The warrior was cleaned, sterilized and placed into a bio-mechanical suit from head to toe and then was led into a great chamber. In the chamber was a ship they called Blue Star. These ships contained weaponry and DNA material from his clan. ANCIENT SAGA

Does war still rage on the Red Planet? With whom? Who knows, maybe with us, expatriots, with humans.

[Atlantean glyph: MARS]






ALERT: Mars hit by an asteroid? 2  3 Try this: Phobos and Deimos Have Vanished  UPDATE: The Phobos Mystery Continues links seem to have been rerouted

During the last week, Glen Deen has attempted two recovery sightings of both Phobos and Deimos with a 24-inch f/16 Cassegrain telescope. While dimmer field stars were visible, neither Phobos nor Deimos can be seen. It is as though they have suddenly vanished!


Date: 8/21/01 7:37:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: The thought plickens..... Interestingly, Gordon-Michael Scallion predicted just such an event, as possibly did Nostradamus in C-10, Q-72. The year 1999, seventh month, [or simply "sept"] From the sky will come a great King of Terror. To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols, Before and after Mars to reign by good luck. Updates from the MGS probe continue to be unusually sporadic. Fragments of Deimos bombarding the surface of Mars would create a pattern of star explosions similar to those witnessed in the MGS thermal image over the past two months and certainly would be capable of generating the planetary superstorm we have been monitoring. Does something wicked this way cometh?

Date: 8/28/01 12:05:48 PM Pacific Daylight Time

This is the response I got back from the David Dunlop Observatory, which has a large telescope just north of Toronto.

From: []

Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2001 2:25 PM

Well, this sounds like a fake news report, or one with a serious flaw. Even if it were true, Mars is too low in the sky to be  seen by our telescope, and if it were high up, then we still could do nothing since our telescope is designed for spectroscopy, and not for imaging.


Michael Allen

Key instrument on Mars-bound probe fails

Subj: Mars Odyssey: Right on Queue?

Date: 8/21/01 2:59:05 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I highly suspected such a situation might arise before the Mars Odyssey probe reached it's orbital insertion. But then again; might the failure have been a result of last week's bizarre proton storm over-saturating it's radiation detector? I lay 100-to-1 odds this probe never takes one solitary reading of the Martian environment. It will mysteriously disappear, fail, burn up in the dust/heat-expanded atmosphere, stop responding or some other similar event. Besides; if Phobos or Deimos have in fact disintegrated in orbit, Odyssey will be flying straight into a hail of asteroidal bullets.

Subj: Mars Probe Instrument Failer Already

Date: 8/22/01 5:46:50 AM Pacific Daylight Time

This I presume is the GRS that failed, this an important instrument in testing one of the key aspects of Richard Hoagland's theory and the bimodel distribution of water (hydrogen) on Mars. Why am I not suprised it's this instrument that failed (rhetorical question).


Date: 8/21/01 2:05:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Galactic Federation [Nidle]

We do not wish to alarm you, nor do we desire to fail to achieve our most elaborate plans. Therefore, we have begun a method to increase surface waters and to return Mars' craggy surface back to usable topsoil. The key to this activity lies in making the best use of Mars' continuing water cycle. Presently, her waters are trapped in underground streams, lakes or oceans or encased in glacier caps located near her North and South Poles. Our task is to fill her atmosphere with water or DUST, thereby reworking her surface. This procedure has produced several surface areas where a degree of life has returned. More

Date: 8/22/01 5:04:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: Check out these temperature images taken by the MGS on Aug. 14th and 15th. Some significant event must have taken place on Mars to create such a massive and sudden disturbance in the temperature readings. Again, the disturbance patterns consistently take on the "appearance" of impacts. More

Phobos and Deimos Have Vanished Update #1 – Mahoney’s Baloney links seem to have been rerouted

Date: 8/29/01 12:13:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent: I don't know if you've been following the unfortunate war of words over Glen Deen's observations. At this point it is difficult to come to any concrete conclusions, one way or the other, regarding Deimos and Phobos. Hopefully we will get some conclusive evidence soon. One might even suspect that this little spat has been carefully orchestrated in order to discredit all who might involve themselves, and through subsequent infighting, sidetrack the search for the truth regarding Mars and it's moons. I see this again and again on internet sites, where a well intentioned group making an honest attempt to uncover the truth has a hand-grenade conveniently dropped in their midst and in the finger-pointing that pursues, their original pursuit is lost.

Let's not be led astray. Let's keep our eyes on the target.

Speaking of which, in the past few days, the "daily" MGS thermal images, (which are only updated weekly), show unusually rapid cooling and apparent dissipation of the Mars Superstorm. Also notice that the Helenas basin, which was the apparent source of the superstorm, now appears to also be the source of the cooling trend?

If there are any astronomers left out there who have not been successfully scared off of this topic, I would imagine a detailed investigation of the Helenas basin might prove interesting... and possibly provide some much needed water for under the bridge.

REPLY: My past experiences with Dean leads me to think that he is an all right guy, a rebel amateur astronomer, right or wrong on his quests, at least has the balls to investigate controversial stuff--unlike the droids at NASA and the Vatican-controlled Ecclesiastics at U. of Ariz. I've actually caught the Mt. Graham Jesuit astros still worrying over Aristotles concepts, as well as debating what will happen to the Doctrine if life or ANYTHING UNUSUAL is found "out there." Good grief!

Religious Implications from the Possibility of Ancient Martian Life--Christopher J. Corbally, S.J. Vatican Observatory, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721

Date: 8/30/01 10:24:01 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: This is very unusual.... On August the 29th, I sent you a post which contained the "latest" thermal image from JPL's MGS site, which was dated Aug. 27th.

Now look at the date on today's (Aug 30th's) "latest" thermal image posted at JPL's site: It's now dated Aug 25th???

How can they possibly be going backwards?

I find it interesting that initially they were updating the MGS thermal images daily as their site states they do. However, towards the end of June when we first began to question the possible causes of the storm, they then began to delay the daily updates by approximately a week at a time. At that time I also caught them reversing the date of their "latest" image.

We've seen similar evidence of data tampering with SOHO's data sets in the past, which JPL also administers. Beginning to see a pattern developing here? What's their possible motives for such actions, if as they state; "it's just a dust storm"?

Date: 8/30/01 7:01:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: Take a look at the following comparison sequence of MGS thermal vs. dust activity images for Aug. 24th - 28th.

How can conditions possibly fluctuate so radically from one day to the next and back again the next on a global scale like this? Typically and historically it takes several days for conditions to build and change to this extent, especially on this scale. What's the old saying about taking time for the dust to settle? How can these conditions now change in complete opposition to one another when they have been relatively proportional to each other all summer? Up until recently, as the dust has increased, so has the temperature. Now they suddenly appear to be changing in complete opposition to each other?

I figure either the JPL scientists can't put calendar dates in the right order, the data is being tampered with, MGS is going on the blink as did Odyssey, or maybe there is something even more unbelievable taking place here. I'd also be interested to know why there would be such a large difference in polar coverage blackout areas on two instruments, which are orbiting together on the same satellite? Just curious in case anyone has the answer.




Strange Star Over Amarillo, TX

Lady Kadjina Speaks


Date: 7/18/01 9:33:37 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: What is going on with Mars? It is currently experiencing a global dust storm, the likes which have not been seen in several years [pic] []. However if you check out the MGS TES thermal imaging scans at 90 degrees, you will note what appears to be impacts, eruptions or explosions occurring in the lower hemisphere, marked by star patterns. Is this anomaly created by a fault in the MGS's thermal sensors, if so, why are they primarily clustered only in the lower 90 degree quadrant?

If these are the results of asteroid impacts, again why are they all clustered so tightly within one quadrant and not strung out around the planet, as was the case with the Shoemaker-Levi, Jupiter encounter. If it is a barrage of asteroid impacts, is Earth next? Could it be a series of huge volcanic eruptions? But why now, when Mars has been largely volcanically dormant for so long? Or... (reaching WAY out there) could it be part of an ongoing process to terraform Mars? The dust in the atmosphere helping to raise the planet's temperature significantly. Finally, there is a new Mars probe currently enroute to further explorer the red planet, which is due to enter Mars orbit this fall. Is this an attempt to block it's view? Possibly some of your sleuths can investigate further to find supporting or dismissive evidence for these questions and get to the bottom of this mystery. Regardless, I suggest everyone keep the eyes on Mars.

Van Flandern hints of an asteroid hit

The Phobos Mystery Continues  links seem to have been rerouted

Consortium of Scientist Coming Together to Discuss Mars/Asteroid...08/08/01


Current PlanetoPhysical alterations of the Earth are becoming irreversible. Strong evidence exists that these transformations are being caused by highly charged material and energetic non-uniformity's in anisotropic interstellar space which have broken into the interplanetary area of our Solar System.

In its travel through interstellar space, the Heliosphere travels in the direction of the Solar Apex in the Hercules Constellation. On its way it has met (1960's) non-homogeneities of matter and energy containing ions of Hydrogen, Helium, and Hydroxyl in addition to other elements and combinations. This kind of interstellar space dispersed plasma is presented by magnetized strip structures and striations. The Heliosphere [solar system] transition through this structure has led to an increase of the shock wave in front of the Solar System from 3 to 4 AU, to 40 AU, or more. This shock wave thickening has caused the formation of a collusive plasma in a parietal layer, which has led to a plasma overdraft around the Solar System, and then to its breakthrough into interplanetary domains [5,6]. This breakthrough constitutes a kind of matter and energy donation made by interplanetary space to our Solar System.

Date: 8/7/01 12:15:53 PM Pacific Daylight Time

SLEUTHS: Almost exactly a year to the day prior to the beginning of the Marsn superstorm, comet 76P/West mysteriously went missing after a close encounter with the red planet. Is what we are seeing now, the delayed result of last year's encounter? If that is so, can we confirm if Phobos is currently still maintaining it's unstable, reverse orbit around Mars? It would also be interesting to see if any amateur radio astronomers can determine if the red planet's radiation levels are up significantly?

Scientist claims 25-year-old data shows signs of life on Mars 2  

First Evidence Of Life Coming From Space Reported  

Mars Pathfinder Landing Site ...A Sphinx Revisited?  

Spy Agency May Have Located Mars Polar Lander

Date: 8/1/01 12:55:40 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent, I find it very strange that the media does not seem to want to cover anything going on in space (Mars) these last 2 months. Do you find it ironic these insane political scandals get massive coverage when there are other important things going on. Are they Cover to direct our attention away while the things they don't want the masses seeing are happening? Wake up America and focus on what's really going on!!!

Malin's 'secret' directory of unreleased Mars images

m23/01693 detail


Zoom  Latest 3D Models

MOC Images Suggest Recent Sources of Liquid Water on Mars

Anomalous Links, Mars