EDITOR: be careful with this info, investigate sources thoroughly:

Coded Images Show Plans for Massive Germ Attack On U.S., Killing Millions

Date: 10/23/01 9:24:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Coded Images Show Plans for Massive Germ Attack

I had the above article up with a 'caveat', too. Found this new info. Caught in a Web of Terror


There are others being terrorized these days... just ask Muzaffar Wandawi....



from the FAS Project on Government Secrecy

October 17, 2001


Attorney General John Ashcroft has issued a new statement of policy that encourages federal agencies to resist Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests whenever they have legal grounds to do so.

The new statement supersedes a 1993 memorandum from Attorney General Janet Reno which promoted disclosure of government information through the FOIA unless it was "reasonably foreseeable that disclosure would be harmful."

The Ashcroft policy rejects this "foreseeable harm" standard.

Instead, the Justice Department instructs agencies to withhold information whenever there is a "sound legal basis" for doing so.

"When you carefully consider FOIA requests and decide to withhold records, in whole or in part," the Attorney General advised, "you can be assured that the Department of Justice will defend your decisions unless they lack a sound legal basis...."

The new FOIA policy statement, issued October 12, is posted here:


For purposes of comparison, Attorney General Reno's 1993 memorandum may be found here:


As with many of the Bush Administration's new restrictions on public information, the new policy is only peripherally related to the fight against terrorism. Rather, it appears to exploit the current circumstances to advance a predisposition toward official secrecy.

Steven Aftergood

Project on Government Secrecy

Federation of American Scientists

web: www.fas.org/sgp/index.html

email: saftergood@fas.org

voice: (202) 454-4691

The Hitler Project

George Bush, Skull & Bones and the New World Order


The article is from a retired military weapons, munitions and training expert.

Date: 10/18/01 2:55:17 PM Pacific Daylight Time

One question that keeps bugging me, is why George Bush Sr. invited 5000 hostile Iraqi Republican Guards to come and live in and around OKC and Nebraska at the expense of the American citizens???? What could he possibly be thinking? Why would the CIA and FBI later do handflips to conceal these Iraqi officer's involvement in the OKC bombing? Why has every law enforcement officer who's tried to investigate their crimes discovered that they have been granted "untouchable" status and are being protected by the CIA? I don't just get it?


If you are planning a military coup and need some bloodthirsty, incredibly vicious "enforcers" who would love nothing better than to spill lots of American infidel blood, who could be more made to order to do the dirty work for your bloody coup? Your resident soldiers and military would simply balk and turn on you when it came time to pump a few rounds of lead through the sweet old couple next door, or torture their old drinking buddies to death and rape and kill their mothers and sisters. So just to be on the safe side, Bush shipped our boys off to an ambush in the middle-east to dispose of them. Now with the Iraqi Republican Guard.... these mad-dogs will pose no such problems, guaranteed! Anybody currently keeping an eye on these monsters, who are effectively THE BUSH CABAL'S PIT BULLS?


If that is the case...... Did Slick Willie arm China with our best weaponry for the low-low price of a campaign contribution with essentially the same purpose in mind? Is this why he provided them with the comfort and convenience of easy access provided through the hand-over of the Panama Canal and the Cosco facilities. Has an invitation been extended to China; "Ta come on over an' bag yerself some round-eyes! We'll even disarm 'em for you.... It'll be like shooting ducks in a barrel"?

I fear dark days are ahead for us.....

Michael Ruppert interview DMN-Bulletin A rational look at the threats

Excellent interview with Lonnie Wolfe..from the executive intelligence, brainwashing

Date: 10/18/01 12:05:57 PM Pacific Daylight Time

Here's a great passage from "Soul Stories" written by Gary Zukav about the path out of darkenss towards the LIGHT:

"Seeing yourself as a "student in the Earth school...allows you to study the movie -- your life -- while you are starring in it. It allows you to see something else (that is:) You are the director of your movie, too. YOU decide what words to say next. You decide how you will respond to each scene. You make the movie intense or fun, boring or exciting. You play a helpless fool or a wise hero. When you realize that, your life becomes very interesting to you, no matter what is happening.

During World War II the Nazis put a man named Victor Frankl into a concentration camp. They did the worst things that you can imagine to him. They killed people that he loved. They tortured him., and took away everything that he had. He worked in the bitter cold and slept on boards in a frozen barrack. There were so many people on the boards that no once could even roll over! He had just enough food to starve slowly.

How would you like to be in that movie? If you were the director, how would you have Victor finish the scene ?

This is how Victor played it. One morning his work party was stumbling down a rocky road in the dark. In the icy wind, while the guards were shouting and hitting them with rifle butts, Victor realized something that changed his life. He realized his highest goal -- the 'ultimate goal' ... He could reach for LOVE !

Victor did not become a victim. He did not hate his persecutors and belittle himself. He did not say, "Why me?" or "This is unfair." When you say those things you have no power.

Victor stepped into the greatness of his Soul. Instead of making the star himself ... into someone who hates, vows revenge or collapses in humiliation, he made himself a hero who strives to love no matter what. This is one of the best movies that I have heard about. I hope that I can make my movie as good as this one.

Do you think you can make yours this good ?"

EDITOR: endurance needed, destroy freedom, destroy free enterprise, even the Nazis start going broke.

Date: 10/18/01 11:43:14 AM Pacific Daylight Time

> Grant wrote: I work for the U.S. Air Force. I have level 5 clearence to classified information. I noticed that Supriem had a classified file with the Air Force. I thought that was odd so i looked into it and found out that he was trained in military intelligence and combat at FT. Meade, Maryland.


Fort Meade, MD is the headquarters of the National Security Agency. They are the agency generally tasked with handling star visitor contacts, though mostly through specialized sub-compartment groups.

> After looking who enrolled him at said David, listed as his father. The wierdest thing was there was no birth date on his file.

Another clue.

His file shows he went to school in England

> after his military training. His file also showed he handeled money for the Defense Finance and Accounting Services (DFAS). The last part of his file I could not access was on something Supriem and select people from the CIA and the military were working on called Alien Intelligence (Outoaly).

Another clue. It sounds like this individual, Supriem, was a specialized expert in "alien" intelligence.

The file was encrypted like

> something I have never seen before, like a new kind of technology. The file was listed as Outoaly with an Omega symbol next to the writing. There is something really strange about this guy. His name has been talked about for over 50 years in classified documents but his current photo on file looks like a man in his 20's.Regards, Grant

Final clue. This Supriem does not visibly age in over a half-century. That attribute is not human, but is quite common among extraterrestrial races. It looks like Supriem is a visiting star person, on long-term liaison to elements within the U.S. National Security community to provide consultation and education, and to increase human understanding about the way star people think and perceive, as well as to better understand how our military thinks and operates.

Radiation may stop bioterror mail

Date: 10/18/01 7:45:49 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Here's an article in yesterday's South Bend Tribune regarding the BioPort plant in Lansing.

It's interesting that in l998 the <<<Carlyle Group!!!>>> bought the plant and patent from Michigan State University just in time for government contracts including all armed service personnel. There was quite an outrage in the community, as the patent rights had brough in millions to the University who discovered it and residents wondered how they were going to make up the lost school funds.

Last year they told their employees that they had to take the vaccine or loose their jobs. A lawyer I know was approached as to the legality of this.

And now it turns out that they have been unable disperse vaccine for 2 years?!! If anyone can figure out what this means, I would appreciate their input. Have they been stockpiling it for just such an event?

Pay special attention to the fact that antibiotics are mute if you've been repeatedly exposed.

WASHINGTON (AP)- Rep. John Dingell has asked the FDA to speed its review of BioPort Corp's production plan for anthrax vaccines as a dozen people around the country have been exposed to the bacteria.

Bioport, based in Lansing, is the nation's sole manufacturer of the anthrax vaccine. But it has been unable to ship any vaccine in the last two years because its renovated plant has failed to meet FDA standards.

"As the threat of bioterrorism looms, we hope the FDA will expedite the inspection of BioPort's facilities," Dingell D-Dearborn, and Rep. Nita Lowery D-NY wrote in a letter to Bernard Schwetz, FDA acting principal deputy commissioner.

However Rep. Mike Rogers, a Republican whose district includes the plant said the FDA should carefully review the plant's plans.

"I want a fair, accurate measured approach", Rogers said. "This is no time to be irresponsible".

BioPort's lab- renovated at a cost of $16.8 million failed FDA inspection in l999 and 2000. An FDA report issued Oct. 2000 said BioPort failed to ensure that its facilities were sterile and well-ventilated.

The company says it gave the FDA its plans to meet the regulations on Friday.

"We're looking forward to working with the agency as they go through their review process and we're very confident that we've done the right things to gain approval for the facility", said BioPort spokeswoman Kin Brennan Root.

Anthrax is a bacteria that can cause severe damage to the respiratory system and brain, killing untreated patients within days. Treatment with antibiotics often is successful if the infection is caught in time.

Bioport is the Pentagon's sole source of the anthrax vaccine. About 500,000 of the 2.4 million troops and reservists the military wanted to vaccineate have recieved the vaccine, but the program has basically been put on hold as supplies to vaccinate additional troops have run low.

Also Tuesday Vermont Gov. Howard Dean wants the federal government to offer vaccines to emergency workers most likely to encounter potentially fatal anthrax bacteria.

Antibiotics are sufficent to treat people exposed to the disease once or twice, but workers at risk of repeated exposure should be vaccinated, he said.

Russian Expert Who ‘Predicted’ Attacks Warns of New Ones

EDITOR: Got a question. What if one put one's mail into the microwave oven for 30 seconds? Wouldn't that waste anthrax critters? Can see the look on my wife's face now!

GORBY TIPS HIS HAT Psssst... hey buddy.. want to buy a Degree in Homeland Security

For Immediate Release! Release: No. DITA-71 Date Mailed: Oct. 16, 2001

Doctor Reports Anthrax Attacks a Likely Cipro Sales Scam: FBI Alerted to Possible Bayer Company Terror Financing.

San Francisco (PR Newswire) - Skyrocketing Cipro sales following September 11, and the FDA's unprecedented endorsement of this drug over other more cost-effective alternatives, has at least one authority crying foul.

Harvard trained bio-terrorism expert, Dr. Leonard Horowitz, has officially requested government officials investigate Germany's Bayer Corporation for suspected ties to recent anthrax mailings. The U.S. Government once blacklisted the company for funding Hitler and the Third Reich.

On October 1, Dr. Horowitz, author of the prophetically titled book released last June, Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism, and Toxic Warfare (Tetrahedron Press, 1-888-508-4787) delivered the urgency to investigate Bayer to FBI officials, and to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle's office. Ironically, Daschle was one of the recent victims of mailed anthrax.

The FBI and Congress, currently investigating global terrorist financing, has learned that neo-Nazi terrorists engineered PLO airplane hijackings according to a recent Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee (OBIC) report.

German neo-Nazi's may have "masterminded" U.S. military installation bombings in Germany by Arab terrorists as well, the report concluded.

Assembled by previous Oklahoma Representative, Charles Key, for a grand jury investigation, the OBIC stated that "the post-war successors to Hitler's S.S., (leaders that escaped capture and Nuremberg trials) had numerous documented meetings with representatives of various Arab organizations."

These organizations were linked to the PLO bombings of several U.S. military installations in Germany in recent years.

Odfried Hepp, among the leading neo-Nazis suspected by investigators, was "found to have been financed by Al Fatah." The OBIC also reported that Hepp did his Ph.D. on "Neo-Nazi/PLO bombings of U.S. housing, cars, and military facilities in Germany."

Seeing Cipro sales skyrocketing from a "wag the dog"-like media scare, Dr. Horowitz urged an immediate investigation by the FBI, the U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO), and Congress. His petition, available for review and submission to members of Congress at http://www.tetrahedron.org includes evidence the antibiotic is largely untested and dangerous.

Given the Bayer Corporation's historic association with Third Reich financing, and the unprecedented FDA endorsement of Bayer's specious drug Cipro, Dr. Horowitz considers HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson's upcoming congressional request for $643 million for mostly Cipro premature at best, and tragic at worst.

Dr. Horowitz concluded, "I hate to think American taxpayers are funding their own demise. For all we know, those behind the recent anthrax attacks may be high level white-collar bio-terrorists, profiting, as Bayer officials did during WWII, from terrorism blamed on one ethnic group."


LUCIANNE.COM EXCLUSIVE - Cipro Takers Developing Toxic Shock


Date: 10/20/01 6:31:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Kent, Very VERY scary stuff here re bioterrorism. I hope the newfound collective mind can stop it in its tracks...

Coded Images Show Plans for Massive Germ Attack On U.S., Killing Millions -- Updated Friday, Oct. 19

by Dr. Robert W. Koontz Experimental Nuclear Physicist Former National Security Agency Instructor



2 found with video of Sears Tower

MICHELLE MOWAD, Special to The Mercury October 17, 2001

PLYMOUTH -- Two men whom police described as Middle Eastern were detained in the township by federal immigration authorities after being found with detailed video footage of the Sears Tower in Chicago.



The CIA's Wall Street connections

Transcript of interview with Michael C. Ruppert on Guns and Butter: The Economy Watch with Kellia Ramares and Bonnie Faulkner

Aired on KPFA 94.1 FM, Berkeley, CA Friday, October 12, 2001

FAULKNER: On September 29, The San Francisco Chronicle reported that investors had yet to collect more than $2.5 million in profits they made trading options in the stock of United Airlines before the Sept 11 terrorist attacks. The uncollected money raises suspicions that the unidentified investors had advance knowledge of the attacks.


EDITOR: once had a friend, worked in AirForce Intel during the 60s tell me that "mercy-killing" bio-chem-dispersal stations have been in the US since the cold war in case of nuclear attack. If we were to get nuked, these chemicals would be released, taking us all out of our misery. Implications? Confirmation? SLEUTHS?

THE IRISH TIMES Israeli tanks and troops pour into Bethlehem

The darkness drops again; but now I know

That twenty centuries of stony sleep

Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,

And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? Yeats

Date: 10/20/01 2:54:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time Zealotry or Passions for WAR' !

Passion often makes a madman of the cleverest man, and renders the greatest fools clever. The passions are the only orators that always persuade.

The passions often engender their contraries.

So, it is sometimes necessary to play the fool to avoid being deceived by all those cunning men.

La Rochefoucauld

UNFRIENDLY SKIES: not many questions have been asked of the f.a.a. or n.t.s.b. since the events of 9/11...i found that interesting...after a little research, i discovered the following letter...it is from former f.a.a. inspector, rodney stich, to attorney general john ashcroft, and is an important document to help understand the u.s. gov's duplcity in these acts of violence against our country...this is the same gov that americans are now lining up for, to hand over their personal liberties and constitutional rights...many will say, 'well, that's too bad that the f.a.a. is corrupt, but we're in a war now and we must support our country...' i agree...but not at the expense of the american constitution...and it is currently being morphed into toilet paper by our so-called 'leaders' and the banging drum of their lapdog media... an american patriot is not someone who blindly follows while his/her country is being dismantled...be it externally or internally...that is a fool...an american patriot simply loves and defends the constitution...this addresses all eventualities.

Be careful what you wish for!

As a former federal air safety inspector-investigator[1] for the Federal Aviation Administration and a confidant to many present and former federal agents, I have acquired a great amount of knowledge and evidence relating to the September 11 deadly hijackings and related matters.

For the purpose of this letter, reference is to the terrorist threat and how a culture within certain federal agencies aided and abetted and insured the success of the hijackers on September 11, 2001, and future terrorist attacks. more  Audio Interview

Date: 10/20/01 12:28:43 PM Pacific Daylight Time

did you know that there is only one manufacturer of the vaccine that supposedly thwarts anthrax??? the company is named bioport corporation in lansing, michigan...

let's take a peek at bioport...

in 1998, bioport purchased from michigan state university, the patent and the manufacturing facility - formerly michigan state university's 'michigan biologic products institute' - just in time for the defense department to award the contract for vaccines for the whole of the u.s. armed forces...in fact, there was quite an outrage in the local community, as the patent rights and research had brought in millions to the university after they had discovered it and residents wondered how they were now going to make up the lost school funds. in any event, the contract went to bioport who have since been mired with problems from the fda...but have retained the contract and their only client, the u.s. department of defense.

now if you take a closer look at this corporation, things get alot clearer...

one man on the 4 person board of directors of bioport corporation is admiral william crowe, jr., former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and former chairman of the president's foreign intelligence advisory board under the reagan/bush adminisration. crowe was one of the crew that sold saddam hussein these same deadly germs to wage war with...that's when the u.s. wanted the 'butcher of baghdad' to use the nasties on iran...and now mr. crowe owns 13% of the only company licensed to manufacture the vaccine...

smell a rat??? i did...

and then i found the real story...

bioport corporation is not a 'stand alone' entity. it is one of many companies which fall under the umbrella of a much larger organization...the carlyle group...owned and operated by george herbert walker bush (uhhh...he's the father of the current resident of the white house...), james baker, frank carlucci and a host of other dod/nwo stooges.

lastly, the kicker...on september 28,2001...17 days after ny and washington were attacked, the wall street journal reported about the senior bush's ties to the bin laden family thru the carlyle group...the story got quashed quickly, as usual, but there were many other independent news agencies that reported on the bush/bin laden ties...

so, we have a disease that is borne out of germs most probably created by our own government...we sold the stuff to our then-friend, iraq...likely, they generously shared the tech with others, including the bin-laden gang, and now we are experiencing possible exposure to the stuff on american streets...in addition, the only company licensed to produce the vaccine is controlled on the sly by our current president's father, who also happens to be in business with our sworn enemy's family thru the same umbrella corporation...

and i haven't even begun to talk about oil...

what a sham...we are being snowed, folks...please take the time and click thru the links below...they tie up veryneatly and clearly document what is happening here...

ps - the chairman and ceo of bioport corporation is named fuad el-hibri...nothin' against the guy, but i don't think i'll be getting the anthrax vaccination...if it ever becomes available to the public...






Date: 10/20/01 1:04:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time

if my last message didn't at least make you go, hmmm... then you'd better read this

Americans Target Of Largest Media Brainwashing Campaign In History

By Lonnie Wolfe

Executive Intelligence Review


hermann goering, hitler's # 2 guy, on how to generate public acceptance and enthusiasm for the mass slaughter that is war...

why of course the people don't want war. why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? naturally the common people don't want war; neither in russia, nor in england, nor for that matter in germany. that is understood. but, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. that is easy. all you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and then denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. it works the same in any country...

Sent: Monday, October 15, 2001 3:11 PM

Words of Wisdom From An Armor Master

Since the media has decided to scare everyone with predictions of chemical,  biological, or nuclear warfare on our turf I decided to write a paper and  keep things in their proper perspective. I am a retired military weapons,  munitions, and training expert..

Lesson number one: In the mid 1990s there were a series of nerve gas attacks on crowded Japanese subway stations. Given perfect conditions for  an attack less than 10% of the people there were injured (the injured were better in a few hours) and only one percent of the injured died. 60  Minutes once had a fellow telling us that one drop of nerve gas could kill a thousand people, well he didn't tell you the thousand dead people per drop was theoretical. Drill Sergeants exaggerate how terrible this stuff was to keep the recruits awake in class (I know this because I was a Drill Sergeant too). Forget everything you've ever seen on TV, in the movies, or read in a novel about this stuff, it was all a lie (read this sentence again out loud!). These weapons are about terror, if you remain calm, you will probably not die..

This is far less scary than the media and their "Experts," make it sound. Chemical weapons are categorized as Nerve, Blood, Blister, and Incapacitating agents Contrary to the hype of reporters and politicians they are not weapons of mass destruction they are "Area denial," and terror weapons that don't destroy anything. When you leave the area you almost always leave the risk. That's the difference; you can leave the area and the risk; soldiers may have to stay put and sit through it and that's why they need all that spiffy gear..

These are not gasses, they are vapors and/or air borne particles. The agent must be delivered in sufficient quantity to kill/injure, and that defines when/how it's used. Every day we have a morning and evening inversion where "stuff," suspended in the air gets pushed down. This inversion is why allergies (pollen) and air pollution are worst at these times of the day. So, a chemical attack will have it's best effect an hour of so either side of sunrise/sunset. Also, being vapors and airborne particles they are heavier than air so they will seek low places like ditches, basements and underground garages. This stuff won't work when it's freezing, it doesn't last when it's hot, and wind spreads it too thin too fast. They've got to get this stuff on you, or, get you to inhale it for it to work. They also have to get the concentration of chemicals high enough to kill or wound you. Too little and it's nothing, too much and it's wasted. What I hope you've gathered by this point is that a chemical weapons attack that kills a lot of people is incredibly hard to do with military grade agents and equipment so you can imagine how hard it will be for terrorists. The more you know about this stuff the more you realize how hard it is to use..

We'll start by talking about nerve agents. You have these in your house, plain old bug killer (like Raid) is nerve agent. All nerve agents work the same way; they are cholinesterase inhibitors that mess up the signals your nervous system uses to make your body function. It can harm you if you get it on your skin but it works best if they can get you to inhale it. If you don't die in the first minute and you can leave the area you're probably gonna live. The military's antidote for all nerve agents is atropine and pralidoxime chloride. Neither one of these does anything to cure the nerve agent, they send your body into overdrive to keep you alive for five minutes, after that the agent is used up. Your best protection is fresh air and staying calm. Listed below are the symptoms for nerve agent poisoning..

Sudden headache, Dimness of vision (someone you're looking at will have pinpointed pupils), Runny nose, Excessive saliva or drooling, Difficulty breathing, Tightness in chest, Nausea, Stomach cramps, Twitching of exposed skin where a liquid just got on you..

If you are in public and you start experiencing these symptoms, first ask yourself, did anything out of the ordinary just happen, a loud pop, did someone spray something on the crowd? Are other people getting sick too? Is there an odor of new mown hay, green corn, something fruity, or camphor where it shouldn't be? If the answer is yes, then calmly (if you panic you breathe faster and inhale more air/poison) leave the area and head up wind, or, outside. Fresh air is the best "right now antidote." If you have a blob of liquid that looks like molasses or Karo syrup on you; blot it or scrape it off and away from yourself with anything disposable. This stuff works based on your body weight, what a crop duster uses to kill bugs won't hurt you unless you stand there and breathe it in real deep, then lick the residue off the ground for while. Remember they have to do all the work, they have to get the concentration up and keep it up for several minutes while all you have to do is quit getting it on you/quit breathing it by putting space between you and the attack. Blood agents are cyanide or arsine which effect your blood's ability to provide oxygen to your tissue..

The scenario for attack would be the same as nerve agent. Look for a pop or someone splashing/spraying something and folks around there getting woozy/falling down. The telltale smells are bitter almonds or garlic where it shouldn't be. The symptoms are blue lips, blue under the fingernails rapid breathing. The military's antidote is amyl nitride and just like nerve agent antidote it just keeps your body working for five minutes till the toxins are used up. Fresh air is the your best individual chance Blister agents (distilled mustard) are so nasty that nobody wants to even handle it let alone use it. It's almost impossible to handle safely and may have delayed effect of up to 12 hours. The attack scenario is also limited to the things you'd see from other chemicals. If you do get large, painful blisters for no apparent reason, don't pop them, if you must, don't let the liquid from the blister get on any other area, the stuff just keeps on spreading. It's just as likely to harm the user as the target. Soap, water, sunshine, and fresh air are this stuff's enemy..

Bottom line on chemical weapons (it's the same if they use industrial chemical spills); they are intended to make you panic, to terrorize you, to heard you like sheep to the wolves. If there is an attack, leave the area and go upwind, or to the sides of the wind stream. They have to get the stuff to you, and on you. You're more likely to be hurt by a drunk driver on any given day than be hurt by one of these attacks. Your odds get better if you leave the area. Soap, water, time, and fresh air really deal this stuff a knock-out-punch. Don't let fear of an isolated attack rule your life. The odds are really on your side..

Nuclear bombs. These are the only weapons of mass destruction on earth. The effects of a nuclear bomb are heat, blast, EMP, and radiation. If you see a bright flash of light like the sun, where the sun isn't, fall to the ground! The heat will be over a second. Then there will be two blast waves, one out going, and one on it's way back. Don't stand up to see what happened after the first wave; anything that's going to happen will have happened in two full minutes..

These will be low yield devices and will not level whole cities. If you live through the heat, blast, and initial burst of radiation, you'll probably live for a very very long time. Radiation will not create fifty foot tall women, or giant ants and grass hoppers the size of tanks. These will be at the most 1 kiloton bombs; that's the equivalent of 1,000 tons of TNT. Here's the real deal, flying debris and radiation will kill a lot of exposed (not all)! people within a half mile of the blast. Under perfect conditions this is about a half mile circle of death and destruction, but, when it's done it's done. EMP stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse and it will fry every electronic device for a good distance, it's impossible to say what and how far but probably not over a couple of miles from ground zero is a good guess. Cars, cell phones, computers, ATMs, you name it, all will be out of order. There are lots of kinds of radiation, you only need to worry about three, the others you have lived with for years. You need to worry about "Ionizing radiation," these are little sub atomic particles that go whizzing along at the speed of light. They hit individual cells in your body, kill the nucleus and keep on going..

That's how you get radiation poisoning, you have so many dead cells in your body that the decaying cells poison you. It's the same as people getting radiation treatments for cancer, only a bigger area gets radiated. The good news is you don't have to just sit there and take it, and there's lots you can do rather than panic. First; your skin will stop alpha particles, a page of a news paper or your clothing will stop beta particles, you just gotta try and avoid inhaling dust that's contaminated with atoms that are emitting these things and you'll be generally safe from them. Gamma rays are particles that travel like rays (quantum physics makes my brain hurt) and they create the same damage as alpha and beta particles only they keep going and kill lots of cells as they go all the way through your body. It takes a lot to stop these things, lots of dense material, on the other hand it takes a lot of this to kill you. Your defense is as always to not panic.

Basic hygiene and normal preparation are your friends..All canned or frozen food is safe to eat. The radiation poisoning will not effect plants so fruits and vegetables are OK if there's no dust on em (rinse em off if there is). If you don't have running water and you need to collect rain water or use water from wherever, just let it sit for thirty minutes and skim off the water gently from the top. The dust with the bad stuff in it will settle and the remaining water can be used for the toilet which will still work if you have a bucket of water to pour in the tank. Finally there's biological warfare. There's not much to cover here.

Basic personal hygiene and sanitation will take you further than a million doctors. Wash your hands often, don't share drinks, food, sloppy kisses, etc., .. with strangers. Keep your garbage can with a tight lid on it, don't have standing water (like old buckets, ditches, or kiddy pools) laying around to allow mosquitoes breeding room. This stuff is carried by vectors, that is bugs, rodents, and contaminated material. If biological warfare is as easy as the TV makes it sound, why has Saddam Hussein spent twenty years, millions, and millions of dollars trying to get it right? If you're clean of person and home you eat well and are active you're gonna live..

Overall preparation for any terrorist attack is the same as you'd take for a big storm. If you want a gas mask, fine, go get one. I know this stuff and I'm not getting one and I told my Mom not to bother with one either (how's that for confidence). We have a week's worth of cash, several days worth of canned goods and plenty of soap and water. We don't leave stuff out to attract bugs or rodents so we don't have them..

These people can't conceive a nation this big with this much resources..These weapons are made to cause panic, terror, and to demoralize. If we don't run around like sheep they won't use this stuff after they find out it's no fun. The government is going nuts over this stuff because they have to protect every inch of America. You've only gotta protect yourself, and by doing that, you help the country..

Finally, there are millions of caveats to everything I wrote here and you can think up specific scenarios where my advice isn't the best..

This letter is supposed to help the greatest number of people under the greatest number of situations. If you don't like my work, don't nit pick, just sit down and explain chemical, nuclear, and biological warfare in a document around three pages long yourself. This is how we the people of the United States can rob these people of their most desired goal, your terror..

SFC Red Thomas (Ret)

Armor Master Gunner

Mesa, AZ

Statement of Mr. Fuad El-Hibri President and Chief Executive Officer, BioPort Corporation

Voluntary Recall of Diphtheria & Tetanus Toxoids Adsorbed


Bush Sr. Could Profit From War

FTS Wire - DEA Watch very weird site....it is a former DEA agents site and it gives agents a way to bitch safely about the system.....you can pick up alot from it as to what's really going on in DEA and FBI

15 Oct 2001, 18:31 PST, 2nd Edition

Special Messages, con't:

Just when I think it's safe to call Phill Coleman and his band of traitorous informants who send stuff to DEA Watch for publication I have to, again, swallow my spit.

The writer I follow most in DEA Watch is the mysterious Deep Throat person who seems to know where all the bodies are buried. Several weeks ago he wrote this:

04 Oct 2001, 23:57 PST, 7th Edition

Special Messages:

To my friend who wrote at 23:34 (04 Oct), I say, wait.

Everyone in the White House knows that the minute hostilities begin the stock market and the economy will experience a burst. Our beloved president will not order military action until each and every one of his family's closest friends has positioned his corporation or portfolio to be in prime position to benefit billionately when he givest the go order.

Trust me, wars are fought by patriots for freedom to benefit scumbags. The family's of our soon-to-be-deceased military men and special agents will get a capped check in the mail. But our president's personal friends will cry all the way to the bank.

The business of America is not freedom and democracy. The business of America is business and profit.

Follow the money... look to see who gets richer after the bombs fall. You will be surprised to see some prominent, so-called public employees on the list. (Off-shore banks taken off the profit-watch list by Ashcroft? Just because your own doctors give you less than five years... shame, shame on you Bobby for not doing what you know you should do... prosecute.)

Now I read in today's news paper (one that I routinely monitor for drug related leads (You know... "know thy enemy"):

"Legal Group Blasts Papa Shrub on Bin Laden Link: Bush Sr. Could Profit From War, by Geoffrey Gray, Oct 15, 2001."

Carlyle's investors include the Bin Laden family, which has disowned its terrorist son Osama; Bush Sr.; and former Bush inner guard members Nick Carlucci and James Baker. Judicial Watch says all involved stand to benefit from any increase in U.S. defense spending. "It's mind-boggling," says Klayman. "This conflict of interest has now turned into a scandal." With the recent U.S. air strikes in Afghanistan, Klayman says, the conflict of interest is now "direct".

Anyone who thinks this report is bogus can check it out here: http://www.villagevoice.com/issues/0141/gray.php

So, again to those of you who report the dirt, my humble apologies. To DEA Watch: 1) Keep up the darn good work. 2) Phill, you're just too spooky for me... (pun intended). 3) What does Deep Throat's crystal ball say about me getting rich one day?

SECRET WEAPONS: Sting-ray weapon could be used against Taliban

Common Myths & Facts about Anthrax Vaccine Absorbed(AVA).

Crop duster sprays tugboat, pleasure boat on Mississippi River; officials investigating

Decoding Minds, Foiling Adversaries


October 19, 2001 -- ATLANTA - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned doctors nationwide yesterday to watch for possible cases of smallpox, food poisoning and deadly viruses like Ebola following the recent mailings of anthrax.

The Carlyle Group did you see where Carlyle group is located...just down the street from the white house  MedPointe Inc.  look where this is located...this is a subsidiary of Carlyle group...it is located in NJ United Defense Industries, Inc. 2 based right there by the Pentagon NYTimes.com Article: Former F.C.C. Chief Joins Investment Firm  Why BioPort Got a Shot in the Arm The CEO of this company is/was a German Citizen of Lebanese Decent and applied for US Citizenship when he bought the Michigan Lab....this article is extremely important Hoover's Online Look how close Medpoint [red star](Carlyle Group subsidiary) is to Trenton....where Anthrax letters to Brokaw and Capital came from, even better Wallace Pharmaceuticals is right in Trenton: Carlyle Group bought Medpointe ..Carter Wallace Inc is a subsidiary of Medpointe...Wallace Pharmaceuticals makes prescription drugs primarily for central nervous system, allergy RESPIRATORY and pediatric ailments and conditions...they are located in Trenton NJ; Relizon company is another Carlyle Group subsidiary and have offices in Las Vegas and Jacksonville FL Carlyle Group Plans Asian Investment Group  EMPI, INC  Northrop sells jet parts unit  DefenseLINK News: FY98 Report of Top 100 Contractors   Frank C. Carlucci Carlucci and Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr. very close buddies

Carlyle fund sparks hand-wringing  

Based in Washington, D.C., The Carlyle Group is a private equity powerhouse, with $12 billion under management and offices across the United States, and in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. As reported by Red Herring on Thursday, the firm is having trouble establishing a venture capital business in Europe and has lost key partners.

The Bush - Cheny - Giffen - Kazakhstan link

Large candy purchases investigated by FBI


Date: 10/21/01 6:59:07 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Subject: Flip Side

I'm glad someone decided to calculate the numbers from the flip side.

Although it doesn't reduce the enormity of the tragedy, it is somewhat reassuring. By now everyone has been hearing the death toll rise and reports of the destruction from the terrorist attacks on the US. These were deplorable acts that we will never forget. But now is a time to look at the other side of the numbers coming out of New York, Washington and Pennsylvania. The sad but somewhat uplifting side that the mainstream media has not reported yet -- the SURVIVAL rates and some positive news about the attacks. The Buildings The World Trade Center The twin towers of the World Trade Center were places of employment for some 50,000 people. With the missing list of just over 5,000 people, that means 90% of the people targeted survived the attack. A 90% on a test is an 'A'. The Pentagon Some 23,000 people were the target of a third plane aimed at the Pentagon.

The latest count shows that only 123 lost their lives. That is an amazing 99.5% survival rate. in addition, the plane seems to have come in too low, too early to affect a large portion of the building. On top of that, the section that was hit was the first of five sections to undergo renovations that would help protect the Pentagon from terrorist attacks. It had recently completed straightening and blast-proofing, saving untold lives. This attack was sad, but a statistical failure. The Planes American Airlines Flight 77 This Boeing 757 that was flown into the outside of the Pentagon could have carried up to 289 people, yet only 64 were aboard.

Luckily 78% of the seats were empty. American Airlines Flight 11 This Boeing 767 could have had up to 351 people aboard, but only carried

92. Thankfully 74% of the seats were unfilled. United Airlines Flight 175 Another Boeing 767 that could have sat 351 people only had 65 people on board. Fortunately it was 81% empty. United Airlines Flight 93 This Boeing 757 was one of the most uplifting stories yet. The smallest flight to be hijacked with only 45 people aboard out of a possible 289 had 84% of its capacity unused. Yet these people stood up to the attackers and thwarted a fourth attempted destruction of a national landmark, saving untold numbers of lives in the process. In Summary Out of potentially 74,280 Americans directly targeted by these inept cowards, 93% survived or avoided the attacks. That's a higher survival rate than heart attacks, breast cancer, kidney transplants and liver transplants all common, survivable illnesses.

Date: 10/21/01 2:43:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Subject: Another Nail in the NWO coffin Posted By: Delta Centauri Registered User Posted At: 1/18/01 6:48:42 pm

It's been going around the 'net for at least a year --the news that Clinton (working hand in glove with the NWO) is going to start WWIII to stay in office. Well, guess what -- it's the eve of the Inaugeration, Socks has a new home, the Clintons have a new home, American troops aren't gathering ANYwhere, and the only state of emergency around is California with its power problems (and please note that martial law wasn't called though a state of emergency was declared.)

Nope. Clinton's going to leave, WWIII is not going to start, etc.

I *did* find the source of the rumor -- a website favored by some of the more extreme conservatives: The Cutting Edge. And (golly gee) the original article was edited recently and now reads only as though he MIGHT manufacture an excuse to leave office. Several of the other "Absolutly Will Happen By Power Of The NWO" points were suddenly dropped out to conform with what actually happened.

These guys are changing their documents to match history.

Heck, under those rules, I can "prove" the NWO manipulates the stock market. I can make up an excuse based on some news item and use that to show historically that the NWO is manipulating the stock market.

It isn't (and anyone who knows ANYTHING about stocks knows how bloody difficult that would be. Gates with his fortune probably couldn't do it reliably.)

NWO is just a bunch of smoke and mirrors concocted by people who are changing their stories to fit the facts after the events they predict don't happen.

The So-called Evidence Is A Farce: Former Green Beret Says Bush Is Lying Based on that experience, and operations in eight designated conflict areas from Vietnam to Haiti, I have to say that the story we hear on the news and read in the newspapers is simply not believable. The most cursory glance at the verifiable facts, before, during, and after September 11th, does not support the official line or conform to the current actions of the United States government.

Bomb explosion at Islamabad International Airport

SKOLNIK 2  3  4  Let a candid and vigilant populace consider my pleas and contentions. We ordinary Americans are being led, step by step, down the road to a dictatorship more evil and all-pervasive than that of the late Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party of the German aristocracy.

EDITOR: I keep getting pounded with conspiratorial info implicating Bush and his cronies, implicating our defense intel, on and on. Where the hell is Congress in all this, the watchdog groups? Are they all that scared? What else do they know? This leaves our citizen-watch to imagination, stretching into exotic possibilities. What else can be expected when ship of State maroons us all?

Suspect claims MI5 can clear his name Man wanted over embassy bombs takes case to lords

An alleged member of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network wanted in connection with the bombings of US embassies in Africa claimed yesterday he was in frequent touch with British security services, including a named MI5 agent.

Date: 10/21/01 4:27:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time


I updated the smallpox page today, with new info.

http://www.greatdreams.com/smallpox.htm SMALL POX - THE DREAM AND THE REALITY

I've been updating the anthrax page on a daily basis as well.

http://www.earthmountainview.com/anthrax.html  ANTHRAX - WHAT TO DO IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION

The page on Underground shelters is at: http://www.earthmountainview.com/shelters.html


I don't know how many people are actually going to do this, but just in case, there is a variety of things people can do and build in case of nuclear attack. Seems that there is a 'big' threat hanging over our heads.

In case you haven't seen the old movies, I did some work on that earlier in the year:



Liberty Implodes At The World Trade Center

The Extortion Of California - Wrath Of Bush And The Texas Power Cabal

Media suppress the news that Bush lost election to Gore

Now it's "All Anthrax, All the Time," with a little smallpox thrown in for good measure, and the cry, "The terrorists are coming! The terrorists are coming!

NUCLEAR MYSTERY: Crashed plane's target may have been reactor

Date: 10/22/01 7:38:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time





Pat Robertson's Liberia Deal

McCain Fears 'Nuclear Exchange In The Next Four Weeks'

Date: 10/23/01 6:53:06 AM Pacific Daylight Time

Tuesday Oct. 23, 2001; 9:32 a.m. EDT

Saddam's Bombmaker on Anthrax Attacks: 'This Is Iraq!'

A top Iraqi military scientist who defected to the U.S. in 1994 said late Monday that he's absolutely certain his former boss Saddam Hussein is behind the wave of anthrax attacks that have swept the U.S. in recent weeks.

"This is Iraq," said Dr. Khidhir Hamza, in an interview on CNBC's "Rivera Live." "This is Iraq's work."

Dr. Hamza headed up Hussein's nuclear weapons research nprogram in the early 1990's and has authored the book, "Saddam's Bombmaker: The Terrifying Inside Story of the Iraqi Nuclear and Biological Weapons Agenda."

"Nobody (else) has the expertise outside the U.S. and outside the major powers who work on germ warfare," Hamza told "Rivera Live." "Nobody has the expertise and has any motive to attack the U.S. except Saddam to do this. This is Iraq. This is Saddam."

The Iraqi weapons expert told CNBC that his homeland had developed the capability to weaponize anthrax even before he defected to the U.S. 7 years ago and continues to maintain that capability.

"I have absolutely no doubt," he said. "Iraq worked actually even before the Gulf War on perfecting the process of getting anthrax in the particle size needed in powder form to disseminate the way it is being disseminated now."

After linking the Iraqi dicator to the U.S. anthrax attacks, the man familiar with Saddam's secret doomsday strategy said he thinks the anthrax contamination of America's postal system is just the opening salvo in Saddam's bioterror war on the U.S.

"Probaby this is the first wave," Dr. Hamza told Rivera. "I'm not trying to frighten everybody in this but probably this is the first wave."

Did this man predict Sept.11?

Dubya Dubya Three - Are  Americans The Victims Of A Hoax?

Still Don't Believe In The New World Order?

Dubya Dubya Dubya America has been rallying behind its president since war began in Afghanistan. But how is he faring on the net? Chris Alden picks the best George Bush websites

Saudis, Gulf allies, suggest Saddam had role in Sept. 11 attacks  Saudi visas  Saudi nuclear ambitions may have involved Iraq

TALLAHASSEE -- The Florida Senate, gripped by the fear of terrorism, is set to launch a barrage of legislation and rules that would allow lawmakers to meet and cut deals in secret. All testimony, correspondence, staff reports and even senators' votes on anti-terrorism bills would be secret.

Huge Alaska Oil Reserves Go Unused After 30 years, an insider finally acknowledges the United States has all the oil and gas it needs.

Beware of Sunshine Patriots  Media accomplices to 9-11 deserve indictment

Date: 10/24/01 9:45:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time

"Most people prefer to believe their leaders are just and fair even in the face of evidence to the contrary, because once a citizen aknowledges that the government under which they live is lying and corrupt, the citizen has to choose what he or she will do about it. To take action in the face of a corrupt government entails risks of harm to life and loved ones. To choose to do nothing is to surrender one's self-image of standing for principles. Most people do not have the courage to face that choice. Hence, most propaganda is not designed to fool the critical thinker but only to give moral cowards an excuse not to think at all." -- Michael Rivero



Date: 10/24/01 5:56:36 AM Pacific Daylight Time




WAKE UP AMERICA!!! The very thing that our forefathers died for ~ the very thing that our country stands for is being TAKEN AWAY!!!

SLEUTHS: EDITOR: been expecting this: info or disinfo?  If true, Omar and Osama dead, would we be told this on mainstream? Ruin their cool war?

Filed by Hiroyuki Sugiyama, Yomiuri Shimbun Reporter based in Beijing. Based on Japanese sources in Tokyo, news report (s) has been received that on October 16th, both the leader of Taliban Afghanistan Omar and the leader of AlQaida, Osama bin Laden, were both shot and killed in Afghanistan, by elements within their ranks. However at this time no other news sources have confirmed the assassinations.

Hmmm: U.S. may never catch bin Laden, Rumsfeld says  Blair: bin Laden trial 'unlikely'


A dedicated group of experienced civilian and military pilots, including combat fighter pilots and commercial airline captains, just finished a marathon 72 hours of non-stop briefings and debate over the current crisis evolving from the use of commercial aircraft as cruise missiles against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 11 September.

The so-called terrorist attack was in fact a superbly executed military operation against the United States, requiring the utmost professional military skill in command, communications and control. It was flawless in timing, in the choice of selected aircraft to be used as guided missiles, and in the coordinated delivery of those missiles to their pre-selected targets.

The group determined that the enemy is within the gates, that he has infiltrated into the highest policy-making positions at the Federal level, and has absolute control, not only of the purse strings, but of the troop build-up and deployment of our military forces, including active, reserve and National Guard units. more

Anthrax Bacteria Likely To Be US Military Strain  

'Brutality Smeared In Peanut Butter'

Date: 10/25/01 9:25:31 AM Pacific Daylight Time

(GOOD question ! . . . Sent by a friend ... )

Something I can't understand. Our local TV newscast says the folks who committed "hoax" mailings of anthrax, i.e, threatening letters with a white substance in them that turns out to be sugar or powder or whatever, will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law AND, apparently, all or most of these people have been named and caught. Now, HOW DID THE AUTHORITIES MANAGE TO FIND THESE FOLKS SO EASILY, when they can't do the same for ANY of the anthrax letters ???  Presumably, the people who pulled off the hoaxes ALSO disguised their activities, that is, they didn't put a real return address on the letter(s), perhaps, they also didn't leave fingerprints, and, perhaps, they went to mailboxes or post offices not in their immediate neighborhoods. So, how the hell were the authorities able to locate these guys so quickly and NOTHING on the real stuff ??? That's MY puzzle for the day. Anyone out there have any answers ?

CUBA  ANYONE thought of THIS yet? Egypt air 990 and the WTC, did we miss something?

EDITOR: Hearing about US airlifts to Israel for the last few days...airspace been clsoed to all but giant US transport planes for the last 3 days..

You won't see this on CNN-------Who Owns BioPort - The Only US Anthrax Producer?

Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 00:30:25 -0400

From: "Ken Murrell"

To: "American Patriot Friends Network" <APFN@apfn.org>

To united States Citizens:

I am a 10th generation American. My Family Roots go back to Jamestown (the first colony), Virginia. I am also a U.S. Army Veteran (1965-68 Vietnam era volunteer), and I am an x-Criminal Investigator. My point in saying this is, many times I have (taken one step forward, raised my right hand and) sworn to support and defend The Constitution of The united States of America. I love MY Country and MY LIBERTY! I am qualified to point out something very important to all united States Citizens. Our Constitutional form of government is civilian NOT military! My point, the many American Flags we're seeing displayed everwhere today on TV (in the background of Courtrooms, the Halls of Congress, even in Churches and on Religeous shows) are military flags! Any time you see an American Flag with pretty gold roping (braid and tassel) added to it, you are looking at a military flag! The very display of a military (Admirality) Flag represents military authority. U.S. Citizens please BEWARE of what you're NOT recognizing. You are being deceived! It's right before your eyes! In January 1961 (just 40 years ago) the farewell message from outgoing President Eisenhower warned America to "beware of allowing a large Military Industrial Complex to come into power." If any person in the world knew what that danger was, President/General Eisenhower certainly knew. He had more experience in such matters than any one man has ever had in the history of our government. All military personnel are trained (brainwashed) to kill. They are not trained to think of YOUR Constitutional Rights. The 'psychological profile' of a marine, a special forces soldier or a navy seal is not qualified to be turned loose on our civilian streets as a law enforcement officer! All U.S. Citizen's need to become tailors. Why you wonder? So that wherever we go, we can each carry a small pair of scissors. Then anytime we chance upon a military flag in a civilian setting we use our scissors to cut the first stitch. Then we proceed to RIP that gold military roping off OUR Flag! If we're going to have a showdown with the military let's get it on now and get it over with! The military, and the cops both work for US civilians. "LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS OATH" I, ("The Cop") , SWEAR that I will support "The Constitution of The united States", "The Constitution of The State of (one of 50) ", and I will faithfully impartially discharge my duties as a police officer/Deputy Sheriff of city/county , according to law, to the best of my ability, SO HELP ME GOD! _______________________________________ (cop) Signature America, our only hope in this matter is that these soldiers and cops are Christians who have a conscience. We must remind each of them of what their "Individual" oath to God really means! Ken Murrell

Police stand guard outside the Hart Senate office building, which was closed after investigators said they had discovered anthrax in a new location in the building. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)  CIA, Army Anthrax Both Tied to Brentwood Mail Facility 

Activists sue Cipro maker  9 Unpopular IdeasOn 9/11

Homeopathy Has Preventive Remedy for Anthrax?

Updated: Wed, Oct 24 8:12 AM EDT

CALCUTTA, India (Reuters) - Indian homeopathic practitioners say that  homeopathy, a traditional alternative system of medicine, has a magic pill  that can prevent anthrax from infecting humans.

Fears of germ warfare have spread worldwide since last month's attacks on  New York and Washington as an outbreak of anthrax has spread in the  United States through tainted mail.

Twelve people have contracted the disease so far -- either skin anthrax or the  more deadly inhaled version -- and three have died.

"Anthracinum, which is prepared by triturating (grinding) the puss from  anthrax, is a very effective prophylactic against anthrax," Dr. B.  Gangapadhyay, a former head of the Orissa Medical College of Homeopathy  and Research, told Reuters.

Homeopathy, seen either as a complement or alternative to orthodox  medicine, uses metals from across the Periodic Table and a whole range of  other substances from the plant and animal kingdoms.

Its basic principle is that "like cures like" -- if a substance produces certain  symptoms in a healthy individual, it can also treat those symptoms.

"Anthracinum works like magic. If a person just takes a dose (of anthracinum)  for two days in succession, he would be immune from anthrax for at least  three months," Gangapadhyay, who practices in Calcutta, said.

Orthodox medical practitioners declined to comment on the effectiveness of  the homeopathic remedy.

ALTERNATE ENERGY DEVELOPERS AND INVESTORS, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Old Cosmic law: when the ORCS are off clattering for war, a certain amount of shall we say, COSMIC FREEDOM, is released. The usual barricades are down because of the distractions. GO FOR IT NOW!

Alternative Energy Developers Fusion power 'within reach'


This campaign attracting interesting visitors to ORBIT Top o' th' mornin to ye too NIPR



Terrorism Research Center

CCOPS: Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States




EDITOR: the term, *missile, used in the general sense

Enormous data base of info on Bin Laden





.Follow events as they unfold in Afghanistan, through the eyes of two foreign TV 24/7 online news services. Aljazeera TV Qatar, is an Arab news channel currently used by CNN and can be viewed live at: http://www.aljazeera.net/live.asx.



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