ALERT: American Airlines, Airbus A_300, Flight 587, headed to Santa Domingo, Caribbean, crashes in densely populated Rockaway area, Queens, NY, at 9:15 AM EST departed out of JFK Airport


Media recount story set to break First stories on Florida ballot review will run Monday 2 CHICAGO (CBS.MW) -- Temporarily lost in the aftermath of Sept. 11, what could be one of the biggest news stories of the year is about to break. EDITOR: brace for the big spin

INTERESTING COINCIDENCES: UK TO DECLARE STATE OF EMERGENCY 2, And again we have, TADA, more Binnyland movies out of the studio: Bin Laden admits launching attacks on U.S.


INTERNET MESSAGE: Saturday was the UN meeting. Now the UN is under lock-down with members inside, including Colin Powell.

Bush, Bin Laden & the BBC


FEDERAL CONTRACTS   POLICE STATE?  Smallpox plan grants sweeping power

Iraq fires mortar into Kuwait  Dispatch From Doha  Israel Raids Palestinian Village

WINSTON: Latest On The Sept. 11th Incident


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 New Jersey and New York City Sky Cams - Radio - http://maxpages.com/frequencies/Area_Sky_Cams  
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Turbulence? Previous Damage? Pilot Error? NTSB Not Sure Investigation Primarily Focused On Tail Fin And Rudder  News the engines did not break away as designed. In an extremely rare malfunction, an engine can separate from the end of its pylon to prevent damaging the aircraft. But both engines on Flight 587 broke off at the wings, a clear sign the plane encountered a force it was never designed to withstand.

Jet Data Point to Rudder Problem in New York Crash The plane gyrated wildly, apparently producing enough force to crack off the top of the pylons that attach the engines to the wings.

ELAINE LUCAS REPORTS  Flight 587, Santo Domingo & The Ozama River & Fortress?

American Airlines flight 587 Partial list of passengers and crew of American Airlines flight 587, with citizenship, as provided by American Airlines

CORESEARCHER1: JFK 767 airline crash...Flight Path to JFK airplane...buildings on fire ....breaking news  
CORESEARCHER1: American Airlines 767 Jet
CORESEARCHER1: Downed.....
CORESEARCHER1: Helicopter flying around the scene
CORESEARCHER1: An American Airlines 767 Jet just went down on a flight path to JFK Airport...on Today Show  
CORESEARCHER1: Rockaway section of Queens
CORESEARCHER1: no links yet....just breaking
BARDSQUILL: If you have time feed me reports for historical aspect
BARDSQUILL: coresearcher stuff
CORESEARCHER1: this is a residential area where the plane went down...will be civilian deaths...large number
CORESEARCHER1: unconfirmed reports just after 9AM occurred...not sure yet if taking off or landing from JFK  
CORESEARCHER1: JFK untouched but  
CORESEARCHER1: info coming in slowly
CORESEARCHER1: Confirmed by NY Mayors office it was an American Airlines 767 Jet
CORESEARCHER1: Flight they think was incoming..JFK airport closed
CORESEARCHER1: here we go
CORESEARCHER1: only confirmed reports thus far is that it is a 767 jet AA jet and that JFK is closed and  
CORESEARCHER1: that it crashed in a residential area
CORESEARCHER1: Rockaways....3-4 miles from airport....densely populated
BARDSQUILL: keep em coming, looking around
CORESEARCHER1: will be large amt of civilian deaths
CORESEARCHER1: Mayors office....no reports yet  
CORESEARCHER1: very quiet
CORESEARCHER1: JFK, Newark, and Laguardia Airports are all closed
CORESEARCHER1: confirmed
CORESEARCHER1: the rescue people are the same people that responded to WTC bombing
CORESEARCHER1: something it seems happened suddenly...pilot would have tried to stear away from populated area
CORESEARCHER1: this crashed in densely populated area
CORESEARCHER1: White House reporter
CORESEARCHER1: says Bush not making any comments
CORESEARCHER1: Clear skies here on the east coast
CORESEARCHER1: perfect flying weather
CORESEARCHER1: stated from pilot
CORESEARCHER1: billowing smoke south of the airport
CORESEARCHER1: normal approach , clear skies....
CORESEARCHER1: FAA... airbus..flight 587 headed to Caribbean...
CORESEARCHER1: Now they're saying it wasn't a 767
CORESEARCHER1: Airbus ...hold on they're changing stories...8300 Airbus  still Am
BARDSQUILL: cool, setting up web page
CORESEARCHER1: No prior warnings
CORESEARCHER1: supposedly flight on its way to Dominican Republic
CORESEARCHER1: Faa spokesman on now
CORESEARCHER1: Airbus taking off....capacity 180 people
CORESEARCHER1: Crashed right after take off
CORESEARCHER1: FAA said no emergency calls were received
CORESEARCHER1: 9:15 is the time of crash...
CORESEARCHER1: A300 American Airlines  on its way to Santa Domingo
CORESEARCHER1: They don't think its terrorist at this time
CORESEARCHER1: Take Off time was 9:15 then quickly crashed into densely populated Rockaway area of Queens...4 buildings on fire  
BARDSQUILL: now Pentagon saying flight 767
CORESEARCHER1: I'm getting my reports from Today show....FAA spokeswoman
CORESEARCHER1: may be old original report
CORESEARCHER1: the 3 airports are closed....AA flight #587....Airbus should have taken off at 8A
BARDSQUILL: observers saw debris falling from sky, discussion of strike jests
CORESEARCHER1: Dominican Republic...Santo Domingo...all NY subways closed...
CORESEARCHER1: still unclear if it was landing or taking off
CORESEARCHER1: they are treating it like it is terrorist but saying it is not
CORESEARCHER1: eyewitnesses said left side of plane was on fire
CORESEARCHER1: engine fire?
CORESEARCHER1: Airbuses are automated...fly by wire...all electrical
CORESEARCHER1: Mayor Julliani on his way to the scene  
CORESEARCHER1: Pentagon...FAA..said their was a loss of communication shortly after takeoff
CORESEARCHER1: combat airplanes in the air at the time...these were not notified of difficulty
CORESEARCHER1: flight to take off at 8A but didn't until 9:15
CORESEARCHER1: 246 people booked the flight
CORESEARCHER1: something wrong here
CORESEARCHER1: Airbus only has 180 capacity
CORESEARCHER1: they are confirming through Pentagon it has 246 people???
BARDSQUILL: keep it coming, good reports, will be confusion at first, but important clues in the batch
BARDSQUILL: Observer: Flames coming from rear portion of plane, object fell from plane
CORESEARCHER1: occurred 5 miles out from the airport...lost communications
CORESEARCHER1: engine found in different place from the main plane
CORESEARCHER1: should have been able to fly with one engine  
CORESEARCHER1: even if other one fell off
CORESEARCHER1: NY Bridges closed
CORESEARCHER1: NY basically shut down
CORESEARCHER1: this is my opinion.....must be terrorist....they had no warning....no communication
CORESEARCHER1: 246 passengers aboard...lots of luggage
CORESEARCHER1: Andrea Mitchell...intelligence reporter
CORESEARCHER1: saw no warnings...they are treating this ...UN being evacuated
CORESEARCHER1: now they were meeting on terrorism today
CORESEARCHER1: this is being treated as a terrorist incident...cautionary only they say...Yeah right
CORESEARCHER1: UN being evacuated
CORESEARCHER1: eye witness said she saw something dropping from plane..then explosion..then spinning then nose first in a dive

CORESEARCHER1: Rockaways is a working class neighborhood in Queens

CORESEARCHER1: Jamaica Bay....on one side....it is a very thin island...in other words if the pilot could have he would have gone for the water on either side of the island

CORESEARCHER1: 180+ firefighter are there now

CORESEARCHER1: same ones as WTC responders

CORESEARCHER1: engine fell off....then fire ....then nose first..probably stalled

CORESEARCHER1: loss of hydraulic lines

CORESEARCHER1: but they lost communication too not just the engine....very suspect

CORESEARCHER1: if this is an automatic flyer could they not have communicated while they were trying to recover from a lost engine?????

BARDSQUILL: keep em coming will lag behind somewhat here

CORESEARCHER1: the first sign of trouble reported from Pentagon was the loss of communication....

CORESEARCHER1: Fly by wire...should be 3 back ups for hydraulics and communications.....

CORESEARCHER1: this plane stalled and crashed

CORESEARCHER1: Justice reporter...they are reporting it is accident

CORESEARCHER1: no indication of act of terrorism but tunnels, bridges, subways, UN, airports all closed

CORESEARCHER1: Rockaways are difficult to access

CORESEARCHER1: construction on main roadways to Rockaways

CORESEARCHER1: AA #3587 Airbus 300....246 passengers...all confirmed...was on take off

CORESEARCHER1: From NYC it is difficult to get to the crash....all airports shut down beyond the major 3


CORESEARCHER1: FAA report 260 passengers now....flight #587


CORESEARCHER1: parts spewing off airplane

CORESEARCHER1: this was taking off

CORESEARCHER1: just 5 miles from airport.....just a few minutes in the air

BARDSQUILL: good work

CORESEARCHER1: 25 mile radius no fly zone over this site

CORESEARCHER1: all airports in 25 mile radius closed


CORESEARCHER1: this plane with 9 crew members

CORESEARCHER1: this passenger list getting bigger and bigger

CORESEARCHER1: schools out in this area so many kids at home

CORESEARCHER1: Pentagon Emergency Team already saying it is not a terrorist act....they say no military response is needed CORESEARCHER1: Pentagon not scrambling any additional jets

CORESEARCHER1: Pentagon standing down right now....no connection to terrorist attack?????weird

CORESEARCHER1: FAA 260 passenger list not sure if it includes the 9 crew

CORESEARCHER1: UN evacuated...things are not adding up

CORESEARCHER1: I hate to say this but didn't we say this yesterday

CORESEARCHER1: plane crashed at 927A...burning engine fell from the sky

CORESEARCHER1: eye witnesses said flames coming from left hand side of plane

CORESEARCHER1: eyewitness....one block away from crash...heard a bomb.....people running out of homes.....engine fell on a gas station

CORESEARCHER1: the engine fell only a half block from the plane

CORESEARCHER1: eye witness account

CORESEARCHER1: plane took off 917A then crashed 927A...10 minutes to crash just 5 miles past JFK...not adding up

CORESEARCHER1: should have been very far away if 10 minutes in flight

CORESEARCHER1: eyewitnesses said it was flying low and they heard explosion


CORESEARCHER1: NTSB report....mobilizing their go team

CORESEARCHER1: NTSB will not speculate at this time

CORESEARCHER1: NTSB is open to terrorist act.....

CORESEARCHER1: where is the President


CORESEARCHER1: Airbus must have been tightly packed

CORESEARCHER1: eyewitness..13 blocks away..normal takeoff then plane began to disintegrate....plane breaking up

CORESEARCHER1: 2 coast guard cutters and police boats picking up debris from water....plane broke up

CORESEARCHER1: plane fell apart in air...not just engine that fell

CORESEARCHER1: this eyewitness has a couple pieces that fell on his roof

CORESEARCHER1: 4 blocks away

CORESEARCHER1: 15 ambulances carrying people away from crash site

CORESEARCHER1: another eyewitness...triage centers set up at high school and elementary school...FAA now trying to account for all flights...Presidents schedule has been altered...he is in Oval Office

CORESEARCHER1: No official determination from white house

CORESEARCHER1: Many white house staff have been called in from holiday...white house on heightened state of alert

CORESEARCHER1: plane must have blown up...my opinion...FBI now says explosion on plane and now they are involved

CORESEARCHER1: AA now 255 passengers and 9 crew members

CORESEARCHER1: NBC still trying to say it could have been a mechanical explosion...who are they kidding

CORESEARCHER1: Julliani is speaking to reporters.....fire and smoke is very bad.....talked to white house several times...NY on high alert and will reassess in 1-2 hours

CORESEARCHER1: Julliani admits to conflicting reports

CORESEARCHER1: they are picking up pieces from the water....plane had to have broken up...Pres is in situation room with Tom Ridge

CORESEARCHER1: in order to monitor situation

CORESEARCHER1: FBI stating explosion...white house not talking

CORESEARCHER1: All staff has been called back to work

CORESEARCHER1: white house that is

CORESEARCHER1: any word on what the Pentagon is doing

CORESEARCHER1: I am hearing Jets overhead hear in the DC metro area

CORESEARCHER1: oops here

CORESEARCHER1: I sure hope those rescue workers are wearing protective gear for Anthrax and that someone is checking radiation levels in the crash area

CORESEARCHER1: Important.....Dulles and National still open but no flights to NY.....DC on high alert

CORESEARCHER1: eyewitness....tail section of plane fell into the bay

CORESEARCHER1: dead bodies in street

CORESEARCHER1: engine landed on a houses back porch....no one injured in that house...sewers on fire

CORESEARCHER1: plane blew up in the air..this eyewitness confirms

CORESEARCHER1: bodies strewn all over street

CORESEARCHER1: about 200 firefighters on the scene

CORESEARCHER1: Port Authority about 50 members at scene

CORESEARCHER1: 255 passengers ..9 crew members...this seems to be the correct #...

CORESEARCHER1: don't forget today the election report was coming out...Bush didn't win

BARDSQUILL: Heard various reports, got a new link?

CORESEARCHER1: fireman and policeman were injured....they were investigating and responding to auto accident

BARDSQUILL: Fox said Bush won

BARDSQUILL: Fox tainted to the max though

CORESEARCHER1: apparently Gore only called for 4 precincts to be recounted and he would have lost...but if he had called for a statewide recount he would have won the state

CORESEARCHER1: He failed to call for the statewide recount so that is why they are saying Bush won

BARDSQUILL: gottcha, saw that on Drudge

CORESEARCHER1: our attention is being diverted...what is going on in Israel right now


BARDSQUILL: good thought


CORESEARCHER1: air traffic control states no call for trouble from plane

CORESEARCHER1: cf6 GE engines on this plane

CORESEARCHER1: Apparently Law Enforcement says this flight is notorious for drug running

CORESEARCHER2: lots of people reporting no planes in the skies above their cities, but no supposed closures...

CORESEARCHER2: saw one high flyer...way up there...nothing else...normally can see 3-5 aircraft at any given time...hmmm...will keep an eye on it as the day goes on...

CORESEARCHER2: all first hand reports i have heard are that there was a flash or explosion in the area where the wing meets the fuselage...then down she comes...

CORESEARCHER2: i would speculate on board explosive devise or in cargo...

CORESEARCHER2: kinda doubt that a goose brought this one down...

CORESEARCHER1: VP Cheney is at an undisclosed location

CORESEARCHER1: but not as a result of the plane crashing

CORESEARCHER1: President schedule has been adjusted....

CORESEARCHER1: staff called back in



CORESEARCHER1: now birds thought to be cause of crash

CORESEARCHER1: what a stretch

CORESEARCHER1: do they think we're stupid

CORESEARCHER1: I'm glad I got my education in the 60's before the dumbing down

CORESEARCHER1: transponder abruptly cut off..isn;t that what happened with the other 4 flights


BARDSQUILL: not AGAIN! Transponder, radar went down at 9:17, (four mins after takeoff) AWAC grabbed it?

CORESEARCHER2: globalhawk???

CORESEARCHER2: awacs controlled???

BARDSQUILL: MSNBC reports National Guard jets and AWACs were in the air at time of crash

CORESEARCHER1: scaler???

CORESEARCHER1: now they're saying explosion seen on body of plane

BARDSQUILL: FAA already putting down eyewitness reports

CORESEARCHER2: how about the news breaking today that gore would have won florida...???

CORESEARCHER2: heard the gov mouthpieces this morning before this plane went down and this story was being covered...

CORESEARCHER2: heard Ari Fleischer say that the election is over and that there is no news there...

CORESEARCHER2: he said, forget it...it's over...

CORESEARCHER3: Kent, the big thing that is going on regarding the way the media is reporting the vote tally is that they are saying Bush won......but if you dig through the data that is not the case. If you could warn everyone you talk to to make certain that they read the reports carefully. There is a huge amount of spin occurring. Seems like the media is counting on people only reading headlines and the first paragraph and not the rest of the articles.

CORESEARCHER1: this Rockaway neighborhood had lost 100 people in the WTC tragedy...now this

CORESEARCHER4: Just read your chat with coresearcher. I just heard on NBC that the area is "only 2 blocks from the ocean." Means a shot could have been taken from a boat. The scattering of debris sure sounds like it. Eyewitness said it did go down nose first. CBS: Witness was in a diner with his 4-yr-old; didn't hear any explosion, but they emerged from diner at same time and the kid said, "Look, Daddy, an airplane is on fire."

CORESEARCHER1: the plane is not intact as reported by Mayor Julliani

CORESEARCHER1: 4 homes completely destroyed....4 homes damaged.....approximately 12 homes with some damage....30 ambulances waiting....not finding any survivors.....15 people taken earlier for minor casualties

CORESEARCHER1: No mayday call even on the backup communications.....

CORESEARCHER1: The Nando Times: Families of crash victims gather at Dominican Republic airport

CORESEARCHER1: why did they want UN disrupted??

CORESEARCHER1: FBI has 200 agents working on this case and are now talking to the baggage handlers who loaded the plane

CORESEARCHER2: part of a wing in the ocean...says abc...that indicates alot more than engine failure...

CORESEARCHER2: the flight was originally scheduled to take off at 8:00 and was held on the runway...then was released for takeoff and delayed again for 15 more minutes...hmmm...

CORESEARCHER1: Under procedures set up shortly after the Sept. 11 terror attacks, the FAA tightened communication with NORAD to report immediately any anomalies in airplane flights such as shut down transponders or off-course planes. NORAD received no such reports and keeps an Airborne Warning and Control System aerial radar plane active 24 hours a day.

CORESEARCHER1: Pentagon officials familiar with aviation issues said the FAA did have a loss of radio contact with the American Airlines Airbus A300, but that given the very short time the plane was in the air, that loss of contact could have been caused by the crash itself. It will be important to exactly correlate the time of the loss of contact and the crash, officials said.

CORESEARCHER1: The Pentagon remains on Threat Con Charlie, a heightened state of alert that it has been on for weeks.

CORESEARCHER1: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,38581,00.html

CORESEARCHER1: This could have been a case of a bomb in a bag that was undetected and obviously we need to have better X-ray scanners and better work on the bags that go in the top of the plane," Gephardt said. "If we had passed the Senate bill, this bill would have been law by now and we could have started making the changes."

CORESEARCHER1: I have that bad feeling again....something very bad is going to happen

BARDSQUIL: well, a bazillion meteors headed this way

CORESEARCHER1: something manmade....evil is lurking

BARDSQUIL: yea me too

CORESEARCHER1: I'm uncomfortable in my own skin

CORESEARCHER1: that sounded weird I know but I can sense the evil...it is thick...like really sick deals being made...I'm telling you the door is closing soon...we will pass a point of no return

CORESEARCHER1: our country is on the edge of chaos

WE THOUGHT IT IMPORTANT TO GLEAN BREAKING REPORTS! PLEASE SEND ADDITIONAL REPORTS BY EMAIL MAPS NEEDED http://www.cnn.com/interactive/us/0111/map.jfk.detail/frameset.exclude.html

Date: 11/12/01 12:25:16 PM Pacific Standard Time

I just wanted to forward this on from NPR. Around 1 pm, two eye witnesses were interviewed on the air. The one witness said she saw an orange circle in the mid-area of the plane, near the wing, that reminded her of the sun and an indicated an explosion took place. She works for the airlines and was able to provide clear details.

The other witness also noted an explosive but placed this same orange circle closer to the back of the plane. I have heard other eye witnesses accounts- one consistent theme- saw what appeared to be an explosion in the mid-section of the airplane as indicated by your coreresearchers' accounts ( where wing meets the fuselage).

While I would like to believe it is mechanical failure, I speculate this could have been a laser beam of some sort (given the orange circle description)- Brookhaven or Montauk?

Numerically, if this was an attack, it doesn't add up, expect for the time of explosion (9:27 9+2+7 = 18 [666]). Two dates I was watching are yesterday (Nov. 11) and this Thurs - Nov. 15 (66th day since 9/11 and the moon will be void of course [new moon used by black magick practitioners/satanists for casting powerful, dark spells]. But whether it is an attack or accident, it puts America back on edge and serves the Illuminists' program of fear and control.

Link of local footage from the crash: http://www.accessatlanta.com/ajc/news/queens/image1.html

Gore Beat Bush In Florida Says New RecountStudy of Florida Ballots Shows Bush Won 2000 Election

US Satellite Detection Of Portable Nuclear Weapons "If an internal nuclear attack ever occurs in this country without a major failure of our satellite assets...perhaps we should rethink just who the enemy really is..."

Meanwhile: Meteor storm heads for Earth


Anthrax blamed on US scientist  http://www.sundaytimes.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,7034,3229971%255E401,00.html

Audit Finds INS Mismanaged $31 Million Automation Project

The leader of Hizbullah said Sunday that US President George W. Bush had behaved “arrogantly” at the United Nations while trying to rally international support for his war on terror, warning that any drop in domestic support for the party would lead to a civil war in Lebanon.

Eyewitness - 'It Was Like  a Bomb Exploded'  WTC And Pentagon Areas May Be Radioactive

Charitable complications $1.4 billion has been raised for the September 11 survivors. But many of the grieving and out-of-work still haven't seen a relief check. What's going on?

Date: 11/12/01 4:56:26 PM Pacific Standard Time

Here's one link about today's flight 587 crash: http://www.farrockaway.com/rockawayplanecrash.html

Local people always seem to have the best details...

An address for the exact area is insanely hard to pin down. I mean, verifiable by USPS's ZIP+4 lookup. One address that's close to the crash site is:

440 BEACH 129th AVE


Which translates to these coordinates: 040.578496 Lat. (40:34:42.586N) -073.849920 Long. (73:50:59.712W)

Keep those coordinates handy. A better address might be 400 BEACH 129TH AVE, but I was so frustrated in finding the proper address, that I gave up to save time. These coordinates are insanely close to the proper number. I'll let someone else be picky and get it exact. Using 400 BEACH might be closer to NEWPORT AVE, where it crosses 129TH AVE. See, NEWPORT AVE runs parallel to the islet(?)... the narrow strip of land I mean. Then the numbered streets like 129TH AVE go north and south.

Here's summarized details from umpteen local New York City news websites:

Crash Date: Nov. 12, 2001

Crash Time: 09:17AM EST

Airline: American Airlines

Flight: 587

Plane Type: A300 Airbus

Capacity: 275 passengers possible

Route: from New York to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Departure: 9:14AM EST

Casualties: 246 passengers, 9 crew members

Crash Area: Far Rockaway area of Queens, New York City

Crash Addr: close one is 440 BEACH 129TH ST, FAR ROCKAWAY, NY 11694

Damage: from 129th-133rd Streets, near NEWPORT AVE.

Landmarks: Texaco gas station affected: engine landed there

A religious school was close to plane crash

That's all I have. News came from http://www.wpix.com,

http://www.newsmax.com, http://www.nytimes.com, http://www.nypost.com,

I'll send more when I can. It seems that Brookhaven and Airline Maintenance crews are always both UNTOUCHABLE. "What, us? Oh, no... we had NOTHING to do with that crash... oh NOOOO." Suuuuuure they didn't know anything... Oh and of COURSE the radar loop this morning at Unisys was squeaky clean for the East coast closeup loop, showing nothing. But the national loop at least had SOMETHING green warbling around New Jersey. Of course the bad guys thought of the Radar Loops right off the bat, huh?

Date: 11/12/01 4:56:34 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent, Today is Sammy Sosa's birthday we are told, he is Chicago's most famous Dominican. They say 90% of the people on the crashed airliner were Dominicans. I wonder if Dominicans are considered as expendable ,here, as newly arrived Russian Jews are in Israel, where they take the largest number of government sponsored terrorism casualties, besides the Palestinians. How high up are Dominican's on the food chain in NY? And then there's crashing the plane in an Irish Catholic neighborhood already ravished from 911. Many NY Fireman live in this neighborhood. Remember them, that a week ago dared to confront lord giulliani about what he is shoving under the rug at wtc? Being treated a bit like the Taleban, aren't they? I mean with the arrests and now one of their neighborhoods being blitzed. How 'bout wtc 'cough', will the people in the hood start hacking from wtc 'cough', that resembles du poisoning and Gulf War Syndrome? These are just rhetorical questions and mere ruminations on my part . It sure stinks like the WTC setup and all these embarrasing bird's(bush problems) being killed with one stone (crash). This ain't kosher, or is it? Did some rabbi bless this one, too? Rhetorical, of course

The crash was in the Bible Code!!!

Date: 11/12/01 5:55:54 PM Pacific Standard Time

For more background on Long Island's Far Rockaway area, as far as Beach Restricted Access goes, and all the juicy stuff, go to http://www.apublicrock.com/ and be careful... the MIDIs play real LOUD!

PLEASE don't miss the tribute page designed for broadband speed: http://www.apublicrock.com/helpamerica.htm

EPA says there's a Far Rockaway plant: http://www.epa.gov/airmarkets/picturethis/ny/2513_sum.htm

US Coast Guard has a Far Rockaway Station: http://www.uscg.mil/hq/g-cp/history/STATIONS/FAR%20ROCKAWAY.html

Radio Frequencies used in Far Rockaway: http://www.cityfreq.com/ny/farrockaway/

TOXIC STUFF near Far Rockaway: http://www.toxicstargeting.com/newsday_real_estate/farrockaway.htm

Local Guides to Far Rockaway: http://www.digital-neighbors.com/city/ny/farrockaway731.htm



Date: 11/12/01 6:19:56 PM Pacific Standard Time

just saw on local NBC news video footage of tail being lifted out of Jamaica Bay....not just a portion, or just even the top half, but the ENTIRE tail, from the point it meets the fuselage, was pulled out of the water in one piece, minus the rudder..how in the hell could that happen?  prepare for mystical magical stories from the FBI/NTSB ala twa800..... abc news also reported the time in flight as 3 MINUTES, not the ten that some were saying earlier.

Date: 11/12/01 6:44:44 PM Pacific Standard Time


Psyopsnews.com did an excellent analysis of the this issue. However, within 3 weeks the site was shut down. In a response to an inquiry by me, they stated in an email that they were now working toward peace and would no longer cover the WTC destruction. Very odd. If you can find an old screen shot of that web site it will help analyze the tower 7 destruction.

Apparently Tower 7 was just purchased 6 weeks prior to 9-11-01 with an unusual clause in the insurance policy that covered it in the event of a terrorist attack.  Google: UNITE! Info #153en: People is target; an "inside job" [WWW.STOPNATO.ORG.UK]  The war against terrorism

Queens Crash Eyewitness Accounts Point to Sabotage

Date: 11/12/01 7:38:18 PM Pacific Standard Time

587 5 + 8 = 13 1 = 3 = 4 4 + 7 = 11

KOSMOS Dark Matters  

APFN: NY Plane Exploded in air-sabotage

Bush, Bin Laden & the BBC  The war against terrorism

Date: 11/12/01 11:42:39 PM Pacific Standard Time

Kent: Is it me or does it seem a bit odd that on the day the Media was going to splash the front page with news that GORE may have actually won the 2000 election, we have another NY air disaster-which one witness noted, was being watched at a stones throw distance by a strange helicopter, as it blew apart and dove for the ground...Coincidence? "They" seem a bit *too* certain that this is NOT terrorism....how would they know (Of course maybe they dont want to admit that they cannot protect us, either).

Kathy Nguyen's Mystery Link

Date: 11/10/01 1:13:08 AM Pacific Standard Time

A downloadable audio recording of Phil Schneider giving a lecture at Global Science, Denver, Colorado, in August of 1995.

In two mp3 audio files:



Gaping Holes in the 'CIA vs. bin Laden' Story

Russian Official Reveals Attempt Made to Steal Nuclear Materials

Date: 11/13/01 5:26:22 AM Pacific Standard Time

The URL below takes you to an actual advertisement from the U.S. Army. Do they have anti-gravity?

It looks like the US Army is using an advanced electronic invisibility suit for its soldiers now. There is a picture at: http://www.usarec.army.mil/launchkit/print/ad_5.html

It may have somewhat of an antigravity effect too. They are saying it lets soldiers "walk up a mountainside" and "run through a desert." It is usually hard to do those things with a full field battle pack, especially running through a desert's shifting sand. The recruiting ad reads: SGT Joseph Patterson. Enlisted Liaison Operational Forces Interface Group. AN ARMY OF ONE. In the United States Army.

What you see is a Soldier system that gives me 360º vision in pitch black. Makes me invisible to the naked eye. Lets me walk up a mountainside. And run in a desert. You've never seen anything like me. But don't worry. They haven't either. I AM AN ARMY OF ONE. And you can see my strength.

Looks like back-engineering alien equipment really paid off.

Date: 11/13/01 6:16:04 AM Pacific Standard Time

Way down in the middle of the story you will find the telling paragraphs below... Wonder if the nose of the plane shot upward first — as did Flight 800. Looks more and more to me like it was hit by something. No eyewitness reports of streaks in the sky yet. What made the plane break up? Think this aspect can be buried?

Suitcase bomb is doubtful: I read on one of the message boards (posted by New Yorker who got it from local feed) that luggage had been examined more closely than normal because of a hunt for drug money leaving the country. Most passengers were Dominican.

'Everything Points To An Accident'

<snip snip snip>

Late Monday, salvage crews pulled a large, nearly intact section of the jet's tail from Jamaica Bay, several blocks away from the main crash crater -- strong evidence that the Airbus A-300 began breaking up before the jet hit the ground.

Veteran crash experts say it would likely take a "sizeable" explosion to sever the tail. There is some evidence that one of the plane's engines did explode in flight but investigators are at a loss to explain how that could have damaged the rear of the plane. One source told CBS News, "it's bizarre...it's the last thing I would have expected."

Full story at http://cbsnews.com/now/story/0,1597,317684-412,00.shtml

Date: 11/13/01 6:31:53 AM Pacific Standard Time

Response to: 1111x.htm

11:11 maybe written another way in the form of a

Medicine wheel as so:


1 : 1


Thus there is a "1" for each human race in each direction. These two dots : in Mayan number would mean 20+1 , the top dot means 20 and the lower dot means 1.

These dots may symbolize the alpha (1) and omega (20) Mayan glyphs. IMIX is glyph 1 and symbolizes birth and glyph 20 is of the SUN is called AHAU.

Thus we may see that these 2 dots or the first and last Mayan glyphs when combined mean "Birth of Sun" and we know that all of our solar system, our planets, our bodies, were born from our SUN.

So in the 11:11 Medicine wheel,


1 : 1


We have each Human race orbiting or in a Hoop around the Sun place of birth. The ":" means 20+1 thus the whole would be 20+1 + 1+1+1+1 = 25

For those who know "fractals" or "holonomics" then this maybe something you will Enjoy ...11:11 = 11+11 = 22

20+1 + 1 = 22

Notice that each Human race "1" when combined with the ":" (21) will yield the Whole (sum of 11+11) this is a fractal relationship showing that each human race is equal to the whole.

This number 11:11 or 11+11 or 22 when written in the Mayan number system will reveal this message in another simple way, when 22 is written in Mayan it looks like this:


o o

The top dot is 20 the lower 2 dots is a 2 thus 20+2 = 22 If these are converted to a Mayan tone (1) and glyph (IK) then it would be "1-IK" and since the IK mayan glyph is the glyphvof SPIRIT then "1 IK" literally means "ONE SPIRIT"

It was on the day of "1 IK" on August 20, 1994 that the sacred White Buffalo Calf "Miracle" was born in Wisconsin and many more white buffalo calfs have been born (9 so far)

May all the words, I have shared help each of you join a beautiful path as our Human family joins together in the sacred hoop of life. Each of you is also sacred ... treat yourself that way.

o | o

--+-- "Peace be with You"

o | o

MORE: 11:11

I noticed your link to the 11:11 information and I wanted to share my experience with you regarding this phenomena again. I have copied three letters that I previously sent to you, including my first one exactly two years ago. They deal with my 11:11 experience and I hope you will find them of interest.

Date: 11/13/01 6:36:28 AM Pacific Standard Time

I'm STILL shocked and looking for....something..... ANYTHING to understand how we got "here"?

Were Drudge sources innacurrate? http://www.drudgereport.com/mattv.htm

Here's what Bush and Gore say today....http://www.cnn.com/2001/ALLPOLITICS/11/11/election.reactions/index.html

An Afghanistan Primer: The Good, The Bad, And The VERY Bad

Subj: NYc plane crash

Date: 11/13/01 7:56:38 AM Pacific Standard Time

Its so obvious it was stinger that took it out. Especially, when they showed the hole on the side of the engine. The wing falling off.

Another Flight 800!

Date: 11/13/01 8:42:56 AM Pacific Standard Time

Kent. my observations for what they worth

one engine falls in a boat

second engine falls in a gas station

tail plane falls in the sea

plane body flattens only four houses

ergo not mechanical failure, plane disintegrated in the air.

gas station engine, intact, no fire damage but large 2 foot square hole in left side ripped open from inside. not damage cause by turbine blade. also watch video, fireman kneeling looking. large brown uniform guy reaches into engine, removes something then quickly backs away looking shifty.

your guys can plot locations of parts on street plan, might be interesting. plane at this time would be doing about 240 knots and flaps being retracted. for both engines to fall off and plane to nose dive means wings must have come off. if engines go plane becomes awkward glider, not a vertical falling stone..

again crash comes at a difficult time, meeting at un to talk about afghanistan future, election results check, as well taliban falls apart at the seams. these guys fighting a "jihad" defiant, will fight to death just give up?// If one fights a "jihad" and loses it causes massive damage to the faith.

Queens Crash Eyewitness Accounts Point to Sabotage Former NTSB Official Doubts Accident Caused Flight 587 Crash  

Konformist: 587

Accident Shuts Down Japan Plant

THE ACTIVE SIDE OF INFINITY We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives.

Dialogue is a Necessity: Only by Honestly Addressing the Cultural Schism with Islam Can We Reach Accommodation

Secret Documents Reveal WTO-Corporate Collusion

GERM WARFARE The Hall of Shame  Articles and Attacks UN's smallpox terror alert

Bush Order: Terror Trials by Military  Israelis held in Ohio denied bail


2001/11/13 16:35:52 36.41N 70.79E 205.3 4.7 B  HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHANISTAN

2001/11/14 09:26:10 36.01N 90.50E 10.0 7.9 A QINGHAI-XINJIANG BORDER, CHINA

Earthwaves Prediction Board Article Search


Ghost of TWA 800 Christopher Ruddy WHISTLE BLOWER GAZETTE  Added note

Facial recognition technology approved at Va. Beach

The major airports and military bases have goings-on underneath.

Satellites Face Worst Threat Since 1966 With November Meteors

Date: 11/14/01 6:22:27 AM Pacific Standard Time

Salient points about Flight 587

The plane shuddered and rattled, a crew member is heard to suggest a "wake encounter," according to information released today by the National Transportation Safety Board. However....

...according to NTSB board member George Black, the Japan Airlines 747 was flying several miles ahead of Flight 587, well beyond the minimum separation of four miles for planes taking off. This distance is specifically intended to mitigate any ill effect of a wake.

There are no bomb sounds on the voice recorder, nor is there visual evidence -- which is easily detected -- of bomb damage on the wreckage.

{What "rattled" the plane?}

Investigators and the manufacturer of the A300 wide-body airplane, Airbus Industrie of Toulouse, France, remain puzzled that both engines and the airplane's vertical tail fin cracked off for no apparent reason. In particular, several investigators spoke of being baffled that the vertical tail fin may have broken off first. That loss is significant, as such a catastrophic event would have tossed the plane out of control, and might have set in motion severe forces that snapped off both engines. The engines landed a block apart -- one in a gas station and another striking a boat in a neighborhood driveway. The main body of the plane crashed two blocks to the west.

Speculation re engine failure: investigators found no evidence of catastrophic failure in the big General Electric Co. engines, according to NTSB board member George Black.

He also said there was no evidence that the engines had sucked in birds.

The second of the plane's two onboard recorders has been found -- the flight data recorder, which measures airplane movements and control positions.

Black gave cryptic summary of the cockpit voice recorder, which investigators found Monday. Using the cockpit tape as a guide, he said:

The plane takes off to the northwest, flying out over Queens and then banking south over Jamaica Bay. Less than two minutes after takeoff, the sound of a rattling airframe is heard. Seven seconds later, a crew member mentions a "wake encounter."

This presumably referred to turbulence flowing from the wingtips of the plane that took off ahead of Flight 587. These long spinning strings of turbulence can last in the air for several minutes -- but they are almost never enough to bring a plane down.

Japan Airlines 747 was flying several miles ahead of Flight 587, well beyond the minimum separation of four miles for planes taking off. This distance is specifically intended to mitigate any ill effect of a wake.

At 121 seconds after takeoff, a second airframe rattle is heard. Four seconds later, the co-pilot calls for maximum power. Two seconds later, a member of the crew suggests the plane is out of control.

And 15 seconds after that, the recording ends -- presumably when the plane lost electrical power and plowed into Belle Harbor.

A construction worker videotaped the plane's untroubled takeoff, but not the crash.

Above points gleaned from today's Washington Post



Date: 11/14/01 6:41:03 AM Pacific Standard Time


Here is a possibly interesting item from fox for your sleuths.

Down towards bottom of article...pilot says he is experiencing 'wake' from other airplane..while the former flight was a full twenty seconds further away than the minumum distance allowed!


'I Know What I Saw...That Was No Mechanical Problem...No Way!'

Date: 11/14/01 8:40:05 AM Pacific Standard Time

Effrayant Effrayant Enchantments

In one of the most interesting imaginative statements from the Federal Government Department of Health and Human Services, Margaret A. Hamburg, who oversees the smallpox effort had repeatedly stated that the Administration officials were worried that they would not receive the support for this plan in Congress. (i.e new small pox vaccine) Quote:

"A lot of people thought this was a crazy idea, to make a new vaccine when the dis-ease of smallpox didn't even exist anymore"'. ?

Only we now have re-discovered that the dis-ease of smallpox did still indeed exist, in the CDC & P, IN ATLANTA, GEORGIA, U.S.A., and at the INSTITUTE OF RESEARCH IN MOSCOW, RUSSIA, where someone could "STILL LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG"........Imagine that.

Words such as eradicated, eliminated, and disappeared for the smallpox virus apparently seem meaningless when two repositories kept samples that could cancel out Mankind's triumph over smallpox which was considered public health's greatest accomplishment, and it probably was except for the holding onto those extra SAMPLES...............E`chantillonner.


PSI-TECH  Crash of American Airlines Flight 587

ARTICLES BY HARRY BROWNE  Isn't it time for the truth?

The CIA's Secret Manual on Coercive Questioning


Osama claims he has nukes: If US uses N-arms it will get same response

Date: 11/14/01 9:47:33 PM Pacific Standard Time

Your link about the Remote Viewing of Flight 587 was interesting. I did suspect a maintenance worker horsing around with the plane before takeoff. In any event, in case people are interested in 'infrasound' being used as a weapon, here are some links:

Infrasound is used in underwater minesweeping:


Infrasonics Program to monitor different storm types:


Scripps infrasonic microphones listening for nuclear blasts:


More blurbs about infrasonic effects:


Military links most people will like:





There are more Tesla-type links like these, but it's clear our military loves this electromagnetic and optical stuff. Out of all the scientific kind of damage that's possible, it seems these "terrorists" sometimes resort to simpler methods of destruction. Flying won't really be safe until every single airport maintenance worker gets the third degree like from a drill sergeant. I can't believe how inept the airline industry is.

Even if infrasonic microphones were installed all along Long Island, it won't help when the real cause is a maintenance worker breaking a part off an airplane.

How long will Americans put up with this stupidity from airlines? Will Americans stand up for anything? I'm just curious what will make most Americans get out and protest. It's like they're all stuck in WHATEVER mode. "Whatever! If I die tomorrow or live... whatever!" It's amazing how their definition of whatever is the WRONG choice or NO choice... oh but NEVER the RIGHT and blessed choice in life. Oh no... they must not have been talking about the positive, loving side of whatever.

We all have to remember that we made our CHOICE on how to live. I choose to help my neighbor with compassion and perseverance. Let me know what links to find next...


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ALTERNATE ENERGY DEVELOPERS AND INVESTORS, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! Old Cosmic law: when the ORCS are off clattering for war, a certain amount of shall we say, COSMIC FREEDOM, is released. The usual barricades are down because of the distractions. GO FOR IT NOW!

Bearden Group awarded patent on Motionless Electromagnetic Generator

Alternative Energy Developers Fusion power 'within reach'




Terrorism Research Center

CCOPS: Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States



EDITOR: the term, *missile, used in the general sense

Enormous data base of info on Bin Laden





.Follow events as they unfold in Afghanistan, through the eyes of two foreign TV 24/7 online news services. Aljazeera TV Qatar, is an Arab news channel currently used by CNN and can be viewed live at: http://www.aljazeera.net/live.asx.

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