeast, 1 broke formation then 1 joined formation.

Single red light traveling steadily across the sky, broke into 4 or 5 pieces.

Military jets flying in Afterburn over the same area several minutes after sighting.

At approx. 9:30 pm pacific time, parts of the western United States suffered a widespread power blackout.

Art Bell is currently broadcasting via a propane powered generator.

Don't miss this one!

Art Bell


National UFO Reporting Center


Tim Edwards

Galax, VA



OFFICIAL EXPLANATIONS FOR ABOVE, Air Force night training, crashed Russian Spacecraft


(UPI Spotlight)

Russian space garbage lights up sky

WASHINGTON, Sept. 2 (UPI) - A large burning piece of a Russian rocket launched Feb. 28 re-entered the atmosphere over Oregon last night, lighting up the northwest sky - and the switchboards at United States Space Command in Colorado with calls from concerned citizens. Maj. Perry Nouis, spokesman for the Space Command, said (Thursday) the rocket piece was part of a Russian-built SL-12 and had been tracked so it's entry was predicted down to the time and place. Nouis said Space Command continually tracks more than 9,000 pieces of space debris as small as 6 inches long.

EMAIL RETORT TO ABOVE OFFICIALDOM, 2:52 a.m. 09/02/99: I checked the reports coming in and the objects tracked from Everett WA to Portland OR - next sighted in Redding CA - then northeast  of Reno NV to Richfield UT - then a southerly route. The objects were next  seen over Sedona & Camp Verde AZ. Then Tucson AZ. The objects flew at + Mach 5 - in formation - and at times one would separate and then return. The most frequent description was glowing orange - with comet like trails. Several people reported the objects stopping for several seconds or what appeared to be additional objects coming from them. The sightings lasted for a period of about 3 hours.

Sure doesn't sound like a Russian shuttle breaking up.

Strangely the area over southern NV, UT and northern AZ went dark -  no electricity - at about the time the objects were passing overhead Allegedly F-15s were scrambled from Edwards and Nellis AFB but were unable to "catch" the objects. That is unverified according to Art Bell. CNN and a major media in San Fran CA claim it's the Russian shuttle falling from the sky 2 days early.

EMAIL, 09/03/1999 2:41:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time: 9-2-99, I am letting certain sites know, when I see the story about what is being reported as the cause of the fireballs In Oregon, and other west coast areas.On the news from Medford, Oregon, they are saying that it was a Russian rocket re-entering Earth, except that the picture looked like a missile that was able to reach Oregon.I would have bought it, except that when I got home, and opened the newspaper, The World, of Coos Bay, Oregon, now get this-- THEY say that it was an Air National Guard---FLARE DRILL.Something's up.Please, If you could, ask any eyewitnesses from Oregon, Washington, and California to send in their reports.Unfortunately, I did not witness this.Someone in Medford, however, did get it on tape.It was on Channel 5, KOBI, Medford, Oregon.

EMAIL, Wednesday, September 01, 1999 9:08 PM: We recently had an odd event over sandy ego [San Diego]. During the night I saw a very bright flash and a powerful thunderclap (explosion). The flash was so bright that all the streetlights (on photocells) went off, leaving this part of the city, at least, in total darkness.

Not a peep from anyone about the event. Not the paper, not television, not radio. But I believe it was a bollide exploding in the atmosphere. Or a neutron bomb, but I'm still here so it wasn't that.

Wonder why no one mentioned it??? I wonder why. I really wonder why.

What planet was I on???

EMAIL, 09/02/1999 12:04:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Do you find it strange that the radar was effectively turned off not more than 48 hours ago and now we've got a huge sighting of "lights" flashing across the west coast?

Is it a conspiracy? I can't say. But I sure do find the timing highly suspicious considering the fact that those of us tracking the radar images on a daily basis have found some strange anomalies when things like tonight's "lights" have happened in the past.

Mind you this is just a thought.

09/02/1999 11:27:19 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Building Community Family,

I have not heard back from the party who sent this in because they keep getting knocked off the Net so we've withheld their identity to send this out. We can only share it is from a reputable individual or we wouldn't bother. Are any of the rest of you in the areas mentioned experiencing this?

Please respond with an corroborating information.


Holly and Stan

"I can't stay on line -- keep getting cut off -- everybody is seeing massive sightings of UFOs, military aircraft chasing these things. Hit major media in CA.

My animals are acting really weird - the sightings are occurring in CA, OR, WA (California, Oregon, Washington state) so far - electricity out in many places. Sightings are lasting 1 to 2 minutes min. From the descriptions it's eerily similar to the movie Independence Day.

Internet down in lots of places"

EMAIL, 09/02/1999 9:33:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I get a call, at 11:00 am, to look at the sun. It had a massive, rainbow ring, around it. A chemtrail also making its appearance. The real odd thing was a 3 times larger circle but not having the sun as it's center. not even close, tangential. Digital image taken and available.

I then called a business friend, in Bartlett, to have a look. He then went on to tell me of his first hand experience, 10:37 PM, last night. As he was putting out the trash he saw a very bright object race across the sky. He said it had a red head and a tail. Took over 30 seconds to pass over, lighting up the sky. Thirty minutes later he saw another traverse the sky but this one had a blue tail. He then said the sky was full of planes, an unusual amount. We really live in interesting times.

Former Spy Says Russia Buried Explosives In U.S.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Soviet spies buried explosives across the United States and Europe as part of aCold War sabotage campaign that identified power stations, fuel pipelines and other infrastructure sites, a former KGB official says.