BARDSQUILL:  hey, looka this
on 1/8/03 between 22:15 & 22:52
GOES East, West, Hemisphere and USA all weirded out
[displayed the 22:15 images, you ought to see the loops, too big for Internet]. I'd assume that these are separate cameras or sats, although unsure. Main page presentation at:

RadarMatrix January 04 to January 09

Alchemike:  somebody getting jammed???
Alchemike:  i was watching that radar yesterday...very weird
BARDSQUILL:  added them all:
BARDSQUILL:  different sats I think
Alchemike:  brb
BARDSQUILL:  had to be different sats, all happened at once from completely different perspectives
Alchemike:  k
Alchemike:  bardo, i been doin some earthy sleuth...on that plane crash in north carolina yesterday...
Alchemike:  more to the that one too...as you can guess...
BARDSQUILL:  well me too in a way
BARDSQUILL:  sats weirded out all day
Alchemike:  passenger list what i was looking into...
Alchemike:  yea...sats were baked all day...
Alchemike:  now another plane down in peru...
Alchemike:  this morn...
Alchemike:  peru related to yesterdays crash...
BARDSQUILL:  Turkey Passenger Flight too I'm hearing [also 2 Military Planes Collide in Turkey]
Alchemike:  wr grace
Alchemike:  they are the link...
Alchemike:  believe it or not, also related to wellstone crash possibly...
BARDSQUILL:  same behavior
Alchemike:  yea...but more...
BARDSQUILL:  Here's a GOES image related to N Carolina sorta 5481.JPG
BARDSQUILL:  Was earlier in relation to the crash but a basic weird out all day on the sats
BARDSQUILL:  we only get a snapshot every 15 mins
BARDSQUILL:  so can only establish a tendency
Alchemike:  agree
Alchemike:  ok...can i lay something out here...to try to organize my thoughts???
Alchemike:  been interested in a company called wr grace for a while...a guy over at rumormill has been posting all kinds of wild stuff for a while from a woman named vk durham...she repeatedly names wr grace in the info...along with peru...
Alchemike:  right after the nc plane crash yesterday, denise said she heard that there were employees from wr grace on board...
Alchemike:  so i started looking...
BARDSQUILL:  what's wr Grace?
Alchemike:  big giant company...with roots in the british east india company...
Alchemike:  scumbags...drug runners...etc...
Alchemike:  same old story...
Alchemike:  resource grabbers primarily...
Alchemike:  now get this...
Alchemike:  wellstone was going after wr grace... [Wellstone Sat Anomaly]
Alchemike: http://www.msnbc.com/local/pisea/102011.asp?cp1=1

Alchemike:  over asbestos...
Alchemike:  In Washington alone, at least 53,505 homes contain Zonolite insulation, according to lawyers who filed a class-action suit seeking to force W.R. Grace & Co., the Libby vermiculite mine's last owner, to warn homeowners of the danger.

Alchemike:  W.R. Grace says the insulation is safe, and wrote a letter to the EPA in April insisting that no health warnings are necessary.

Alchemike:  Murray's co-sponsor, Sen. Paul Wellstone, D-Minn., died in October in a plane crash. 
Alchemike:  when i hear asbestos i think cheney/halliburton...
Alchemike:  now dig this...
Alchemike:  http://www.thestate.com/mld/thestate/news/local/4903296.htm

Alchemike:  Another Marylander was a passenger on the plane. Paul Stidham, 46, of Dayton, Md., was traveling on business for his employer, W.R. Grace of Columbia, Md.

Alchemike:  Stidham, who was the director of environment health and safety at Grace's corporate headquarters, was one of three Grace workers on the flight. 
Alchemike:  and this...
Alchemike:  http://www.turnto10.com/news/1879234/detail.html

Alchemike:  Two Massachusetts business executives are among the victims of Wednesday's commuter plane crash at the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Richard Lyons, 56, of Lynnfield and Joseph Spiak, 46, of Acton worked in the Cambridge office of the W.R. Grace Company. Spiak was a general manager and Lyons the company's global safety manager. 
Alchemike:  http://www.commondreams.org/headlines/080400-02.htm

Alchemike:  Although Halliburton is an enormous operation with more than 100,000 employees in 120 countries, it is a relatively small player when it comes to asbestos litigation, at least when compared with W.R. Grace & Co., GAF and the Johns Manville Corp. Nevertheless, Halliburton has spent $99 million to settle or dispose of 129,650 asbestos suits, according to company records. 
Alchemike:  http://home.columbus.rr.com/lfairban/Pages/Grace.htm

BARDSQUILL:  sheesus
Alchemike:  yup
Alchemike:  now...need to look at turkey and peru closer...grace has historical issues in peru that are very relevant today but i dunno bout turkey...
BARDSQUILL:  Howard emailed me about Turkey, still pending his detailed report. Is there a Peru url I should link to, the crash?
Alchemike:  yea...hang on...
Alchemike:  hmmm...msnbc saying that the plane is not necessarily down!!!
Alchemike:  had enuff fuel for 5 hours more flight...
Alchemike:  maybe jacked...
Alchemike:  http://www.msnbc.com/news/856648.asp?0cv=CB10

Alchemike:  gawd
Alchemike:  here's the peru story...man hard to find that one...
Alchemike:  http://www.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,4057,5820986%255E1702,00.html

Alchemike:  you there bardo...
Alchemike:  bardooooooooooo
BARDSQUILL:  hulllllloooooooooooooo
BARDSQUILL:  reading limericks
Alchemike:  oh shit kent...i opened up a canoworms...
Alchemike:  wr grace...
BARDSQUILL:  errr...might as well keep goin
Alchemike:  http://home.columbus.rr.com/lfairban/Pages/Grace.htm

BARDSQUILL:  doomed now
Alchemike:  and j peter grace is the head of the knights of malta in the u.s....
Alchemike:  gulp
BARDSQUILL:  who is they?
Alchemike:  more secret society punks...
Alchemike:  but right there with the knights of columbus...opus dei, etc...
BARDSQUILL:  dangggg
Alchemike:  oh just wait...you aint gonna believe this shit
Alchemike:  http://www.namebase.org/main2/J_Peter_jr_Grace.html

Alchemike:  this wr grace about as bad as they come
Alchemike:  http://www.publiceye.org/research/Group_Watch/Entries-120.htm

Alchemike:  Knights of Malta (Caballeros de Malta)
Acronym/Code: SMOM
Updated: 11/91
J. Peter Grace (chair, U. S. chapter; W. R. Grace),

Alchemike:  the nazi stuff runs deep...i have a ton of links...oh man...
Alchemike:  and now get this...back to the plane crash...
Alchemike:  ok...dig this kent...wr grace has tremendous exposure due to this stuff they made called vermiculite...
Alchemike:  in fact they filed for bankruptcy to avoid all the liability...
Alchemike:  but they are responsible for many many deaths and cancer etc...
Alchemike:  but here'e the deal...
Alchemike:  3 guys from wr grace die in the plane crash...
Alchemike:  joseph spiak - general manager of specialty vermiculite...paul stidham - director of environmental health and safety...and richard lyons - global health and safety manager...
Alchemike:  all dead
BARDSQUILL:  wellstone revenge?
Alchemike:  but why???
Alchemike:  that's the other thing...wellstone was going after these guys because of this vermiculite...
Alchemike:  i will try to fiond more info on the woman who was cosponsoring with him...
Alchemike:  wonder if she dropped it...

Alchemike:  http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/business/grace03.shtml

Alchemike:  here's the wellstone link again...gonna check on senator patty murray...ya know she's from your state...
Alchemike:  http://www.msnbc.com/local/pisea/102011.asp?cp1=1
Alchemike:  http://murray.senate.gov/~murray/releases/03/01/2003103A14.html

Alchemike:  zonolite = wr grace

Alchemike:  heh...go figure...ole wild bill cooper had the knights of malta pegged...
Alchemike:  http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Shadowlands/6583/secret065.html

BARDSQUILL:  they the Mafia?
Alchemike:  jesuit mob again...
Alchemike:  looks like we come full circle...
Alchemike:  need to give ole hans kolvenbach a ring...
Alchemike:  this is some sick shit...
Alchemike:  and these guys are supposed to be 'god's' men on earth???
Alchemike:  gimme a break
Alchemike:  any chance we can get radar from peru or turkey???
Alchemike:  man...i'm wiped out...
Alchemike:  they zappin planes outta they sky bardo...
Alchemike:  zzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppppppp!!!
Alchemike:  down they go
Alchemike:  what of scalar tech is the hands of private parties???
Alchemike:  heh
BARDSQUILL:  http://weather.yahoo.com/images/eur_satintl_440_mdy_y.jpg
BARDSQUILL:  Maybe Travolta has scalar
Alchemike:  heh...Swordfish
Alchemike:  he and those hubbard folks just might...
BARDSQUILL:  bearden always talking about rogues

Flight 5481 declared emergency before crash
1/15/03 4:50:41 AM Pacific Standard Time
For those following this thread...i'm sorry i have not updated earlier....been very busy...
I spoke with senator murray's office yesterday evening...1/13...her communication's director called me after i had left a message for him earlier in the day...his name is todd webster, ftr...

PERU FLIGHT PASSENGER LIST  victims of the plane crash of company TANS

1/16/03 7:37:41 PM Pacific Standard Time

and this...wow...

great thoughts but need details, corroboration etc...this investigation could take friggin years...sheesh...



1/16/03 4:24:02 PM Pacific Standard Time


   I almost forgot... one of the major jobs of a
'Building Security Director' is to oversee besides
Security issues at a building and/or complex... but
also 'Safety Issues' which includes 'Fire/Safety
Issues-Hazzards' in the building or complex they work

1.) Was it discovered perhaps in 1993... after the WTC
was bombed, that the 'Fire Insulation' was
defective... and it was kept secret?

2.) When that former FBI terrorist expert became
'Director of Security' of the WTC... only days before
the event, was there 'A Gap' between the hiring and
firing of the Security Directors...

3.) Was the FBI aware of this from the beginning after
a number of FBI agents were re-deployed after 'The
Cold War' to focus and investigate more on 'Industral
Espionage and Business/Industral Wrong Doing?

4.) Who were the previous Security Directors at the
WTC... and were they 'Paid Off' to look the other way,
knowing full well that the WTC all along had a 'Fire
Safety Problem?'

Something more to think about...

1/16/03 7:34:59 PM Pacific Standard Time

bardo, this syberlux fellow has some very interesting ideas...



1/16/03 3:47:53 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hello Alchemike;

   Something else just in the back of my head just
came to the surface regarding "The Pentagon Event" of
September 11, 2001...

   Though it was reported that over 80+ Pentagon
people lost their lives... was it not also reported
that the reason the count was so low because most of
"The Area" where the jet struck was "Under
   There's that 'Building-Construction' material thing

   What was 'the construction rennovation'being done
in that part of the Penagon... removal of old or
failed Fire insulation material? It this why the fire
in the Pentagon burned so significantly? Check other
jet-building crashes and see if I am on to something?

   It would seem that "9/11 was more of a message of
   Osama Bun Laden... more like a paid industrial
"Jewish Lighting Torch-Arsonist Expert"... made to
look more like a global terrorist?

1.) Did someone high up in the Building-Construction
Business didn't get 'paid off'?

2.) Was Major Business/Industrial Blackmail involved?

2.) So... Who really profits from the Insurance

It's like having eyes in the back of your head ;)


PS: Jewish Lightening: "A slang term for the torching
of a building and/or structure done and/or hired by an
owner and/or an associate... later to collect "claim
losses" by the insured ower and/or investors.

Question: Who are the 'Insurance Company's'
involved... and could it also been 'An inside job?'

--- Alchemike@aol.com wrote:
> i could not agree more...as in most situations that
> involve high levels of
> deceit, there is a critical point at which the lied
> become too big and too
> many...then the whole thing collapse on itself...
> i think we are close to that point...
> o)<
> mike

Subj: Links on Grace and Halliburton

Date: 1/15/03 10:58:51 PM Pacific Standard Time

I was reading the discussion at:


I found it with a reverse Google search. The hit counter on the Grace  page has gone way up in the last week or two.

You may wish to check out my Corporate/Political page. It includes a  section on Halliburton, including their asbestos concerns:


I heard their asbestos exposure may be as much as $4 Billion, with $2  Billion covered by insurance.

Date: 1/10/03 1:18:51 PM Pacific Standard Time

Hi Kent,

I was following your conversation with Alchemike, take a look at this, hmmmm? :


"WR Grace Asbestos containing insulation was used at the World Trade Center (WTC). James Cintani stated that Grace Vermiculite did not contain asbestos. Unfortunately this was not true this material was 2-5 percent asbestos. 100,000 80 pound bags of this vermiculite was used in the WTC. In addition 9,150 pounds of MonoKote 3 was used at the WTC. Monokote 3 was about 20 percent asbestos. Therefore in total about 201,183 pounds of pure asbestos fiber from Grace was used in the WTC."

WTC: Danger of Asbestos Fallout

Date: 1/10/03 4:34:57 PM Pacific Standard Time

White House Squelched Alert on Asbestos Insulation

WASHINGTON‚ D.C. — January 10‚ 2003 — The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was set to issue a national alert about asbestos in Zonolite insulation‚ when the White House intervened‚ according to a recent news story (St. Louis Post–Dispatch‚ 12/27/2002). Originally slated for last April‚ the announcement would have been included in a declaration of “public emergency.”


1/10/03 8:43:59 PM Pacific Standard Time


very interesting questions you bring up...

this may be of interest...

...we are going to keep working on this...please help us...

can i get your permission to post your comments on kent steadman's site, if he elects to???  www.cyberspace orbit.com

much of this info is dovetailing but we need lots of brains working together...i have thought for a long time now that collaboration is the key...

we got lots of great work going on but it's all going on independently...we are all heading to the same place, we just need to work together to get there faster...

and time does seem to be of the essence...

thanks for your comments...



In a message dated 1/10/2003 7:59:01 PM Central Standard Time, ANON

Re: wr grace execs in 01/09 plane crash *LINK*

Hello alchemike;

  Pretty strong stuff you present here?

  Something kind of thought hit me in the back of my head regarding the WTC?

  It was widely reported that the collaspe of The World Trade Center was due not so much from the two jets crashing into the the two towers(the towers withstood the jet impact)... but lack and/or not enough fireproofing insulation at the critical joints that supported the structure?

  Question: Regard and/or regardless of the matherials in question having asbestos and other questionable other fibers... was the WTC properly fitted with the material in question.

  1.) Was the insulation material in question provided by Grace and Co. and/or related to protect the WTC structure from fire was up to code before it was ever used?
  2.) Was the insulation material in question used in the WTC was OK... but improperly installed by construction workers... or were they ordered 'Short Sheet' the installation to save money or cost?

  3.) Were all in cohoots with one another palming one another with graft and contract corruption regarding both Q; 1 and 2?

  4.) Did Sen. Wellstone and staff find perhaps this fact in the investigation of the WTC... and is this also in other Office Buildings and Skyscrapers as well where Grace &Co., and related used their materials?

  5.) This revelation seems very damaging to many involved... as well as those indirectly involved?

  So... were the two jets crashing into the WTC Towers a sick terrorist demonstation of what Osama Bin Laden might have known all along... (Isn't The Bin Laden Company in the construction/ building business?)... got construction spects on the WTC by way of an industral mole at his dad's company, where by finding the "How much fire proofing per foot the WTC really needed only to find that enough wasn't used... material failure... improper installation... and/or all of the above?"

  Is this really a two fold reason why they targeted the WTC... and if Sen. Wellstone found out/knew about this... this opens one hell of a can of smelly worms?

1/10/03 7:21:11 PM Pacific Standard Time

dear ms. ANON

thanks for your response...yes indeed, we seem to have stumbled across something here that dovetails with some of what you have been talking about...

i have been following the information which you have been providing and i find it fascinating...

you may or may not recall our first 'meeting'...i kinda made you mad cause i didn't know what i was talking about when it came to some of the gold details...

to be sure, there is still much i do not understand...however, i only want to help...

with that in mind...

i do much of my work with a partner...her name is ANON a friend/acquaintance of patriotlad and one of the best researchers i have ever known...we work together and would attempt to do some work that will help...but we  need to know what we are looking for...

do you think we can help???

what is the best way in which we can do that???

can you help us???

please let us know...contact info below...

take care...



1/10/03 6:23:44 PM Pacific Standard Time

The following e-mail was sent to you via Rumor Mill News Reading Room Forum from ANON


Re: wr grace execs in 01/09 plane crash *LINK*

Mike.  Need email address.  Are you on Yahoo?  If so, ANONor email to ANON

You kids are on to something.  W.R. GRACE and the BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB are in deep pucky in the banking systems right now.  TOO MANY NON PERFORMING "GOLD DERIVATIVES" ...playing with the AL QAEDA.

I'm going to take a "7" from RUMOR MILL for a few days... Things are happening that need my attention.


1/10/03 6:15:16 PM Pacific Standard Time

first of a few...

please read you guys...we have got something brewing here...



Forwarded Message:
Subj: [RMN Forum:] Thanks for the Grace/Wellstone Connection, Guys! 
Date: 1/10/03 11:36:22 AM Pacific Standard Time
From: ANON
To: alchemike@aol.com
Sent from the Internet

The following new message has been posted on Rumor Mill News Agents Forum at


  MESSAGE:  (#27341) Thanks for the Grace/Wellstone Connection, Guys!
  AUTHOR:   GemstoneFil....
  DATE:     Friday, 10 January 2003, 2:40 p.m.

  Reply To: (#27338) wr grace execs in 01/09 plane crash *LINK*
  Author:   alchemike
  Date:     Friday, 10 January 2003, 1:43 p.m.

:for those who aren't aware, 3 executives from wr grace co.
were killed in wednesday's north carolina plane crash...much more to that story...including wellstone...

see notes here...


I'm glad to know you guys are keeping an eye on satellite orbits, etc., in
terms of politics/events/political assassinations here on the big blue marble.
The conversation between Alchemike and Bardsquill on your link should be must
reading for RMN-ers and others. My CD, The Gemstone File, contains 175,000
words of American political history which gives the background on many of our
largest corporations,(including, but far from limited to, Grace and
Halliburton), and how political assassinations are and have been done here for
years, and so on. I highly recommend it for people who would like some
voluminous info on ALL the dirt which lies under the rug, in addition to the
rapid accumulation of contemporary covering dirt that threatens to topple over
the entire heap.

You can buy this CD from me for the small sum of $15.00, GUARANTEED WELL
SPENT, go through PayPal on my website below. i am hoping to have this
available in print withn the next month or so, need another $500 for
publication costs, so if you buy a CD it will help. I hope this isn't
considered too commercial a pitch, but I'm not selling T-shirts or Stock
Options, just essential Info and lots of it.

I differ with the interpretation that the Grace/NC plane crash was engineered
by Wellstone revengers, although that is possible. Another angle might be that
the Grace employees might have gotten fed up with the poisonous installations
that they have been responsible for covering up. Or there might have been the
possibility at some time that they might have been called upon to appear as
witnesses, and those polluters like Grace/Halliburton and the rest of the Mob
are quite capable as we know of wiping out their own employees/contract
employees whenever necessary, operating under the following "ethic": "What's a
little more blood on our hands compared to what we've been doing all along???"

  Link:     Bruce Roberts' Gemstone File
  URL:      <http://gemstone-file.com>


1/12/03 7:37:15 PM Pacific Standard Time
again, excellent comments and questions...kent has posted your previous email to me and i will copy him on this one as well...i am still trying to get the passenger list for the plane that went down in peru...peru is where wr grace was founded if you were not aware...1854...anyway, there is alot developing and i think we should keep collecting data and theories and then try to make sense of it all...there may be many agendas dovetailing...

what a f'ing twisted mess these jerks have created...

take care...



In a message dated 1/11/2003 1:14:58 PM Central Standard Time, syberlux writes:

Hello alchemike;

  Thanks for the response... yes you may pass on my previous E-Mail as requested.

  I have an additional little ditty?

  I recall some time last year that a news article (I think  it was in The New York Times) that "Jet Fuel was the cause of the twin towers to fall. The earthquake like effect caused the rupture of "Two Desel Fuel Tanks" powering the complex generators in WTC Building #7. This seperate related event was the cause of the building to catch on fire, and later collasping toward the end of the day?

This article was sort of quelched by the other media saying that jet fuel spilling from the two towers landing on building #7 caused the fire?

  I have been investigating this event independenly in ways that would might find very interesting... I think this event is more of an "Industral Sabotage Event" deployed and disguised as a "Two-fer Terrorist deception?". The public thinks it's one thing... and the coporate owned media goes with it, while the coporations, banks, and insurance companies involved try to shove this event under The Wall Street Rug as some kind of economic adjustment?

  How much of John Q. Public's pentions and trusts have been going down the tubes along with their stocks lately?

  How much or how many made "a secret killing" in the Stock Market prior of knowing that 9-11 was coming?

  How many of the "Same Players" in the former "Savings and Loan scandal" involved in this event?

  In my opinion... too many people knew from both sides?

  The WTC event was sort of like an up beat coporate version of what they call "Jewish Lighting" having someone else (Osama Bin Ladin) torch his building, so to collect on the insurance?

  Do you recall the WTC Claim Augument that the insurance company wanted to pay this claim as "One Single Event" while the WTC owers wanted it to be "A Double Claim" citing that each jet was one single event?

"What about Building #7"... would it be more of "A Triple Claim?". After all... it wasn't jet fuel that took that building down? 

In their minds eye... Who cared if lives were lost? The WTC was a sitting duck from when it was being built! Perhaps they tried to hide the fact that asbestos was in the fire insulation and used just enough of it so it wouldn't be detected later?

  How much deeper would you like to go... straight to China ;)

I say this with best intentions and concern;


PS: Feel free to contact me for additional information... like where did the FBI and a certain Congressional office take my analysis information before, during, and after 9/11? or was my analysis back then too hot for them to handle?   


Date: 1/10/03 8:52:50 AM Pacific Standard Time


Just a quick update on the passenger AND the mil plane crashes in Turkey. Apparently the pasenger plane split into two mid air, while the two mil fighters collided head on..all planes were in the same area near the south-eastern city of Diyarbakir. They all flew into some weird fog/cloud cover..?

Two of the passengers on the civilian plane were british guys going to visit a power plant - more later


Major US spy trial opens Regan has already pleaded not guilty to the charges Jury selection has begun in the trial of a former US Air Force sergeant charged with attempting to sell military secrets to Iraq and other countries.

4 degrees of corporate separation The Practice


COMMAND CENTER [Commenced on 9-11]



Agency was to simulate plane crash on September 11

  The U.S. Intelligence Community: Organization, Operations and Management, 1947-1989


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