IMPROBABLE PROPHECY: starting now and increasing for several days El Sol shows His full power. Silly war will probably stop dead. The hi-tech buckaroo-baboons will wiz their pants as all their cool gizmos, the sats, the grids, the warpbirds cease to fly; the low-tech bandito-baboons will be running in circles in awe of fiery-gods and red-caped Djinn. We see now Big Daddy at play, the casting down of the shield of RA, a mighty rent in the Force!


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CCOPS: Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States



Keep an eye on the Cosmos, diversion might be in play.

ALERT: Region 9632 was the source of the X2.6 long duration event which peaked at 10:38 UTC. A significant geoeffective CME may have been produced by the event. Aurora Watch



EDITOR: hey, the sun might save us all and wipe out all the sats and power grids. Be real hard to do WWIII, eh, human twerps! Watch the Cosmos, earth stuff wimpy!





"Vedic Defence Shield" for Prevention of War

How Vedic Defence Works Recent discoveries in the domain of quantum physics and human consciousness, according to General Singh, reveal that the field of consciousness is far more basic and powerful than the nuclear field. "This field of consciousness-termed the unified field in the language of quantum physics-is millions of times more fundamental and powerful than the nuclear force.

A Disturbance in the Force?

"The tragic events of September 11, 2001 have deeply shocked the entire world. But perhaps their influence propagates even more deeply than we imagine, even into the fabric of reality itself, perhaps even into events prior to their occurrence. In popular culture, this might be called a "disturbance in the Force", but new and innovative science may have something much more serious to say about the matter." Boundary Institute


EDITOR: hey, the sun might save us all and wipe out all the sats and power grids.  Be real hard to do WWIII, eh?

The proton event is contaminating ACE SWEPAM data; solar wind density, speed, and temperature. Values reported by SEC are incorrect. Contamination began at Sept 24, 1602 UTC and is expected to continue into Sept 25th. See ACE page; Dynamic Plots and 1&5 Min Lists.


There can no longer be any doubt. America is transforming into a police state. Local and state governments, megaglobal corporations and even communist dictatorships are being merged globally into a colossal world government.

Bush Ponders National ID Card For All Citizens  

Americans Demand Freedoms Be  Kept During Bush's Terror War

Face-ID technology gains new support

By Julia C. Martinez

Denver Post Capitol Bureau

Wednesday, September 19, 2001 - The face-recognition technology that had lawmakers and civil libertarians so worried a few weeks ago is gaining new support after last week's terrorist attacks.

State lawmakers planning to sponsor legislation restricting its use now say they are reassessing their plans. And the New York company that developed the computer technology that maps facial characteristics has been deluged with phone calls and e-mails from governments and companies around the world - even the Olympics -seeking greater security.

"September 11 is causing a lot of people to reconsider a lot of things," said Rep. Shawn Mitchell, a Broomfield Republican who had planned legislation. "Now, I have to think of other benefits that go beyond stopping financial crime."

The company, Visionics, had to upgrade its phone-messaging system to handle all the calls, its chairman, Joseph Atick, said. Its stock, which trades on the Nasdaq market, soared 93 percent Monday. On an average day, the company trades about 50,000 shares, Atick said. It is currently trading more than 3 million.

"This is an international campaign that these terrorists have kicked off," he said. "We've had inquiries from just about every government agency in Washington. Everyone from national intelligence to airport security and law enforcement in this country and security agencies and embassies in countries as far away as Thailand and Malaysia have contacted us."

About 70 or 80 airports have called, most in the United States, Atick said. He didn't know if Denver International Airport was among them, and DIA officials did not return phone calls seeking comment. Sports arenas and even Olympic officials who previously said they wouldn't use face recognition are making inquiries, he said.

But civil libertarians fear a further erosion of personal liberties.

"I have concern that in the rush we will make some bad decisions about privacy," said Richard Smith, of the University of Denver's Privacy Foundation. "There's already a big rush to loosen up the wiretap laws. I'm concerned about that. And there's a lot of talk about the face-recognition stuff."

Colorado passed a law earlier this year that allows the Department of Motor Vehicles to buy a system to map every driver's facial characteristics like a three-dimensional land chart when a driver's license is obtained. The system, which was to be in place by next July, is an effort to prevent identity theft and driver's-license fraud by comparing photographs with pictures already in the system.

Atick said the system could prevent terrorists from obtaining false driver's licenses and using them to travel around the country. "We all agree now that terror is not faceless. It has a face. It has an identity," he said.

Rutt Bridges, founder and chief executive of the Bighorn Institute research group in Colorado, said more people are now willing to compromise some civil liberties for security.

"The real question is where is that line going to be drawn," Bridges said. He predicts a national debate on privacy in the year ahead. He also predicts an expanded use of face scanning.

DU's Smith said that in order to use face recognition to catch terrorists, the government needs pictures.  "I don't see that there are that many terrorists that we know about," he said. But Atick said security companies need to work with government intelligence to start putting together the photographs and video images into a database.

Face-recognition systems were deployed at this year's Super Bowl in Florida in an attempt to catch terrorists. But a national public outcry ensued after only petty criminals and a ticket scalper were caught at the game.

Tampa officials also later allowed police to use the technology on the streets of a renovated entertainment district to scan faces in the crowd. The public objected to the camera-lined streets as a serious invasion of privacy.

State Sen. Ken Gordon, D-Denver, chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee, said the mood in the country has changed dramatically in just seven days.  "Until last week we were trying to expand people's privacy against incursions from the government," Gordon said. "Now we might have to fight for what we already have."

Project Bojinka - More Indications Of Prior US Knowledge Of Hijacker Attack Plans

Date: 9/24/01 5:18:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time

A clever way to get around the restrictions of Posse Comitatus?

The administration has not lobbied Congress for the statutory authority to create a permanent new agency. Instead, the White House appears to be modelling the agency after  the National Security Council, the cabinet-level White House group created by  President Harry Truman in 1947

But some in Congress envision an even wider mandate. Mr Lieberman said he favoured placing all border patrol agencies, including the customs service, the coast guard and border police, under the authority of the new agency. In addition, the federal emergency management agency, which usually responds to natural disasters rather than wartime emergencies, could be brought under the same umbrella.

What this article fails to tell you is mentioned in another post from last Friday. They are talking about including the National Guard now as part of this new NATIONAL POLICE FORCE.

Here we go, people.

The Technical Remote Viewing Institute

Date: 9/24/01 5:50:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time

The thought's, ideas, and comments expressed in this morning's e-MAILS; while pertinent to the ever existing world problems of a global conscious has just woken up the American populace to the realities of what most of the world had been experiencing all along. Who IS the evil empire? In the short term, 5 days hence; we shall all see the King of Israel attack its neighbors during the unofficial High holy day of Yum Kippur & with the backing and assistance of the U.S., U.K. who will be officially in the Country of Egypt, in the Sin`ai for announced War Games with the Egyptian Government.

Can anyone think of a better time to rid the Mid East of the Evil influences which have killed millions of human beings? The main problem will entail who wear's the white hat and who wear's the dark hat, as there is only a thin line between freedom fighters and terrorists, yet, by the numbers of the calendar on the wall we shall all see what the King of Israel was really up to on September 28th, 2000, c.y., exactly one year ago when he went on his own to the dome of the rock to cause sacrilegious disharmony afrontation between the Muslims and the Hebrews for which the current Holy War had started.

Can anyone follow this Hebrew calendar which is calculated by the New moon Lunar count to actually see the Habbi enact this sacred rites which will cause death and destruction to the whole of the mid east?

On July 20th, a Friday, at the New Moon, 2001 c.y., count 8/9 days (Saturday to Saturday) and you discover the Hebrew date ( Saturday, July "28th", for (TISH-AH B'AB - NINTH DAY OF AB) TISHA BE`AV', WHEN IN 70 A.D., the Hebrew Temple was completely destroyed; as the Habbi: RITUALISTICALLY SYMBOLICALLY & PHYSICALLY LAID A NEW CORNER STONE in the Dome of the Rock. The New Corner Stone was Idmeately removed after the ritual, but, make no mistake; from the 28th of July on the world was headed into a phase of death and destruction............Cumulating on September 28th/29th at sun set to sun set on the Sabbath we shall all see exactly what ZEALOTRY means.

In the special month of Ethanium, not to be confused with the 7th month of TISHRI, the first month of the civil Jewish year (Yum KIPPUR) there can be found an error in the ritual count of how Abo Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are calculated. For the civil year 2001, the Equinox falls six (6) days after the New Moon, hence, the Holy count for Yom Kipper should commence on October 16th, as the holy date is always counted by the first New Moon After Autumnal Equinox.

The question is do the holy men of the Habbi/Rabbi believe that they are in a very sacred time of the Earth's yearly orbit cycle? As all sacred counts of the Christian, Muslim and Hebrew have now officially ended. If indeed we are into a new count or a new age as all the sacred counts project, and with the Equinox falling after the official Hebrew count for Yom Kippor to commence

as the new moon fell before Equinox; Does the counts suggest a very rude awakening for US ALL, as the very early name of TISHRI, was Ethanium, MEANING STRENGTH AND FIRMNESS.

US Has Heavily Researched Anti-Gravity, Book Says

Date: 9/24/01 7:47:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Have really bad permonitions about this war. Not sure we can win.

K, Unfortunately we cannot, Sharron has set a trap. We fight for him, both we and the enemy are vanquished, he picks our bones as ruler of the sacred 7th age. The problem is that the Arab World will finish HIM first.

Date: 9/24/01 9:41:17 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Something that went through my mind yesterday as I watched yet another picture from Iran......that the terrible drought or flooding in Iran.......was being caused by HAARP activity in the US????? After all, we know that it can be used to alter the weather and what better way to zap your enemies many miles away then by giving them years of very, very bad weather. Do you think this is possibly happening here? I mean, no one is blaming El Nino for the droughts over there.

Arab 'Coalition' Gone - Saudi King Flees To Geneva - US Military Thrown Out

Date: 9/24/01 9:51:30 AM Pacific Daylight Time

We had another visit here by our huge triangle ship again on Saturday evening (Sept. 22) at approximately 9:30 PM PST. 3 points of light moving in a perfect triangular formation flying North to South, then making a slight turn heading southeast. I put my fist out at arms length and it just barely covered it. We had 9 total witnesses to the event which lasted about 3-4 minutes. Once again, there was no sound.

One woman left the ranch completely speechless. She was a bit of a debunker when she arrived. The only thing her sister could say after that was "That's amazing!" with eyes as wide as dinner plates! It was funny...about 5 minutes before it flew over, she was asking my wife if seeing and experiencing UFOs had changed her life. So my wife turned the tables on her after the triangle flew over, asking her the same question! About the only other words we could get out of her was that she felt no fear at seeing it, which surprised her. That just shows you how well conditioned most people have become from the media.

We are taking this as a possible good sign, mainly because we have had almost no UFO activity here at the Sattva Sanctuary since a few days before the terrorist attacks back on 9-11. However, we did notice a very huge increase in the amount of military aircraft flying over us during this time. Much more than usual. In fact, I was back in Seattle for a few days following the attacks and there was nowhere near the same amount of military jets in the sky there. Coincidence? Perhaps. Common sense would seem to indicate, at least to me, that you would be flying heavy patrols over Puget Sound, especially with all the military bases there. NOT over farmlands and Native American reservations (Yakama).

-John Novak Webmaster Self-Mastery Earth Institute ECETI

OPENING SALVO,5936,2919473%255E701,00.html

BRITISH SAS troops have fought a gun battle in Afghanistan with Taliban fighters, marking the first confrontation in the war against terrorism.

A Sign in the Sky: The End of Islam?

Date: 9/24/01 12:15:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time

As described in the CYDONIA FILE article I sent in my previous e-mail (a celestial phenomea I saw myself) the last-half moon occluded Saturn on Sept. 10th. Saturn passed under the sunlit side and emerged from the earthlit (dark) side about 30 mnutes later. Twenty-four hours later the attack on the U.S. began. Last night, prior to moonset over Afghanistan, the first-half moon transited past Mars, the god of war, in reverse order --- dark side to sunlit side. As the attached article suggests, the bombing of Osama bin Laden's bases should begin tonight, 24 hours after the transit and exactly two weeks after the day of terror...

 Pope Praises Islam, Says Terror Profanes God

Ashcroft Cites Risk of Attack Using Crop-Dusters

MER FORUM: The Most Important Date In History  [disclaimer]

Some See 'Ghost' of Towers at Night  Poll: Third of New Yorkers support internment camps for some


Focus - Firms stumped for anti-globalisation response  



Date: 9/24/01 5:40:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, I just got unsolicited confirmation of a strike on what appears to be building 7. The FoxNews film DOES show something "winging" into building seven--it also shows an effort to minimize the picture on the right of the screen while maintaining the view of the second plane-this appears to prevent showing the building growing from the explosion--WATCH CAREFULLY,2933,34238,00.html#video  9/11/01: East Angle - Second Plane Hits Tower

A friend just called me and said that he left his work and came outside after #1 and saw #2 fly into the building, then HE SAW THE ACTUAL STRIKE OF BUILDING 7. He said he kept waiting on the news to show the THIRD strike. He saw -------"...A DARK OBJECT strike building #7", the THIRD strike, and saw it explode!


Kent, do you think it possible, that the terrorists (whomever they might be?) commandeered some SMART BOMBS also while the FBI and CIA were asleep? ;-)

Play the FoxNews over and over--somebody was helping in the destruction of the "TRADE CENTER COMPLEX".


NEWCOMERS: this effort, although many send reports, boils down to one old frazzled guy, me, Kent.

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