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2000 MASCAL simulation

Pentagon: Hunt the Boeing! And test your perceptions! The French Report FLIGHT PATHS  Click on: Flight 77  CNN REPORT  METCALF: So where is the plane? 2 3

Flight Of The Bumble Planes I've worked in cryptology and there are many ways of hiding the truth. Substitute information, omit information, scramble the information out of sequence, and add nonsense (random garbage). All four methods were used on the 9-11 incident. Let me lay out the clues and show you where they lead.

Independent Flight 77 - Pentagon Event Investigation  From Deception to Revelation  Transcript of American Airlines Flight 77   9/11 early watch    American Airlines Flight 77: List of Victims  Deliberate Disinfo? July 24, 2000 UFO near the Towers  Rant




URGENT: 911 Cartel Infighting Info

I am sure out of respect for the dead many would rather move on then stir up more trouble. But the sad fact is that if the truth is not being addressed then those who died are not being honored by our refusal to act on our better conscience. Go through the images in such a way that they can be seen side by helps to clear up the confusion. Then ask yourself why did they lie about something like this? The motive for this crime must be something quite rotten to behold. But that is why they blamed it on the Talibin.

EDITOR: New info, disinfo, yay, nay? In ORBIT tradition, presenting all takes on the Pentagon explosion, more forthcoming. I realize the profound implications of such a study and do welcome all takes. Hopefully some military insiders will speak out, after all buddies inside the walls were wasted! Also we need additional sleuth towards: what happened to the passengers onboard 77? I realize the deep emotional concerns here, very sad, tragic! But towards the truth we must dare!

Comments, Victims

U.S. Army Military District of Washington website: relates to a Pentagon Mass Casualty Exercise [MASCAL], carried out in October, 2000. The accompanying photograph is really of a cardboard tabletop model used in the drill. FARSHORES

EDITOR: eyebrows raised here. An identical disaster simulation staged a year prior? Seems to me that someone had a very strong "premonition."


Pentagon Crash Site Photographers

The C-130

Date: 3/13/02 8:22:36 PM Pacific Standard Time



SEE: Crash jet contained depleted uranium

Date: 3/11/02 12:54:32 PM Pacific Standard Time

EXCERPT: Hi Kent, I was watching the news report at my parents house on Sept. 11th, just as the breaking report came that a TRUCK BOMB had just gone off in front of the Pentagon {in addition the tower hit}. The initial news footage showed a cloud of smoke billowing up from the building but it was from quite a distance away. There was no initial report that it was a plane... The entire world is being tricked into believing the American people stand behind what the Bush gov. is doing. The American people are being tricked into believing the Terrorists are just around the corner. The real enemy is the one doing the lying and the killing as usual. Funny how the lawful procedures for investigating airline crashes was not followed on Sept. 11th. That in itself is the smoking gun. We do not have a LAWFUL GOV. running the U.S.A. and they damn well know that is the truth. More

ARCHIVES 9/17: In the early morning of the explosion, a friend called me and told me that they had just seen on television that a number of the generals were found shot in the back in the Pentagon, even mentioning that some had been shot up to five times in the back.

John Bowman, a retired Marine lieutenant colonel and a contractor, was in his office in Corridor Two near the main entrance to the south parking lot. "Everything was calm,' Bowman said. "Most people knew it was a bomb. Everyone evacuated smartly. We have a good sprinkling of military people who have been shot at."

August Pentagon fire



Well you cannot expect standard Commercial Airline Pilots to know about (CLASSIFIED). OPS BLACKSTAR is Highly Compartmented, Secret Fire-Command & Control Platform System that flies out of Holloman AFB NM./FT. Huachuca, AZ (BLACKBAG OPS). Combine BLACKSTAR (Pilotless) and Thiokol's Corps. Portal Transport Systems (illegally downloaded by Wen Ho Lee, at Los Alamos), and You can control ANY AIRCRAFT THAT IS FBW.  Remember that OPS BLACKSTAR has broadcast dissemination capabilities to 100 Aircraft at one time (AWACS, ASARS, JSTARS, TENCAP, TROJAN SPIRIT, GUARDRAIL-CS, UAV's, SIGINT, TEAMMATE, TRACKWOLF, REMBASS, HUMINT, CI IMINT, MASINT, TECHINT, JTF, ARF-OR,  ACE, JIC, ACT) for an effective INTELLIGENCE BOS.  I have personally SEEN, OPS BLACKSTAR in operation.

THE ENEMY IS INSIDE THE GATES As an old and not so bold pilot, I became more convinced that the four commercial jets were choreographed by a "conductor" from a central source, namely an airborne warning and control system (AWACS). They have the electronic capability to engage several aircraft simultaneously, knock out their on-board flight controls by EMP (electro-magnetic pulsing) and assume command and remote control of these targeted aircraft.

Date: 3/17/02 8:01:53 AM Pacific Standard Time


The East Coast OTH-B radar, with no modifications, could provide routine tracking and control of commercial air traffic in the crowded North Atlantic corridor.

EDITOR: Caught a Snippet on History channel . Apparently they were trying to create a death ray in the 30s, and they said the death ray idea failed but out of it came RADAR!

WTC ANOMALY Whatzit? I can't tell either, except that it hit the tower going very, very fast.

EDITOR: even the above is still "thinking within boxes". I now believe that we are currently experiencing a deep re-write of reality, almost like a shift from one band of the space-time spiral to another. The physics does indeed seem to exist whereby things can be made to appear or not [by engineering the Schroedinger equation or by alchemically tripping a dark ritual, ie., 9-11]. Are we awakening? No, it does not seem so, but rather falling into a more dimly-lit region of the World of Shadows. Could this de-evolution be reversed? Why, of course, in a blink! But we must challenge all, our hero-worship, our primitive science, our gnarly warrior-gods blamed to rip the world apart from within the un-Holy Land. An impulse must be made deep within DNA -Consciousness-- to flush it all and re-dream. It has all come down to the responsibility of the unfettered, solitary and fragile human traveler, the true Seer.

Date: 3/12/02 9:41:58 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Kent, Greetings from Skyway, WA...Read your editorial:

I agree with you completely. But maybe the darkness we have sunk into seems to is a force that is making us work harder at finding truth, as never before. It sucks, that's for sure, but I have spent my life as a seeker, and when I look back on those years to now, what were they but Alan Watts and home made Zen?

Now it seems things have gone dark and the net result, at least for me, is a new way of thinking about reality that is a power of thought I never had before.

Hard to explain, but the depth of the fall around us, for at least some of us, seems to preclude our fall into fear with the mass. We seem to have a new strength of conviction that before was quess work. Suddenly a spiritual life is no longer a thing we read about in paperback books, something to aspire to and fail at over and over. After all, we bought the book at the mall.

Now its a necessity, it's everywhere.

Date: 3/12/02 12:11:56 AM Pacific Standard Time

What I believe we are witnessing is the eternal battle of good vs evil, as evolution vs devolution, held on a cosmic scale where meaning is everywhere, in everything, where forces of dark and light are locked inn seeming mortal combat. more

Pentagon crash frames: Was it a 757, F-16, or Cessna F172?

Date: 3/11/02 6:52:26 AM Pacific Standard Time

From: SHERLOCK BILL  Kent: in your absence, this 'eschatus' guy has been examining the plane seen in the first frame, where a tail appears plainly. It seems likely that only a small Cessna-type private plane crashed into the Pentagon. And that's the reason an explosion had to be planted at the Pentagon timed to go off a fraction of a second before the plane got there. THAT WAY, the plane could slink in the Pentagon without trouble and get lost in the debris. You'll like this page Kent. He analyzes photos like you would. Naturally, everyone calls this guy a nutcase, but I analyzed it myself too. The tail isn't the right shape for a 757.

Date: 3/11/02 1:08:02 AM Pacific Standard Time

Dear Kent,

Wow I really found that Pentagon Footage you just posted to be quite incriminating. The first thing that is obvious is that fuel was indeed the major componet of explosive. This evident in the color of flame and smoke. I also noticed besides the absence of a plane in the footage the direction of the explosion itself is obviously a stationary or very very slow moving object such as a truck . A jetliner at best would at least had to have a rate of speed around 190 mph and I would guess in reality it would have been around 225-300 and that explosion would have ripped through and gone into the surrounding corrirdors and forward not up and evenly dispirsed as we saw there. We are being lied to people....when are we going to mobilize and start to bring this beast back to earth? Are you going to continue to demand more proof? I think a march is in order...anyone interested let Kent know and let's see just how many of us are sick of what we are seeing and hearing and are also willing to do something about it

Date: 3/8/02 3:12:23 PM Pacific Standard Time

Taking into account the angle covered in the surveillance camera photo (yellow lines) The scale of the 575-200, (white)

The analysis of the structural damage which shows that whatever hit, had to have impacted at an approach close to 90 degrees, (Red lines) The photo also indicates that the 20' tail (whose tip would be 44'6" off the ground when parked) is so low upon approach, a 3' post almost obscures it.

The question is, how did that large mature tree (green circle) directly in the flight path and barely out of camera range manage to remain unscathed? Or did the wing pass under the branches and just miss the trunk? Pretty good flying for a flunked-out cessna pilot.

Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 20:26:15 -0600 (CST)
From: (Patt Latham)

Someone must be monitoring your site. Today for the first time, The
Pentagon has felt it had to show pictures of a plane ramming their

I taped it, as Wolf Blitzer was showing Jamie McIntire's Pentagon
pictures allegedly taken off a Pentagon camera.

I put it on slow motion and saw no plane. Not only that, it has been
'messed' with. It shows clips. It looks like 3 clips. The same pictures,
or shots with Jamie McIntire were shown next on the Moneyline show. The
same questions asked with the same answers. Jamie pointing to where
you're supposed to see a plane coming along the ground about 2 feet
above the ground before it hits the Pentagon. I have yet to see a plane.
If there is one, there certainly is not a passenger plane. What it looks
like to me is a release of material before an explosion. Like the
pressure couldn't hold it any more and spewed it out. This film must
have just been doctored for our use. There is no plane in the film.
There is not even a semblence of a plane. There only remains the lie.

Patt Latham




Thu, 7 Mar 2002 21:39:54 -0600 (CST)

Thanks for the pictures. That's what CNN is showing on tv.
However, I switched back to tv, from web tv and ran the tape back to the
moment of impact on slow, slow motion, and there's no plane! There's
nothing the size of a Boeing passenger plane anywhere near that outer

What Jamie Mc Intire was pointing to, and what you have circled, is not
a Boeing passenger plane the size of one we see at the airport. Those
are tall. There is nothing hitting the building from the outside in that
picture sequence coming from the Pentagon. The fact that they're feeling
like they have to show it tells me there's some fear and pressure there.
Because they never bothered to show this until it hit the internet that
there was no plane hitting the Pentagon. We're talking 6 months ago with
no pictures releases. Why all of a sudden now?

Too many people are dying in this war. How can we stop it? I have
written to my reps, and sen. but no one is listening.
They can't seem to see where we're heading.

Kindest personal regards,
Patt Latham
Riverside, Tx.

Moment of impact at the Pentagon on 9-11-01 — David E. Parsons

The Hunt For Flight 77

Proof Pentagon 9/11 Attack was Inside Job: dove_of_o


What Really Happened 9/11 - FREE Report/Book

Re: The Hunt For Flight 77

     I flew the Boeing 747 JUMBO Jet., but not this 757. I retired before this
     came into service. But, from what I see( or don't see) looking at
     these pictures; its hard to pick out aircraft parts. The wingtips
     alone would have sheared off and bounced back into the street,
     the engines (2) would have penetrated deeper into the wall and
     framing structure further than any other part making a
     definate hole. The belly of the aircraft contains, fuel
     tanks,baggage, mail bags, and cargo; none of this type debris
     can be seen. Assuming 8600 gallons of kerosene fuel @ specific
     gravity of approx 6.9 lbs/gal(temperature considered) weight of
     the fuel would be close to 60,000 lbs and would splatter
     everywhere. Where are the seats,those with passengers buckled
     in would be ripped our of the floor, for that matter, where are
     the passengers? I have never seen an aircraft accident where the
     aircraft evaporated upon impact, water,land or buildings. If
     these pictures were taken within 3 days after 9/11, there would
     have been definate remains of parts. I don't see any. However,
     digital computer photos can be doctored up to suit any lawyers
     From the photos shown, there ain't no fly in this pudding.

`In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.'

Subj: Re: Flight 77 - I saw no plane in the TV film

Date: 3/8/02 12:29:12 AM Pacific Standard Time \

Subject: I saw no plane in the TV film

While I have concentrated my recent research and writing via a three-part series focusing upon the insider trading as it relates to prior knowledge and financial profit from 9/11 deaths on Mike Ruppert's site, I too am concerned about the what looks to be "management" of the news film I watched regarding the Pentagon attack.

APFN's recent focus upon the Pentagon plane concerns some troubling issues. My two viewings of the TV clips of the reporter-described "plane hitting the Pentagon," clearly showed no film of any plane hitting the Pentagon--only the fire-bomb-like explosion in a series of seemingly edited clips.

The only problem (if I accept that no airliner hit the Pentagon) is "What happened to the missing jet said to have hit the Pentagon?" And that's a key issue to say the least!

One friend told me that "the planes are made of aluminum and the impact and temperature of the fire melted the plane down." Then another friend said  "When was the last time you saw photos of ANY plane crash where there were no visible pieces of the plane left surrounding the crash site?" I would personally answer "never" to that one. There are always parts least some pieces. So, Houston, we have a problem.

I have never written an email to APFN; however, every time I turn around, another "problem" question surfaces regarding 9/11. What is bothering most of us is that no government official is even raising the issue--let alone asking the questions. This is just another one of them; but I am still trying to figure out where the plane went if it did not "melt" in the crash, leaving no evidence, pieces, or whole parts, etc.

Clearly, no Member of Congress is questioning these "Conspiracy" theories, to which they are often referred. Victim families and sympathetic, yes patriotic, Americans have to hope that the CIA-led "intelligence" joint committee will ask the hard questions--no chance--since they are more concerned with looking at the "process" of security lapses rather than finding out the "identities of the perpetrators." (foreign or domestic)

The writings of Jared Israel regarding the airplane stand-downs and presidential inaction are clearly the most damning and obviously visible problems that any thinking American should immediately pose. I am hopeful that he stays focused on that problem because the mainstream media might eventually pick up on that story. And widespread publicity will certainly create a firestorm once people start thinking about the evidence he raises on

But isn't is sad that mainstream outlets are not asking these questions.

I am hopeful, however, that this time the internet will play a major role in getting to the truth. Americans are truly fed up with the secrecy and management of the news. I have received emails about Michael Moore's new book, "Stupid White Men," playing to huge crowds at bookstores in the normally conservative enclaves in the Republican West and far-West. (He has not yet toured our more urbane, liberal Northeast yet.)

But the book is in its 9th printing in just 5 days of release! If that is true, Moore must be saying something, because he is what Chris Matthews calls "a real lefty!" It is not often that California conservatives cotton to liberals like Moore--let alone wait for hours for him to sign a book. I may just go out and get a copy to see if he is joining APFN in asking the tough 9/11 questions. Keep up the great work, APFN. This 9/11 thing is NOT over yet--not by a long shot.

Best wishes,

Freelance writer

(,,,, and

[APFN] Thanks Tom... I hope your inspiring message will awake the APFN




Click HERE for videotape sequence of Flight 77 crash at the Pentagon on 9-11-01

>From the photos shown, there ain't no fly in this pudding.

Where is the plane, Flight 77 -


`In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.' Without justice, their is JUST_US!

Date: 3/7/02 8:49:51 AM Pacific Standard Time a friend sent this too me i found it interesting considering the articles i've seen posted on orbit still why would the flight 77 transponder be the only one of 4 disabled?????

Date: 3/11/02 9:02:09 AM Pacific Standard Time

In my opinion it appears that a couple or three ballistic missiles hit the Pentagon creating the massive fireball.

Date: 3/11/02 11:18:17 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kento: Hope the wedding went off ok... Now, this Pentagon Jumbo - more like Mumbo Jumbo ! - scenario..Important info - correct me if I am wrong, but let me take everyone back to that sad day...If I recall someone mailed the following day to say that he had been watching CNN early morning on the day all these events occurred....apparently some time prior to the WTC hit, CNN was in the process of reporting "an incident" at the Pentagon. It was reported that a few senior military officials had been involved in some internal fracas, involving the shooting and subsequent death of a number of military. Naturally the story was buried immediately after news of the WTC, and the next we hear of the pentagon is flight 77.

Now, if true, could there have been some dissent with the "white" military? who knows, but perhaps you can dig up that mail or the person who saw that piece of news...I believe it was on your site that week.

Just a thought...another piece of the cosmic jigsaw!!

EDITOR: See warrant5.htm  August Pentagon fire

Date: 3/11/02 12:54:32 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

I was watching the news report at my parents house on Sept. 11th, just as the breaking report came that a TRUCK BOMB had just gone off in front of the Pentagon {in addition the tower hit}. The initial news footage showed a cloud of smoke billowing up from the building but it was from quite a distance away. There was no initial report that it was a plane.

Considering all of the experts in this country who have gone to crash sites and removed even the smallest pieces of a downed aircraft and re-assembled the destroyed aircraft to determine what went wrong; it is appalling that such a damning lie with no physical evidence?? can be believed. There is no still shot in that security footage showing an airliner hitting the Pentagon. The damage shots clearly show that there is no damage to the Pentagon which can be or was physically caused by flight 77? Where did that flight really go? Where are the bodies? Where are the carefully reconstructed pieces of the aircraft itself? The number of gaps in the physical evidence clearly demonstrates there must be a very heavy handed top-down muzzle being applied to restrict information. The real war is being fought against us...people who ask too many questions...people who can see quite clearly that the Bush administration is obviously not in control of the U.S. government but is simply following orders from those that are and have taken over our country.

Sadly. the events of Sept. 11 were a diversion, as is the phony war in Afghanastan to keep the American people glued to the wrong end of the stick. See we are beating these bad terrorists to a pulp and all is well. Never mind the fact that we are lying through our collective media teeth about the actual reasons.

Apparently if a lie is so big and so bold that to admit that it is in fact all a damn lie and is too much for people to handle then they [media inc.?] will continue that tactic until they have achieved their actual goals. And it looks pretty grim. The entire world is being tricked into believing the American people stand behind what the Bush gov. is doing. The American people are being tricked into believing the Terrorists are just around the corner. The real enemy is the one doing the lying and the killing as usual. Funny how the lawful procedures for investigating airline crashes was not followed on Sept. 11th. That in itself is the smoking gun. We do not have a LAWFUL GOV. running the U.S.A. and they damn well know that is the truth.

Subj: Fw: In what appears to be a major disinformation exercise 
Date: 3/11/02 12:26:26 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

Welcome Back! I sure missed you, as I'm sure thousands of others did, too. This is a refutation I wrote to myself, of Joe Vialls uncalled for nasty pan of the French theory on the pentagon plane. I don't see any plane, either, on the film, especially. Sincerely, Lucille Ps. I also can't understand WRH attitude, either. So jealous of any attention being taken away from the israeli spy thing. It boggles my mind. These consciousnesses seem to have made a complete turnaround or have been taken over. Vialls and Rivero only want to nail the israeli's and Jews? What is going on with that? You mean to tell me there is no gentile or pseudo christian complicity in this mess. It's becoming a race war. No objectivity.
French Claim About Pentagon Jet is a Sick Joke
Captain Charles Burlingame's widow is unlikely to appreciate the humor

Joe , March 2002
  In what appears to be a major disinformation exercise, a French web site has caused a minor storm on the Internet by claiming American Airlines Flight 77 did not crash into the Pentagon on September 11. That's right folks, American Airlines was and still is merely a figment of your overworked imagination!
         This is heady stuff, perhaps enough to put genuine sleuths off the track, and direct even more suspicion and hatred towards the United States military, who many mutter darkly are an evil bunch of people who wantonly killed their own men, and vast numbers of America's women and children.
         Starting where the French start, let us take a closer look at this new conspiracy. The French claim that the Boeing 757 was too big to fit in the hole left in the Pentagon, which therefore proves that a Boeing 757 could not have hit the Pentagon. It proves no such thing

All these ego's vying for attention. You are with this ego's story, or against it! And God help you if you don't get with the 'Program', especialy the military governments. You get nailed, for considering, you get called all kinds of names and threatened. Oh, no one, not one in the sacred military would ever be compromised to hurt a single one of us. They just follow orders to stand down or bomb this or that, they just follow orders. They arn't responsible for their actions, no consequences, no liabilty, just military justice, justice for a few elites. The more these people try to crash the French theory , the more I wonder why they are so afraid to really consider it. If these Sacred cows take a dump in your front yard and you disagree with their choice of dumping ground, unless you are a hard-core Hindu, you still get a chance to question their choices and opinions. Homeland Security auber aulls, not yet! 
"Visit any one of several hundred vertical or near-vertical high-speed crash sites and you will observe a strange  phenomena: the aircraft all seem to vanish into relatively small holes. There is no easy explanation for this, but rest assured I speak from direct experience. "
Response: No, I'm afraid I can't rest with your assurances , Joe, I have to try to figure this out myself, and weigh the evidence and theories, according to how they sound to me. 
"In the early sixties we were sent out to find the crash site of an English Electric Lightning Mach 2 fighter, which went in vertically at nearly 400 miles per hour during an aerobatics display.  Despite having a wingspan of 35 feet, the Lightning impact crater measured only 22 feet across. Did we find the wings lying around in the field next door? No, we did not."

Response: Went in vertically is key here. I thought the pentagon plane went in more horizontally, at least that's the impression I get from the new film of the crash, they finally 'made in hellywood'. 

"American Airlines Flight 77 was seen to take off from Washington, was tracked somewhat erratically on radar because its transponder was off, and was then seen by hundreds of people as it hurtled back overhead Washington at high speed , before pulling an almost impossibly-high turn through 180 degrees, and slicing down towards the Pentagon in a steep dive."

Response: Hundreds of witnesses. Really? Why should that matter? Hundreds of witnesses, including military personel, say they saw Flight 800 'missiled down', but their witnessings were ignored and discredited by the FBI and NTSB. So if many Frenchmen are slaughtered on their way back to gay Paree, we can ignore the evidence. But if fifty Americans are sacrificed at the pentagram altar, (not necessarily at The Pentagon) we must believe the witnesses. Sacre bleu! Are you people for real???? Are you 'witlesses' for real?? 

"Civilian aviation eyewitnesses at the time estimated Flight 77's speed to be in excess of 400 miles per hour, which in the dense atmosphere found at low altitudes, is almost enough to tear the wings off.  Not only that. Two airline captains pilots on the internet speculated meaningfully that no human pilot could have held the control yoke through the 180 degree high [speed] turn, which they estimated at a minimum of 5G but more likely 6 or 7G. The term  simply means gravity, so if your arm weighs 20 pounds at rest, at 5G it will weight 100 pounds."
Response: Estimated, almost? Did they really make that turn? Or did the plane land in West Virginia, stuff the passengers down a mine shaft and continue flying, even today, for AA? Or was an empty plane, not necessarily a 757, remote controlled into the vast pentagram, making it less likely, that evidence of a 757 would be found? Maybe some other type of 'wreckage' should be looked for. 
 " If you want to get a feel for this, stretch both of your arms right out in front of you as far as they will go (no bending please),  and then ask  a friend to place a 100 pound weight on the palm of each of your hands. Now simply stand there for 15 seconds without either arm dropping below the horizontal. Tricky, huh? But I digress, back to the French conspiracy."
Response: You sure do digress! I'll definitely be asking my little girlfriend to place that two  hundred pounds on my palms, so we can watch 'em drop to the floor. That little test will be a very valuable lesson for this doubting Thomas. Yes, indeedy. 
"Next up the French show you dazzling proof that the Boeing 757 did not slice down through the roof, but instead managed to squeeze its way into the Pentagon through a single first-floor window. To reinforce this Gallic claim they show you a genuine photo taken by a genuine US Marine. As American as apple pie, so it must be true! This is stirring stuff until you peer through the thick smoke haze on the photo and realize this is a different part of the Pentagon.  Sacre Bleu! These French are as slippery as frogs
Response: Sacre bleu! You took the words right out of my mouth, but I'm happy to see I spelled it right. Those slippery frogs (not nice, I caught the insult to the French and frogs) even spell trickily. Oh, did they claim it was dazzling? I didn't know that! Really your  mocking tone isn't quite working for me. But a pro would immediately see, it's the other angle of the burning pentagram. Were there two explosive fires? Did they cut and paste? 
  "Next, before turning to the hard evidence, the French try to distract us with a parallel or sub conspiracy. The evil American military have spread sand across the perfectly good green lawn outside the Pentagon. Why, they ask, did someone cover up the lawn with sand? Obviously the French believe we are looking at an evil sub-conspiracy here which rivals their home-grown Count de Marenches of the SDECE. Perhaps the sinister sand obscures a secret missile silo pointed at Paris, or something like that?"

Response: This mocking attitude makes me feel you aren't serious. I don't remember the French inquiery being so arrogantly obnoxious. They asked questions that were intelligently thought out and inquiering. These are legitimate inquieries, we can still question the staus quo, we're still allowed.

"Well, not exactly, you wine-swilling Parisians. The American military engineers built a road covered with sand, over which they could drive their heavy trucks to and from the disaster area. You know how it is with these ten and twenty ton trucks. They all have the same irritating tendency to become completely bogged down on soft ornamental lawns."

Response: Well now, that really makes sense, a hardened road, so heavy trucks can go about their business. That I can believe. Thanks for clearing that up. But do you have to cheapen the response by calling the inquiering people wine-swilling Parisians? How does that apply to this road? You sound like you've been imbibing and it's made you mean -spirited.

 "Hard evidence? Ah, yes. Despite having access to the same images as you or I, the French cunningly edit their copies to obscure the large pile of second-hand Boeing 757 spare parts piled outside the left front of the Pentagon disaster area, shown in the center picture at the top of this page. Click on the red link below it and you will be taken as if by magic to a giant high-resolution photo on an American military server, which will show you the entire area in huge detail."

Response: Well, now that does look like hard evidence, if it is indeed, wreckage from a Boeing 757,that crashed into the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.

"Though most of the Boeing 757 was still in the Pentagon basement [or even below it] on that date, only three days after the crash, there is already enough scrap metal on the pile to construct a pair of fighter aircraft from scratch.  And because this aircraft wreckage utterly destroys the French conspiracy, they failed to show it to you. Worse than that. The French deliberately edited it out completely, so you would be unable to reach your own conclusions."

Response:That was , indeed, nasty of the French, if that was their intention and if they had access to these photo's and if these photo's are real and not hellywood, or CIA lab created. They can do that now , Joe, they manufacture evidence , since before the O.J. trial . You accuse the israeli's and jews of doing it, all the time. 

"As the picture at top right shows, once the French cat was out of the bag, others decided to cash in on the story and build thrilling sub-conspiracies all over the Internet. This pic shows what is claimed to be an American F-16 fighter approaching at about zero feet [circled in red], presumably just before the point of impact".
          "Oh, sure! And obviously,  immediately after this picture was snapped the [plane] suddenly skyrocketed upwards, looped the loop at near sonic speed, then came down vertically on the building. Then it probably used advanced American military alchemy to double in mass to equal the pile of junk already gathered at the front left of the Pentagon building.  All good clean fun I suppose, but I doubt Captain Charles Burlingame's widow would be amused."
Response: Maybe an F-16 was remote controlled  into the pentagram, one of the ones that should have scrambled , earlier, to escort and prevent the 757 from crashing the subject. Maybe one of those that was told to stand down, in the beginning, decided to be a true military protector and went nuttso, when he figured out orders from the pentagon stopped him from doing his real duty. I have to agree, with you, Joe, some of our military are fine upstanding patriots who are not fooled one bit by our evil government. I hope they rise like a Phoenix. An F-16 would  be more maneuverable and keep the speed necessary to do the dirty deed. The pentagram has plenty of earlier bombing missions to it's credit to pile up a lot more 'evidence' then that. Rummy probably likes his little souvenirs of piled up pentagram dirty deeds.
Dear and unfortunate Mrs. Bulingham has suffered enough, without you bringing her into this. So have the decency to shut up and leave her out of this dogfight, you silly rottwhieler! 
Here's another theory. What if the flight that crashed into Pennsylvania was meant for the Pentagon, but couldn't make the intended target, because the pilot and/or passengers really did, somehow, regain control. The plane was shot down by our wonderful, finally responding ,military. Why? If it didn't hit the target when it was supposed to be hit and demolished, what did? A Bomb, a demolition, another plane? How would they cover demolitions that were pre set at the pentagon? If they were pre set as many conclude (at The WTC), with remote control planes hitting the towers, why couldn't the pentagon be set-up in just such a way? Only not really intending to use a plane on the pentagon, just simulating a plane crash. They do it in movies  and use special effects and trick photography all the time. Remember when the bushmob actually asked for hellywoods help to fight the war on terror? What the heck was that all about? And who really made the Osama tapes? It doesn't hurt one bit to question these things, unless you want the bushmob and others to get away with it. These are just some things that are not adding up. Perseverence, vigilence and God's help will solve these enigmatic riddles. All evil will be exposed and God will have the last word on all of us.

911 - Criminal brief:


FLIGHT 77: What did happen to the plane? Where is it?

Date: 3/11/02 8:44:23 PM Pacific Standard Time

Subj: Mark D. Faram took that Pentagon plane-piece photo. Maybe email him for info?


Keep in mind:

10th frame of this slide show is Mark Faram's plane piece photo:

(that's why the photo is called Pentagon10.jpg in some sites.)

Perhaps you could email Mark at and ask him if there were any markings on that piece, or any other pieces laying around that would be silver in color, like the kind found in a Boeing 757-223 jet. If he says the piece was white and red, we can certainly suggest that piece came from a Cessna-type plane.

From the info below, it appears that when you're a journalist, there's no privacy for you. Look how much I dug up from the web:


Background on Mark Faram from

Mark D. Faram


I'm 38 and have been on the pilot list off and on for about a year. (mostly on). I am a writer/photographer. I am on the staff of the Army, Navy and Air Force Times as a photographer. I do a lot of freelance writing both for the company and other sources. (We are not part of the government. We are now part of the Gannett newspaper chain).

I was in the Navy for 9 years as a photojournalist and Deep Sea Diver. I have a strong interest in pda use in the Military and in journalism.

I have owned an laptop for five years and have hauled the same to Somalia, Bosnia, Persian Gulf, etc. In my search for something "more and less" I bought a PPPersonal in April of 97 and fell in love with it! After it was stolen at the Chicago's O'Hare airport in July, I did without one for a month when I bought a Pro. Eventually I had bought a modem and the TRG three meg upgrade as well as pilokey and a newton keyboard. I took it to Bosnia in Novemever and for the first time left the laptop at home. A co-worker had a newton and being a gaget freak I was curious. I bought a MP2K and had it upgraded only to find I had gained nothing except no limit on memo size. So I sold the Newton and bought a Toshiba Libretto and a PPPersonal (things come full circle).

I plan to keep both, as I feel I have found the perfect combination except for the fact of the limit on memo size. It still and always will piss me off and has me reading about those new WIN CE devices.

I don't plan to get the modem again, however I do intend to upgrade to the PIII board or get a new TRG board for added room. I use Palmeta Mail as I like the fact that it uses the notepad. I use it for caption information and sometimes interview notes, I use it for schedule as well as expenses and as a more portable way to read email.

I have both a Mac and PC desktop and am now playing with Linux(thanks to this list). I am interested in programming for the pilot, IBM and mac in ways to make work easier for Writers, Journalists and Photogs. I am good at teaching myself things and have learned about building Mac's and PC's on my own. I think I can start to learn programming on my own, (any suggestions for a starting point?). It could be a new career shift. I have used so much stuff in the field that I am a consultant of sorts to the other journalists I work with.

I live in Woodbridge Va. and am interested to know if there's a D.C. area users group. My web page has more of my resume as well as my photo work. it can be found at

Thanks for listening!


Serial number for him: Journalist 1st Class Mark Faram



Info from

Faram, Mark D


2586 Sylvan Moor Ln.

Woodbridge, VA 22191


USS John F. Kennedy (78-81) HCU-TWO/MDSU-TWO (81-83) FLTAVCOMLANT Underwater Photo Team (83) Syracuse University (83-84) NMRI/SUPSALV (84-87) Naval Reserve Media Center (01-present)


He's listed at

NR Naval Media Center Washington, Faram, Mark D. JO1


Mark's fax number from is


Date: 3/14/02 7:45:17 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hey Kent: when the Pentagon 9-11 incident happened, what'd they do? Say "Hurry! We've got a plane piece! Call Dennis Ryan! He took the MASCAL photos!" It's the only other plane piece I've found so far, and the tell-tale rivet holes evenly spaced make it look like a plane piece.

How did Dennis Ryan just HAAAAAAAPPEN to be in the right place at the right time to take that plane piece photo, when he just HAAAAAAAAAAPPENED to take the MASCAL photos too? They should just come out and say the plane pieces come from a smaller remote-controlled Dragonfire plane, Or Cessna, or fill in the blank with the correct name.

Another plane piece from the Pentagon way at the bottom of this site:

(DENNIS RYAN took that photo.)

See? There's the same photo taken by Dennis Ryan.

Remember that Contingency planning Pentagon MASCAL exercise?


(Guess who took the photos? YEP! Dennis Ryan!!!)

(Editor's note: Dennis Ryan is a staff writer

for the Pentagram newspaper at Fort Myer, Va.)


204 Lee Ave., Building 59

Attn: News Notes

Fort Myer, VA 22211-1199

Items can also be faxed to (703) 696-0055.

His email could be OR perhaps,

although you probably won't get any more details out of him.