Is Nibiru coming in 2003? 2013? Maybe this is not the issue, rather how can we explain what is already here?

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High flyers look for fabled asteroids near sun

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Date: 9/20/02 1:12:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent : I have been recently rereading Sitchin's , "The 12th Planet". On page 281 there is a diagram of the orbit of the 12th planet.What he says is that a mothership will reach Earth a few Earth years ahead of Nibiru. Maybe THAT is what we are seeing in the SOHO pictures. It goes into orbit around Earth without actually landing. A smaller craft does the actual landing.


*The incoming NASA will ID as a "Kruetz" comet. I use the term, "torpedo", because of observations and notions I have accumulated and hope to spell out soon. I have witnessed the appearance of these projectiles time and time again at the 5:00 or 7:00 position, most bizarre-- other wild stuff too, such as torps arising from earth [Sao Paolo, Brazil, Raytheon stronghold], also clues from Bearden. Hazy Clue: there might be superpotential vibes that skirt unhindered through space-time. Keep an eye on the Skunkworks, and Raytheon!


Chart (no planets)


FORUM Sigh, as usual: Just as we have a chance to see the TORPEDO up close, the C2 feeds have been pulled at, least for now, with the clock showing 02-09-19 12:15:22 UTC And the C2 indicating termination of data at 07:31

MINI RANT  This sequence, the two SOLAR TORPEDIES line-astern plowing into the sun, is the FIRST torp event and the only full feed allowed. But shortly after this they lost the whole SOHO spacecraft for months! By the way I saw that torp first, late one night, got the word out and one of my readers sent it to CNN. Had I not been there live I doubt the event would remain in archive. As it was NASA surrounded the incident with really questionable spin.

FORUM C2 feed finally re-established at around 9/19 15:00 UTC Also the down-period frames included at: http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime/realtime-c2.html



Date: 9/19/02 12:20:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time

You can see the torpedo enter this movie just above the bottom right corner, but it disappears well before reaching the center.

Frame-left 9/18/02 21:54







Date: 9/20/02 4:24:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, Let's think a little out of the box here. First off, you must admit that on any given day we get to see less than 1 minute in 24 hours per SOHO images. Statistically less than 1/10 of 1%. That aside we do see many wonders in that small frame of time...hmmm makes you think about what we are missing, anyway back to the missiles and anomalies.

The latest torpedo animations appear to have attending bodies that fade out in 2 frames due to apparent lower magnitudes of brightness. We have seen many single frame bright anomalies with rings of attending bodies in freeze frames.

Now follow my thinking here statistically and maybe you can help a bit on this. Stargate appearances, hmmm I've seen maybe 6-7 of them in 6 years of SOHO. Probabilities say that they are occurring quite frequently.

MAYBE these solar rogues we are seeing shooting toward the sun are not missiles coming from earth but instead perhaps aliens leaving or coming toward earth using stargates?

Something seems to be telling me there is a connection; and furthermore, I feel that there is a connection with the 4-8 O'clock positions of these "missiles" and the alignments of the "stargates" we've seen. Verification visually, statistically and mathematically needs to be done. I'm just trying to pass the football around here in case this hasn't occurred to anyone in theory.

Please advise on your thoughts: SLEUTHS?


Worldwide Periodical Time Shift?  Space Weapons


Crab nebula movie

Date: 9/22/02 4:05:14 AM Pacific Daylight Time

That circular wave pattern looks like the strange object you found some month ago moving away from sun to the left on C2. Maybe this is the real "strange small blackhole" NASA spoke of last week?

Date: 9/22/02 6:08:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time

New pictures of Planet X have apparently been released. The files for the FITS images of Planet X can be located at:


Those who do not have a FITS viewer, and meet the requirements for putting the FITS viewer on their system can find the FITS DS9 viewer at: http://hea-www.harvard.edu/RD/ds9/index.html

ALSO SEE http://m1.aol.com/deepspacegirl/havas.htm More

*FORUM Here are some notions accumulated over time concerning the NASA designation of "Kruetz" comet.

1.These "Solar torpedoes" always seem to show up on the left or right position at 7:00 or 4:00 relative to the SOHO spacecraft.

2. Furthermore the torps are moving or receding away-forward from the plane of the spacecraft, as though they originate from somewhere BEHIND the craft (earth?)

3. I have on one occasion seen from STS-80 a plasma torpedo coming very distinctly up from earth, specifically from a region near Sao Paolo Brazil. It is most interesting to myself that Raytheon has a project base in Sao Paolo. Also now have a copy of STS-48, also showing plasma-entities arising from ground-earth. Somehow in the theory we need to accommodate these origin-earth events. These Torpedo-like, comet-like, Kruetz-like entities are in our face and won't go away.

4. Enter the HARPY: here we have a torpedo that does not get sucked in by the sun, it casts a tail unaffected by the solar winds, and ends up in orbit around earth, deemed now a moon. No, it is NOT Apollo space junk, a SHOP-spin that is so ridiculous that it is almost like someone is trying to tell us something...See J002E3

5. On a hunch I have asked Bearden [representative] if it is possible that a scalar event initiated on earth could trigger an event on the sun. Bearden affirms, and declares a great concern.

6. I have been informed by Skunkwork former employees that LM does indeed have some exotic solar projects ongoing, such as, quote:

"In 1997 a specific company based in Maryland compiled a program to shoot a nuclear warhead into the sun."

also quote:

"It is possible that, by torpedo launchings, somebody is activating CMEs artificially in order to impede the possibility of their propagation in our direction and to diminish their magnitude."

Some of these ideas I admit are pretty wild, but I must say at this time that the catch-all phrase, "Kruetz" comet is under continuing scrutiny. There might not only be projectiles fired into the sun, but more staggering there might be superpotential experiments, electrical-scalar, initiated on earth that skirt unhindered through space-time and create immense sparks in the running.


Tunguska Explosion Not Caused by Asteroid Scientists have long believed that the flattening of miles of trees in the remote Tunguska region of Siberia on June 30, 1908 was due to a asteroid impact with the power of a 50 megaton nuclear bomb. Now a Russian geologist thinks it was caused by a liquid jet that shot up from inside the Earth under high pressure.

Studies Find New Type of Black Hole WASHINGTON –– Astronomers say they have found a new type of black hole and now believe those mysterious celestial objects exist in a variety of sizes, from small to supermassive.

More Sci- Than Fi, Physicists Create Antimatter Physicists working in Europe announced yesterday that they had passed through nature's looking glass and had created atoms made of antimatter, or antiatoms, opening up the possibility of experiments in a realm once reserved for science fiction writers. Such experiments, theorists say, could test some of the basic tenets of modern physics and light the way to a deeper understanding of nature.


FORUM Cometary Theory [examine notes by SS] It is more likely these are natural comets following true laws of physics rather than some kinda torpedo shot from the earth at the sun. We have comets coming into the inner solar system that break up all the time, S4 being one of the most recent. We are currently watching O6 as it may be in process of breaking up at this moment but has not been confirmed yet.

The newest theory regarding comets is that they are mirror matter or dark matter. This mirror matter is the same thing as etheric material, thus they are scalar. If you understand scalar physics this would not be a great mystery. The comet is oscillating longitudally within the "Zero Point Vacuum" or the "Ether" at the same time it is reflecting cosmic x-rays from the sun. This "Ether" is always there, it doesn´t disappear just because your not thinking about it.

You question why they come in at certain angles, but I remember a recent article about objects falling into paths that have no gravity caused by gravity from planetary bodies canceling each other opening a type of portal path in which an object such as a comet can travel with no friction at all. Most likely these angles are such frictionless loopholes paths in which the cometary objects follow until they plunge into the sun.

I do believe in this case that these are cometary objects, however, I also think there is alot more to these cometary objects and their effects than is generally accepted or widely known..

I guess I going to go ahead and throw another twist to this suncruiser sungrazer event:

Two comets recently raced in and are currently in passage:

Comet C2002 O4 Hoenig

This comet was discovered in Andromeda after it had passed directly through the great square of Pegasus days before. It then continues it´s journey through Cepheus (Father of Andromeda) and then through the dipper of the Ursa Minor (The Little Dipper and home of our current polestar Polaris) and then passes through the tails of Draco (The Dragon) and Ursa Major (The Big Dipper). The comet then ends up leaving through the Virgo, Corvus, Hydra area.

This comet rendevouz with Comet C2002 O6 SWAN in the Virgo (The Virgin) Corvus (The Raven) area in November - December.  This Virgo Corvus area is the same area that comets C1995 Y1 Hyakutake and C1996 B2 Hyakutake comets were discovered.  Both comets rushed in and brightened quickly..

Comet O4 Hoenig discovered in Andromeda where comets C1 Ikeya-Zhang and F1 Utsunomiya just recently passed each other during passage..

-Comet C2002 O6 SWAN

This comet appears to have entered in the Phoenix Sculptor region, it then passed through Fornax (The Furnace) before being discovered in Eridanus (The River). It then comes out of The River and races across the head of Orion. It then continues through Gemini where it makes a close approach to the star Castor, the 2nd-brightest star in Gemini. It then passes through Leo Minor (The Lesser Lion) and the tail of Leo (The Lion) before exiting in the Virgo Corvus Hydra region.

This comet rendevouz with Comet C2002 O4 Hoenig in the Virgo (The Virgin) Corvus (The Raven) area in November - December.  This Virgo Corvus area is the same area that comets C1995 Y1 Hyakutake and C1996 B2 Hyakutake comets were discovered. Both comets rushed in and brightened quickly..

According to the Thunderbird link on cyberspace orbit frontpage atm...the Thunderbird is related to both the Phoenix and the Raven. Looking at the area the sun is in atm from the map on cyberspace orbit frontpage, it is located in the Virgo area.

A surge of interest in chasing comets

Planet-X, Comets and Earth Changes by James McCanney

  NEW BEARDEN BOOK: Energy from the Vacuum is the culmination of 30 years of original thinking and looking with fresh eyes at concepts that are presently considered to be foundations of science—a process of on-going analysis long ago recommended by Albert Einstein.

Fulcanelli’s Final Revelation: Raising the Djed at the End of Time Since A Monument to the End of Time first came out in the summer of 1999, we have been asked repeatedly if the world was going to end on the autumn equinox of 2002, the date described on the Cross at Hendaye. The answer is both yes and no, but probably not so as you’d notice as you lived through it.






Date: 9/21/02 7:13:38 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I have a funny idea what that probe could be, if you look at http://neo.jpl.nasa.gov/j002e3a.html

It enterered around Earth orbit in April 2002 and will leave in July 2003, just before the great Mars opposition and the prophecy of Planet X coming in by zetatalk.com. So it might be the escape capsule, to be boarded in half lunar distance from a shuttle like rocket from Earth for the lucky few ;-)

Another possibility, it's a surveying probe like we did on Jupiter with Galileo, which also had a similar orbit.


Hieroglyphics Disclose Unknown War



SunCruiser Evidence Note: the term, Sun Cruiser, was coined and discovered by Elizabeth Edwards, my hero, one of the more significant, unheralded scientists of our time, also a real Ayla, [The Clan of the Cave Bear] living in the woods and WATCHING. Power to the people, to the fairhearted, to the Elvin! Mainstream journalists should consider turning away from Rummy, Bushy and Blair and do some real stories for a change--an interview with Liz. The culture if not the planet would turn on it's axis.

The ELectric Universe: ELohim, angEL, ELohim, EL

FORUM Uh-oh now the Muses are butting-in: Could we say that the Cartesian machine universe is in fact being tweaked by God, the EL-god? Way cool, that would unite Pagan and Priest--and Science, whatever the hELL that is. [Jeeeez, Kent you had an almost logical stream going there and now you are blowing it, go back to bed] pesky Muses, pesky Seraphim, pesky ELohim!

THE ENNEAD SPEAK  "The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance of the Number Nine"


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