To make interstellar travel believable NASA was created. The Apollo Space Program foisted the idea that man could travel to, and walk upon, the moon. Every Apollo mission was carefully rehearsed and then filmed in large sound stages at the Atomic Energy Commissions Top Secret test site in the Nevada Desert and in a secured and guarded sound stage at the Walt Disney Studios within which was a huge scale mock-up of the moon...

Capricorn One, Movie 1978

NASA realises that their mission to Mars will not work, and instead of risking a cut in government funding because of the error, fake the mission in a studio on Earth. The astronauts are unwilling to cooperate after a while, and so NASA decides to 'kill' them, announcing their re-entry capsule's destruction upon contact with Earth's atmosphere. All that's left is for the astronauts to be killed in real life, so they can never reveal the truth. In an edge-of-the-seat chase, the astronauts split up and head across the desert, with NASA helicopters in hot pursuit.

Subj: Kent. The Micky Mouse Moon Theory
Date: 8/30/00 10:14:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time

In response to the skeptics on the Van Allen Belt and the impossibility of us going to the moon. Look at this link.
Yes its on the Nasa site, however, not everyone in this world believes the Mickey Mouse Moon Landing Theory. I suggest people study any questions they have themselves before believing anything anyone has to say. Great sight, I find it very Entertaining.

Date: 8/31/00 9:21:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Dear Kent, The Mickey Mouse Moon Landing looks just like a precisely tailored piece of disinformation.

The Year of Disclosure, or Disinformation?

EDITOR: The Mouse-on-the-moon-theory has been stewing around for a couple of decades now, time to confront. What is our take on motive--aside from steering away from dark deeds. Anything else--a general policy of programmed confusion to keep the masses staggering? A mask for a multilevel space research effort? What?


(Editor's note: this following is admittedly a long, reckless reach)

"So far, something like 27,000 species have been assimilated into the universal alliance of planetary civilizations. Many of those species originally had been isolated and confined until evolution did its job. Only about 200 species are currently confined to their home planets . . ."(continued)

EDITOR: I recall hearing a taped lecture given at Fresno State University in the early Seventies. Apparently NASA called a conference including scientists, psychologists and also Native American Elders to discuss the problem: how to protect astronauts from the deadly effect of radiation, specifically cosmic rays. Moonrocks were also discussed: apparently the artifacts had begun to increase in mass. The Elders decreed to take them back, a rape of the Grandmother. Another point discussed was a communication with Tibetan Lamas regarding a mind-twisting wave to be generated artificially, identified as a "disrupter." SLEUTHS?

Date: 9/1/00 1:50:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Mickey on the Moon:

On July 20, 1969 there was a geocentric conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus at 0degrees Libra. Even back then I was using the solar storm prediction techniques I have posted here before. I was very worried about the radiation danger, and even sent a letter (remember letters?) to NASA trying to warn them. But then, If you're not out in space, you don't have to worry about space radiation. I'm still open minded on the Moon landing.

 THE MAN WHO FELL FROM EARTH Paul LaViolette hears a warning from space.

"When the galactic core is exploding and shooting out the cosmic rays, you would see the blue light. That's the center of the galaxy, and the blue light is more from the cosmic rays. [Normally], there's so much dust between us and the center of the galaxy that you don't really see light from the center....As days and weeks go on, you begin to see more stuff around the blue star. It would start to back-light cosmic dust clouds in the sky....Right at the first instant, there would be an electromagnetic pulse wave; it could give a large radiation dose—whether it would be lethal or not, that would depend on the size of the outburst...."

ARCHIVES, search engine, Gamma  "I'm a very troubled theorist," said Dr. Stanford E. Woosley of the University of California at Santa Cruz. "We're really struggling to find a theoretical basis for this." MAGNETARS  RECENT BLUE FLASH


Brazilian physicist releases Anti-gravity Secrets

In a stunning development, Brazilian Physicist Fran de Aquino has released the results of a comparatively simple experiment successfully conducted in the laboratory at Maranhao State University earlier this year that conclusively demonstrates anti-gravity principles.


Date: 9/1/00 9:43:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Last night I saw in the constellation Cepheus a light that was most unusual. Envision a hollow cylinder--a Light cylinder spinning around--now cut it in half vertically--position it between the left elbow and right hip of Cephus--rotating. Curious. It definitely had a rhythm going--every five or so seconds the Lit part would appear and then nothing (the unlit part) for five , and then again the lit part would reappear--but this cylindrical shape also so slightly changed shape and luminosity. Stretching here and there, dimming here and there, but staying in its set position in this particular part of the sky. I naturally search the sky, but nothing else found. I watch for a good 10 minutes and then it stopped. Programming? Must run, no time.

A mysterious object that seems to defy classification has been found by astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

Did NASA retrieve a monolith? Monolith at Phobos

HOAGLAND: Pulsars "Lie" About Their Ages -- Another Hit For Hoagland's Hyperdimensional Physics Model

Date: 9/4/00 11:25:41 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent: On 8-22 and 23, saw a light in the sky here in MN similar as to what the person described as being "in the constellation Cepheus" on 9-1. Not knowledgeable enough to say what constellation it was in, only that it was approx. 60 degrees above the horizon as you looked due north.

Date: 9/2/00 1:00:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Last night, between 8pm and 10pm in northern NJ, We had a storm with violent, frequent lightening. That's not so unusual in late summer with hot and humid weather. What was so unusual about it was the lightening itself. I saw some of it move in a horizontal and snake-like pattern. The bolt actually moved in curves as if coiling back on itself. I have never seen anything like this before anywhere.

Date: 9/5/00 6:47:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time

kent, wild storm in denver...going on right now....all kinds of strange lightning...the strobe type stuff with no accompanying thunder, the regular stuff and this bizarre lightning that starts in the clouds, moves horizontally and finishes in the clouds. yep, it never even approaches the ground...just zips across the sky..

Flat universe, eh? Eureka! It's a CD! Or a Dropa Disc.

PHOTOGRAPHING THE BIG BANG? MAXIMA, a balloon-borne experiment directed by UC Berkeley, finds evidence for a flat universe, inflation and a cosmological constant.

Ripples in Space; the Origin of Structure in the Universe

Imagine an extremely hot and dense Universe right at the initial moments of the Big Bang. The physical conditions are so far beyond currently understood physics that we cannot really describe the details of physical processes at that time.

Tuning In To The Curvature Of Space-Time

Date: 8/31/00 9:00:38 PM Pacific Daylight Time

THE BIG BANG: Something humans imagine during their short life span.

Date: 8/30/00 11:03:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent...was reading about your "blue flashes" and they were seen last summer and several times since then west/'east of "the Dalles" Oregon ...and always to me it seemed during an "Solar Storm" and sometimes "light" earthquakes in the area afterwards... more

Stefan's Tesla-Pages (Lightning page  Current Lightning Research  The Lost Prophet of Electrical Science


The Electrum Project


Artificial lightning of 5,000,000 volts is now produced in the experimental lightning laboratory of the General Electric Company at Pittsfield, Mass., F.W. Peek, consulting engineer, told the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. The previous record was 3,600,000 volts, but higher voltages are now obtained by the use of a radically new method which, in effect, throws into series four or more of the smaller lightning generators.


Welcome to Tesla Systems Research  Tesla Wild Inventions  Tesla Information  Tesla  The Tunguska Explosion  Colorado Springs


BOYLAN: at Sandia National Laboratories on Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, NM is the test version of the Star Wars Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP)Weapon, using energy in the terawatt regime.

Psychotronic Weapons




Peter Paul Rubens


Todd Jumper

Another Unidentified Flying Object lands in D.G. Khan

Coso Artifact Hoax

Date: 9/1/00 12:31:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, I thought you might be interested in this. It shows what extent the Skeptics will go.

The Ultra Top Secret TR-3B  The Rockefeller-UFO Connection  More confirmation on the Grays life Structure

 Blood Predator  Chupacabra Animo

Chupacabra Killed - Corpse Found in Nicaragua - Photo 2 Enhance

CHUPACABRA'S REMAINS FOUND  Discovery Discovers Chupacabra

Specialists described the animal as an uncommon species after a careful examination of its skeleton. It presents yellow hair on its short tail, large eye-sockets, soft skin like that of a bat, large claws and fangs, and a crest on its main vertebra.


UNAN authorities have serious doubts but shall withhold their ruling until later this morning * there is doubt about its being merely a dog [Chupawawa?], but all agree on singular characteristics... Leon maintained a veil of secrecy over the tests performed on the strange animal's remains. All that is known is that [the creature] is far from being an ordinary animal.

About 90 percent of all species vanished in a mysterious mass extinction 250 million years ago.

09/03/00: Strange Experience During Coast Report

More Bloodsuckers [tabloid] Reptilian Slayers?

CAUS: Alien Abductions are Goal Oriented

One of the leading researchers investigating the alien abduction phenomenon said Saturday that he believes that a significant majority of such abductions are a goal-oriented, planned program with the ultimate purpose of spreading alien hybrids laterally through the Earth's population

United States Marine Emblem/Logo

Date: 8/31/00 9:16:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time

This Logo reminds me of a "the future of warfighting" mission that I participated with the Marines during my tour in the mid 90's. The operation dealt with the warfighting lab and was concentrating on Less then Lethal Weapons for riot and urban conditions and was also used to test new equipment and software that I cant get into for lack of Knowledge and OPSEC. The name of the Operation, is Called "Operation Sea Dragon". Note the Sea Dragon on the Emblem. This emblem is most likely for this particular operation. But I don't know for sure. Good luck finding more Info on the Emblem.


Is the 666 of the APOCALYPSE solar calculation?

9/4/00 C3 03:42

Artist's Interpretation


What is happening here? Sent by Rusty


No planets in SOHO view

Date: 9/7/00 9:33:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi, The current real-time LASCO C3 movie has an anomalous glitch about halfway through it this morning, so I paged back through the individual images and found the attached from 09/06/2000 17:42. Note the strange bend in the streamer jetting out at the western equator suddenly taking a right hand turn and bending south at almost 60 deg. from its original direction. This may be normal, but I've not seen it before. Seems like it would take a huge EM force to bend the streamer as shown in the image.

Date: 9/7/00 7:20:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Explain to me why the black and white shows a greyed out area, while the color shows stars and such, same bat time, same bat place. hmmmm

Date: 9/8/00 11:13:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent: Check out C3 image times since 9/8/00 21:00 UT. Normally C3 images are taken twice an hour at :18 and :43. Suddenly there are multiple images being taken tonight, 3 ,4, 5 times per hour! Highly unusual. Something up???!!!

Date: 9/1/00 1:01:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time

There has been one CME after another accompanied by an Electro Magnetic pulse, but the effects on earth are not noticeable. Has anyone considered the possibility that the energy from the EMP is entering the earth's core and building up. If that energy let go, we would get an electrical surge from below us, wiping out every computer and anything with a chip on earth. Computers are hardened for an event from the top or sides, but not from a surge from below. If that could happen, say good-bye to the computer age. Keep that old car without chips in it, get out the old locomotives and where did you put that dial telephone; we may have to add and subtract again without the calculator. You have many intelligent readers, please blow this theory apart or add to it, just a theory.

EDITOR: as I understand An event that we saw on 7/14/00 spews charged particles into the magnetosphere that affect the earth for years, sometimes to even create a new belt like the Van Allen.

Date: 9/2/00 7:21:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time

I FULLY agree on this matter! The energy is building up at the core! Ain't no stopping us now, we're gonna move to the next dimensional level and there is NOTHING any living thing can do about it, no matter how hard they try! Since there will be no magnetic field for a short period of time, do not worry about cars or locomotives, where we are going, we won't need them anyway.

Kent-- Did anyone notice that Mercury got a KITA from the Sun as is exited LASCO C3? As to the Sun, I had predicted (not published) a peak for August 13-15. With artificial, deliberate tampering, and almost continual CME blasts, predictions are difficult. Just check the SOHO page several times a day. [solar rogues]


A Close Encounter with a Space Rock

Space Observatory Spots Comets in Record Numbers

Appearance of stellar object deceives astronomers

Globs In Space



Kent, you will note that a common thread appears through most of the literature...the potential for very, very rapid change. And this is not coming from wild-eyed millenialists. It is coming from orthodox science.

The Great Illusion

EDITOR: is it me or does the world seem more HAUNTED than ever!

Urgent Action: "UN Millennium Assembly" September 6-10, 2000

Ports of Gaol: "Eggs Files" for Dragons

[GOV] Military call up for Oct 15th?

World government by September?

August 31 Capt. Joyce Riley

Kent, I have been told by Jeff Rense that the interview which suffered the other day will be repeated in FULL Sunday night. See his site for times and details. [Was this was a deliberate hit to blot it out. Surprise!] PLEASE listen to this one: August 31 Capt. Joyce Riley Air Force Spray Unit Identified

Retro Gun Laws Unconstitutional?

Recently the State of California enacted sweeping retroactive gun laws that criminalize the ownership of previous legally purchased and registered firearms. The State Attorney's office is using the gun sales registration records to target law-abiding citizens for felony arrest and property confiscation.

EDITOR: I added the logo-button so that my readers will be aware of the anti-UN movement. I will study the campaign myself. I spend much effort to investigate seemingly dangerous technologies as well as deadly-disinfo perpetrated by covert special interests. When will wayward institutions and spooky rogues, following no human directive, stop screwing around with earth and life on the earth? I want truth! I do certainly challenge the control aspect of the seedy NWO, but if we pull out of the UN will we then take the next vital step: to expose the pissy homegrown control-freaks lurking inside our own picket fence?

Date: 8/29/00 10:41:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, Check the chain of the following articles - see what you think! All I gotta say is hope someone is paying attention.

Date: 8/29/00 11:57:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Want to query anyone about the use of utility companies transmitting certain things on their lines?.....say perhaps: certain brainwave frequencies.

Date: 8/29/00 7:21:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Melatonin is directly mentioned in this article.... here is a piece of the puzzle.... it says...Electrical lines linked to suicides..........PEOPLE exposed to power lines and electrical machinery at work are at a greater risk of suicide, an American study has shown.

Power line workers or electricians were up to twice as likely to die by suicide, possibly because the electromagnetic fields to which they were exposed made them depressed by reducing the production of the "mood hormone" melatonin, Dr David Savitz and his colleagues from the University of North Carolina say.

Power Line Communications Capabilities

Date: 9/3/00 9:32:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, when I was a kid, oh, so long ago,the house that my mother and I lived in , regularly had voices coming off of the lines that led into the house, usually the fire dept., as far as we could tell.Don't know if it was phone or electric, but as I recall, it was the electric lines.Maybe not subliminal, but with advances in technology? Maybe now they can.

Serotonin levels controlled by negative ions  Serotonin, Depression, etc.

Date: 8/31/00 5:03:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi Kent, In response to the reader who claimed that negions increase serotonin levels, here is a quote from the first article at,

"We found a readily reproducible and significant change in blood 5-Ht levels in mice exposed to air ion densities of 4-5x105 positive or negative ions/cm3. Positive ions raised blood levels of 5-Ht, while negative ions had the opposite effect... This general mechanism of air ion action has been confirmed by other investigators." 5-Ht is serotonin.

FDA Approves Antiterrorist Antibiotic Drug approved to treat airborne anthrax

Hmm...Tesla, now Wilhelm Reich

Exclusive of the chemtrails, we have come to the tentative conclusion that most if not ALL of these lower-altitude weather control operations involve at least partially the deployment of certain EM/RF technologies which generate what's called "orgone" energy. So: WHAT is orgone energy? In the 1940s and 1950s, renowned scientific genius Wilhelm Reich researched a form of energy he termed "orgone energy." Reich's research showed that this form of electromagnetic energy had a tremendous effect upon the moods, mental states and emotional/psychological well-being of human beings (AND other living organisms), as WELL as drastic effects upon weather. more



5.2 2000/09/03 01:36:30 38.377N 122.414W 9.4 5 km ( 3 mi) WSW of Yountville, CA

Jim Berkland's Site Is Down, Possible Foul Play

This forecast is based on the statistics of aftershocks typical for California. This is not an exact prediction, but only a rough guide to expected aftershock activity. This forecast may be revised as more information becomes available. more

Date: 9/3/00 2:10:34 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi. Found the following in a Reuters story about the 5.2 earthquake in Napa

County. The full story is at:

``I woke up and jumped out of bed and screamed,'' one woman told a reporter. ``I looked out my window and just (saw) blue flashes of light all over the place.'' Maybe just downed power lines...or?

ARCHIVES:[China Lake Quakes] "I'll call a friend and check it out...thanks for the update...p.s. there are some RF weapons being tested out there...pretty nasty and unpredictable. . .we air tested them but were restricted from testing below 25,000 ft. due to unknown consequences...the air tests cause topical damage in higher terrain."

ARCHIVES: [Orange County, CA] BULLETIN BOARD, Saturday, 16 October 1999, at 5:08 a.m.: About two hours ago, I woke up right before an earthquake at about 2:45 a.m. PDT in Orange County, California. While the shaking was subsiding, there was this HUGE flash of blue light from the sky, right above my place.

ARCHIVES: A Moscow newspaper reports that Russian scientists tried to harness earthquakes as a means of mass destruction, and the research continued under the new Russian government long after the Soviet Union collapsed. The Moscow News called it 'Earthquakes Made To Order.' In a detailed article, the newspaper says research of the so-called tectonic weapons began under the Communists in the 1970s. By late 1987, the Soviet government ordered a major effort to develop such a weapon. It was code-named Project Mercury and Project Vulcan, and involved almost two dozen major scientific and manufacturing centers. The theory was that underground nuclear explosions could trigger earthquakes far from the site of the original blast. Researchers speculated the destructive force released would be many times greater than the nuclear blast, that it could be directed toward any point on earth and that there was no way to guard against it.

BEARDEN: One of the greatest man-induced dangers we face as a planet today is the development of electromagnetic frequencies to be used as wave warfare. In April of 1997 Secretary of Defense William Cohen admitted he was concerned about threats of terrorism with weapons that can cause earthquakes and trigger volcanoes.

Date: 9/3/00 6:29:06 PM Pacific Daylight Time

This is a little late being sent - first time sending you any info. Last Monday Aug.28 - around 2:00 p.m. hugh black clouds popped up in the High Desert - Antelope Valley, CA. Very little rain fell but after reading about the horizontal lightning reported by another reader - just had to add my two cents. I'm fascinated by lightning and was amazed when I watched the lightning go straight across the sky instead of the zigzag - up and down. Told my daughter - something strange is going on - this is not normal lightning. RIGHT?! Skywatcher - JL Have also heard the sound of multiple jets but nary one to be seen. I live approximately 15 miles or so from Edwards Airforce Base...


. Clinton named in EgyptAir crash suit

Swissair 111, TWA 800, and Electromagnetic Interference

This second line of inquiry—electromagnetic interference from a source external to the plane's own wiring (internal and external sources of ignition are not mutually exclusive:damaged wiring inside a plane can increase its vulnerability to external transmissions)—is the subject of the article that follows. more

Apparent Anomalies, Inconsistencies and Curiosities in Recent Aircraft Crash Incidents

Pushing Limits at Lab? Weapons test plan sparks BNL debate

Washington - As part of an effort to ensure the reliability of the nation's nuclear arsenal, weapons scientists want to use a particle accelerator at Brookhaven National Laboratory to help develop better ways to "photograph" small-scale implosions that mimic the triggering of a nuclear warhead.

Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico is expected to submit a proposal to use Brookhaven facilities for the studies, which some senior Brookhaven scientists have questioned as going beyond the lab's traditional mission of open, non-weapons-related research.

John Marburger, Brookhaven's director, stressed yesterday that Brookhaven is not a weapons lab, but said it has no bar against doing work related to national security, including classified research. more

New Clues About Martian Meteorites Baffle Scientists

CHICAGO -- Analysis of new Martian meteorites is confounding planetary scientists with clues that simply don't add up. Rather than clearing up existing questions about the Red Planet, results from the new meteorites seem to be opening up a Pandora's box of questions about Mars. Evidence from the rocks doesn't seem compatible with one of the most trusted scientific conclusions about the planet: that the vast majority of the Martian surface is billions of years old.

Sept. 1, 2000 -- The closer scientists look at Mars, the more bizarre -- and Earth-like -- it appears. EDITOR: duh, no kidding, shows you how dumbed-down we've become.  In Percival Lowell's day even the average person accepted life on Mars and other worlds. The weird promotion that there is no life elsewhere in the Cosmos is one of the most idiotic cultural implants in history--illogical, dumber than a cord-o-wood! In fact the Universe itself might be an organism. Prove it they say, well okay, but quit moving the proof-goalposts.

Fishermen catch cod that ate colleague

HOT STUFF: A flow from Mount Oyama on the island of Miyakejima, some 200 km south of Tokyo, heads into the sea. Authorities 30 August ordered all remaining residents of a Japanese volcanic island to evacuate their homes after a succession of eruptions. A total of 1,400 people, or one-third of the island's population, have left for Tokyo.

Mt. Etna is blowing too.