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NEXRAD radar 9/21/01 3:00PM to 4:00PM EDT

SOHO SOLAR: 9/21/01 C3  21:17

Taliban refuse to back down

EDITOR: From my worm's-eye view the Bush administration, Intel and the Pentagon apparently refuse to yield up proof-details of a Taliban-bin Laden complicity in the WTC disaster. If anyone out there has such proof, please yield it up here for examination. Try to supply evidence beyond emotionalism, political puppet rant. Also avoid clips from pell-mell news clippings. Personal knowledge and experience best.  Have you been to Afghanistan? REAL EVIDENCE PLEASE! As citizens, parents, young men and women, we may soon have to send our loved ones or ourselves into a terrible long-lasting and personally-sacrificing war! And of all human activities, war can be the most debasing and downright hellbound. WE DEMAND THE RIGHT TO KNOW IN DETAIL WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON!

FURTHERMORE: from the standpoint of war strategy, if we are getting hit by a rogue terrorist group with their hands on effective weapons and strategy, are we not best in a defensive mode at the moment. If we are not certain of our foes and prematurely move our military in the wrong direction we put our land in a most dangerous position. Keep in mind we might actually be facing an unknown cartel, perhaps private, with fingers that reach deeply into our own society.

Closest, but of course not beyond question, media inside-report heard thus far: ART BELL: Guest Host: Barbara Simpson

Guest: Robert Young Pelton

Readers for whom the word travel ordinarily conjures images of white-sand beaches or Tuscan hill towns might wonder what person of above-average intelligence leaves home in hopes of face-to-face contact with Afghan rebels

The Nature of the Beast  About bin Laden Family

ANOTHER QUESTION OF THE DAY: what the BLUE blazes is going on here, we are talking an "unparalleled war, WORLD WAR THREE! There is no mainstream dissent? Did some magical BLUE BEAM descend into Congress, with Zeus himself to spraketh booming commands to our august leaders? Our representatives, our press, seem to act like puppets! Think of the potential death worldwide, subtle weapons of destruction that pale the H-bomb, microwave maser weapons, particle death rays, scalar, E-bombs! NO QUESTION? NO INVESTIGATION? Is the vast majority already TRANCED?


Date: 9/20/01 10:28:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time

I haven't seen anyone broach the subject of Scalar Weapons involvement in the WTC Collapse. It would make sense that such involvement was possible except that it would also mean the involvement of entities who have this technology. This would lead to suspicion of World Powers beyond the likes of Lee Harvey Bin Laden or John Wilkes Hussein. According to the preeminent expert on such matters, and you know who I mean, the Yakuza and the Aum have, at some point, rented the Russian Woodpecker for $900 million in gold bullion.

In deference to the good Dr.and ret. Lt. Col., for whom I have the utmost respect, I am not going to provide any links at this point because many of your dedicated readers are already aware of the good works of the aforementioned good Dr.

However, I asked him, via e-mail on the day of Infamy, if he thought there was any Scalar involvement in the WTC incident and his response was noncommittal. I consider his response to reflect an unwillingness to engage in fingerpointing for such an atrocious event. He is to be commended for his restraint under such circumstances.

However, considering the questions that have arisen about the true nature of the destruction of the WTC Towers, as well as the surrounding buildings, and considering the anomalous appearance of unexplained phenomena in the video captured from mainstream news media, there are many unanswered questions which could hypothetically be answered if Scalar Technology was possibly used in conjunction with the airliner disasters and reported possibly planted explosives.

My personal theory is that the World Powers who have commanded Scalar technology, are now holding us hostage and that the collapse of the WTC Towers was a disguised exhibition of their capabilities. I hope I am wrong and have no claim to any inside information.

If I am indeed right, I would expect that bridges, buildings and tunnels may fail in the near future without benefit of any explosives in evidence due to the use of Scalar Weapons, the true Weapons of Mass Destruction of the 21st century. If so,Tesla was right and so was former Defense Secretary William Cohen.

Date: 9/21/01 2:21:32 PM Pacific Daylight Time

If may just come in here for a moment,,,I am reliably informed that two points are open for thought, regarding the tower collapse...... all cellular phones went dead near the buildings for a moment or two.....and a number of buildings near the towers suffered great structural damaged....flooding many of the underground systems....so much damage around the site....and given the radio blackout..one might be tempted to suggest a bomb with intense neutron output..?

Date: 9/20/01 10:28:29 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Hi, Kent, I'm currently blocked off RMN, and I'm not liking it. I was on, and opening a link to a report on wiretapping, and got the boot. The New America is no fun.

This sure is something. In one fell swoop, we get a war to re-invent our economy with, hundreds of year's worth of oil, a lot of gas, a mandate for Dubya, the CIA and all the other spooks off the leash, a full-time psy-ops media, and a public so irrational and bewildered, they can be made to accept this huge leap forward for the New World Order. Did I forget to mention the huge rebound for Israel?  I'm beginning to think of the US public as so many orphans whose lost parents are History and Psychology. They'll never know what they missed. I guess the media won't be along for this war. Too bad we'll be missing out on all the new toys they'll be playing with. HAARP, aerosol spraying, and super-lasers should be making life most difficult for the Afghanis. I had a chance viewing of a super-laser being tested in the Mojave last year- it was a sight to behold. The name Zeus came to mind.

Heeeere Comes Maitreya

Follow The Money!! - New Pipeline To Tap The  Caspian Sea Gas Bonanza

http://dawn.com/1998/19980312/ebr8.htm  Breaking news WTC action - diplomatic leak  

WWIII FOR WANT OF A PIPELINE?  Exxon, Afghanistan and China

World: South Asia Gas pipeline could be a pipe dream

The Tangled Path to a Response

For that story, Bush said he had never been in business with Bath, American agent to part of the bin Laden fortune. The assertion was less than completely true, if subsequent stories in Time magazine and the Houston Chronicle are to be believed.

Iraq suspected of sponsoring terrorist attacks

Date: 9/21/01 5:18:57 AM Pacific Daylight Time

DUBAI (Reuters) - A militant Islamic group has threatened to strike with an "iron fist" at Gulf Arab states if they help the United States to attack Afghanistan, al-Jazeera television reported on Friday.

The Qatar-based satellite channel said it received a statement containing this threat from a previously unknown group calling itself al Qaeda Islamic Army-Arabian Peninsula Unit.

It was not immediately clear if the group was linked to al Qaeda (the Base), an organization headed by Saudi-born dissident Osama bin Laden who has been named by Washington as a prime suspect in last week's devastating suicide attacks with hijacked airliners in the United States.

The group declared in its statement it would strike with an "iron fist" against Gulf Arab states, particularly against Saudi Arabia, Washington's main ally in the Gulf, al-Jazeera said.

Gulf Arab governments' assets and those of the United States would be subjected to "the hardest form of retaliation," the statement said.

The group said Islamic governments should not extend "any help or facilities -- by land, sea, air or through intelligence -- to the United States in a possible attack against Afghanistan," said the television.

Al-Jazeera did not read the full text of the statement.

The United States has rejected an edict of Afghan clerics recommending that bin Laden leave Afghanistan and repeated a demand that he be handed over.

President Bush issued an ultimatum to Afghanistan's ruling Taliban on Thursday, saying they risked the same punishment as those they are sheltering unless they handed over bin Laden and senior members of al Qaeda, and close their training camps.

The United States, which has a military presence in several Gulf Arab states, has been building up its forces in the region ahead of a possible attack on Afghanistan.

Explosion Destroys French Petrochemical Plant; Three Reported Dead

E-BOMB In the blink of an eye, electromagnetic bombs could throw civilization back 200 years. And terrorists can build them for $400.

Subj: Fwd: FM 3-7 Nuclear Biological Chemical FIELD HANDBOOK [Survival Information]

Date: 9/21/01 2:25:02 AM Pacific Daylight Time


General Dennis J. Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library


FM 3-7 Nuclear Biological Chemical FIELD HANDBOOK


Date: 9/20/01 11:40:14 PM Pacific Daylight Time

There are many cases of hoax virus reported from time to time. The Nimda worm is no joke. Part of the reason it was so effective is because an earlier worm, Code Red II, was not taken seriously. Industry experts are concerned that home users will ignore Nimda too. In that case, the next security breach may be even worse. I've done my best to cast light on this confusing issue, without getting too technical

Date: 9/20/01 11:26:08 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Namaste... Several people have immediately notified me that the mail I just sent out tonight arrived completely blank... this seems very suspicious, especially since both emails contained copies of astonishing messages from divine forces that are WARNING us that a cover-up & great crime is being committed against humanity in what has happened this past week. That the so-called "Terrorist Attacks" were deliberately instigated for sinister motives and that we are being deceived in order to create a WAR.

Also was unable to post information on the Yahoo Chemtrails Tracking Club USA today --- each post was obliterated on every try... hmmmm, perhaps CARNIVORE at work?


The messages that I sent out tonight were from the 2 sites below:

Sheldan Nidle - GALACTIC FEDERATION / PLANETARY ACTIVATION ORG: http://www.paoweb.com/updates.htm (there are 3 messages 9-11, l5, l8 pertaining to current events but must add that the messages since JULY contain much relevant to what is happening now also!)

LADY KADJINA SPEAKS: http://www.citiesoflight.net/kadjina.html (there are 2 messages 9-15 & l6 regarding the Crisis we now face. Previous messages are also relevant to current events)

There are many other sources relaying the same basic message to humanity at this time... I believe that we must speak out now and fight for PEACE, TRUTH and JUSTICE in every way possible. That our prayers along with humble forgiveness, sincere repetenance, and heart-generated compassion are our only hope in this WAR against the forces of darkness!

[uforce] BLINDSIDED! Trusting the Government/Pentagon to guard you or itself  is clearly illogical as trusting them to relay any needed information to protect yourself and loved ones. Warnings won't be forthcoming. In July the red planet "2001 KX76" was disclosed. This is the cover story for Planet X, Nibiru, or Wormwood, THE MOST REVERED HEAVENLY BODY IN ALL ANTIQUITY. It's back after 3600 years on its regular orbit and will pass Earth again in spring 2003.


Less than two months later the disinformation had changed to the "Largest Asteriod" and was blue. Almost all information being presented about it is false.



Explosives Planted In Towers, N.M. Tech Expert Says

By Olivier Uyttebrouck

Journal Staff Writer

Televised images of the attacks on the World Trade Center suggest that explosives devices caused the collapse of both towers, a New Mexico Tech explosion expert said Tuesday.

The collapse of the buildings appears "too methodical" to be a chance result of airplanes colliding with the structures, said Van Romero, vice president for research at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

"My opinion is, based on the videotapes, that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse," Romero said.

Romero is a former director of the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center at Tech, which studies explosive materials and the effects of explosions on buildings, aircraft and other structures.

Romero said he based his opinion on video aired on national television broadcasts.

Romero said the collapse of the structures resembled those of controlled implosions used to demolish old structures.

"It would be difficult for something from the plane to trigger an event like that," Romero said in a phone interview from Washington, D.C.

Romero said he and another Tech administrator were on a Washington-area subway when an airplane struck the Pentagon.

He said he and Denny Peterson, vice president for administration and finance, were en route to an office building near the Pentagon to discuss defense-funded research programs at Tech.

If explosions did cause the towers to collapse, the detonations could have been caused by a small amount of explosive, he said.

"It could have been a relatively small amount of explosives placed in strategic points," Romero said. The explosives likely would have been put in more than two points in each of the towers, he said.

The detonation of bombs within the towers is consistent with a common terrorist strategy, Romero said.

"One of the things terrorist events are noted for is a diversionary attack and secondary device," Romero said.

Attackers detonate an initial, diversionary explosion that attracts emergency personnel to the scene, then detonate a second explosion, he said.

Romero said that if his scenario is correct, the diversionary attack would have been the collision of the planes into the towers.

Tech President Dan Lopez said Tuesday that Tech had not been asked to take part in the investigation into the attacks. Tech often assists in forensic investigations into terrorist attacks, often by setting off similar explosions and studying the effects.

Symbolism of 11 in chemicals; BLOOD

Iraq suspected of sponsoring terrorist attacks



The Most Powerful Man In The World?

"We are in the time of the Great Awakening on this planet. The Light of Truth, intensifying with each passing moment, is nudging many to step forward and share what they know. Will such ones follow that nudge or continue to hide in fear? The answer to that question is perhaps the most important aspect of schoolroom Earth's relentless testing at this critical time."



Date: 9/21/01 10:38:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time

How's about this then...Kuwait- Kuwaiti state TV has confirmed that the Emir, Sheikh Jaber al-Ahmad al-Sabah, has suffered a brain haemorrhage and is bring flown to London for medical treatment. I reckon he is more safe out there!!!


Date: 9/21/01 11:06:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Hey Kent, my name is Roland and I wanted to drop a line to you. My wife and I moved to the Bellevue area from Texas about a year ago. I have read a few articles about Chemtrails, but didn't know what to think. Every once in a while I will look up and there they are. I have even watched as the planes fly over and are in the process of doing it. I will admit that it is odd. Yesterday on the 20th though, was absolutely the MOST I have seen! It would have been a perfectly beautiful day except there were so many Chemtrails, they literally blocked the sky! I began to wonder if it was for Cover to make it harder for an enemy to find a target. But I don't want to discuss who the real enemy is in this letter. I just wanted to know if you or anyone else noticed yesterday's extreme trails and wanted to know what they thought about it. Thanks. God Bless America and its Constitution and its Liberty!

EDITOR: hanging over my house awhile back:


Bush Submits His Laws for War


From: howardmj@littleapple.com (howardmj)

OK...London, arrested 3 people in relation to a potential terrorist attack....they only just given news out, but actual arrest was early hours this morning....Also, EU leaders say that US retaliation would be "legitimate"....so they have had another green light, as if they did not need one....I reckon something big about to go down, or up as the case may be, early hours tomorrow or sunday

Date: 9/21/01 2:56:54 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Do Nothing. What do you think Osama bin Laden would do if Dubya got on the box and said, timeout, I'm calling back the ships, I'm calling back the planes, I'm calling back the troops, this vicious circle of violence has to stop and we can stop it here.

I think the guy (Osama) would go mad. What could he do. He wouldn't be able to say I did this because you did that. He would pull his hair out of his head trying to figure out what to do. He would have to do the same, nothing. It would stop?

We "know", without question, what will happen if we shot bullets, fire rockets or explode bombs against our "suspected" perpetrators We don't know what would happen if we didn't do anything.

One problem we all have is that we think we can do something. We are not god, we can do very little but help our own demise. We must stop it all now.

Digital moles in White House?  This startling observation came as no surprise to those tracking the globe-spanning investments of Saudi Arabia's bin Laden family and those of its exiled son, Osama, in some of the world's biggest and most advanced satellite and telecommunications companies. World Space Communication is one of the known bin Laden assets. U.S. counter-terrorism agencies, including the NSA, have been tracking World Space Communication's activities for the past five years. Some of the company's satellites are far more advanced than the NSA's own eyes in the sky.

Date: 9/21/01 4:02:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Airliner terror plan was code-named 'Project Bojinka' http://disc.server.com/Indices/149495.html

Search: Project Bojinka Displaying results 1-10 of 16 pages found http://www.alltheweb.com/search?t=phrase&q=Project+Bojinka&c=web&o=10&l=any&sd=0&tip=0&phrase=on

U.S. Airlines may be a terror risk over next 3 days - June 2001 http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?id=149495&article=9879

Inquiry begins Into Intelligene http://disc.server.com/Indices/149495.html

Dear Mr. Bush and fellow Americans: http://disc.server.com/discussion.cgi?id=149495&article=9857

Date: 9/21/01 4:10:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time

To those that have Heart

Let us make circles of peace. Let us end the differences between us. The prophets were correct... Yes, we are the old people who have come again to create the new dream. It takes courge to stand alone in this world against the matrix of the whole.

The Chickadee is a small bird, that has no enemies, it comes to know all camps. We should learn from this small bird the wisdom of not holding judgments, and embrace the differences between us, For it is those differences that make up the wonder of the forest, and it is the different notes that make up the symphony of life...the sounds of creation are all around us if we choose to have the ears to hear, and the heart to allow.

Allow your grief in this time, do not deny it, but do not over indulge in the moment. For it is exactly that, a moment, brought about by our own doing, or not doing. Whether we chose to be non-participants in the dance, or we chose to be the dancer, we all play our part in this wheel of life.

Now is the opportunity to call in the Spirit of things, for the finale it is the Spirit of things that will survive what ever the outcome. It is the Spirit of things that will create the new world from the ashes of the old.

Yes, we are an old people, and we are a new people, and we will be stronger than before....let your hearts be heard, they make a louder thunder than the rumble of guns. For just what you want it to be it will be in the end...

I send this message to you and whomever reads it, and ask you to go into your heart, and be the true being you are, the message of love is needed now more then is has ever been.....Only love has the power to deliver us from the darkness of the soul. Only the heart has the ability to see through the tricks of the mind, and lead us out of the labyrinth of folly into which we have fallen.

Come together... The first horseman has sounded the trumpet...It is time now to sing the creation songs. We are Spiritual beings having a human experience....let all know that you know this...simply by being the oneness that you are... For we are all children created by the same creator, playing in a field of dreams...

Aho Mitakyue Oyasin

Y Gwir Yn Erbin Y Byd

........and through Love we shall all be delivered

Shunkmanitu Tanka Wanagin Ghost Wolf

Gog Magog Hills, Cambridge, England - Two Unusual Crop Formations When the thousand years end, Satan will be let out of his prison.  He will go out to deceive the nations of the world and gather them together,  with Gog and Magog, for battle - a mighty host, numberless as sand along the shore. They will go up across the broad plain of the earth and surround God's people and the beloved city of  Jerusalem on every side. But fire from God in heaven will flash down on the attacking armies and consume them."


NEWCOMERS: this effort, although many send reports, boils down to one old frazzled guy, me, Kent.

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