WOODY ON FILM: The Rustlers Broke On Us: One of the two surviving film clips of Woody Guthrie performing. This one is from 1945. The other, with Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee.

Woody Guthrie introduction  Woody Guthrie - I Ain't Got No Home In This World Anymore  Woody Guthrie - So Long It's Been Good To Know You  Roll on Columbia: Woody Guthrie  Ramblin' Jack Elliott on Woody Guthrie  Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Pretty Boy Floyd   Woody Guthrie -Hard Travelin'(1942)  Cross Country Montage with Woody Guthrie  Arlo Guthrie & Emmylou Harris - Deportee  This Land is Your Land - Arlo Guthrie  "Hobo's Lullaby" live - Woody Guthrie tribute  Pete Seeger - Pastures Of Plenty  Billy Bragg - Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key  Tom Joad  Talkin 1927 Blues  Do Re Mi and morei  There'll Be No Church Tonight  God's Promise by Ellis Paul  1913 Massacre  Ludlow Massacre  Vigilante Man  Lonnie Donegan - Gamblin' Man  Country Joe McDonald - Going Down Old Dusty Road  The Car Song  Why, Oh Why More Video  Audio


Arlo Guthrie/Alice's Restaurant [Young folk, best to memorize this: The Lyrics]

The IRAQ BODY COUNT Database  Rumors of refusal to obey   Judge declares mistrial in war objector case  

Bush Declares, No ‘Unalienable Rights’  THIS: endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights . . ." (Declaration of Independence)

EMAIL: 2/4/2007 6:15:38 P.M. Pacific Standard Time

These guys have gone way over the line and are freakin’ crazy… I don’t want to believe it but these guys are really serious. Somebody has been putting funny stuff in the Kool-Aid at the White House!

BOMBSHELL! Rockefeller Admitted Elite Goal Of Microchipped Population! Notes 2 Extended Interview Comments  AMERICA: Freedom To Fascism. Aaron Russo Interview

 ORBIT: COMMAND CENTER 9/11  Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich says he is open to all 9/11 information  Kentucky Teacher Placed In Psych Ward For Declaring 9/11 Was An 'Inside Job'

Radiation at Gateway National Park in Staten Island and a strong radiation spike from the area of the Israeli Embassy Forum  Suicide bomber strikes Pakistan airport

Bilderberg Group to Bush - “We will not help you fight a war for Israel”

Kevin R. Ryan, the head of the Environmental Health Laboratory Div. of Underwriter´s Laboratory (UL) was fired today--FOR QUESTIONING GOVERNMENT COLLAPSE STORY COVERUP!

A political bombshell from Zbigniew Brzezinski Ex-national security adviser warns that Bush is seeking a pretext to attack Iran [no kiddin, Paddy, but when Brzezinski belts it out, ya gotta worry]  Double the Troop ‘Surge’ in Iraq?  Ten Things You Must Understand About War  2 retired generals, retired admiral say war with Iran would be "disastrous"  Active Duty Soldiers Call for An End to the Occupation of Iraq   Truck blast in Baghdad market kills more than 120   Residents flee Taliban-held town  Iranian nuclear scientist ‘assassinated by Mossad’

U.S. Plans Expanded DNA Collection  NASA Astronaut Charged With Trying to Kidnap Rival

KUALA LUMPUR: About 2000 activists applauded as the leaders of the United States, Britain and Australia were branded "fascist war criminals" at a conference in Malaysia featuring gruesome exhibits of their alleged crimes.


ORBIT SOLUTIONS Don't burn their oil in your jalopy
Battery Breakthrough? A Texas company says it can make a new ultracapacitor power system to replace the electrochemical batteries in everything from cars to laptops.

A secretive Texas startup developing what some are calling a "game changing" energy-storage technology broke its silence this week. It announced that it has reached two production milestones and is on track to ship systems this year for use in electric vehicles.

EEStor's ambitious goal, according to patent documents, is to "replace the electrochemical battery" in almost every application, from hybrid-electric and pure-electric vehicles to laptop computers to utility-scale electricity storage.

The company boldly claims that its system, a kind of battery-ultracapacitor hybrid based on barium-titanate powders, will dramatically outperform the best lithium-ion batteries on the market in terms of energy density, price, charge time, and safety. Pound for pound, it will also pack 10 times the punch of lead-acid batteries at half the cost and without the need for toxic materials or chemicals, according to the company.

 MOST ACTIVE SOLUTION Australian fuel system  

TECH CHALLENGE  How to make the simplest electric motor



Agent-P reached inside his coat pocket and pulled out a black book which he then handed to Agent-U. Engraved on the front page was the word, "LAW." Agent-U turned to page thirteen-thousand and then began to read page thirteen-thousand aloud which went, "article thirteen of Congressional Federal Law prohibits such depraved acts as 'story telling'."

Leah snapped to attention sticking up her neck. "That is stupid! There is no such thing as a law against story telling."

"There is now, little girl," snarled Agent-U.

Do we continue down the tracks?

Singing for me supper  NEED HELP FOR SEPT  

ORBIT much work for this old codger

Many Thanks: homegrown tunes

Kent Steadman; 425 S. 156th Street; #119A; Seattle, WA 98148


UFO OUTBREAK: PEOPLE screamed and cars came to a halt when dozens of mysterious lights hovered thousands of feet above Archway  Return of Phoenix Lights?  ABC 2 3 4

Two Lake Erie UFO's Background   St. Louis; Bright Light Spotted in the Sky  Bright lights reported over Midwest skies  Bulgarian UFO   Russian fishermen catch squeaking alien and eat it [um, disclaimer, proly a ray, beside eatin should be t'other way-around, eh?]

Comet Gallary

Fireball Sightings Table: 2007  Radio Fireball Events' photos 3D  5 hour trend  24 hour




HELPING A FRIEND [recovering from expensive emergency surgery] ARCTURUS BOOKS INC for rare books on UFOs, Ancient Astronauts, Lost Civilizations, Free Energy Research, Conspiriology, Hollow Earth and  Paranormal Phenomena--lists e-mailed on request. rgirard321@aol.com

Tornadoes kill at least 19 in Florida Pics   Drought Australia  Methane now bubbling from Beaufort Sea

An Extremely Dangerous Situation is now Occurring at the Plate Boundary  B.C. enters window of increased quake risk  

Forum: Hopi Indians Starting to Move to top of SW US Mesas?  USA at Hopi Sea Level

WEBSITES: Main Stan Deyo  Preparedness

I am unsure whether the Hopi are now making a formal move to the mesa-tops; however some preparation could very well be true.  I attended a conference a few years back where the Elders of many nations spoke of earth changes. A Hopi Grandmother spoke of the ocean water [to the west] lapping up to the edge of the mesas--and a Hopi Grandfather mentioned to watch the volcanos. Additionally a Lakota Grandfather mentioned to have plenty of sunscreen.

The Elders all say that the way to survive anything that might be coming is through serious daily prayer and connected spirituality rather than mundane chores like stocking up on supplies. And that the more people of an area who are connected and grounded spirituality, the greater the likelihood of that area being spared some of the upheavals of grandmother earth--the Hopi said, those [sacred] areas will raise like mesas...

RADIORBIT Tribute to Lakota Grandfather Wallace Black Elk  

The Destruction Of Atlantis [Michael Tsarion]

TESLA & MARCONI most Tesla students are unaware that Marconi was supposed to have founded a secret high-tech city in the remote southern jungles of Venezuela  Tesla's Automobile


Montana  Florida  Nebraska


Mind Games: In response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed for this article, the Air Force released unclassified documents surrounding that 2002 patent -- records that note that the patent was based on human experimentation in October 1994 at the Air Force lab, where scientists were able to transmit phrases into the heads of human subjects, albeit with marginal intelligibility.  United States Patent 4877027  Stewart Swerdlow - History of Mind Control ARCHIVES: FRIED RABBITS

'Hobbit' is a new people species

  UPDATED: WORLD NEWS 2006 The truth is rarely pure and never simple
[Most Recent XAU from www.kitco.com] Precious Metals Market 2 3  news   TREASURY'S PAULSON PLAYS WITH THE PLUNGE PROTECTORS Death Knell of the US Dollar 2  Darkside of the Looking Glass  GAO Chief Warns Economic Disaster Looms  Justice Determines Use of Liberty Dollar Medallions as Money is a Crime  Geo. Washington On Unfunded Paper Money  

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