Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak: "There may be something in the atmosphere or weather conditions may be sometimes very tough there."

 NEWSHAWK, 10/31/99 1:14:27 PM Pacific Standard Time: Esoteric, ultra-classified technology such as "positron-ray" and particle beam systems are known to be active in this area: at Montauk Point / Brookhaven Labs, at Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod as well as on Block Island. Control over and access to these highly-advanced weapons systems does not necessarily remain with one group, but has been known to shift and change hands at times. complete report

Pulse Weapons   Pulse Hesitant Gateways

At the risk of being a nuisance I must beseech for continued help here.  This ORBIT effort is supported solely by reader patronage. I'm finding that aside from managing the monthly costs I need to think about a slight "financial shield."  As you can see my investigations might be considered somewhat threatening from certain interests.  Keep in mind I am not asking for much.  I live a simple lifestyle in a small apartment, no car, buy very few doodads for myself, aside from family a hermit actually, living on a disability teacher's retirement.  Any contributions, however modest, are for me pure blessed survival.  MOST GRATEFUL for help thus far.  Kent, aging ol' muttering Coot.

EMAIL, 11/2/99 7:26:02 PM Pacific Standard Time: You don't suppose your server is tapped do you, I mean, the jist of this article is exactly what you and I were discussing - why the news media had started asking direct questions about the area. Hmmmmm, someone is paying attention to your site my friend. Good! Lets hope they really pay attention and do something about all the crap that is raining down upon our heads.

Note: 11/3/99: once again a large server is currently  up/down, some data-archives will not load.

KENT: I guess I'd better spring this before too late, think of it as Sci Fi, or you know, artist's prose, will keep brain cells intact, unlike my own, in fact I would advise not reading at all:


and rantlash

Planetary Shield

EMAIL, NEWSHAWK, 11/3/99 7:15:05 PM Pacific Standard Time: We THEN asked our source about the current status of threats posed to the planet by approaching celestial objects. His response was blunt and to the point. "That's been taken care of," he said tersely. Remember, this was within 12 hours of the disappearance of Fl. 990. What did he know that he could then make that statement with such certainty? Was it that he KNEW (but couldn't say) those desperately needed parts had in fact made it back to Egypt to be utilized in the planetary defense apparatus under the Giza plateau, and that for now at least, earth was safe? continue

EMAIL, Glen Dean, 11/3/99 7:23:41 PM Pacific Standard Time: The Sun was low on the horizon, and the (presumed) comet appeared between 10º and 15º directly vertically above the Sun. It was visible for only 1 second, but it was moving to the left, which means generally south. continue

EMAIL 11/4/99 7:57:28 AM Pacific Standard Time: I feel that there are other phases which are not known by most people but are to the aliens, perhaps placing material into other dimensions. This type of conversion could easily explain the blinking in and out of UFOs, and would likely be the key to striking incoming objects. Basically you phase convert an atomic bomb into another dimension and phase convert it back right next to the comet, then set it off. Fast, easy, and simple, provided you have the phase converter. continue

EMAIL, 11/4/99 5:17:20 PM Pacific Standard Time: knowing that my "friend" had security contacts in the Egyptian Government I asked what he thought of the recent air crash. He said there was more to it than was being made public. Names of the high ranking military officers where being held as there was something special being carried out.


Sleuths The crash of Flight 990 has international ramifications. We have reason to believe that Naval intelligence is involved with the investigation of this incident. Verification?

Sleuths Several pleasure boaters off the coast of Nantucket report seeing at least two large and silent triangular craft in the vicinity before reports of the loss of Flight 990 from radar. Verification?

Sleuths: Have word that Edwards AFB been put on Delta alert status, no calls going in or out.  Verification?

Bombs, briefcases and UFOs

11/5/99 9:57:04 AM Pacific Standard Time: I suggest you cease any further research regarding the phase generator that was lost and then retrieved on Flight Egypt Air 990. You are stepping on hot ground sir. You are being monitored.

Kent, This graph was recorded Sunday morning from 00:01 until 3:30 AM EST. An unusual amount of electromagnetic pulse activity was detected starting at 00:18 hours. The pulses were very active around the time period of 01:20 EST or 06:20 UTC. This recording was synchronized with  the Bureau of Time Standards, WWV, to within plus or minus 5  milliseconds. The Elfrad equipment indicated normal readings after 07:12 EST.  Charlie Plyler Elfrad Group


Larger SEE:    

11/2/99 10:59:27 PM Pacific Standard Time:

Most Active Organizations OrganizationHits% of Total HitsUser Sessions:

1. America Online, aol.com10224.93%58, 2. The Boeing Company, boeing.com307.33%1, 3. Cna Insurance, cna.com286.84%4.

This is a partial list of the users since I placed the GSL Report about Flight 990 on the Geo-Seismic-Labs Website (24 Hours). Looks like there's alot of interest coming from Boeing Aircraft Company and the CNA Insurance Domain about this subject. Will keep you informed about where this leads up to. Also, I wonder if this type of data could be used in a court as evidence of "cause and effect?" (Frank Condon)

.11/3/99 4:40:57 AM Pacific Standard Time:

Frank: I do not have anything of note at the frequency you specified, however at the 10th sub harmonic which is .0086 hz, I do. You might rerun your analysis at that frequency and see what you have also. I am enclosing the graph. Charlie Elfrad Group

WOULDN'T YE KNOW: A surprise November meteor shower?

On November 11, 1999 Earth will pass close to the orbit of newly-discovered Comet LINEAR C/1999J3. The result could be a new meteor shower -- the Linearids.

November 5, 1999: The Earth is headed for a close encounter with the orbit of a newly discovered comet. Found by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) team on May 12th, Comet LINEAR (C/1999 J3) brightened to 9th magnitude as it made its closest approach to the Sun in September. On November 11, 1999 at 1941 UT, Earth will arrive at a point in space just 0.0115 AU from the orbit of the comet, 40 days after the comet itself was in the area. If there is a residual swarm of dusty debris left over from the comet's passage, we could be in for an unexpected meteor outburst -- the first known apparition of the 'Linearids.'


11/4/99 8:33:02 PM Pacific Standard Time

You might want to pass this on to the ELFRAD guys. I think they may already be on to this but who knows.

Let make the leap of faith that the Earth Shield actually exists under GIZA and that it was put there in excess of 12000 years ago.

The biggest question is how to power it. You can just plug it into the wall, solar is out because solar collectors would have eroded eons ago. You would use nuclear because of the time factor and the danger from geological activity, so on and so forth.

The most suitable power source is the earth itself since it is a rotating electric field generator.

An electric generator is a coil used as a collector inside of a spinning magnetic field (spinning magnets creating the alternating magnetic fields to produce voltages at a given frequency and power.

The earth itself does the same thing. So if your smart you tap the earths own generated electro-magnetic field.

Here the numbers: The earth spins at roughly 1000 MPH and has a circumference of 22000 miles. This gives the earth a electric frequency of .000864 hertz. This is 1 cycle per second times .000864; a very low frequency. I noticed on an ELFRAD posting they were looking at the tenth harmonic of this frequency so they are on to this part.

So the earth has this very low voltage, but the current potential is enormous, AMPs off the scale, the problem is tapping it. How would you do it?


The TESLA coil would change the frequency of the voltage and the phase converter would allow you to turn the current into something that can do useful work.

Its a perfect system because as long as the earth is spinning you get power, put a voltage regulator of sorts on the circuit and even if the earths rotation speeds up or slows down a few percent, you are still generating stable power (like your car). If the power fails it means the earth stopped spinning and you don't really need a shield anymore, now do you.

Now lets jump ahead to the 1990's. Lets say you discover this esoteric equipment, and are unsure of how it works and what it does, and or you find it in a non working condition, so you want to build one and or repair one.

Well a coil and phase converter for such a low frequency is not an off the shelve item.

So you have to build several and try to tune them to get the pair to work just so...

You would have to do this by trial and error with varied input frequencies and currents.

What do you generate? A lot of Extremely Low Frequency signals and their harmonics. Side effects? You bet, you are playing with the frequencies for which the earth itself is a tuning fork . You would set up harmonics in the earth and well as standing waves.

Do this in an area were the earth (crust) is already under stress, vibrate it and what happens? Ooopps. Did I see a quake at ZERO Depth?

Now somebody who reads is going to say that its the reversing of the magnetic field in the generator/alternator that induces the current in the windings (coil) inside the unit, and the earths magnetic field does reverse that often. True, but the solid core, magma and crust all have magnetic signatures. A highly magnetized core rotating in a counter direction to the crust would have the same effect. Our magnetosphere is just one of the side effects of this relationship.

What effect does spin rate have? Look up the data on Jupiter's magnetic field. Its much greater that the percent attributable it is size (volume). Jupiter has; however, an extremely high rotational rate for its size.

Keep it going.

11/4/99 10:01:47 PM Pacific Standard Time

All of the above description is Correct, One was built and stored ON-SITE. The second, third, and maybe 4th were stored in various sites around the globe. The converter brought in may have been a back-up, but I think not. I believe it was MORE. It is an attachment to boost the power and also to stabilize the discharges as well as work WITH the "Soul Machine." I have no idea what the exterior configuration is and YES it would show on your equipment when they balance the charge. I also believe they will pull solar energy as well. The Sun has been extremely intense of late. Time will tell, but the power is necessary to firm up The Van Allen Belt as well as Divert Monitor, Titanic, and Bismarck. The "Atlanteans had an asteroid diversion to (as the Seals say) ward off outside intruders from above. Time is of the essence. The Crystal is being aligned, marked up, and made ready as we speak. It must be ready soon if Hoagland is correct.

Watch your equipment, you should see the signature.     

EMAIL, 11/5/99 4:43:37 AM Pacific Standard Time: Interesting concerning the Tesla Coil theory. The largest coil to date was tested in 1998 in a Naval Shipyard in SF and then sent to a private individual in New Zealand. Have some pictures and specs around somewhere.

11/4/99 10:11:07 PM Pacific Standard Time

The machinery running under the plateau, (you refer to as the vault, I believe) operates only when required to accomplish it's function. But even up and running at this time it would be unable to complete it's task...."which is to help stabilize the core (Earth's)."

All the underground prep work will offer no safe haven to anyone, if this machine is not allowed to preform said function." THE CRYSTAL MUST BE ADVANCED"

If we do not advance the CRYSTAL, the grid pattern which encompasses the globe, will not be able to stabilize the core. It's bad enough that we have to FIGHT off incoming (complex) wave patterns, let alone having to worry about that which is under our very feet being totally unstable.


11/4/99 11:01:14 PM Pacific Standard Time

To advance the spectrum [the PROPER CANDIDATE] will have to saunter inside the lamp. RADIATION, THAT ONLY A FEW CAN TOLERATE, MAYBE ONLY ONE! Have to approach and go headfirst into the Central Light, hopefully with enough o' something to toss out threads back to the 3D world, not easy to do, the binary mind melts, the intention has to be such that it goes on automatic, any collapse to "self" and the effort aborts.

Takes surrender. Doggone it!

In actually we have to DIE to do it, figuratively I hope. Whether the on-goer gets punted back to 3D is not a given--been in there and punted back before, so I guess it may happen again.

Got a great idea, y'all go first, heh, I'll hold the rope. [this last section, Kent Steadman]



11/5/99 7:12:47 AM Pacific Standard Time

The item was never suppose to fly directly to Giza but to make a "dimensional transfer" over the Atlantic Ocean through a Vortexual Opening (of which the name and premise is beyond what I can recall) This "door" or opening is an unstable one that is in place due to the many experiments that Humans have done in the past decades (that is still ongoing) in the area of portals, time travel, etc. (Places like Brookhaven come to mind.) The plane was to enter through this "opening" and return through it, with no loss of time in "our dimension" - which it did successfully. What happened after that is the pilot's error. When the plane entered the portal, it did so at 33,000 feet. When it returned back through the portal to resume normal flight, it was at a height greatly reduced from where it had been - a drop of some 20-25,000 feet. This seems to be due to the instability of both the vortex opening and the folks who work with and to "control" such matters.



Finally, many of you have written us and asked if the recent loss of Egypt Air flight 990 is in any way connected to this whole "Egyptian/New York/impact" scenario which seems to be playing out. The answer, categorically, is yes!

More Eclipse Incoming  Incoming 2 Eclipse  Quatrains 

 "Titanic" - Will supposedly impact in Siberia, with a 90% probability of impact given.

 "Bismarck" - Is targeted for central Manitoba. 30% probability given because of the flat trajectory of the object (70% chance it will "bounce" off the atmosphere).

 "Monitor" - Will fall in the East Atlantic, just off the Northwestern Coast of Africa.

EMAIL, 11/1/99 7:03:29 PM Pacific Standard Time: This is how the sinking sites of the Monitor, Titanic and Bismarck line up. The line either progresses from west to east on a northeasterly track, or if the inbounds come in from the east as the earth spins into them, then they drop in a line West South West starting with Bismarck, then Titanic then Monitor. This looks alot like Shoemaker-Levy Impacts on a spinning Jupiter. Bismarck is 48 degrees north, 16 west, Titanic 41 North, Monitor off Cape Hatteras at 34 North. Each drop is 7 degrees less than the previous.

Depending on size: Bismarck takes out Portugal, some Spain, French Coast and England.

Titantic nails Upper East Coast of US, Canadian Coast, Iceland,  Greenland.

Monitor gets Bahamas, US Coast Florida to New York.


The Impact of an Asteroid off the New York Coast

EMAIL, 11/4/99 5:43:05 PM Pacific Standard Time: A friend of mine who formerly worked for DoD told me when sending me this url that these government scientists do not just put together these mathematical simulations for fun. There has to be a very good reason for doing so. He claims to be familiar with all of the money, work and effort necessary to produce such a simulation. Perhaps he is exagerating, but it is interesting to speculate why they chose to simulate an impact off the coast of New York City. Here is the URL, what do you think!?



Do you believe that a major impact event is inevitable? If so, the way you think about it can make all the difference for both you and your loved ones, when you decide to:

 Greer and C-SETI Sign on to 'Aramageddon Script' (**See note below)

Retrograde and fanatical religious groups, similarly, have great vested interests in fulfilling the promise of Armageddon. An eschatological paradigm, well enshrined in the belief systems of those running covert UFO projects, is supported by the portrayal of a cosmic conflict in the heavens . . .

 . . .Lest the reader think such a strange amalgam of militarists and cult-like religious interests are unlikely, remember the weird views of the Third Reich. Or more recently, the views of one US Department of the Interior cabinet secretary during the Reagan years named James Watt. It was he who, not knowing a microphone was still on and recording his comments, stated in the 1980s that we did not need to worry about all these environmental problems since Armageddon was coming soon and the world would be destroyed anyway.

**EMAIL, 11/3/99 2:28:33 AM Pacific Standard Time: I KNOW you are swamped with 'info' and emails. However, I have noticed that we humans have been inculcated to thrive on 'sensationalism' and I request you to tread carefully, NOW, as the events of November unfold.....I realize that your 'header' for Greer's article comes from Hoagland's link on his site, BUT if you will reread the last six paragraphs in Steven's writing, you will notice that he most certainly DOES NOT 'sign on to Armeggedon script'. In the interest of lessening our propensity as a species for wallowing in 'sensationalism' perhaps you might reword you header to echo what Greer is really saying. It seems to me that CHOICE is the keyword here. We humans are approaching the 'omega point' of full consciousness NOW and our expanding awareness allows us the 'response-ability'  of, with the grace of our 'free will', focusing our attention and our intention on that which we TRULY desire. Re: Armageddon - as David Icke says so eloquently - "It's a piece of SHIT! Step aside." BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!!! Our 'job description', as Physical Angels, is to focus 'in LOVE' on each moment (AND stay informed of 'the developments' as they unfold) - whilst choosing COMPASSION for ourselves and all others. What if we all 'imagined' WONDROUS events unfolding - events more magnificent, more miraculous, more healing and joyous than our amnesiac memories have thus far allowed us to conceive of? What if we TRUSTED' the thrust of our lives and allowed the Universe to support us, utterly, and ' RELAXED' into realizing and celebrating our destiny? What if..... Thank you, Kent for the service you are giving - for the Love and Light and Joy and ART and Ecstasy that you promulgate! Life is our shared GIFT and , really, it is all we have to work with - moment by moment and day by day - choices to stand in love or FEAR (bottom line stuff)! Best, Susanne P.S. Perhaps you will humor me and find a niche for "Accessing the God Codes" on a current page soon. Seems like it would inspire many.

The Illuminati and EgyptAir 990

Robert Sterling

November 1, 1999

The most sacred of numbers to the Illuminati is 33, corresponding to the  highest degree of Masonry.

When events have the Illuminati's fingerprints on them, they often leave  numeric clues involving the number 33 to let those in the know what is going on.

On Halloween, EgyptAir Flight 990 crashed going from New York to Egypt.

At the time of its sudden fall, the plane was at an altitude of 33,000 feet.

The plane disappeared from radars 33 minutes after takeoff.

The EgyptAir plane, named Thutmosis II, had a little over 33,000 flight hours.

33 people boarded the plane on its previous stop, Los Angeles.

It was reported over 30 Egyptian military officers were aboard EgyptAir.

Could the actual number be 33?

Asteroid Strike or Project Blue Beam?

11/4/99 4:09:26 PM Pacific Standard Time

I guess we all are wondering if the alleged asteroid strike is real, or a fake designed to get us to accept the Globalist Order. I am beginning to suspect it could be a part of Project Blue Beam, with holographic projections against the sky to herald an alien invasion and the coming of the generic Messiahs, perhaps "reptiloids escorting Lord Maitreya as Mohammed/Jesus/Vishnu/Horus, and Lady Diana as Isis/Eve/Ninharsog, etc. This would scare the uninitiated into non resistance of martial law and acceptance of the world government.

In cooperation with TRW Space and Technology, NASA and other world space agencies, the Bilderberg group has developed a series of three stationary satellites with advanced laser technology that enable them to project holographic images onto the earth's surface from outer space!


"And what rough Beast, Its hour come round at last . . ." William Butler Yeats

Please back up and read the information concerning a wild scenario at the Giza Plateau. I would suggest that you examine the reports in this order,

left to right:        Prepare to get your mind blown. Kent Steadman

For an even deeper review, back into the mists of time, please examine:




11/4/99 7:14:15 AM Pacific Standard Time

This comparison of images from the direct C3 (Realtime feed) and the SOHO C3 Summary may interest your readers. They were screen captured at 600 dpi and then subjected to 5% unsharp masking. A stepped resolution enhancement was then applied (just) to the anomaly, converting it from 600 dpi to 9600 (dpi), the file was then converted to 72 dpi for posting. Other methods of enhancement will also render similar results. Colonel James B. Ervin (TMG)





I have just watched the coverage on both CNN and BBC of this sad event only to be disgusted by the standard of the reporting on CNN. They have a so called "expert" on, whose name I missed, but feel his inaccuracies in reference to the Lauda Air disaster over Thailand and his readiness to point a finger at the crew an insult to everyone's intelligence. If these "experts" are going to talk authoritively, why not be sure of the facts first?

TWA FLIGHT 800 AND THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT The real reason TWA Flight 800 was destroyed

EDITOR'S AWESOME SCI FI LEAP: A wild scenario is developing, toy with these keywords:


Keep an eye on the magnetometers over the next ten days.     

11/3/99 sat, strange haze:



ENOUGH MYSTERY: Just slap it together and throw the switch

Scalar Radio Transmitter and Jammer: Take two dry-cells, thus totalling three Volts. All components are wired in series. One carbon microphone from an old telephone. One earphone, magnetic with metal diaphragm. A yardstick...This is what accidentally jammed CJIB in Vernon, around 1960.

Old-Time Radio: Remember the good old days before you were even born? Well, now you can. I grabbed an old eight-track stereo-player, and ripped the amplifier out. I grabbed some shielded microphone cable, and a field-coil from an  old-fashioned electromagnetic loudspeaker. Where the tape-head had been attached, I attached the microphone cable, the other end of which had the field-coil on it.

EMAIL, 11/1/99 8:10:20 PM Pacific Standard Time: Here is what I think we need to establish prior to the recovery operation getting into full swing. If you'll remember, JFK JR.'s were wisked away before anything or anyone could see them, and I do not want this to happen in this case. Can we find an expert who could give us a clue as to what the human body would experience if this aircraft was shot out of the air by a position-ray or particle beam weapon system.

As you will note, in flight 800, Swissair 111, JFK JR. and now Flight 990, the news media and its so called experts are focusing all their attention on the planes manufactureer - trying to imply fault without really saying so thereby redirecting the attention away from the probable cause. Navy Commander (Ret) Donaldson (on FOX NEWS LIVE) insisted that there is nothing in the facts as we know it now that Boeing had any fault in this accident, that all the evidence that we have at this moment is the likelihood of an explosive decompression of some sort. Fact is, you have four perfectly good airplanes suddenly falling out of the sky, without time to radio MAYDAY, in the same general geographical area. I see nothing in the news media looking at this angle.

So, what I'm suggesting is we find SLEUTH who might know what the human body would go through or look like or experience if indeed it was subject to a position-ray or particle beam weapon system so that, when they bring the bodies up, so those involved cannot blow sunshine up our tail pipe.

EDITOR'S THOUGHTS: 11/1/99 !0:27 PST: Think of the possibility of two scalar beans intersecting (which could be directed from anywhere in the world).

I asked a friend what might happen:

1. Knock out the electronics, "yep."

2. Heat up the aircraft, "yep."

3. Make a fireball, "yep."

I guess it all depends on the wavelength. If the plane exploded from beam-generated heat, how would we know about the charred remains, that is, pulse or bomb? Would most likely be a lab requirement here. Does the scalar zap trigger secondary explosions, fuel, etc.  Meanwhile I'm hearing even wilder rumors about an Annunaki device onboard the plane.  Or UFO attack?  Meteor? Need to stretch all boundaries here, eh? Sigh.

EMAIL, 11/1/99 11:01:07 PM Pacific Standard Time: Yes, I agree. I was thinking more along the lines of "cook" remains - instantly. FOXNEWS reported tonight that the CG had picked up "body parts" which indicates some sort of explosion.

Have you every put an raw egg in a microwave (to make it hard boiled) and forgot to check it at the appropriate time? It explodes all over the place into tiny tiny pieces. The shell remains in pretty big pieces but the innards sprays all over the inside of the microwave. I'm thinking that this "cooked" remains possibility is why we didn't see JFK JR's body or that of his wife. It would have been obvious that something other than normal mechanical failure had occurred. My suspicion is that we'll see nothing, nor will the news media, of the remains or the aircraft.

Based on what I have read, I agree with Charlie on scalar waves. If you cross them at a given point in space, it heats up the plasma big time - if you simply put them in close relationship to one another, it gets cold as hell - so there are many ways to handle it with scalar technology. You can look at that aircraft as you would a raw egg - thin skinned and once it instantly over heated the plasma inside the bird, boom with the innards (people) being scattered to kingdom come.


Crash site

 WASHINGTON (AP) - A month ago, the Federal Aviation Administration issued an alert to airline and airport security personnel after agencies received an unconfirmed warning that a bomb would ``soon be used'' on a flight departing from Los Angeles or Kennedy airport in New York.

The alert said the writer said ``three of these devices were smuggled into the United States between 1992 and 1993, and that the devices cannot be detected on a metal detector because of the PVC (plastic) composition.''

The alert was in effect until Oct. 30. EgyptAir Flight 990 departed Los Angeles on Saturday, Oct. 30, and stopped at John F. Kennedy International Airport, bound for Cairo.

EgyptAir Flight Carried Military Officers-Pentagon

1.07 p.m. ET (1816 GMT) November 1, 1999

WASHINGTON — About 30 Egyptian military officers were aboard EgyptAir Flight 990 when it plunged into the Atlantic Ocean off Nantucket with 217 people on board, U.S. defense officials said Monday.

The officials, who asked not to be identified, said the Egyptians from different branches of that country's military had been in the United States for training and were heading home when the airliner crashed Sunday, apparently killing all aboard.

"Defense Secretary (William) Cohen spoke with Marshal Tantawi (Egyptian Defense Minister Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi) on the telephone this morning and expressed his deep condolences,'' one senior Pentagon official told Reuters.

The official said some of the Egyptians were army pilots who had been undergoing training in flying AH-64 "Apache'' attack helicopters.

Egypt is one of Washington's biggest military and political allies in the Middle East, and the two countries exchange dozens of officers annually in training programs as well as taking part in joint military exercises. Egypt has billions of dollars in U.S. military equipment in its defense arsenal.

In Cairo, aviation and security sources said more than 30 officers — most of them high-ranking — were on board the airliner. But U.S. military officials said most of the group were not senior-level officers.

Egyptian Defense Ministry and other government officials would not comment on the report.

One security source in Cairo said the group represented various branches of the armed forces and included four Air Force officers, two brigadiers-general, a colonel and a major.

"Three of the officers went on board the plane without being checked in,'' one of the aviation sources said, without explaining why.

Newspapers in Cairo were censored from reporting the presence of the officers on the flight, Egyptian reporters said.

The cause of the crash has not been established. U.S. aviation authorities did not receive any distress call.

Coast Guard cutters scoured the seas through the night, but picked up only small bits of wreckage and personal items.  Only one body had been recovered by late Monday morning.

President Clinton said in Oslo that he was not aware of any threats against airlines flying out of the United States. He said until more of the plane was recovered, the cause of the crash could not be determined.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak also played down suggestions of sabotage.

"Sabotage? I don't think that, or a terrorist act? I don't think that, but I cannot foretell. We are waiting until the investigation comes to an end,'' he told CNN television.

EMAIL, 10/31/99 7:16:06 AM Pacific Standard Time: Why was it reported that Egypt Air flight 990 landed at Andrews [Edwards] Airforce Base? Why was this information then so strenuously denied? Who was on this flight? Does this "accident" have anything to do with recent archeological finds at Giza? Or does this have something to do with Montauk? First there was TWA, then Swissair, then JFK Jnr and now Egypt Air -- something fishy is going on!!


Passenger list


Earlier reports from Cairo had the plane coming from Los Angeles International Airport to JFK airport via Edwards Air Force Base in California. But the FAA said those were reports were wrong.

``This Edwards story has got to stop. This plane didn't go into Edwards,'' FAA spokesman Bruce Nelson in Los Angeles said. ..


WEDEMAN: What I can tell you is that, yes, that plane did land at Edwards Air Force Base. The reason for that is not clear.

EgyptAir official calls third crash at Nantucket site 'bizarre'

SOLAR: 10/31/99


99/10/31 20:14:10 45.85N 74.32W 18.0 4.2Lg <OTT> SOUTHERN ONTARIO, CANADA

99/11/02 08:45:21 45.20N 56.08W 18.0 4.5Ml <OTT> NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN

99/11/05 12:00:10 28.87N 43.39W 10.0 5.1Mb B NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE

99/11/03 03:27:56 34.84N 116.36W 6.2 4.0Ml <PAS> SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (EDWARDS?)

Man who got off doomed plane in NY works with victim families

Downed plane preceded doomed Lauda Air jet off assembly

SLEUTHS: Can anyone find out the recent schedules: experimentation at Brookhaven RHIC Operations and Fermilab, TEVATRON?  As I recall both labs announced activities for this current time period.

Current RHIC Experiment, PHOBOS: The PHOBOS detector will be able to measure quantities such as the temperature, size, and density of the fireball produced in the collision. It will also study the ratios of the various particles produced. With this information it should be possible to both detect and study a phase transition that might occur between QGP  [QUARK GLUON PLASMA, some kind of primordial soup] and ordinary nuclear matter. With PHOBOS, the group hopes to discover the QGP and learn more about confinement and the early universe.  See: STAR

The group is a leader in construction of the STAR detector. This large detector will start taking data in the fall of 1999 at the RHIC accelerator, which is also located at Brookhaven National Laboratory. This accelerator collides 100 GeV A gold ions with each other. At this energy, the quark-gluon plasma is expected to be created.

Big Bang Soup Served up at CERN?

Date: June 1996:  Earlier this week, rumours were flying that scientists at CERN, the huge underground accelerator laboratory near Geneva in Switzerland, may have found a new kind of matter, unseen in nature since the very beginning of the universe. This kind of matter, called "quark-gluon" plasma, can only form under extremely severe conditions - at temperatures far hotter than even the centres of the brightest stars or supernovae - and had previously existed only in the primeval fireball of the Big Bang.

Exotic Images in Plasma Physics

From J.B. Michael's Book:

EMAIL, 11/1/99 5:08:35 AM Pacific Standard Time

'A scientist who was working on...the particle accelerator...a supercollider device capable of producing a quark gluon plasma beam, said, 'We are ten feet below the ground. How exactly do you plan to aim this thing?'

'We deflect it at a precise instant,' Sorenson said. "And we have modified the circular accelerator at one point to convey the beam to the surface."

"That's very dangerous," said the scientist. "This plasma is highly unstable. It is more dangerous than a nuclear bomb. If there were some type of chain reaction that would create other plasma, such as occurs in a nuclear explosion, you could wind up vaporizing Long Island, and maybe half of the East Coast."


From Boston Globe on 10/11/99

Defusing fear of "Big Bang' machine

By Stephen Reucroft and John Swain

Globe Correspondents


The end of the world is near. It will start with a sub-nuclear chain reaction in Long Island, of all places, and it will be blamed on physicists tinkering with things they should have left alone.

That, in simple terms, was the startling prospect conveyed in a recent article in the British newspaper, The Sunday Times. More specifically, the paper said that a nuclear accelerator being built on Long Island that is supposed to replicate the Big Bang "might cause perturbations of the universe that could destroythe Earth. One theory even suggests that it could create a black hole'' that would suck everything in the known universe inside it.

The scientists are planning to flip the ''on'' switch of this giant contraption sometime in the next few months. So should we cancel our millennium celebration plans?...

UFO Crash or RHIC Test?

EMAIL, 11/1/99 5:21:58 AM Pacific Standard Time: I asked them  [RHIC] myself on 10-4-99--this was the reply: We expect to have a physics run with the first high-energy collisions sometime in December or January. Due to the difficulties inherent in starting up any large experiment like this, it's nearly impossible to pin it down any better than that until hours, minutes or seconds before we actually have collisions.

Sorry I can't provide a specific date for you.

Pete Genzer, Media and Communications Group

Tevatron News

DeathStar A Prophecy by Dee Finney 11-2-99

Rumbling' Fireball Streaks Through Atlantic Sky

 EDITOR'S HUNCH: COULD SOME OF THE IMPACT EVENTS HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED? "Bismarck" - Is targeted for central Manitoba. 30% probability given because of the flat trajectory of the object (70% chance it will "bounce" off the atmosphere).

Date: 10/28/99 4:55:04 AM Pacific Daylight Time

'Rumbling' Fireball Streaks Through Atlantic Sky

HALIFAX (CP) -- Police and emergency lines throughout the Maritimes were flooded with calls late Wednesday after a large fireball streaked across the night sky.

There were reports of possible impacts in northern New Brunswick, near the Quebec border, and on Nova Scotia's eastern shore.

"We, at this point, believe it is some sort of celestial occurrence as opposed to anything man-made," said Lt.-Cmdr. Glenn Chamberlain of the Halifax search-and-rescue centre.

Chamberlain said a woman in Liverpool, N.S., called 911 at about 9:30 p.m. AT to report seeing a giant ball of smoke and fire.

A few minutes later, air traffic controllers in Moncton N.B., reported that two planes in the area saw "a fireball of some sort lasting about 12 seconds."

Emergency crews in St-Quentin, N.B., were believed to be on their way to a fire that may have been caused by an impact. Officials in the area couldn't be reached for comment.

Mike Brown of Elmsdale, N.S., said he was working on his computer in his basement when he felt a rumbling overhead.

"My girlfriend saw it and said it looked like a comet," he said.

Chamberlain said there were reports of an impact in Oyster Pond, N.S., northeast of Halifax.

An RCMP spokesperson in nearby Musquodoboit Harbour said something hit the water off the tiny coastal community.

Chamberlain said search-and-rescue satellites didn't detect a distress signal and there were no reports of missing aircraft.

Sedona Fireball

MESSAGE BOARD, 01:55:04 AM 10/30/99: Sedona, AZ It is now 11:48pm here in Sedona, AZ. Just a few moments ago I heard a rumbling noise, as if the wind had really picked up. I looked out the patio door, facing East & I noticed the Moon, and then I noticed an object above & to the south of the Moon that looked like a meteor with a large tail on it. It was traveling Southeast to Northeast on a 45 degree angle. In about 2 1/2 minutes it traveled from above the Moon to below tree tops vision & I lost sight of it. With a pair of binoculars I could see that it had flashing red, green & white lights and a very large comtrail. The sky is extremely clear tonight. I don't know of any jet that could travel that span of distance in that short of time. Any comments on this or did anyone else see it?

EMAIL, 03:13:47 AM 10/30/99: sounds like the Canadian Fireball incident on l0/29 in Lets Talk (The Whole House Jumped-Ruth-l0/29- 8863 reading downward to same subj.- Ruth-10/29-8864. Another words, did you read in between those numbers as well? Sounds like the same thing to me, same colors, speed


EMAIL, 10/28/99 7:12:03 AM Pacific Daylight Time: Something odd happened here early this morning (Thursday Oct. 28th) and I am wondering if you received other related reports. At around 1am, our power went out for about 2 hours. We were having a fairly robust windstorm, so I figured a line must have went down. I went outside to see if it was just our line or if the rest of the block was powerless. When I was outside, after noticing the whole blocks power was out, I noticed that it was as bright as morning outside, like 6am or so, but not 1! My wife was getting ready for bed, but I asked her to come outside to take a look and she, too, was shocked. The whole sky was bright and we could make out each others facial features clearly. Now, I know that the moon was full a couple days ago, but this was brighter than the night of the full moon or any night I have seen in my 31 years. It was the brightest I have ever seen outside at night, anyway. It looked like it does when the sun is just about to come up, but not quite showing yet. continue

Meteor Storm Could Damage Satellites - Air Force

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Air Force said Friday it will be watching closely for any damage to U.S missile-warning, communications and other military satellites when the earth passes through the Leonid Meteor Storm on Nov. 17. continue









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