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Japan suffers nuclear accident

Phikent: Japan Crises: Are we going to get nuke rain here in NW?

MKaku: No, but its the most serious nuclear accident in Asia.

MKaku: Several will probably die.

Phikent: China core-drop Syndrome? Meltdown?

MKaku: no, super-criticality.

SYZYGYJOB: I agree. Terrible news, especially for Japan. Makes you wonder what Y2K will bring as so many nuclear plants are not compliant.

10/1/99 UPDATE: The levels dropped off later, but returned to high levels late today, said Science and Technology Agency official Ken Muraoka.

09/30: Japan Ex-Cult Leader Gets Death: TOKYO (AP) - A former doomsday cult leader who spread lethal nerve gas in one of Tokyo's busiest subway stations in 1995 was sentenced to hang today for his role in the attack, which killed 12 people. It was the first death sentence meted out in the subway gassing case, blamed on the Aum Shinri Kyo cult. Former cult guru Shoko Asahara is on trial for masterminding the assault. The Tokyo District Court handed down the verdict on Masato Yokoyama, 35, early today, said a court official, who spoke on customary condition of anonymity.

EMAIL, 10/1/99 8:16:21 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Interviewees on the News hour (PBS) noted that if there was one accident in a processing plant that is known to be preventable then this type is the one.

EMAIL, 10/1/99 8:22:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time: The plant was testing new ways of making a much more potent nuclear fuel. They were dissolving uranium in the form of a gas in a bath of nitric acid. They had been using just over two kilos at a time; on Thursday, they put in 16 kilos. That was enough to cause a nuclear reaction: The mixture went critical. It gave off a beam of deadly neutrons, and a cloud of gas was blown through the roof radiating throughout and its surroundings.

MALCOLM GRIMSTON, 10/1/99, National Institute of International Affairs: The astonishing thing from my point of view is if one were writing a book about things that could go wrong with nuclear technology, had this would be page one or page two. It is the simplest nuclear accident you can have.

Scott Simon on NPR this morning, 10/2/99, talking to Eric Winer corresondent in Japan "we have to say that this accident... and we need to be very careful about our terminolgy here..."

SLEUTHS: Is there any relationship between nuclear reaction and location of event within the earth grid? Does geographical position upon the earth influence the natural electromagnetic repulsion between the protons of the beam particle and the target: the Coulumb barrier?  What if the earth grid is suddenly highly excited?

EMAIL, 10/2/99 2:20:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Kent, On the site you ask: Is there any relationship between nuclear reaction and location of event within the earth grid? Are you aware of Bruce Cathie's work on the world grid system? In his books on the subject, he maintains that position on the earth and the precise location and position of the Sun are critical elements in the process of making a nuclear device explode. He lives in New Zealand and is a retired airline pilot. I have read several of his books on earth grid and harmonic numbers which redundantly crop up again and again in almost every natural physical constant, especially the speed of light and it's harmonics and sub harmonics. By the way Stonehenge and The Great Pyramid at Giza slot neatly into this analysis. Just a coincidence Kent!

October 3, 1999 17:00 PDT: RICHARD J. BOYLAN, Ph.D. Rumors of antimatter experiment

National Security Council consultant Dr. Michael Wolf in a phone conversation today confirmed information from my ex-NSA source, "Jesse", that the news accounts depicting an "ordinary" nuclear critical reaction at the Tokaimura processing plant in Japan are false. Instead, these reports are cover stories for research and development experimentation with a mix of nuclear and extraterrestrial materials by a contractor for the UN Intelligence Agency. continued

02Oct1999 21:08:41.1 40.2N 143.0E 33 mb=5.5 M*NEI NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU,2303

02Oct1999 21:08:41.7 40.4N 143.0E 33 MS=6.0 M*GSR OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, 2259

02Oct1999 21:08:48.0 40.0N 142.0E 10 mb=5.8 A*LED NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU,2128

02Oct1999 21:08:43.8 39.6N 140.4E 10 mb=6.0 A*SED EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN 212

EMAIL, 10/3/99 11:26:50 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Kent.....Just took a look at my big map that I did here this year to get the lines more accurate. Take a line through Oaxaca to Giza to Tokaimura.....Straight line. Something is happening at Giza for sure. Time for everyone to meditate on this and see what is going on. I will bet something has entered our atmosphere there. Note this will give the energy to use the accelerators big-time...the energy in the grid is getting stronger and they will use it to their advantage. Could explain some of the Goes pics we are seeing. Add to that Comet Lee nearing us (in space terms) and what do we get?? I am on a grid point here. Last 3 nights the dogs have been going absolutely bonkers around midnight. Nobody on the street though. If it happens tonight, I'll go out and see what's in the sky. Julie King



Are you aware of Bruce Cathie's work on the world grid system? In his books on the subject, he maintains that position on the earth and the precise location and position of the Sun are critical elements in the process of making a nuclear device explode.

SEOUL, South Korea (Oct. 5) - Radioactive water leaked inside a South Korean nuclear power plant, exposing at least 22 people to radiation, the government said today.

The incident followed Japan's worst nuclear accident last week at a uranium-processing plant in Tokaimura, a town 70 miles northeast of Tokyo. The accident Thursday was caused when two workers skipped key security steps while mixing nuclear fuel.

SLEUTHS: Do these nuclear accidents correspond to fluctuations in the magnetometer, ie, do atomic relationships (the Coulumb barrier) change too? The Seoul accident occurred at 7 p.m. Monday, add +7 for UT, I think.

Magnetometer Finland 10/5/99  Magnetometer Seoul 10/4/99  Magnetometer Japan 9/30/99

Have the dynamic relationships on earth changed since the alleged breach of the Hall of Records?

Hunter update  . Lucas: C.A.T.S. 2 (For HOR info please browse several pages back)


Friday, October 8, 1999 Published at 15:48 GMT 16:48 UK

A second radiation leak has been discovered in Japan, just one week after the country suffered its worst nuclear accident. Officials said a small amount of radiation had escaped from two barrels of low-level nuclear waste in northern Japan.


AP-NY-10-05-99 1735EDT

Finland Plant Leaks Hydrogen Gas: HELSINKI, Finland (AP) - Hydrogen gas escaped momentarily into the atmosphere at a nuclear power station Tuesday in southern Finland, but caused no radiation or danger to the surrounding area, nuclear safety officials said.

The leak happened when empty hydrogen gas containers were being replaced outside at the Loviisa plant, some 100 kilometers (60 miles) east of Helsinki.

``There was no danger to the power station workers, the environment or people in the vicinity,'' said Teuvo Parviainen from the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority.

Several fire engines had been on standby because of a fire risk when the containers of inflammable hydrogen were allowed to empty, Parviainen said.

``It's all over now. Everything is back to normal,'' he added.

Both 440-megawatt nuclear reactors at the Loviisa plant functioned normally during the gas leak.

The Loviisa plant and another nuclear power station on the west coast produce 31 percent of Finland's electricity. Their safety standards are among the highest in the world, according to nuclear safety officials.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I have purposefully left unedited this European spelling, especially interested in the version, "NOACH." I have often pondered on the similar legends ascribed to Noa[ch], Enoch and Thoth, as well as Enki, for that matter.

EMAIL, 10/6/99 9:27:03 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Dear Sir, My English or should I say American is not perfect because it's not my mothertongue. So please excuse me for the grammatical mistakes. I learned from the French TV-channel FR2 on tuesday that there has been a nuclear accident not only in south-korea but also in Finland. The nuclear powerplant of Loviisa (Finland) has had a leak of explosif hydrogen. Japan, South-Korea, Finland, ... Now something about the still shaking earth in Turkey. Tuesday 5th of october there was again a quake. Result: 100 people hurt and massive panic. About one month ago They rebroadcasted over here the serie Myths and Mysteries from Graham Hancock. In one of the documentaries they showed researchers in Turkey looking for the Ark of Noach. In Turkey , something did ring my bell. They were probing a spot in East-Turkey , Al Judi to be correct, that features an boatshaped anomaly in the landscape. They used advanced radar equipment to see what is under the earth. They saw on the results the shape of a gigantic quite modern shaped profile of a boat. But a full 100 percent proof of what it is, no that they diden't obtain. They need more investigation.

Then there was a Turkish investigator who said that in the Koran has been written that the Ark of Noach got strukked on the mount Judi. Due to an inside war (Kurdish rebels) in Turkey the place can not be visited anymore.

Is it a fossil structure of the Ark? Turkey, the earthquake, the video that has been shot by Nasa on august 11th near Ankarra (33° E longitude) showing the eclipse but also some anomalies (massive objects, comet Encke, Comet Leo, Taurid stream ?????). Impact from the sky, polar shifting, ... I hope this information is of any use. Please do not put my name or address on your website. I'm not looking for fame. Thanks

Plutonium sent to UK by mistake

EDITOR'S NOTE: Another disturbing heretical notion: could the black-hole-punching-stunts at the sinister super-accelerators, Brookhaven, Fermilab, Triumf, Desy, Cern be affecting the global dynamic environment?

COULD IT HAPPEN HERE? IT DID! The Japan accident is sad, well diabolical, almost as sorrowful as the Forties and Fifties when the Brass were poppin off warheads or worse, irradiating the population centers on purpose.  Many children in the West were born with birth-defects, missing parts or worse. Your Editor was one of them. BEHOLD:


3 October 1949


SUBJECT: Pubic Release on RW Tests at Dugway Proving Ground

TO: Director of Logistics

General Staff, U.S. Army

Washington 25, D. C.

1. It is the opinion of the Chemical Corps that a public release of some type should be made relative to the forthcoming tests of RW muitions at Dugway Proving Ground, Tooele, Utah, starting 18 October 1949.

2. A properly worded statement by the Department of the Army seems preferable to the sometimes irresponsible scare stories emanating from poorly informed reporters. A peacetime operation of this type will probably draw public notice sooner or later regardless of the security procedures adopted. The territory being used for the tests is being surveyed continually by prospectors for radioactive ore, so that an unusual amount of radioactivity found by such prospectors would certainly draw attention to the area.

3. Dr. Joseph G. Hamilton, Chairman of the RW Test Safety Panel, has indicated that he thinks a public release on the RW munitions tests should be made. He has suggested that the release state that tests with radioactive materials will be conducted at Dugway and that the purpose of these tests is to obtain decontamination data for use in preparing defensive doctrine.

4. It is understood that the Committee on Atomic Energy of the RDB, in a meeting during May 1949, considered an agenda item containing a draft of a letter to the Secretary of Defense which recommended a release on the general RW program. It is further understood that this meeting overruled the desirability of such a letter to the Secretary.

5. The enclosed draft of a public release on tests to be conducted at Dugway has been written in the vein suggested by Dr. Hamilton. There is no reference to the general RW program or to the use of radioactive materials in the Dugway area for the  purpose of formulating defensive doctrine. This type of release should provide sufficient information to satisfy the curious who might hear of the tests and should quell any fears for individual safety that could arise from inopportune stories.

6. A decision on the desirability of a release such as that enclosed is requested.



Colonel, CM1 C

Chief, Cm1 C Res & Eng. Div

The Advisory Committee is authorized by its charter to examine "experiments involving intentional environmental releases of radiation that (A) were designed to test human health effects of ionizing radiation; or (B) were designed to test the extent of human exposure to ionizing radiation." The charter also called for the Committee to "provide advice, information, and recommendations" on the following thirteen experiments and similar experiments identified by the Interagency Working Group.

DOE Openness: Human Radiation Experiments 2



99/09/30 16:31:13 16.15N 96.71W 33.0 7.5Ms A OAXACA, MEXICO

EMAIL, 9/30/99 3:08:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Kent-two of us on east coast have recent intutive impression that seismic potential just off southern coast of ME has increased recently. Doesn't feel imminent but clearly increased. Have asked CK if she can find a subscriber closer to MO and also near Philadelphia and NYC. Haven't heard back if she has found them. Most on her list are from W.Cst areas. Maybe there are some among your readers? Have on-going concerns/nightmares re' NYC in particular and nuclear plants in general.Would also keep track of CA after this coastal Mexican quake.

EMAIL, 10/3/99 7:10:35 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Comet Lee is now visible almost directly overhead. SEE CHART at http://www1.tmisnet.com/~abdale/Astronomy/chart0.html





EDITOR'S NOTE: Flash, going to ask around on this one. For a while been thinkin that some of our radar rings might be caused by remotely broadcast over the horizon scalar signals flooding into our EM pool, the NEXRAD, GWEN and other radar systems, and kicking up the signal with intersecting waves, sorta like jumping on a trampoline at just the right rhythm. If so, the rings might be caused by outside elements. This recent, might be visual evidence. Keep a quake-sleuth on New Madrid

EMAIL, 10/2/99 7:26:32 AM Pacific Daylight Time: When I was on a carrrier in the Mediterranian Sea during the Korean war I saw what we call, "ducting." Somehow the atmosphere traps radar in an electronic duct and it bends over the horizon and can "see" surface ships hundreds of miles away. It was really spooky. We were able to see both shorelines of the ocean from the north along the coast of France to the south coast along Africa.

EMAIL, 10/2/99 11:55:15 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Check Yahoo weather, go to Alaska loop satalite, what is the streak going across Alaska into the pacific ocean? Looks something like the one across northern America. Any ideas? Harrp?

EMAIL, 10/1/99 8:57:18 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I am currently sitting here, within the New Madrid ring although far enough east to be blessed with safety. If you have time to tell me where to get the info, I will be delighted to watch and report. Lately, we have had an unusual number of lost pets and a seemingly remarkable number of senseless crimes but nothing else that seems odd except the DROUGHT. My brother and I have a "gift" or curse, as you may view it for sensing. We both have detected a tension and believe that it is traceable to Egypt, our former home. If I can be of service to you, I would consider it an honor.

9/30/99 AM Quakes vanish off California USGS map

What's Going on in our Skies?

Rusty's Radar Anomalies

Open Forum Talk Radio - Chuck West, Host



Maybe this world is another planet's Hell.--Aldous Huxley

Scientists have discovered a new object orbiting the Sun after a spaceprobe was mysteriously knocked off course. Researchers have yet to identify the object, but they are confident it exists because of the way it appears to have deflected the tiny Pioneer 10 craft, which is hurtling out towards the stars.

Could the energetic environment of earth be changing? Conditions for nuclear processes be changing? Pretend, just for fun, what might happen if ancient technologies were activated, gizmos that make our atomics look like paper matches.

Know we the flesh is fleeting. The things men count great are nothing to us. The things we seek are not of the body but are only the perfected state of the soul. Long, long ago, I cast off my body. Wandered I free through the vastness of ether, circled the angles that hold man in bondage. Know ye, O man, ye are only a spirit. The body is nothing. The Soul is the All. Let not your body be a fetter. Cast off the darkness and travel in Light. Cast off your body, O man, and be free, truly a Light that is ONE with the Light. . THOTH




Getting word that the capstone is inside the pyramid and may soon emerge, hopefully during the bid Bildyhamburger paper mache capstone celebration at the turn of the millenniun.

EMAIL, 9/30/99 11:55:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time: You may not realize how right you are. However, brace yourself, the changes are only just beginning. Do not fear however, the "EXPERIMENT" as you call it is not over, it will continue. The only thing remaining to be seen is the way in which you humans handle the coming times. Look to Mars, and the red storm of Jupiter as well. You will be amazed at what you discover. full post

EDITOR'S REPLY:  Nibbling the carrot.  A new sun, a return to an old homeland?  Additional correspondence requested. Meanwhile new territories for sleuths.


10/2/99 10:07:41 PM Pacific Daylight Time: There are two things that you will find out in the coming months.

1. There is already a manned research station set up on the far side of the moon. This has been there for almost 20 years already, and is certainly a joint effort.

2. We have just recently been informed of a mars crawler being dropped onto the surface of mars. Bearing in mind that the governments tend to inform the population of changes in technology, and information, roughly 40 years behind the event, it is reasonalbe to assume that there is already a research station set up there as well.

3. As for the red storm on Jupiter, you may come to find that there is some sort of energy projector that is at the base of this, and that it is also likely manned, though I am certain that we are not dealing with humans in this case. Now at this point, the issues around Jupiter, even I am willing to say are speculation, but the other two I am certain of as I am that the events going on in the Giza plateau are government coordianted.

It has long been known that mars used to support life, and I personally am certain it still does, the only thing is that the life there has moved to underground dwellings both for protection from the surface weather, and for secrecy from the newly arriving aliens.

ORBIT READERS: On the 20-23 of September, I witnessed some powerful electromagnetic events as seen on solar and earth satellite.  The data seemed odd, an unprecedented magnetic strike to the earth with uncertain solar origins and then most bizarre imagery (above) from the SOHO sat, not to mention other puzzling anomalies from the GOES instruments pointed toward earth.  I began to look around sensing that something was up.  To my astonishment I began getting email briefs, followed by phone contact from Egyptologists, recently on the Giza Plateau, hinting that "timely" attempts were underway concerning explorations beneath the Sphinx and the Causeway.  To further check this information I sent out messages to others, confidants of long-standing, towards further information.  Again, to my surprise I learned by email and phone, that apparently the Hall of Records, in fact deep into the labyrinths below the Plateau, had been entered and explored.

At this stage I can only present what is coming to me, and to sound an alarm to others out there to be alert, investigate, and hopefully send what you find.  I would beseech those on the Giza Plateau to toss any notions of secrecy and please come forward.

It is advised upon entering this domain to inspect several pages back; follow the arrows so that you might get an idea of prior events.  If for some reason this investigation takes a dogleg or stumbles upon error, I will certainly report.  Otherwise, let us look with many eyes and forge ahead.  Kent Steadman

ORIGINAL SOURCE: 9/17/99 5:01:03 AM Pacific Daylight Time: PLEASE take time to read the following succinct overview, if you  want more data refer to my web site - this is VERY important and  concerns us all. What is this machine? It is a structure so complex in its form that one may have difficulty in accepting the purpose for its ultimate end. The purpose is to harvest the energy of souls . . .




IMPORTANT RELEASE, 9/25/99 9:32:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Time to step in , (if Intel ) is correct. Kent can place on his site "if he wishes" my name [contact: James Michael WilkieAMBILAC] with request that they contact me when they are ready...before it is too late...after a point there is absolutely nothing I will be able to do.

For over 20 years, Mr. Wilkie has worked towards understanding secrets contained in the pyramids at Giza. Through his research and his many travels, he discovered that there were many sources that appeared to be pointing him in a specific direction. It was then through meticulous research that he was able to correlate and analyze these numerous sources of information that brought him to his present conclusions that are presented herein.

I also decided to ask who was giving this information. I was told the People of the Right Eye, the One People, who were my people. They are individuals, but seen as one ball of light with many hands showing me various things. Many hands, one voice.






Things are getting more lively.  I ran out of dead Egyptians and I think I must have access to what is below the Sphinx. I am into a machine which trades under the name of "The God Machine" or just "God".  As I seem to have upset MOSSAD, they must believe it is God.  I am not getting any reliable pictures or logic as the machine is not a physical one. There do not seem to be any imprisoned spirits.  

A few scenarios are appearing.  Catch souls shortly after death, strip away the mind for use by the machine, and give the spirits duplicates of other minds.  As long as one does not duplicate any particular mind more than twice, the effects should be undetectable.  The machine seems to be made up of surplus minds and is now running on automatic.  A good principle in brainwashing is not to release anyone till they have brainwashed someone else.  I can not make out at present who started or constructed the machine.   It is possible that it is a logical outcome of human and spirit nature.  I am dismantling what I can by remote psychotherapy. 

MOST BIZARRE:  Look at this URL,  now compare  image locally saved

Starting on September 24, the SOHO spacecraft will undergo a week-long period of software uploads and maneuvers to commission a new gyroless operating mode. Many of SOHO's instruments will be placed into a safe configuration until these activities end (anticipated October 4, 1999). Most instruments will not be providing real-time images during this period.

EDITOR: We still have YOHKOH.  Keep watch here:


Coronameter images from the High Altitude Observatory Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (Hawaii)


9/29/99 21:43 UT

9/30/99 17:27 UT

EMAIL, 9/28/99 6:28:47 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Yesterday, I found one in the More Lasco C2 page. Please add this one to your web page as I think this may have been a precursor to whatever caused the ones showing on your page right now. Here is the direct URL:


EMAIL, 9/26/99 10:38:52 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I went looking through the archives for the frame that you show on your site showing the spectacular beam like structure and it is not in the archive at all. frame 16:42 and 18:42 are there but BIG surprise the frame you are showing is not there at all. If you have a copy of the REAL file will you please let me have a look. I wish we could take control of these space assets that the tax payers pay for. We sure are getting ripped off by the government when they use our money to do these space projects and all we get are handmedowns and edited partial information. We are getting so screwed out of the real picture, it is just pathetic. Well enough of my venting, I am sure you feel the same frustration as I do.

EDITOR'S REPLY: For the sake of obtaining higher resolution and because I now have a DSL router-modem, I grabbed the 15 meg gif construction version, difficult to post or transmit by email; however, I will send to anyone a 1 meg file showing the key adjacent images for the crucial time period. Have both MPEGs now, edited and unedited. Thanks for the help!


ELFRAD: archived data A Chip Off the Moon


JERUSALEM (AP) - A news magazine reported Monday it has been given excerpts of a purported 2000-year-old religious text related to the Dead Sea Scrolls that could shed new light on the origins of Christianity and Jewish mysticism. continue

EARTH: Last month Mother Earth spoke to me of "allowing bombardment" from September 23rd-29th.

9/30/99 5:58:40 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Another interesting phenomenon that occurs during the period of numerous unknown sightings is the presence of high ULF activity. We have been bombarded by x-rays, proton bursts, and other unusual emissions during these times. It is said that Solar activity is responsible, however this does not jive with the many detectors presently used by our government. The sun, I am sure, is responsible for some of these detections, but not all.Also, many earthquakes occur during these time periods. The question is,"What is causing what"? ELFRAD

  Big debate falls from the skies

Friday, September 24, 1999: A strange light seen over Oregon is classified as spacejunk, but UFO trackers believe otherwise.

EMAIL, 9/28/99 11:07:55 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I have e-mailed before, under a different e-mail (this is my new one) about the fireballs last time. Anyway, just wanted to tell you that I saw the one friday, and it DID NOT appear to be a falling object. In fact, it looked like it was going VERY horizontally, and at a very leisurely pace. It's also not the first time I've seen one of those. Russian rocket my U-Know-What!!!

EMAIL, 10/4/99 8:50:56 AM Pacific Daylight Time: I just heard our local radio news (1190AM KEX) report that many people from Portland and Vancouver,WA witnessed another light/fireball shoot across our skies last night. The report said they had no official word at news time, but that it was probably a meteor. At least they're not trying to say it was another piece of a Russian rocket or a military flare maneuver...of course, since they haven't come out with the 'official word' I wouldn't be surprised if it is something equally absurd. Light reflecting off of a flock of geese, perhaps? I think not. Something is clearly going on in the skies of the great northwest!

EMAIL, 10/3/99 8:03:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time: Here are some anomalies both on the UNISYS GOES site and the TNRCC Site See "TEXDOTS"  for more strange bright dots below the two lines.

EMAIL, 10/4/99 1:47:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I live in Whitefish, Montana. About a week and a half ago, my brother called me to tell me that he had seen a train parked in the local trainyard loaded down with millitary hardware, namely tanks. He said it seemed especially suspicious in that it was parked in an area behind some trees and bushes as if someone was trying to hide it. The train was headed west - Washington State, probably the Seattle area. With all the recent meteor activity in this area, what if the government knows about an impending impact and they are preparing for it in secret?

  MILLENNIUM GROUP: exoatmospheric kill vehicle

  UPDATE, 10/01/99: Many Sightings Of Strange Lights Since Turkey Quake



American Computer http://accpc.com and http://accpc.com/roswell.html has indicated, in an unverified story, that  that infamous 25 Mile Long Alien Space Station the Russian Republic  believes is parked in low orbit beyond Human access outside the Solar  System, which has previously allegedly assaulted two Russian probes aimed  at sneaking pictures of it, while flying on to Venus, blinding them, may  have "sent a robotic drone out to capture and study, or just incapacitate"  the NASA $125 Million Mars CLIMATE Orbiter which went dead this past morning.

The Russian Liaison had previously provided ACC with a look at the BLUE RIBBON PANEL REPORT issued by General Leonid Alexayev over a year ago. Alexayev, of the Russian Air and Space Command, had passed on word that the Russian Republic (formerly the Soviet Union) has correctly concluded that there is an Alien Presence in our Solar System, that all the evidence points to same as being "without a doubt true, and proven". continued

EDITOR: Search re, Alexayev, turned up this: TEAM ORB Announces Initiative to Introduce the Orb Beings to the Vatican.


1999 RM45: A potential impactor in need of follow up

SLEUTHS: ASSISTANCE NEEDED.  We need recon, seismic, sat, radar, intuitive, eyewitness  accounts of the following  areas: Giza, Stonehenge, Easter Island, New Zealand, Azores, Tihuanaco, Titicaca, Tibet, Chichén Itzá Hawaii: Big Island, Maui, Teotihuacan, Nazca, Newgrange, other significant sites.  Use all technologies of science and soul.


EMAIL, 9/27/99 11:46:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Took the attached GIF off the Meteosat page, 0 degrees Operational Service as full disk - doesn't it seem strange that all of Northern Africa and the Middle east is darker in shade than the rest of the image. This is especially noticeable when you see the thumbnail at the url link  which shows that area lighter in color than the rest of the area. Thinks that makes you go Hmmm..... might be pickin fly specks outta pepper though.

VOLCANO: Ruapehu Volcano, New Zealand CAM

EMAIL, 9/28/99 12:53:23 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Kent.....Read "Dream Vision of 1997" that Stan had, and compare with the NZ volcano report I just sent you.....Sending the report off to Stan in a minute...will let you know any feedback from him.


EMAIL, 9/26/99 12:17:16 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Contact from Oahu-if needed will assist and relay info increased seismic activity on Hawaii - vents reopening and new flows expected. best regards and aloha

EMAIL, 9/28/99 4:00:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Hi Kent, Take a look at this: weird GOES, USA

EMAIL, 9/27/99 9:00:36 PM Pacific Daylight Time: This is the Texas Natural Resources Commission. Look at the interesting anomaly in Northern Mexico. Sure looks like it "caught" something in orbit. Time factor 990927 - 230907 UTC.

EMAIL, 9/29/99 12:25:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time: To whom it may concern, You actually claim to be searching for the truth about things that you obviously have no idea about. First of all not one thing on your sight is clear or understandable. You simply over load your sight with Bullshit meant to  confuse and persuade any unsuspecting enthusiast that you have managed to come up with evidence that will shock the world, but in fact all you have on this sight is hearsay and rumor.

If you really did stumble on to something do you really think the powers that be would let you just post to the web without any ramifications.

Get real, if you are searching for the truth, clean your sight up, and do not post anything that cannot be substantiated by at least two independent people. This way you can eliminate any appearance of potentially being  apart of a conspiracy which time after time cloaks itself in disinformation.

EDITOR'S REPLY, 9/20/99 12:47 PM PST: Obviously there is a topic that bothers you. If you will tell me what it is I will try to give you the background info. For instance the Hall of Records information comes from three separate sources, two I can divulge, [2] and have so, one I cannot.

On most topics I open the forum to all, whether credentialed or not.

I would gladly examine your website to see your recent contributions, and I will post this comment anonymously along with the rest. Kent

Beiruti mystics moving to mountains amid millennial madness

EMAIL, 9/27/99 6:51:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time: I thought you might find it interesting to know that synthetically manufactured melanin [UV absorber} is being used extensively in many aspects of weather making manipulation! It also makes the dispersal of the chem-trails possible. It may be nothing. I do know that chem trails have been laid out in a type of x shaped matrix by laying out a series of dashes at obtuse angles. They are using the jet stream to help disperse their little bugs. Melanin is injected into storm cells at colder altitude to accelerate the intensity. There may be no connection to the dashes in the goes image. I do recall a similar image showing a straight line coming from storm cells off the coast of Africa.

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  Lake Steadman and other things in its vicinity

REPORT, Mark Commerford: I decided to branch out and see what else was in this general area on Mars. Using the NASA database I found (my interpretation of what I saw follows) the lake becomes a river which goes to a possible dam before it passes through a large city. All of this is to the right of the lake. To the left of the lake I found either a large pipe or large trench discharging water which has then created its own river.

FRESH NEW TROUBLESOME THOUGHT FROM THE EDITOR'S POOR SKULL: If we join any institution, church, state or lodge we put our poor brains in a vice-grip; oppositely, if we obsessively run from all institutions we put our brains in a vice-grip.  We want to hear from all, free-thinkers, fanatics, mystics, saints, pirates and ragged hobos.